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Igbos have death wish

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All our thinking and behaviors are based on choices and decisions; we choose to think this way, to behave this way or that but not this way or that way. All choices, all decisions have consequences. Our choices are rooted in our desire to separate from each other or to unify with each other.

It was the choice to separate from God and each other that led to the origin of this world. This world exists because we chose to separate from unified spirit state and go live as separated selves; we invented space, time and matter and use them to make separation seem possible. In space we see other people as apart from us; in time we say that it takes time to reach other people; we house ourselves in bodies made of matter; all said separation seems real to us.

In truth there is no such thing as space, time and matter, those are all illusions designed to support the illusion of separation. As physics studies in nonlocality and entangled particles have shown, all particles are in one spot, there is no space and time between them; entangled particles separated and placed at opposite ends of the universe do not take time to reach each other.

In the here and now world, we can choose to unify with other people or separate from them. Mostly, we choose to separate from people.

Some of the means we employ in our futile attempts to separate from people is to see ourselves as better than other people. The moment you imagine yourself superior to other people you have separated from them. The desire to disrespect other people is an effort to separate from them.

The desire to separate from people is the original sin, an evil. Thus, when Igbos feel superior to other people, disrespect other Nigerians and reject other Nigerians they have committed acts of sin; they live in evil state.

Those who live in sin and evil must suffer; nothing will work out well for them for they have disobeyed the will of God; the will of God is that he and all his sons are one, literally not figuratively.

Igbos decision, it is a choice, to disrespect Hausas and other Nigerians is act of sin and for it they must suffer throughout their lives.

The solution to this problem is very simple: Igbos must choose to unify with Hausas and all Nigerians; Igbos must choose to respect all Nigerians, and to see them as the same and coequal with all Igbos.

Any other behavior is sinfulness. Sin is always punished; sinful Igbos are always punished. I have given you the truth. You can choose to dance around it all you want but the fact is that I have given you the eternal truth that all existence is unified with its creator.

Let Igbo liars and evil souls like Nebucadinezer Adiele and Chukwuma Agwunobi (those are haters hence sinful persons; despite their infantile boasting that they are trillionaires nothing will ever work out well for them) investigate me and construct elaborate lies about me all they want but the fact is that they are punished sinful persons. They are trying to prevent folks from living the truth and folks who do that are in hell, as those folks are. If you make it your duty to deny the truth that God created people the same and equal and want them to be unified you are Satan; Satan is always in hell!


Ozodi Osuji

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to realize from personal experience that human beings are vain, proud and narcissistic; people want you to admire and respect them. If you want to get along with people you must respect them.

People do not want to be insulted and desecrated. If you want to make people angry at you, attack and even kill you then insult them.

If you insult people, even the most docile ones, they feel narcissistic rage and something in them want to assuage your assault on their pride by attacking and or killing you. Insult people and their sense of pride and manhood makes them attack you.

(Elsewhere, I explored why people have pride; it has to do with existential issues; people feel like they are not important; the conditions of being, such as poverty and lower class situation and the fact that they will die and decay makes them feel unimportant and they compensate with desire for existential importance. Your insults remind them of their existential unimportance and they give themselves importance by attacking and or killing you. If you want to live in safety then do not go about degrading people. Only those who wish death go about insulting people.)

Those you humiliated can overtly attack and kill you or do so covertly by putting obstacles on your path so that you do not achieve whatever you want.

In Nigeria Igbos, like persons with death wish, routinely insult other Nigerians; in fact, they live to verbally desecrate other peoples; their hobby literally is to insult and humiliate Nigerians. They make Nigerians angry at them. Occasionally, Nigerians attack and kill them and on an ongoing manner place obstacles on Igbos path so that Igbos are not able to realize their goals in Nigeria.

The other ethnic groups in Nigeria will probably never allow an Igbo to rule Nigeria; most Nigerians hate Igbos to the point where they want to put them in a cage, close and lock the door and keep them there, caged. Nigerians have had enough of Igbos constant insults and want to put a stop to that nonsense.

If you told Igbos that their infantile arrogance and tendency to insult Nigerians makes Nigerians angry at them instead of listening to you they redirect their verbal abuses towards you. I tried to warn them of the consequences of always insulting Nigerians but instead of gratitude to me they insulted me in every which way they can; they have called me every negative name they could muster.

One of them, a mentally retarded mechanic called Chukwuma Agwunobi, writes that I did not go to school and that I am on public dole! His desire is to insult me, so he thinks of every possible way he could humiliate me and write about it.  In his childish mind he has degraded me and I should then slink away and go hide my face and stop telling Igbos the truth of their infantile behaviors.

Another Igbo, called Nebucadinazzer Adiele, an outright thief, writes whatever lies about me his lying mind comes up with. This monkey's angle to degrading me is writing that I did not go to school or that I am poor and he is very rich.

One must be inordinately daft not to realize that I had first rate education. Any person with any kind of brains in his head and reads a page of my writing immediately knows that I have good education from a first rate university.

Given my boldness in asserting the truth as I see it, if a person has any kind of discernment he knows that I have had top level jobs, for only a person who has been in a position of leadership hence developed the psychology of leading men, and being bold can write as I do; people doing groveling jobs are timid and do not write boldly.

Reality aside, Chukwuma and Adiele, as if they are born brainless try to persuade only God knows whom that I am a riffraff hence not to be listened to.

Igbos deceives themselves no end. They are like Muslim Arabs; they ignore reality and keep on attacking people and, in effect, asking people to counter attack and kill them.

If I put on my realistic hat I can put down Chukwuma and Adiele; in my mind they are operating at the level of irritating mosquitos; their intelligence level is that of mosquitos so swathing them to death would not amount to more than disposing mosquitoes sucking your blood; I would not feel bad putting these monkeys out of their misery.

