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I was initially planning to do a profile of Pastor Gandhi Laoye the Senior Pastor of Jesus House, a Redeem Christian Church of God in the District of Columbia Area but located in down town area of Silver Spring in Maryland. I was privileged to attend a Marriage Thanksgiving Service of my niece Shade Akintan in that Church on October the 28th, 2017. I was planning to just share my experience and personal encounter with God in that Church that day  as I witnessed up close and personal what God had been doing using Pastor Gandhi as his chosen vessel in that Church. I am a proud member of the Brooklyn, New York Parish of the RCCG located at the intersection of Ditmas Avenue and 93rd Street in Brooklyn.

I used to think of my young Provincial Pastor Kunle Omotosho and his wife and the Parish Pastor Omoh Obogbaime and his husband as two of the rising stars in the Redeem Family in the United States because of their performance, but I found a super star in Jesus House that day in Pastor Gandhi and his wife Omoh and their team of close to 30 Pastors who were being recognized that day by their Congregation for their performance and resourcefulness in the Vineyard of God.

I noticed within a few minutes of my arrival in that Church that something unique and extraordinary was happening in that Church I actually thought for all of my less than 2 hours in that Church I was in one of the best Movie Theatres of an Auditorium in Broadway or Lincoln Center or Madison Square Garden in New York. Pastor Gandhi is a masterful marketer of the Redeem Church anywhere in the World and I rank him among the best I have met so far and I know the Head of that Church, Pastor Adeboye who always speaks of Pastor Gandhi in superlatives would most certainly agree with me.

I changed my mind to abandon the profile on Pastor Gandhi and his amazing team in that Church and to expose and focus on the scam I have chosen as the title for this write-up.  I was on my Computer a few days ago surfing the Internet in the comfort of my little Library when I saw a message come in via my Messenger Application. I reproduce below verbatim the content of that message sent to me in the name of Pastor Adeboye:

"My Lord ministered a word to me about you. He said you have great destiny even more than you think. He said you should sow just anything he ministered to your heart into the life of one baby born with tumor on her face and her head and that if this is done as soon as possible, your blessings overfill the Earth. Here is the Account for donation

Account Name is Braimoh Henry Ohi.  Account number is 0148560414 GT Bank. After sowing, write me back for the Lord has a special message for you. God bless you my beloved"

I would not share in this write-up my reply to this message but I did reply because I believed the message was truly from the highly respected cleric who hold a Ph.D. in Mathematics and who came from nowhere to become the miraculous successor to Pa Pastor Fadayomi from Ondo, the pioneer founder of the Church. I knew that under Pastor Adeboye's leadership, the Church has grown by leaps and bounds to become the fastest growing Church in the whole World as I speak.

I knew all of that about General Overseer Adeboye, the new Pope of the Evangelical Churches in Nigeria if not the whole of Africa. The Parish where I currently worshipped was started by my estranged wife who is now a Redeem Pastor in Akure in Ondo State in my living room at the Rutland Plaza in Brooklyn New York.

I added 2 plus 2 in my foolishness and I got 4 believing that God had singled me out like he singled out David, a Sheppard boy among his father's children to make him the conqueror of Goliath and the successor to King Saul while leaving out Jonathan who should have been the Heir Apparent.

I was in fact ready to head to the Bank to withdraw some cash to wire to the Bank Account. It just occurred to me to ask another favor of Pastor Adeboye since God loved me so much as to send the godly man to me out of the millions of people looking up to God thru Pastor Adeboye for a blessings that are yet to reach them.

I would not tell you the details of all I asked but I wasn't going to let that opportunity pass me by because Pastor Kunle Omotosho has always preached about not letting your good fortune and my encounter with God pass me by.

It was the reply I got from the same impersonator of Pastor Adeboye that woke me up from my slumber. Pastor Adeboye did not mention a word about my situation I mentioned to him in my response.  All he was interested in was how I was going to pay the money into that account and how soon?

I reproduce below his short reply to my request in less than few hours after I sent it.

"You are so blessed my beloved. When do you intend to send your donation? My beloved, do you want to send it via Western Union or direct to the Account of the sick baby?  God will bless you"

I would not reveal to you here the next reply I sent to the fraudulent impersonator and crook but I let him know in no unmistakable terms he was going to hear from me and I dressed him down to the best of my ability.

I was terribly upset but I decided to do something about it and to do more research on what is going on here. My research has revealed that I am probably not the first person to receive this kind of fraudulent message online or in the Facebook.

The scammer must have duped millions of credulous and innocent people who have come to accept Pastor Adeboye not just as the son of God because the man had popularized  the notion of calling God his father after his usual refrain "Let somebody shout Hallelujah"

My research has revealed that Pastor Adeboye and thousands of his subordinate Pastors scattered all over the 6 Continents of the World may be aware of this kind of scandal and blue color scam to tarnish and defame the head of our Church and his larger than life mother in Israel.

It is rumored that they have not seen any compelling reason to confront the situation head on, and to get to the bottom of it because Corruption and Fraud have become part and parcel of the fabric of our nature in Nigeria because everybody does it including religious leaders like Imams and other clerics in all of the different Denominations in Nigeria including top notch politicians and leaders in all of our political parties. Deziani Madueke the Petroleum Minister and former Chairman of OPEC stole so much money that she and her family could not spend if they live a thousand years.

I cannot now recall how many young girls and married women in Nigeria have written to me seeking one help or the other after going to the Internet or the Facebook to read my profiles. I am sure I am not the only one receiving such letters across the board. They probably target me not because they think I am Aliko Dangote or Michael Adenuga or Mrs. Alakija, they just took a chance on me and one or two of them got me because I wanted to be a good Samaritan to my own regret, but I learned something from the experience which is good.

I am not going to let it go this time around. I am going to use the same Facebook to expose the scammers and to call their bluff because all that it takes for Evil to triumph is for good people to see Evil and look the other way. If the scammers can be doing this to the Pope of the Evangelicals in Nigeria, nobody is safe.

I have heard some people refer to the Redeem Christian Church of God as a Business Center where money acquisition has replaced absolute devotion to God and where Pastors are out to milk their Church members thereby taking from those who don't have to give to those who have too much.

It pains to my stomach to hear anyone talk of my Church like that. I do know, for a fact, that my revered Pastor, Kunle Omotosho does not do that. I will not remain a member of his Parish for too long if I have cause to suspect that. It is not arrogance. It is just because I care and I refuse to be taken for a ride by anybody, if I can help myself.

If I am able to save just one person avoid being exploited or swindled by these scammers, I would consider my move a great success. If I can get the whole Management and the top Echelon of the Redeem Christian Church of God realize and appreciate that the scammers can irredeemably damage the name and the reputation of the whole Church, I will consider this effort a great success and absolutely worth the time invested in doing my research and writing this article for generations yet unborn.

I am putting my searchlight on the scandal in this article to do just that.

You can play your part by helping to circulate this write-up among all of your friends and family members everywhere they are in any part of the World.

I have been reading the one man Battalion effort of one Mr. Sunday Iwalaiye in the Facebook against the payment of Tithes in Churches and how many Pastors have been abusing the payment for self- enrichment and heartless exploitation.

While I do not completely share Mr. Iwalaiye's views or subscribe to the central thesis or Hypothesis, I do agree with the young man's ultimate goal and mission statement.  The highly principled and well- read guy is not as crazy and as irrational as some of his critics would want us to believe. He is in fact a good man and a great freedom fighter with gravitas and a lot of credibility if you see what I see.

Need I say anything more?

I rest my case.

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