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Can Igbos Be Helped Or Are They Too Far Gone?

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When many Igbos see a person behave morally they actually see him as a fool; they call him a mogu; to them the world is an amoral place and one must behave amorally towards other people. The result of this amorality is that wherever they enter organized society gives way to the jungle, chaos. Can we help a people with such attitude to society? Draconian law is needed to civilize Igbos and make them law abiding persons.

Can Igbos Be Helped Or Are They Too Far Gone?

Ozodi Osuji

Lately, I have been asking myself if there is anything that I could do to be of service to Igbos. I ask this question because Igbos really have serious problems although many of them do not seem to appreciate their seriousness! Many of them tend to think that other Nigerians are the source of their problems and that if they are given freedom to rule themselves that all their problems would go away. They are wrong.

If you have been around Igbos in person and have observed their behaviors, not just listen to what they say about themselves, you probably have noticed that they tend to behave as if they believe that the universe is an amoral place and that there is no God (although they talk incessantly about God) and that every behavior is permitted.

Igbos current philosophy is: there is no God, there are no moral absolutes in the universe; therefore, only a fool would obey the law or engage in moral behavior; smart folks must behave amorally and do whatever they have to do to survive, including cheating, lying and other anti-social behaviors. But while doing so they must give the people around them the impression that they are law abiding persons. As it were, they practice what folks regard as Machiavellian philosophy except that they have not read Niccolo Machiavelli's Prince and understood what the wily Florentine was trying to communicate in his seminal book.

Machiavelli had a noble goal in advising his prince to do some of the amoral things he asked him to do. He lived at a time (1500s) when Italy was divided into weak city states. Her powerful neighbors: France, Spain and Austria were ruling parts of Italy and had others as their vassals.

Machiavelli was an Italian nationalist and was looking for a way to unify Italy hence wrote his book, The Prince, to encourage an Italian prince (leader)to use every means necessary to unify the country so as to prevent her neighbors from dominating her. He was asking for an Italian prince (say, the Duke of Florence) to use brutal force and deceit to unify all Italy into one nation so as to prevent her neighbors from subjugating her; he asked the prince, leader to do whatever he has to do to unify Italy, including using lies to beguile the people as to his real intentions.

For example, since most Italians are Christians if the prince is an atheist, to get the Christian Italians to support him he must pretend to be a Christian, for people tend to support those who belong to their religion.

Most people do not like dictatorship and prefer democracy but since it takes force to unify a disparate people the prince must appear to be democratic while behind the scene murdering his opponents. In public he is to talk democracy to give the people the impression that he is a democrat (people have the illusion that all people are equal hence all should have the vote; in reality some people are smarter than others, or more powerful or wealthier than others hence their vote matter more than the votes of the dumb masses) but in fact be a political realist who uses force to bind the people together.

In other words, Machiavelli advised the Prince, leader to use any means necessary to accomplish his desired goal of unifying the many Italian city states into one nation. He was not advising for lawlessness and deceptions for the sake of it. Machiavelli would be the first who advised killing a person who used lies for his own selfish gains, not for the nation's good.

In the case of Igbos, lawlessness, deception and criminal behavior is not used to unify Igbos (which Machiavelli would approve) but in the service of individual Igbos goals of acquiring wealth (and as they think they have: jungle power; there is no powerful man in all Alaigbo today; their leaders are mere clowns).

Igbos have become a criminal group. There is simply no other way of putting it. If you doubt it engage in business with them and instead of making it grow their little beady eyes would be focused on stealing from the business.

In America Igbos do not identify with Americans and their American employers. They call their employers Beke or Oyibo (white man) and see their work as Oru Beke or Oru Oyibo (working for the white man).

Having defined their jobs as white men's jobs they dissociate from them and justify stealing from them. The work is not their work; it is other folks work, so it's good is not their concern; their concern is how to steal from it.

If you hire Igbos be prepared for them to steal from you. Wherever they are working in America the chances are that they are stealing from it (be it city, county, state and federal government) or business corporations and universities, they steal from all of them.

And we are not talking about the fact that many of them engage in credit card scams, swindle their banks, and generally steal from Americans. To their amoral minds, Americans are others; Americans are not related to them, so why should they have sympathy for Americans? No, steal from Americans and do not give a damn.

