Ozodi Osuji Ph.D

Ozodi Osuji Ph.D

Ozodi Thomas Osuji is from Imo State, Nigeria. He obtained his PhD from UCLA. He taught at a couple of Universities and decided to go back to school and study psychology. Thereafter, he worked in the mental health field and was the Executive Director of two mental health agencies. He subsequently left the mental health environment with the goal of being less influenced by others perspectives, so as to be able to think for himself and synthesize Western, Asian and African perspectives on phenomena. Dr Osuji’s goal is to provide us with a unique perspective, one that is not strictly Western or African but a synthesis of both. Dr Osuji teaches, writes and consults on leadership, management, politics, psychology and religions. Dr Osuji is married and has three children; he lives at Anchorage, Alaska, USA.

He can be reached at: ozodiosuji@gmail.com (907) 310-8176

Thursday, 14 December 2017 23:24

How Jesus did it



Ozodi Thomas Osuji

Human beings identify with the separated self, the ego and its body and want to live in the world of space, time and matter. People so like their egos and bodies and the world that they are afraid to die and leave them.

Jesus realized that the ego, body, space, time and matter are illusions; he realized that they do not exist in reality but seem to exist in the dream of self-forgetfulness and separation but are not real.  Desire for them and belief in them makes them seem real to us.

Whereas people defend their egos, bodies and their world to make them seem real to them, Jesus realized that they are nothing and did not wish them and did not defend them.

By not desiring and defending the ego and body, space and time he allowed them to automatically disappear for him.  He simply sees himself in light form and also experiences his self as part of the consciousness called God.

If you believe in the ego and body and birth and death you will be born in body and die in body and decay and it all seems real.

Helen Schucman, Bill Thetford and Kenneth Wapnick believed in ego and body hence had bodily diseases and died. If they had done what Jesus did, not desire and believe that they are bodies they would have seen their bodies disappear and they would not have died.

Jesus did not believe in body and did not die.  Nevertheless, since people are afraid of death he allowed his self to seem to have been crucified on the cross, die and got buried, as is the case with people. In the tomb, grave he used his mind to transform his body to light form and formless light (son of God) and walked out of the tomb and showed his body in light form to his disciples.

If you know that you are not an ego and body no one will attack your ego and body. When people attack your ego and body it means that you have an ego and body that invited the attacks and the purpose of the attacks is to bring your attention to your ego issues so that you deal with them by letting go of your attachment to ego and body.

Your specific ego and body type will invite the type of attack that comes your way, for you have specific issues to work on.

For example, my desire for ego of importance elicited the specific type of attacks that I get; the Holy Spirit, that is, my wholly spiritual part wants me to heal it; that is, change it.

When I saw me as body I ate food for the sake of eating. When I changed my mind about me and no longer see me as body but as spirit I no longer care for food and do not feel hungry. I now go for weeks without food and not miss it one bit!

Ultimately, I will simply change my mind about me and see my ego, body, space and time as illusions and will disappear from the world of matter, space and time; when I do that first I see me in the world of light forms and later in the formless world of God.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

December 14, 2017




John 2:1-11New International Version (NIV)

2 On the third day a wedding took place at Cana in Galilee. Jesus' mother was there, 2 and Jesus and his disciples had also been invited to the wedding. 3 When the wine was gone, Jesus' mother said to him, "They have no more wine."4 "Woman, why do you involve me?" Jesus replied. "My hour has not yet come."5 His mother said to the servants, "Do whatever he tells you."6 Nearby stood six stone water jars, the kind used by the Jews for ceremonial washing, each holding from twenty to thirty gallons.7 Jesus said to the servants, "Fill the jars with water"; so they filled them to the brim.8 Then he told them, "Now draw some out and take it to the master of the banquet. "They did so, 9 and the master of the banquet tasted the water that had been turned into wine. He did not realize where it had come from, though the servants who had drawn the water knew. Then he called the bridegroom aside 10 and said, "Everyone brings out the choice wine first and then the cheaper wine after the guests have had too much to drink; but you have saved the best till now."11 What Jesus did here in Cana of Galilee was the first of the signs through which he revealed his glory; and his disciples believed in him

My interpretation

The old wine was all drunk and people were looking for more wine and Jesus' mother asked Jesus to give them wine, and he asked them to fill the wine caskets with water and they did and he turned them into wine. People drank the new wine and it tasted better than the old wine they had drunk.

This metaphor means that Jesus' new wine, his new gospel of love and forgiveness is better than the old wine, the Old Testament teaching of an eye for an eye, that is, Mosaic Law. The point is that the New Testament is better than the Old Testament. Jesus came to replace Moses; love and forgiveness came to replace punishment as our approach to jurisprudence.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

December 14, 2017


Wednesday, 13 December 2017 05:19

Did Jesus physically resurrect from death?