The relevant point is that Igbos are like Arab Muslims; they have death wish and, as such, keep on insulting people and making them angry and those out of anger occasionally attack and or kill them.

When killed they cry to the world to come to their rescue. The  world now know them as 419 scam artists, criminals and drug pushers so no one  would come to their rescue when those they made a sport of insulting make a sport killing them.

The Igbo actually knows that people do not want to be humiliated, after all Igbos do nothing else with their lives but struggle to seem like they are very important persons;  but instead of being realistic to what they do, seek social prestige, thus treated people as if they have prestige, they do its opposite, humiliate people. They know that people want to be respected but they deliberately do not want to respect people; they go out of their way to humiliate people. In their childish minds those they humiliate would tolerate it. No, those they humiliate want to split their thick, dense heads apart and kill them.

They do not learn from their sordid history of been killed by the Hausas they insult; instead, like drunks they keep on insulting people and keep on getting killed. They are an insane people. They do not learn from their pathetic history.

They keep doing the same thing, insulting people, over and over, again and keeps getting killed while expecting different results, been seen as superior people and liked; no, they are hated and seen as the scum of the earth.

They insulted me and I whacked them on their heads. Instead of learning that every time they insult me I would write nasty stuff about them, they, like drunken sailors keep insulting me and I keep exposing them as an insane people.

A little correct perception of people would tell them that I am very relentless and tenacious; I come after my enemies over and over until I take them down; nobody ever defeats me and I accept defeat; I am John Bull (the name my English friends called me;  tiger, the name my family members called me).

You simply do not want to entangle with me; smart folks steer away from me. A rational person does not pick a fight with folk who do not quit until they make sure that you are dead.

Igbos keep irritating Hausas and Yoruba's by putting them down; those never quit and always punish them by marginalizing them in Nigeria. But they would not learn and give it up. They keep boasting and pretending that they are superior to their Nigerian neighbors and those keep making life difficult for them.

The next time they get Hausas to kill them, now that the Nigerian army is all over Alaigbo, it is going to be ugly.

In 1966 Hausas did not have their soldiers in Alaigbo, so they killed only those Igbos in Hausa land, but now they have their soldiers in all over Alaigbo; now they will kill Igbos in their homeland and do so in millions!

And in case Igbos are stupid enough to expect International help, the fact is that the United Nations and other international organizations will not come to their rescue. White men do not go fight and die for black men (they go to enslave them).

Igbos have to learn to respect their neighbors hence live in peace with them instead of making folks angry at them and those folks consequently making living difficult for them.

You are probably asking if it is only Igbos fault; don't other Nigerians do something that irritates Igbos? Your question is good but stupid; if somebody's behavior affects you it is not for you to ask him to change his behavior but for you to see what is in your behavior that you could change to make that other person not affect you negatively.

The only person's behavior that you can change is yours; you cannot change other people's behaviors.

Of course, other Nigerians have issues that they could work on and change but that is not going to help Igbos much; what would help Igbos is for them to make sure that their behaviors are respectful of Nigerians so that Nigerians do not always feel angry at them and want to attack and kill them.

Insult folks and they attack and kill you so stop insulting folks; it is as simple as that; if you want security respect the people in your world.


Igbos do the crazy things they do largely because of their mass neurosis, their mass delusion of superiority, their childish belief that they can ever be superior to other people.

They want to seem superior to other people; in their infantile minds they believe that other people could ever see them as superior to them.

No children of God would ever see other children of God as superior to them unless they have been beaten down and now have low self-esteem.

Normal people accept only sameness and equality with all other people. But Igbos run around as neurotics wanting other people to see them as superior to them and from that delusion acting as if they have a right to look down on people and or right to insult people. They insult people out of neurosis and delusion; those they insult always whack them on their empty heads to teach them lessons in human equality. But they refuse to learn that necessary lesson.

As long as they refuse to learn and accept human equality and pretend superiority they will be killed by those they think that they are superior to (the scumbags called Chukwuma the mechanic and Nebu the thief pretend to be superior to me; imagine pure animals with no brains in their heads pretending superiority to me!).


Igbos are a sample of people with what Sigmund Freud called Thanatos, death wish. My job is to call attention to their deadly game but I cannot stop it just as I cannot stop Muslim Arabs from acting out and setting themselves up to be killed by Euro-Americans.

I cannot stop Igbos from setting themselves up to be killed by their fellow Nigerians.  My only function is to write about what makes people angry and attack folks: insults.

Beyond that I will kick back and watch these insane people stimulate been killed. I know that it is the foolishness of mankind that makes them do what brings them suffering and death.

I am a teacher of love, who is a teacher of God and a teacher of union. I bring peace to a world at war with itself. I do all that I am required to do: love and teach love.

Learn from me and do the same and we live in a peaceful world but ignore my teaching, insult people and generate conflict and live in a conflicted world.

Ozodi Osuji

January 30, 2017

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Ozodi Osuji Ph.D

Ozodi Thomas Osuji is from Imo State, Nigeria. He obtained his PhD from UCLA. He taught at a couple of Universities and decided to go back to school and study psychology. Thereafter, he worked in the mental health field and was the Executive Director of two mental health agencies. He subsequently left the mental health environment with the goal of being less influenced by others perspectives, so as to be able to think for himself and synthesize Western, Asian and African perspectives on phenomena. Dr Osuji’s goal is to provide us with a unique perspective, one that is not strictly Western or African but a synthesis of both. Dr Osuji teaches, writes and consults on leadership, management, politics, psychology and religions. Dr Osuji is married and has three children; he lives at Anchorage, Alaska, USA.

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