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Eyitayo Jegede is next Governor of Ondo State. Part 2

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As I get on my keyboard to start making this prediction, I cannot help but remember three folklore songs my siblings and I used to sing in the Deji's Palace where I was born and raised during the long reign of my grandfather, Ogiso Otolu Apaara, Okun Arabaribi, Deji Alaiye luwa Alaiye gbede gbede bi oni layin, Adimula Afunbiowo Adesida the First (1897-1957)

The songs were, "Wo t'Oba ria, Okun lila ba Omi Okun" The second was, "Olule se t'Oba, Alejo se t'Oba, Ko ba loni ke se t'Oba o, Erun ara re lamu wi Ege ko". The third was "T'Owa se litoni, afarifo t'Owa se"  The three songs merely reaffirm the power, the authority, the leverage and the overarching influence of the Deji as our "Igbakeji Orisa" Second only to God in our city and esteem.

Kabiyesi Deji Odundun the Second Erinlakatabu, Oba Patrick  Bankole Aladelusi Ogunlade Aladetoyinbo a few months ago after consultation with his ancestors and his Council of Chiefs, announced with pomp and pageantry that his only horse in the Governorship race in Ondo State is our own son, Eyitayo Omo Jegede, the longest serving Attorney General of the State.

He urged all Akure sons and daughters both at home and in Diaspora to say a loud "Amen" and we all did by acclamation and consensus, not knowing about all the legal obstacles Eyitayo still has to surmount or overcome. But one thing was clear to all of us as reminded us by the song, "Afarifo t'Owa se" that once Kabiyesi has pronounced on it, his word is as good as God's promise because he has not only spoken for himself but for God Almighty and all of the 46 Dejis that have sat on that throne before him starting with Asodeboyede the pioneer Deji (1150 – 1180) AD.

I was therefore not surprised yesterday when by order of Court, it was ruled that Eyitayo Jegede remains the accredited and legitimate candidate of the PDP as already reflected in all of the ballot papers already authorized and printed by the Independence Electoral Commission of Nigeria.

That verdict was victory number one for Eyitayo Jegede who is already ordained by God to be the first Akure son to be elected the first civilian Governor of Ondo State since 1976 when the State was created during the tenure of Deji Otutubiosun Adelegan Adesida the III (1975-1991) and Akure became the State Capital and the "prima Dona" of all towns in the State by Decree signed into Law by the Murtala Mohammed /Olusegun Obasanjo Regime in Nigeria by the special grace of God.

An Akure son named Michael Bandele Otiko, a Commodore in the Nigerian Navy was appointed military Governor of Ondo State for only 20 months from August 1985 and before the Buhari/Tunde Idiagbon's Military Regime that appointed him was defrocked and ousted by Ibrahim Babangida/Sani Abacha's Regime.

Akure had another chance to have another Akure son, our longest-serving Akure Community leader and the State Commissioner for Finance  become the successor to Pa Adekunle Ajasin as Governor but Pa Reuben Faseide Fashoranti, a man of honor and a gentleman and a true "Oselu" and not an "Ojelu" and a great husband and father voluntarily stepped down for his junior colleague in the Teaching profession and in the AD Party, the one and only Adebayo Adefarati of Akungba in Akoko who very easily won the race on a platter of gold in large part because Akure with the highest number of votes in that election proactively supported him.

If the Ondo North Senatorial District remembers that act of selflessness on the part of Chief Fashoranti, and if their people understand that what goes around comes around, they would be less inclined and motivated to oppose another Akure man from becoming Governor in 2016.

I make this point in full awareness of the point being made in Akoko that since Mimiko, the outgoing Governor comes from the Ondo Central Senatorial District, and that since the selection is usually done on a rotational sequence, the next candidate for Governor must of necessity come from Ondo North which comprises Akoko, Ose and Ireakari and Owo Local Governments.

It is a legitimate point to make but those making it must be reminded that Chief Reuben Fashoranti had the privilege to nominate late  Chief Adewumi Adegbonmire Omo Ekun another prominent Akure son to replace him once he had turned down the offer to be Governor because he had just lost his wife and pillar of support and he did not have the fire in his belly to start running for Governor out of respect for his precious jewel of inestimable value, Mrs. Wuraola Fashoranti  nee Awosika from Ondo town.

