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Do Igbos go to a special school to learn stupidity?

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Donald Trump was not an American politician until recently. He was a business man; business folks pursue money and profits. His pursuit of money was not of interest to those who pay attention to public policy matters, so I had no particular reason to get to know him.

However, when Trump declared his interest in the US Presidency, I took a look at his personality and in June of 2015 decided that he is a narcissistic personality disordered person. Later on the mainstream media picked up on that subject and harped on it.

Trump is developmentally stuck at what Psychoanalysts call narcissistic stage of child development (Erik Erickson probably would say that his emotional age is no more than twelve...see Erickson, Childhood and Society, 1950).  Like a child, Trump is motivated by efforts to get other people's attention, and to seem special in their eyes; he uses people to optimize his attention seeking goals, to make profits and then discards them like rubbish. Despite his alleged great wealth, Trump is not particularly intelligent

I liked the fact that Trump said that he is going to be tough on radical, Islamic jihadist terrorists. I was totally angry at Obama for allowing ISIS to metastasize and keep on killing people.

Beyond my support for Trump's anti- jihadist rhetoric I evaluated him as a light weight, a clown, really. I didn't think that he knew any worthwhile thing in public policies and certainly not in foreign policy affairs.

I voted for Hilary Clinton not because I particularly care for her; she is weak on jihadists and engaged in social engineering that wanted to ram down our throats whatever deviant behavior of the day is deemed no longer deviant. To me, she is more knowledgeable on public policies and international politics matters.

Here is my dilemma, many Igbos seem to believe that Trump is going to make Biafra come into being. How exactly is he going to do so? Trump is a conservative.

Republicans supported apartheid policies in South Africa. Trump refused to rent his rental properties to black folks (he was sued for racism and probably out of fear of the law rented to a couple of them).

Clearly, Trump is a racist. So, how is a white supremacist, an American nationalist who wants to make his white people great again, going to help an obscure African group, Igbos?  Has he anywhere said that he is going to help Igbos? No.

Some say that it is because Trump is a Christian and Igbos are Christians that he is going to support the so-called Biafra course.

Let me put on my political realism hat and ask: when has religion ever directed US foreign policy? Foreign policy is driven by national interests. If it is in the US national interest the US will support an idea but if it not it will not support it.

In case you are an ostrich and buried your head in sand and do not know how Igbos are perceived let me disabuse you a bit. Igbos are increasingly perceived as criminals. Why? It is because Igbos scam US and European citizens; through their various 419 scams, bank loans scams, credit cards scams etc. Igbos take money away from white folks. These criminal activities have been the subject of US Congressional hearings, thus, the leaders of America know who Igbos are!

All over the world, Igbos are now known as drug dealers.  Folks all over the world know that Igbos would do anything to make money.

All over the world, people have no pity for drug pushers. In that light, Americans actually hate Igbos more than they hate other Nigerians who are not selling drugs to destroy their people (or scamming them).

So, where exactly did Igbos get the idea that Trump is going to support their desired Biafra? Listen, if anything, Trump will support putting Igbos into a cage (as in caging criminals) and prevent them from coming to the USA.

It, therefore, baffles me that many Igbos support Trump; on Facebook there are Igbo trolls for Trump; these clowns dutifully post whatever fake news that support Trump or denigrate his opponent, Hillary Clinton.

One such Igbo clown, Zubbie Ekwueme, goes as far as denigrating black Americans, portraying them as ghetto criminals who do not understand that Trump is their God and savior; this clown does not feel guilty that his heartless Igbo ancestors caused black Americans to be oppressed by white folks by selling them into slavery; he adds to that injustice by denigrating them; for assaulting black Americans Ekwueme ought to be put away; his continued freedom is a disgrace to humanity!

You may not like Liberals but it is liberals in American politics that fight for black folks.  The Civil rights legislation (1964) and the fair housing legislation (1965) were done by liberals; Republicans like Barry Goldwater opposed civil rights for black Americans. Yet, this Igbo clown called Ekwueme does not see anything about conservatives that he does not admire. He is always putting down liberals. He fancies that I am a liberal and calls me a dingbat liberal and other pejorative names.