To show you how amoral they are, many of them marry black American women, their sisters that their people sold into slavery, and use them to obtain green cards and discard them like pieces of rotten meat (and show no guilt or remorse) and then go home to pretend to marry their own women (women they beat mercilessly...many of them wound up in county jails for domestic violence, for battering their wives, even killing them!).

These people are essentially rogues. If you made the mistake of hiring any of them in your accounting/ finance department they would figure out clever ways to take you to the cleaners, and take the money to go build houses in their villages.

Their goal never goes beyond the individual self's interests so all the money they steal is for them and their immediate family but never for other people.

If you are smart you should never have them anywhere near your accounting department; if you do, well, you invited a fox to the henhouse and you are to blame yourself.

These people are now criminals; see, they kidnap each other for money; their leaders (governors, legislators, chair persons of local government councils, and their federal legislators etc.) are essentially rip-off artists; those so-called politicians steal as much money as they can.

Build roads, provide water and electricity for their people, remove sewage, and do the other things we normally expect city governments to do is not these politicians concern.

Just give them government jobs and those jobs enable them to steal money and with the money masquerade around as very important persons (actually very foolish persons...see, they do not feel safe in their Alaigbo and have to even take their parents to Lagos to prevent them from being kidnapped by the Igbo hoodlums that roam Alaigbo picking up whoever they think can pay ransom money for their release).

So, the question now is: can Igbos be helped or is it too late to help them? Should they just be left to go to hell in a hand basket? This is a question all Igbos of goodwill must be asking. Should we be concerned about Igbos present criminal behaviors or should we allow Igbos to decay into chaos and find refuge in the white man's land?

There are many Igbos asking for the balkanization of Nigeria. Actually, that would be the worst thing that would happen to Igbos. At present Igbos have Nigerians to blame for their fallen house.

If you had each tribe govern itself and separate Ijaw, Efik, Yoruba Edo,Tivi, Hausa from Igbos and simply allowed Igbos to govern themselves, I mean have an Alaigbo Republic, a country that began at Igwe Ocha (Port Harcourt) to Agbo, from Arochukwu to Nsukka, if you did that the land would in quick order degenerate into a lawless place. It would become worse than Somalia as criminals roam around kidnapping folks and holding them hostage until ransom money is paid, or even killing them (in the misguided effort to use them to get powers from their imaginary gods, aka juju).

Alaigbo would become Thomas Hobbes State of Nature where all is at war with all and the result would be massive social insecurity and life would be nasty, brutal and short. People would be killing each other right and left.

A people without morality and who believe that every behavior is permitted would quickly degenerate to hell status. That is what the future is for Igbos, Somalia, chaos.

I believe that this problem is rooted in the fact that Igbos were at the most primitive level of social organization when the white man came to their world. Their social political organization did not exceed village or town level organization (even those Igbos with chiefs, such as Onitsha were really villages!).

On their own Igbos did not develop beyond village organization to large scale political organizations. In large political organizations individuals are socialized to subjugate their egos to the state or national ego (see Hegel, Phenomenology of Spirit).

Igbos were essentially left in a wild state. Their psyches tend to be wild; what they call Igbo individualism is wild state of mind where the individual thinks that he could do whatever he wants to do and get away with it.

These people's minds needed to have been broken in, subjugated to the rule of kings, feudal lords and, ultimately, made ready for the rulers of modern nation states.

As it is they have wild men's minds and do not see how the interest of the larger polity is in their personal interests; they work only for their individual interests, not for public good.

Those in Igbo governments, such as their governors do not see their jobs as to serve all Igbos but to serve only their individual egos. Because they do not care for other Igbos other Igbos see those ruling them as garbage hence kidnap their parents for money (unless they ship them off to Yoruba land for safety!).

The alternative is for a strong man to emerge and use brutal force to bind Igbos together and kill every person who steals, kidnaps other persons and generally disobeys the law. For a leader to be successful in Alaigbo he must use draconian force to bring about semblance of law and order in Igbo land.

This last alternative was what Ojukwu would have done if Biafra had existed. Ojukwu understood that Igbos are a chaotic people and required power, dictatorial power to unite them; left alone they fly into their wild individualism where each person looks after his self-interests alone and that includes stealing from others to optimize what he thinks is in his good.