Ozodi Thomas Osuji

In Robert Perry's A course in miracles, from Columbia University's Professor Helen Schucman's handwritten manuscript of the book, pages 1882-1883, Jesus Christ, talking about his physical resurrection, said:

"My body disappeared because I had no illusion about it. The last one had gone. It was in the tomb, but there was nothing left to bury. It did not disintegrate because the unreal cannot die. It merely became what it always was. And that is what rolling the stone away means. The body disappears, and no longer hides what lies beyond. It merely ceases to interfere with vision. To roll the stone away is to see beyond the tomb, beyond death, and to understand the body's nothingness. What is understood as nothing must disappear."


If you pay attention you would notice that what Jesus said here is highly metaphorical; it is not in simple prose; it is subject to different interpretations to understand what he is saying. Different people will interpret what he said differently and thus we are not left with a clear picture of whether he physically resurrected from death or not. So, what does the passage mean? Here is my interpretation.

"Rolling the stone away" means removing the blocks to correct perception; the tomb is the human body, the illusory house of the son of God; the body hides the son of God so that we do not see him as he, in fact, is, the Christ.

The passage is talking about removing the veil to seeing correctly; to see correctly is to overlook the body (body is the tomb); to see correctly is to see the Christ; the Christ is the light self; thus seeing correctly, correcting our perception is to see the self in light forms where hitherto we saw people in bodies.

The fact that we are seeing at all, be it in body form or light form means that we are still in the world of illusions. The son of God, who is one with God, is not in forms, body form or light forms; the son of God and God are formless; they are not to be seen with the naked eyes.

Our true self, the son of God and God are ideas, of part (son of God) and whole (God); ideas cannot be seen but can be understood.

Jesus rose above forms, light forms and dense matter forms and is now the idea of the son of God who is one with God.

He can, however, take on form to show his self to you. He will take any human form that your mind can accept him as to show you his self. If you are a young woman infatuated with handsome young men he may show himself as a young, handsome man to you; if you are thoughtful he may show his self to you as a middle aged, priestly, wise man. He is not the form he is seen as. He is simply the idea of the son of God.

Jesus disbelieved in the illusion that he is separated from God, disbelieved that he is the illusion of body; disbelieved that he lives in the illusion of space, time and matter. He therefore is no longer in body illusion. He is now pure idea.

But those of us who are still in the illusion that we are separated from God and from one another and that we live in body and in the world of space and time see ourselves in the illusion of body; if we are a bit advanced we may see ourselves in the illusion of being in light forms.

Birth in body, living in body, space and time are illusions; illusions that seem real to us. If you believe that you are in body you will see you in body; if you believe in death your body will die and decay.

In truth there is no birth in body (except in dreams of separation) and death of body; so, if you do not believe in the illusions you do not have to die or disintegrate, decay; you can just see you in light form (and in the world of light forms, our world purified) and, ultimately, know yourself as the idea of the part of a whole, son of God.

This is what Jesus did and is saying in his metaphorical language that requires interpretation by us. I have given you my interpretation.  If a different interpretation seems true to you so be it.


If God created human beings in bodies, bodies that will live and die and decay, he is not a loving God; only a wicked man would have his children be born in bodies that would die.

Body is an illusion; it is a dream thing, it lives in a dream and seems real; it is an illusion; it does not exist, in fact.

God did not create bodies; what God did not create does not exist, so bodies do not exist; we do not live in bodies and do not die but only seem to live and die in dreams.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

December 12, 2017


From Ozodi Osuji's Daily Journal:


This afternoon, after church service, I went to a bookstore and bought a book on European mythologies.  David Leeming, From Olympus to Camelot, The World of European Mythology. (Oxford University Press, 2003). Dr. Lemming was a professor of Literature at the University of Connecticut, at Storrs. He has written several books on mythologies.

I have been reading about Greek, Roman, and Celtic, Germanic (and Norse) mythologies, their stories of birth (creation) and death and the afterlife. I find the whole thing interesting; it gives me insight into the European mind.

I will give a three hour talk, tomorrow evening, a talk centered on Pre-Christian religions in Africa and Europe.

I understand African religions from firsthand experience for I am a member of the Amadioha priestly family; I have comprehensive understanding of oriental religions, especially Hinduism and Buddhism; however, my understanding of European pre-Christian religions is sketchy; I want to improve my knowledge of European pre-Christian religions.

Usually, when an insight occurs to me I go to my computer and type it up. I just had an insight from reading this book. It is that the individual's subconscious mind takes everything he experiences in his day life and uses them to teach him about his self and life but do so in the language of symbols, which the conscious mind has to interpret.

