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Could Igbos be the aliens called Anunnakis?

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Ozodi Thomas Osuji

Yesterday, I wrote a review of Naiwu Osahon's Theory on the Origin of Human Beings. In it I alluded to his notion that there was a race of aliens who came from a different planet with a leader called God Anu and that these people are called Anunnakis. He said that they brought advanced technology to earth that led to the building of Egyptian pyramids, Sumerian megaliths, Mayan Pyramids, Inca stone stockings etc.

The American TV program, Ancient Aliens, usually shown on the History Channel also talks about the Anu and Anunnakis as a race of aliens from an advanced planet who brought advanced civilization to planet earth.

In the past I watched such TV programs and immediately dismissed them from my mind for I am not in the bit interested in paranoid conspiracy theories; to me something is either true or it is not.

As I see it, even if aliens started human civilization that has not answered the question: who are we, do we have root in eternal spirits or are we and the so-called aliens the mere production of the concatenation of matter based universe?

Well, this evening I lay on my bed thinking about the Anu and Anunnakis and it occurred to me that the term Anu is found in Igbo language.  In Igbo:

Anu means meat

Anu (manu) means animals

Anu(ohia) means bush animal

(M) anu means human beings

Umum(anu) means  children of Anu (people)

In Hindu/Sanskrit Manu means human beings?  Manu is also considered God, hence the laws of Manu that Indians have.

As I was reflecting on the word Anu and its place in Igbo I had this thought: could Igbos be from an alien group that came to earth, could they be the Anunnakis that we hear about?

If that is the case, can that explain Igbos tendency to see themselves as different from other people on earth, indeed, as superior people?

Could this explain what I have called Igbos delusion of superiority? The typical Igbo fancies his self-special and superior to all non-Igbos; could it be that they feel superior because they came from an advanced alien race somewhere in the universe? Could Igbos be UFOs?

Of course, I do not know the answer. It is just a thought that went through my mind. What do you think?

Do you think that Igbos are Anunnakis from planet Anu (Nibiru) somewhere in the universe other than planet earth?

Could it also be the case that Jews, who Igbos claim to be related to, are Anunnakis and that both of them came from the same Anu people?


"Evidence that extraterrestrial beings cloned humans from themselves and chimps are overwhelming, and dominate our sub-conscious minds.

Hinduism, for instance, claims that the germ of mind is a gift from extraterrestrial beings. Ancient Egyptians (Nubians), called the race that created humans, the Anu, and the leader of the race, God Anu.

The Egyptians claim that God Anu is the father of mankind because God Anu told them that his race created humans. As a result of this, ancient Egyptians called themselves Sons of Anu, and it is a well-known fact that Sons of Anu were also the first to inhabit Arabia Petraea in antiquity. Even in the (Persian's) Gilgamesh Epic, Anu was the father of Ishtar.

God Anu's race, put an artificial Satellite with computer programmed comprehensive information for mankind, in our solar system in 12,600 BCE. The date tallies with one early period, which the Egyptian priests told Herodotus, had witnessed gods living with them in human form. The period also coincides with the beginning of the sudden explosion of civilization in African Egypt, (the first such explosion in the world). The gods obviously launched their satellite around our moon from the earth, because from the technical knowledge available to us at the moment, the satellite could not have been put around our moon easily, any other way.

Information already accessed include that their planet is the sixth from the Moon and that: "Our home sun is Epsilon Bootes. It is a double star. We live on the sixth of seven planets counted from the sun which is the larger of the two. Our sixth planet has one moon, our fourth planet has three and our first and third planets one each. Our Satellite is in orbit around your moon."

It is not impossible that a lot more information may have been accessed from the Satellite but not disclosed to the public so as not to cause panic or alarm on earth. Our scientists discovered the two Epsilon Bootes'"  Naiwu Osahon

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

March 3, 2017

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