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How is the peace of God obtained in this world?

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Forgiveness and love is the path to the peace of God

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

Peace is the absence of war. At war you see somebody do something to you that you do not like and you fight back. War means perceived attack on one and ones counter attack on the person one see attacking one.

In war people engage in offense and defense, defense and offense; it is a vicious cycle with no end for if you consider yourself the victim and justify attacking the person you see attack you now he sees his self as the victim and justify defending himself by attacking you; that way both of you live in perpetual attack and counter attack and efforts to defend yourself. You are now caught in the world of war and there is no way out...unless you return to the gospel of forgiveness taught by Jesus Christ.

You are always angry at people for you see them do bad things to you and you defend yourself by doing bad things to them.

So, how do you get out of this trap?  You certainly cannot get out of it by seeing yourself as a victim and asking for pity, for the world does not pity the weak; the world sees you play your victim role and comes back at you with more attack on you and you perpetually feel victimized and would be forced to defend yourself by attacking your attacker, fighting back and thereafter you are back to attack and counter attack mode, the way of the world.

In our world we see people doing hurtful things to us, and we feel angry at them; we bear grievances and seek vengeance and if we feel able to do so we seek overt revenge but if we feel weak we do not overtly seek revenge but may do so covertly.

For example, in the USA white people have all the power; they attack black people; black people know that they are powerless and that if they counter attack white folks that white police would arrest them and white judges send them to jails and white prison guards abuse them in prisons, so they do not overtly defend against the attacks on them with counter attacks on white folks but do it covertly,, aggressive or passive aggressive is attack and such persons are at war and do not live in peace.

For poor people, black and white, stealing from rich people is passive aggressive getting back at them behavior; if they were actively aggressive what they would like to do is kill the rich and take their properties.

The peace of God is obtained as Jesus taught. What did Jesus teach? He asks his followers to forgive those who wronged them. You see a person do wrong to you, Jesus asks you to forgive him.

How many times should you forgive your supposed enemy?  He said: sixty nine times sixty nine times; that is, infinitely. You must forgive the people who wronged you at all times, the man said. You must never be angry at the person who wronged you. Anger means that you have not forgiven the wrong doer.

When you forgive the person who wronged you, what you did is get out of the usual way the world solves problems: attack and counter attack, offense and defense.  You have extricated yourself from the egos mode of dealing with problems in our world.

If you perpetually forgive your detractors would they not continue attacking you?  Indeed, would they not kill you? Did they not kill Jesus even though he loved and forgave them?

Your rational ego tells you that to forgive is to allow yourself to be enslaved, used and eventually killed. To the ego forgiveness leads to the peace of the grave yard, Carthaginian peace.

The ego's approach to forgiveness assumes that the world is real and ought to be lived in. It assumes that your ego and body are real and ought to be protected.

But does the real need protection? Shouldn't the real be self-evident and needing no protection? If you have to defend your ego and body are they real?  That which needs defense to make it exist is not real, is an illusion (illusions seem to have temporary reality but in the long run are not there).

Defense makes the unreal, ego and body, seem real but no amount of defense can make the unreal real.  Defense buys your ego and body a little time but in the long run they will die and disappear from existence! The real you, the son of God you, the Christ you is eternal and needs no defense to be real.

If you forgive the world the world might destroy your body; there is no doubt about that.  We live in the egos world and must be realistic about egos and their behaviors.

If black people did not fightback white egos would discriminate against them and indeed enslave them.

Donald Trump is a white racist ego; he would like to enslave black folks or in the least discriminate against them; make no mistake about the criminal's intentions. He is a racist through and through.

But as you can see, Trump is a dumb ass; racist whites tend to be dumb asses. The man is emotionally about nine years old; he is a third grader; even his diction, vocabulary is the language of a third grader. The man is a child in an adult's body.

What is the point that I am making? It is that attackers like Trump are children that seem like adults. How do you deal with confused children? You teach them that love is the best solution to our problems.

To forgive is to love. Therefore, forgive the person who wronged you to love him.  To forgive is to remove the obstacles to the awareness of love, the love that is always there but masked with ego and body behaviors.