To be a good artist, writer and healthy person one has to write from ones subconscious mind, write what that part of one's mind believes is true in one's life, which is not necessarily what is true for other people.

One must be one's self; this means that one mist strive to live from what seems true to one's subconscious mind, not the outer rational mind.

One must listen to one's subconscious mind and learn from its symbols, its mythologies. One cannot really live from other people's mythologies.

A course in miracles, for example, is the subconscious mythology of how the universe came into being and will return to its source that came from a Jewish mind, not an African mind.

My African mind has given it how my subconscious mind sees reality, for me and for those who share my African and European experience.

I am talking about the myth of three levels of being that I have sketched in my writings: being in dense matter (on earth), being in light forms (life after we die) and being in formless light (heaven); this is how my subconscious mind understands reality; this understanding, of course, is not the truth but a mythology; it is a mythology that makes sense to my ultra-rational and scientific mind.

The sadness of African lives is that they try to express their reality in European and or Arab mental categories. This attempt to live as Arabs (if they are Muslims) and Europeans (if they are Christians) is actually the reason why Africans, in our contemporary world, are utter failures. No African has really produced a good work of art, be it in literature or the other forms of creative expressions.

However, Fela Kuti  came very close in being a true creative force of nature; but his rebellious nature confounded his creativity; his music was the music of the oppositional defiant boy rather than the music of a mature soul.

Nor can Africans return to being what they call their authentic African selves. I am talking about those Africans who talk as if they can go back to living as they did before Arabs and White men descended on their world and gave them their ways of life.

No one can re-enter the same river twice. You cannot go back to living as Africans lived before their minds were given Western and Semitic weltanschauungs. You can only synthesize your current experience, not run away from some of it.

In his book, Africans, Ali Mazrui noted that the collapse of governance in Africa is largely due to Africans efforts to be Europeans or Arabs or true Africans; he speculated that things will begin to work out well for Africans when they synthesize all their experiences in a new way of life. The man probably got it right.

I am probably one of the few Africans that have comprehensive understanding of Western psychology, philosophy and science. I rejected these Western approaches to reality; my mind is trying to reinterpret phenomena in light of my African and European experience.

I am here to give Africans, indeed, all mankind, a new mythology, a new way of looking at life, a way that synthesizes my experience in the West and East plus, of course, my native African world.

I employed the term mythology advisedly; please do not dismiss the idea of myth. We actually do not know anything for sure. I understand physics as very few human beings understand it but I also know that it is a mythology; it is the current western consensus on the nature of physical reality. As Thomas S. Kuhn reminded us, in his book, the Structure of Scientific Revolutions, our current paradigm of reality may change tomorrow.  The chasm between what we know and what we do not know is so vast that Joseph Campbell (The Hero with a thousand faces; The Power of Myth) is probably correct in telling us that we live by mythologies not facts.

What is fact, do you know?

(What do you make of my self-assessment, my mission; is it a manifestation of total self-confidence or grandiosity? Only time will tell!)

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

December 10, 2017



Adeyinka Makinde:

Below is my answer to your sentimental write up on the need to deprive Jews of Jerusalem.  I feel like giving you an education on political realism but do not have the time to do so. I leave you to your political idealism. It took me about two hours to write the below, a time that I really do not have to waste on settled subjects, such as the fact that power rules the world.  Ozodi Osuji


Ozodi Thomas Osuji

On Wednesday, December 6, 2017, President Donald J. Trump of the United States of America recognized Jerusalem as the capital city of the nation state of Israel. His behavior provoked a political fire storm around the world. Mostly, people expressed their already existing positions on Jerusalem and did not really say anything new. Those who would want Jerusalem to be in Palestinian hands said so and considered Trump's behavior an outrage; those who want Jerusalem a divided city with Jews, Christians and Muslims controlling it, sort of like an international city stated their position (what city in the world is an international city controlled by many nations that has lasted long?).

I resisted expressing my opinion on Trump's action. I did so because I had in past writings made my position clear. I support the survival of the state of Israel and want Jerusalem the capital of the Jewish state. I would add nothing new to my already stated position on this subject so I largely kept quiet on Trump's political behavior.

I know that folks will express their opinions on any political action but in the end power rules the world. Whoever has political and military power has his opinion prevail.

Joseph Stalin used to ask his European opponents how many tank battalions they possess. Mau Tse Tung reminded us that power emanates from the barrel of guns.  The world is not ruled by emotional preferences but by political and military realism.

The United States took from Mexico Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, California and other lands, and took from Spain Florida, Philippines, Hawaii, Porto Rico, Cuba and from Germany Papua New Guinea and a host of pacific islands (Guam,  Samoa and so on).