I am not a liberal; I am a social democrat; I accept the need to mix socialism and capitalism to create a just society; American liberals shy away from robust socialism; they merely use government to provide some half-hearted help to those the rulers of America oppress, poor folks. I am for Scandinavian type political economy where it is our solemn obligation to publicly pay for all citizens health insurance and pay for their education through university and also provide them with some other help.

Can anyone please tell me what conservatives have done for the good of black Americans?  I know that Republicans fought to end slavery but that was when Republicans were the progressive party; there was a party realignment so that Democrats that used to be conservative are now are liberals.

Apparently, miseducated Igbos fancy that their petty trading skills and ability to make chomp change from trading makes them capitalists hence the natural ally of capitalist America.  Some of these fools say that Igbos are naturally republicans where every person takes care of his self and the public does nothing for the individual and that this social structure makes them the same as Republican Americans hence Republicans ought to like them.

Since when were Igbos not their brothers keepers, if I may ask? In traditional Igbo villages the people donated their labor for free to help each other cut down their bush and farm on the land and to build their houses. Traditional Igbo society was more communalistic than American styled do nothing for your neighbors' philosophy. Know-nothing Igbos run around talking about Igbo society been more like exploitative white capitalist society; these folks do not know anything about Igbo society!

Some misguided Igbos say that Obama is a Muslim and got Muslim Buhari elected to office. Obama had nothing to do with Buhari's election.  I do not know anything for sure about Obama's religious affiliation.  However, Obama seems lacking in desire to protect Christians slaughtered by Muslim Jihadists; thus, I can see how that could lead to paranoid theory that he is a Muslim sympathizer, if not Muslim.

Obama is not the subject of this essay, Trump is. How is a white supremacist racist who probably thinks that black folks are unintelligent going to be Igbos savior?

It is really annoying to see Igbos who presumably went to universities saying arrant nonsense about what Trump is going to do for their desired Biafra. May be it is because, as they say, a drowning man grasps at straws. Those who desperately want Biafra to become a reality grasp at stupid straws, including the improbable hope that a white racist would help black them.

Here is my question:  do Igbos go to a special school where they teach them to be stupid or are they born stupid?

I ask this question because I notice that at Nigerian Internet forums, many Igbo members write the most stupid things and no amount of efforts to redirect them makes them to budge. For example, practically everything they write is designed to humiliate and shame other Nigerians.

For some reason(s) these verbally abusive Igbos do not seem to understand that if you humiliate a and shame a human being or group of human beings you inflict narcissistic injury to them and that human beings do kill to assuage their injured pride and vanity.

Common sense tells us to respect our neighbors for if they decide to they can kill us. Igbos do not seem to accept common sense and instead, like people operating outside reality, that is, deluded persons, verbally abuse their neighbors, right, left and center, making them angry at Igbos and disposing some of them to attack and or kill Igbos.

Because of their constant denigration of Nigerians, Nigerians shut Igbos out of positions of power in Nigeria.  Igbos then see themselves as victims and complain about it. They naively think that the rest of the world is going to rescue them from their self-inflicted wounds.

Here is the deal: no other country is willing to bring about Biafra; the sooner Igbos accept this reality and work to restructure Nigeria and bring about good governance in Nigeria the better they are served.

PS: Rational persons participate at forums where their views are respected; they do not want to be where for merely expressing what seems to them rational opinions Igbos rain verbal abuses on them. As a result of been constantly abused by misguided Igbos many of the people who actually say something worthwhile at the forums have left. They left the forums to Igbo abusers like Nebucadinzer, Chukwuma, Assigwara, Ukaegbo, Madu etc. The forums are now clown shows for Igbo clowns to clown around and for those Nigerians who like to clown with them to do so.  This is sad for there are actually well educated Nigerians whose presence at the forums did contribute to the continuing education of all members. This is the case where good people leave and idiots stay and transform the forums to idiot forums; how come the idiots do not leave so that the forums remain the place where folks with something useful to contribute to society chat; it is one of those instances where bad weed destroy good plants!

Ozodi Osuji

January 11, 2017

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