To rule Igbos you must have an iron fist; if you are sentimental with Igbos you would have chaos instead of society. These wild men need a brutal, strong man to unify them into a nation-state.

Blood must flow for predatory animals to be transformed into citizens of a polity. An appropriate ruler for Igbos should not hesitate killing at least a couple million Igbos to teach others the lesson of obeying the law.

Under the current Nigerian chaotic polity, can Igbos be saved? I do not see how. They are too gone into their criminality to be bothered with. One must be naïvely idealistic to think that one can change them. You cannot change them. They will steal from anybody around them, period (and talk as if they are angels).

What one needs to do is keep an eye on them and if they step out of line descend on them like a ton of burning coal: arrest and punish them, exhibit no compassion in dealing with Igbos for they only understand the language of force.

In the long run what would help Igbos is that should Nigeria breakup, a strong man should arise and use brutal force to unify Igbos and kill as many Igbos as is necessary to instill the need to obey the law in the rest of the people.

At present Igbos are a lawless and chaotic people; you need vigorous law enforcement to prevent them from breaking the law. Those of them who went to law school or studied criminology use their knowledge of the law to become more efficient criminals, as the chap having wrangles with the Nigerian Embassy at Washington DC is doing.

That man actually took nearly two million dollars belonging to the Nigerian government and gives us some cockamamie stories as to why he took the money. If I was dealing with him I would pack his stealing black ass into prison, lock up the cell and throw away the key.

(And to show you how degenerate many Igbos have become, they are actually cheering for this thief; they know that he had no right to appropriate public funds to himself yet they support him; to them there is no sense of the law is the law and one must not break it for one's personal gain. This is amazing. I want to pack the man's supporters to jail, for they are as anti-social and degenerate as he is.)

These people abuse whatever comes into their hands. We must figure out a way to drive the fear of the law into their wild minds. We must not listen to their childish excuses as to why they do what they do or listen to them as they steal and then blame other Nigerians for making them do so.

Punish them with mercilessness if they disobey the law. Don't even listen to them when they talk about God and Christ for they do not know what the hell those mean; they use religion to steal so tune them out.

Just pay attention to their behaviors and if they behave in an antisocial manner whack them very hard on their heads, crack some heads; you must show no sympathy or pity for them.

Do not pay attention to their perception of themselves as victims of other people. They are not any one's victim; they victimize other Nigerians and Americans.

So what can I as a person do to help Igbos? I do not know. For now it is enough to make sure that they obey the law. If they break laws treat them with total dispassionate objectivity: reduce them to the status of things, do not see their humanity, treat them with total rootlessness (as Joseph Stalin treated Russians and in so doing modernized them in a short period of time).

Igbos tend to manipulate every effort to show sympathy to them so have no sentimentality in dealing with them.

In conclusion, the above is my honest perception of Igbos and how they should be treated to get them to behave in a pro-social manner. But because I stated the truth as I see it they would try to shout me down by calling me negative names or practicing their jungle psychology on me, calling me self- hating person (self-love does not entail looking away as black folks engage in criminal activities). I could care less what they say about me; they manipulate folks into allowing them to be exploited; they are an amoral people masquerading as a god fearing people. Thus, my judgment is that they are to be dealt with an iron fist if anyone wants them to obey the law. There I stand and will not move.

PS: In their childishness many Igbos think that they have deceived Americans; poor fools; Americans study all people and have made notes on who Igbos are; they know that Igbos are massively criminal in their tendencies hence do not like them and any day would support law abiding Hausas, not Igbos, even though Igbos are Christians! Lord Lugard had total contempt for Igbos for similar reasons (he said that all that interested Igbos is to acquire titles and seem like vain peacocks but do something to serve their people they would not...see his The Dual Mandate) and liked Hausas. It is really sad that Igbos are not aware that other people see them as they are, not as they present themselves as, angels. It is time Igbos see themselves as other people see them instead of thinking that everyone else is wrong in their perception of Igbos as a wild people who do not obey the law and are self-centered. (See Karl Maier, This House has fallen: Midnight in Nigeria. New York: Public Affairs, 2000.)

Ozodi Osuji

July 18, 2012


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