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How Prepared are we for Natural Disasters?

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This year Nigeria has gotten its fair share of natural disasters, no doubt about it. We watch as states along the coast line of the river Niger are flooding almost out of existence. Were we warned about it, yes we were. Did NEMA warn us ahead of time? Yes, they did. Even Cameroon warned us, but our relaxed attitude that no such thing can happen always leaves us unprepared for anything and we always look surprised when it does happen. 

The floods have come, people are dying in it, they are displaced from their homes and of course cut off from food and water supplies. Rather than blame each other or complain that the president discontinue his duties to solve problems that he alone cannot accomplish and in fact we have already established organizations who have been fully constituted and provided for to take action, let us for once come together as Nigerians and help. 

So what are the numerous Non-Governmental Organizations doing? Why have they come out to support the victims, this is time for them to prove their worth, they need to organize and provide volunteers to go into these areas of need. They can assist with documenting the individuals rescued from the disaster areas, help distribute the blankets, food and water donated. 

Where are the wealthy of our society, this is the time that they can put their money where their mouth is. Provide the shelters for free so we can start moving the disaster victims there, bring in the truck loads of blankets, food and water for distribution. I am sure they can provide buses and boats for transporting them as well. 

We need medical personnel, can the doctors and nurses not organize themselves to donate their time in providing medical services to these victims. We need medicines. What is the problem, we lack nothing in Nigeria. 

While we blame each other and call the president names people are dying, get moving, lets start saving lives.

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