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Igbo irredentists like Chukwuma and Nebu are not only mentally ill but evil persons

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Ozodi Osuji

This afternoon my girlfriend and I went on a long walk on the snow (on a cross country ski trail; we, walkers, shared the trail with folks on skis). The temperature was less than 10 degrees Fahrenheit so we were chilled to our bones despite wearing the best cold weather clothing.

My girlfriend is extroverted and chatted with folks as they walked by us or skied by us. I am introverted; my life is devoted to introspection and reflection on issues. I take an issue and give it as much thought as is humanly possible and generally do not give up until I reach the bottom of it before I move on.

As we walked on, one of the subjects that entered my mind was this: why do Igbos like Chukwuma Agwunobi and Nebuchadnezzar Adiele tell lies?  These two would sit down and deliberately write make belief lies about folks (they have done it to me and to other people). They will write as if they are telling the truth but everything they write is lies.

Apparently, in the immediate, they want to say so much lies about a person that they damage other folk's perception of the person they are writing about. They want to create negative social perception of the person they are writing about.

So, I asked me: why would these people deliberately tell lies about people?  Is it propaganda, the type that Joseph Goebbels of the Nazi party engaged in? Is that what they are doing and if so are they not smart enough to ask where Goebbels and his propaganda led the Nazis?

Where are Adolf Hitler and his Third Reich? An empire based on lies does not last. Nazism was based on lies and lasted only twelve years before Germany was destroyed.

So, haven't these people learned that those who base their empire on lies generally collapse and bring about the destruction of their empire of lies?

If they are fighting for Biafra and they base it on lies hasn't history taught them that a Biafra based on lies would experience the fate of such lies based empires as Nazi Germany: suffering, death and collapse?

Should they not therefore base their wish for Biafra on truth?  Haven't hey heard that only the truth will save mankind?

I wondered whether the folks are mentally ill and do what they do out of mental disorder?  Both gentlemen are mentally ill.

Chukwuma Agwunobi has bipolar affective disorder with delusional features. Nebuchadnezzar Adiele has delusion disorder with grandiose and persecutory types.

But how does that explain their tendency to telling lies; is lie telling not evil and what has being evil got to do with being mentally ill?

This was the subject that took hold of my mind during our two hours walk on the snow covered woods.

In my mind, I entertained the thesis that mental illness and evilness go hand in hand. Eventually, I came to the conclusion that despite psychiatry's efforts to take God out of our attempt to understand the nature of mental disorders, that the mentally ill are evil persons!

This thesis is represented by the above two evil characters who make up elaborate lies about people, lies calculated to damage their social reputation.

In the balance of this paper I argue that mentally ill folks are simultaneously sinful and evil folks.

It follows that to heal mentally ill folks we must concurrently address their mental disorder and evil nature.

The mentally ill are also sinful persons; to heal them requires conjoining psychiatry with spirituality; there is no way that Chukwuma and Nebu can be healed unless they are given antipsychotic medications as well as spirituality.

When you talk about love and God these evil souls consider you a fool and apparently believe that there is no God and, as such, every behavior is justified.

In pursuit of their desired Biafra, they believe that every kind of lies is permitted.  Those who win by telling lies, by being evil almost always fail so they are going to fail in their quest for Biafra.

If, perchance, they win and have their Biafra, since they are amoral liars and do whatever is expedient when they get their Biafra they are not going to suddenly change and become prosocial persons; their antisocial behavior patterns would continue; people do not suddenly change their over learned behavior patterns.

In their Biafra they would continue living lies, telling lies about people, being anti-social personalities, being criminals and stealing from people and kidnapping people for money; their Biafra would be the abode of evil, sick persons.

An empire of sick, evil persons would in no time collapse; their Biafra would quickly degenerate to the level of Somalia where every person is at war with very person and there is no obedience to central authority and law and order breaks down and consequently anarchy and chaos would reign in the land.

Biafra would be the land of criminals where folks kidnap folks and sell them into slavery, or hold them hostage for monetary ransom or kill them. Biafra would be hell on earth.


Are human beings evil and sinful persons? Science decided not to talk about human evil nature and rather see people as the product of their environment and past evolution, from the Big Bang to the present.