I know many of you reading this might dismiss that as a lame excuse but I personally saw some sense in what the great Chief had done in a promiscuous society we have in Nigeria where family value has completely taken a back seat in our order of priorities.

Chief Fashoranti is a breed apart. Rather than nominate one of his own sons or Chief Adegbonmire he gave the nod to Chief Adebayo Adefarati to succeed Pa Adekunle Ajasin even when he knew that Chief Adefarati and Pa Adekunle Ajasin came from Akoko and Owo Divisions which are now lumped together in Ondo North Senatorial District today for administrative expediency.

Politics should not be a "do or die" affair in any country, but it is a blood sport in Nigeria. The Ondo North Senatorial District should remember that Eyitayo Jegede also has his roots in the same Ondo North because his mother comes from Upele close to Owo, Ose and Ireakari Local Governments. "Omi l'Enia" The human race is like water. We can all trace our roots to other places. My grandmother Olori Alojo Adesida was the daughter of Kabiyesi the Alani of Ido Ani before she came to marry Deji Afunbiowo Adesida of Akure.

Eyitayo Jegede as a Senior Advocate of Nigeria and the longest serving Ondo State Attorney General is eminently qualified to be Governor of Ondo State. He has served the State with integrity and honesty. I applaud Olusegun Mimiko for picking him and standing by him thru thick and thin.

Mimiko made the right decision and the right call on Eyitayo Jegede. Mimiko is not as bad as many people would want us to believe. As a matter of fact I believe he is a good Governor and one of the best retail politicians in Nigeria.

I do not relish the track record of his current Party, the PDP in Nigeria, and I am not a card-carrying member of any political Party in Nigeria. I am an independent democrat who reserves the right to criticize any Party in Government when it does not meet its obligations to the people. I also praise the Government when it does. Governor Mimiko has a mixed bag of bad and good achievements in Ondo State. I will be the first to admit that. He sure made the right call in his choice of Eyitayo.

We must not throw away the baby with the bath water by condemning everything Mimiko has done in Ondo State. I applaud and appreciate his selection of Eyitayo Jegede as the candidate best qualified to succeed him and to sustain his legacy in Ondo State.

It is the right decision and I support Mimiko one hundred percent. I am persuaded that Jegede would go on to win by double digits on November 26 without any doubt.

The final point I would like to make before I end this article is the fact that Kabiyesi the Deji and his Council of Chiefs and the leaders of thought in Akure had made their decision to throw their support behind an Akure son or somebody from the old Akure Division before it became clear that Mimiko had settled for Eyitato Jegede.

There was only a meeting of minds and a convergence of choice on Jegede. The Deji and Akure Community at large were not just dancing to the tune of Governor Mimiko or doing his biddings but we are all happy that he came to the same conclusion we all came to in the State Capital that it is time for Akure to produce her first civilian Governor in Ondo State regardless of Party label or affiliation.

Our hopes and aspirations would be fulfilled on November 26 when Eyitayo Jegede beats Akeredolu by double digits in the Governorship election. That outcome was guaranteed when the APC for reasons best known to it, foolishly decided to boycott the Local Government elections in Ondo State thereby leaving the PDP to elect all of the 18 Chairman of Local Government to conduct or administer or supervise all of the elections in their Local Governments. That was the day the APC lost out to the PDP in Ondo State on hindsight if you see what I see. The election is all for Eyitayo to lose from that point on.

It is not Rocket Science. I am picking Eyitayo Jegede to laugh last and last best on November 26. Kabiyesi the Deji of Akure and his Council of Chiefs deserve all the credit for their foresight and great leadership on the project.

I am so proud of the Deji as my cousin and my In-law. His Eyesorun Omosalewa Abimbola Aladetoyinbo nee Akintide Gbangba is my daughter. Kabiyesi has done pretty good job in going all out for Eyitayo and urging all Akure people to join him in the effort which is going to pay off big time on November 26. So help us God.

I rest my case.

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