Forgive and you see the person you forgive in a different light. Suddenly, he appears light like and you too appear light like.

Forgiveness takes you to the world of light forms, the world recreated from our world of dense forms by the Holy Spirit.

Will the racist white, police man kill you if you forgive? No. Nothing happens to you against your will; you can only be killed if you want to be killed. If you do not want to be killed nobody can kill you.

Jesus wanted to be killed so as to rise from death and prove that death is not real otherwise no one could have killed him.

You cannot kill me because I do not want to be killed. Experiencing death to resurrect from it is not my own mission. I already know that I have a light body; I have seen it and know that it is real so I do not need to die to know that it is real.   Thus, if I forgive you, you are not going to kill me, for you can only kill me if I wanted to be killed and experience death.

Hitherto, I wanted to experience your attack hence had you attack me. You attacked me as I wished to offer me the opportunity to choose to (1) counter attack you, oh, yes if you attacked me I could kill you, or (2) to forgive you.  I choose to forgive you. In forgiving you I experience my light form. In the light form I feel peace.

Those who routinely forgive those they invited to attack them experience peace and occasionally see themselves in light forms (to be in light form is to be at the gate of heaven).

In the world of light forms you are still in ego but now have purified ego; your ego is now an ego of love, not ego of hate and attack.

To enter heaven (state of oneness) you must not have even a little bit of ego. You must not have body, dense or light.

Heaven is formless. In heaven we are not in form, not in body, not in matter or light body, but are particles of the wave of spiritual light called God.

Forgive and you are in peace; do not forgive and you know anger and its medical issues. Angry people tend to have cardiovascular issues and die from stroke, heart attack and other diseases. Forgiveness gives you a healthy and calm body.


There is a group of Africans called Igbos; they claim to be Christians. They are not Christians; they are still heathen and pagans.

Jesus taught forgiveness, taught turning the other cheek to be slapped if one is slapped, taught forgiving the adulterous woman, taught forgiving many times, taught one prayer that tells God to forgive us because we have first forgiven those who wronged us.   Jesus walked his talk by forgiving those who killed him because they know not what they are doing.

Despite these teaching of Jesus Igbos, instead of forgiving Hausas, run around telling the world what Hausa folks did to harm them. They emphasize what Hausas did wrong to them but ignore telling the world the wrong they did to Hausas.

Igbos call Hausas unprintable put down names; they insult Hausas; they feel superior to Hausas. That is, Igbos sin against the Holy Spirit for it is a sin against the Holy Spirit to feel better to any son of God.

Igbos do not forgive whatever sins they believe that Hausas and Nigerians did to them. Igbos are unforgiving people and, as such, are not Christians, for Christians are those who forgive those who wronged them.

Because they are unforgiving people they are angry people; they are at war with the world and with themselves.

They have made their homeland the abode of criminals; they are afraid to go to their home land because they are afraid that their people might kidnap them and hold them hostage for monetary ransom.

As an unforgiving people they cannot have peace, for they are at war with themselves and with the world.

So, how do Igbos obtain peace? It is by them becoming Christians! Christians are those who forgive those who wronged them.  Igbos must forgive those they saw wrong them; in doing so they obtain the peace of God.


Forgiveness is not an all or nothing thing. Most people are sometimes forgiving and most of the times not forgiving. They balance forgiving and not forgiving.

If a person were totally forgiving he probably would leave our world and live in the world of light forms and would be seen no more in our world.

If a person is totally unforgiving he would be in so much anger that he would probably die, explode is more like it.

Those with more non-forgiveness in their minds tend to project their anger to their bodies and develop psycho- physical sicknesses.

What exists in our world is a tendency for people to combine forgiveness and non-forgiveness in their lives.

In a world where we are all forgiving and do not bear grudges there would no longer be need for government and politics. What is politics but the wrangling of unforgiving minds, each seeking what he believes is good for him and those whose interests he represents?

Why do we have police, courts, judges and jails? It is unforgiving people who send those who wronged them to courts and have them punished by been sent to prisons.

If we all practiced forgiveness the world would be different from the world we know.  This means that the most that we can expect from people is for them to try to be more forgiving than unforgiving.