Science takes away the equation of morality from consideration of human affairs; to it people are mere animals produced by nature and their behavior is shaped by their past and present environments. In the here and now world, some people are anti-social and some are prosocial; perhaps they are so due to their inherited biological predispositions.

To science, all that society need to do is catch antisocial criminals, Judge them at a court of law and punish them (send them to jail or prison or kill them, as in capital punishment). Society does so for the good of the community not because there is morality in nature.

Science is amoral. To science there is no absolute morality; every behavior is justified; to science if folks want  heterosexuality, homosexuality, bestiality  and transgenderism they are perfectly free to do so; their behavior is the behavior of animals produced by the concatenation of evolution and it is neither good nor bad; just allow people to do whatever they want to do provided that they do not harm other people; if they harm people then set the forces of law enforcement on them; let the police arrest them, bring them to courts and if found guilty jailed. They are punished for the good of the community not because what they did is in nature good or bad.

This view of radical environmentalism or naturalism is different from the view of religion. Religion assumes that there is good and bad in nature.

Traditional Christianity assumes that people have inherent freedom and, as such, can choose their behaviors; people can choose good or bad behaviors; people can choose to love or to hate people; if they choose to hate people and engage in anti-social and criminal behaviors, to protect themselves society should arrest and punish them.

The individual's behavior has positive and or negative consequences for society so if the individual's behavior harms other people those harmed, society have the right to protect themselves by arresting and putting him out of commission. Thieves are jailed; murderers are killed in capital punishment; this is how traditional Christian theology sees things.

This orthodox Christian theology is rooted in its story of the origin of humanity. The Christian myth of creation, found in the book of Genesis of its bible, says that God created people and placed them in the Garden of Eden and gave them everything they need to survive but asked them not to eat of a particular fruit.  People, as represented by Adam and Eve, listened to Satan and ate the forbidden fruit hence disobeyed God.

Because of their disobedience of God they were driven out of paradise and henceforth must suffer; they must now earn their daily bread through sweat, labor; their children are given birth in pain, labor; the life of man outside heaven (Garden of Eden is metaphor for heaven) is based on disobedience of God.

The initial disobedience of God is called the original sin or the fall from God's grace, the descent into darkness (God being light).

Man lives on earth as a result of the original sin of disobeying God and is punished.  Man is only saved from his sin and punishment if he repents and turns to God and obeys him.

According to Christians, Jesus Christ was a man who totally obeyed God's will and, as such, is now the instrument for teaching people to obey God and obtain salvation. Jesus Christ is the savior of mankind, Christianity teaches.

Catholic Christianity is not the only Christianity there is. There is Gnostic Christianity (which derives from Greek Gnosticism). Gnosticism says that God created his sons and that his sons resented been created by God and wanted to create God and create themselves. Unable to create God and themselves they decided to leave God and go create their own world where they rule and God does not rule them.

Like the Jesus parable of prodigal son, the children of God left their father to go do their own thing. Our earth is the place the prodigal son came to live apart from his father, God; it is a place of disobedience of God's will.

Those on earth separated from their father to go live independently.  In separated state they do their things and initially succeed but in time, like the prodigal son, fails and suffer and eat with pigs until they remember that they have a rich father, regret their sin, their disobedience and return to obedience of their father's will and go home. Their father, God welcomes them back to his heaven (God throws a feast for his returned son; heaven rejoices when a son of God comes home, gives up separation and embraces unified state).

Gnosticism sees human beings as the defiant children of God who separated from their father; it says that they live in defiance.

To Gnosticism, separation from God is the original sin; to live in separation from God is to live in sin and to be evil.

On earth we live in separation from God and from each other hence live in sin and are evil.  We end our existential sin and stop being evil when we give up our wish for separation and return to our father, return to the state of union with God and all our brothers and return to love.

To Gnosticism, to live on earth is to live in separation hence to be sinful and evil; to return to union with God is to stop being sinful and evil.


Igbos, like all human beings, chose to separate from God; in their separated state they decided to do evil acts, such as tell lies about people.  In their separation from God they have committed the original sin; in their telling lies about people they are being evil.

God is unified state; separation is going away from union. Union is love. Separation from union is separation from love.

Our decision to separate from God, from unified spirit state is our choice not to live in love. To be on earth is to live apart from love and give us permission to be evil towards one another.

The Igbos who tell lies about other people separated from God and man and give themselves the permission to be sinful and evil. Igbos like Chukwuma and Nebu are sinful and evil persons.


Separation from unified state is the root cause of mental disorder. Why? Reality is unified so those who separate from it are not in reality; those who live outside reality, union/love live in delusion and hallucinate.

The mentally ill live outside union with God and man; they, therefore, live outside reality and, as such, are deluded and hallucinate.

Both Chukwuma and Nebu live outside the union of God and man and, as such, live in delusion and hallucinate hence are mentally ill.

The critical point is that Igbo irredentists like Chukwuma and Nebu are mentally ill, sinful and evil human beings; they live outside love and are living in fear and hell. They are in the heart of darkness and hell but do not know it.

Life lived apart from God/love is a life in hell; lie tellers are in hell; they are evil, sinful and mentally ill.

What is the cure for their sickness and evil nature? The cure is for them to return to God; God is union and love; they must return to the state of union with God and love God and love all God's children.

They will regain their mental health and stop being evil when they live loving lives.  That is to say that a combination of spirituality and psychotherapy is what would heal these mentally and morally sick persons.


I am a healer. A healer gives information on how to heal one's self; he does not heal the sick directly for each of us has freedom and is free to choose when he wants to become healed, when to return to union and give up his separated ego self.

In this essay, I stated the truth that to be mentally healthy is to love God and man. Evil, sinful and mentally ill Igbos have the freedom to choose love, God or to choose hate and lies and live in their sickness and hell.

I cannot heal them directly but I can give them information on how to heal themselves. The corpus of my writing gives them the information they need to read and practice what they read to become healed.

They can, of course, choose to keep living in hell, as they currently do, and be mentally ill and evil souls. The choice is up to them.

I have done my part for the salvation of God's sinful, evil and mentally ill sons.

I used Chukwuma and Nebu as representatives of those Igbos and human beings who do not love and instead choose to hate and tell lies.  What I said about these two evil creatures can be generalized to all human beings.

You, the reader, must examine your thinking and behavior and see if you feel separated from God and is evil towards people; if so, you are sick and need to heal yourself by doing what I asked the two evil characters that I talked about to do: love God and all his sons and do not tell lies about them.

I am a spiritual and also a very ego realistic person; I know that the two characters I talked about are mentally ill and evil; I know that they are dangerous persons. I will not hesitate in punishing them if they step out of line for the criminal understands only one language, the language of force.

The psychopath laughs at those who talk of love and God and consider them weak (Nebu sees those who talk about love and God as simple minded persons; he considers his atheistic evil self-tough minded).

In dealing with evil criminals like Chukwuma and Nebu we must not hesitate in throwing the egos' legal system at them; if they step out of line we must arrest and jail them for they are the detritus of mankind.

Post Script:

The illiterate Chukwuma said: "na me and you"; he meant that he is out to tell as much lies as he can to damage my credibility; what the fool does not know is that a son of God cannot be damaged.

Nebu tells fabulous lies about people, me included; the scumbag tried to steal from my daughter. By doing what they did they volunteered for me to use them as the subjects for today's sermon on mental illness, sin and salvation.

Those who abuse other people make themselves the instrument for learning about a non-abusive existence. Isn't life wonderful?

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

February 5, 2017

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Ozodi Osuji Ph.D

Ozodi Thomas Osuji is from Imo State, Nigeria. He obtained his PhD from UCLA. He taught at a couple of Universities and decided to go back to school and study psychology. Thereafter, he worked in the mental health field and was the Executive Director of two mental health agencies. He subsequently left the mental health environment with the goal of being less influenced by others perspectives, so as to be able to think for himself and synthesize Western, Asian and African perspectives on phenomena. Dr Osuji’s goal is to provide us with a unique perspective, one that is not strictly Western or African but a synthesis of both. Dr Osuji teaches, writes and consults on leadership, management, politics, psychology and religions. Dr Osuji is married and has three children; he lives at Anchorage, Alaska, USA.

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