Igbos should practice some forgiveness; at present they are unforgiving people who annoy mystics who embrace forgiveness by telling them what other Nigerians did to them in the past. They should, for a change, forgive the past and love in the present; if they do they would know some peace, not the present state of war and psycho-medical diseases that their unforgiving nature gives to them (they die young because of their unforgiving nature).


Here is the truth that you must accept: nothing can happen to one without one asking to experience it.

For example, I know that whenever other people attack me I know that I did something to merit it, I invited it, it is what I want to experience; therefore, instead of focusing on the attack and attacker I focus on what I did to attract it.  I forgive the attacker and change my egoistic behavior that called for his attack.

Igbos attack Nigerians; they do so by insulting Nigerians, right, left and center; by degrading Nigerians they ask Nigerians to counter attack them.

Nigerians being egos (only enlightened persons forgive) feel narcissistic rage at been insulted and attack Igbos.

Igbos will always be attacked. As long as Igbos insult people, put people down, degrade people they will make people angry at them and attack them.

Igbos are in a vicious cycle; they do what provokes other people's anger and those attack them; Igbos will always be attacked.

To not be attacked they have to respect and love Nigerians and all people. If they did not attack people by putting them down they would not attract attack and will not be attacked and will live in peace.

At present Igbos have already attracted attack by insulting Nigerians. So what should they do? The answer is very simple: they must forgive those they made attack them; they must forgive those they hitherto insulted, and thus invited to attack them.

Igbos must forgive Nigerians and from now on love all Nigerians if they want to live in peace.

As for their struggle for what they call Biafra, well, if they were to get it, given their personalities that enjoy degrading people, they would be degrading each other, making each other angry and be at war with each other.  Biafra would be in a state of perpetual war.

Biafra would be like Thomas Hobbes state of nature where all is at war with all, and life is nasty, brutish and short.

Igbos must stay in a larger federation and learn how to respect people hence respect themselves and in so doing live in peace.


Igbos have developed a bad habit of telling lies and believing that if they told lies boldly and long enough that they would convince the world that their lies are true. For example, they write absurd fictions and call it their history. A people who did not even have the political savvy to unify all their land under one umbrella, who lived in villages, a stateless people, now claim to have had an imaginary great empire in the past. They want you to believe in this lie!

But no one is convinced by their lies. Rational people know what smells like the truth and ignore the lies folks try to sell to them.

If you did not have the wheel, did not have writing, lived in the jungle and tell people that your civilization was superior to Rome's, well, you are deluded!


For stating the truth I did here watch as Igbos go to war with me and call me unprintable names. Naturally, my ego feels angry at their insults.

But am I an ego and body? I know that I have a Christ self hence I smile at their childish antics of always verbally abusing whoever states the truth that they do not want to hear; they want you to collude with them and tell the world the lies they have penchant for telling.

Igbos name calling abuses do not faze me one bit; in fact, it amuses me! Adults going to the ridiculous length of making up lies about people are pathetic, so you have pity for them instead of being angry at them.


Let me end by asking you: Do you want to live in the peace of God? If the answer is yes then love and forgive all people.

In God we are always in love but in separated state we place obstacles (ego) to love; when we remove the obstacles to the awareness of love, when we forgive those who attacked our egos and bodies we experience their already loving selves and our own already loving selves and live in the peace of God that human ego understanding cannot comprehend.

Finally, forgiveness does not mean tolerating other people's abuses. Forgiveness is not an act of fearfulness and cowardice. Forgiveness is not done from powerlessness but from the power of God in us. To forgive entails overlooking the evils we do to one another and replace such negative behaviors with positive behaviors.

We must correct our hateful behaviors with only loving behaviors. If a person hates you do not run away from him; you must tell him what constitutes loving behavior and show him love by loving him.

We join forces with the Holy Spirit, the parts of us in touch with God in correcting our unloving behaviors by living lovingly towards all people.

If there are racist laws in the land you must fight them and correct them, replace them with loving laws that serve all people's interests.

Forgiveness does not mean tolerating evil behaviors from other people; forgiveness means changing our behaviors and making them prosocial.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

September 30, 2017


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