Power rules the world and folks opinions are really noise making. As long as the USA is the mightiest military power on planet earth whoever it supports will prevail.

The Arabs can demonstrate all they want but the fact is that the USA, if it really wants to, can over run the entire Middle East in a few months of fighting and recolonizes them, even wipe off the people if it really wants to do so. Therefore, Israel will have Jerusalem until a different power replaces the USA as the world sole super power, the hegemon, and that power is able to dictate world politics.

I do not see that power in the political horizon. Perhaps, China will soon become the greatest world economy but I doubt that in the next one hundred years she would replace the USA militarily.

China has an almost homogenous mongoloid population that lacks creativity; the USA is a mini universal country with people from all over the world in it; each ethnic group bring its particular strength to enrich these United States of America; Germans brought their technology; the French and English brought their science; Africans brought their domination in sports and music and so on.

China does not have this mix of population and is not about to replace the USA in the world of science, technology and pop culture. The USA is likely to continue dominating the world in the world in the next one hundred years, at least. Do not count the USA out, as silly third world folks tend to do when they talk of its imminent demise. No other country out there, not Russia, China, Brazil, India, Japan has what the USA has going for it!

Therefore, as long as the USA supports Israel, the issue of Jerusalem is closed.  The USA's military can over run Europe and most of the world, if it wants to do so.

Given this political reality I did not feel any urge to say anything on Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. I am a political realist and do not waste my time on political idealism, wishing for what could be; I accept what is and live with it, regardless of whether I like it or not.

But given the cacophony of noises made by politically naïve persons, especially the powerless ants that teach international relations quoting all kinds of so-called International laws, laws made by past powerful states, I feel a need to say a few words on Trump's action.

My political ideology is radically different from that of Trump, so, generally, I do not support him. I am a social democrat who supports mixed capitalist-socialist political economy and Trump is a parasitic bourgeoisie trying to transfer wealth from the poor and middle class to the one percent of America's rich that owns over fifty percent of America's wealth.

Trump and I do not see eye to eye on politics and economics but on this particular subject I whole heartedly applaud his action.

Israel must be supported and must survive at all costs. The Jews have given to the world more than any other ethnic group. Think Albert Einstein (general relativity) and Neils Bohr (quantum mechanics).

Jews gave us Christianity and much of modern science and philosophy, think of Spinoza, so I want their survival at all costs.

I am not sentimental on this subject. I prefer people who contribute to the world's scientific development and could care less for a people who shout Allahu Akbar and murder people for their God but in the meantime contribute nothing to science and technology; they give nothing to the world that improves its welfare. Not too long ago they were buying and selling Africans into slavery, an unforgiveable sin.


Where shall we begin the history of the ownership of Jerusalem?  Let us try the Bible. According to the Christian Bible there was a man called Abram (Abraham). He was born at a town called Ur in today's Iraq. He packed up and moved away from Ur in search of greener pastures. He settled in what is now called Jerusalem about four thousand years ago. (See pasted redacted vignettes from Wikipedia.)

Given that Jerusalem was in the area considered the cradle of human civilization many other groups had lived in Jerusalem before Abraham came along, and that included the Jebucites, Canaanites and other groups.

At some point Egypt ruled Canaan.  Babylonians and Persians ruled the area. Many other groups ruled the area including Alexander of Macedonia that came conquering 300 years before our common era. The Romans replaced the Greeks.

From the time that Abraham settled in Canaan to the time the Romans conquered the area and renamed it their province of Palestine was about two thousand years. That is to say that Jews lived in that particular piece of real estate for 2000 years, minus their days of exile and slavery in Egypt, Babylon, Persia and other lands.

During Roman rule the Jews made a lot of trouble for the Romans; from about 69 to 70 AD the Romans declared war on the Jews and eventually destroyed them. After the fall of Masada, Jerusalem's Jewish Temple was destroyed in 70 AD and many Jews were enslaved in the far flung Roman Empire which included North Africa and Europe. Thus, Jews were scattered in North Africa and Europe. Some remained in Palestine.

For 2000 years the Jews lived in Europe. During that time they were perceived as non-Europeans and treated as the other; they were persecuted; whenever there was economic downturn they were made the scapegoat and accused of causing it and killed.

In the nineteenth century some Jews resolved to return to their ancient land, Israel. They formed the Zionist movement with the goal of encouraging Jews to return to Palestine.

At first only a few Jews listened to the Zionists and returned to Palestine. Those that did come back bought land from the Arabs around the area now called Tel Aviv. They bought pieces of desert and used modern agriculture to transform those desert lands to blooming agricultural lands. Palestinians had not farmed those desert lands. Many Kibbutzes', socialist cooperative farms, were set up in the arid lands and those transformed the dry lands to the food basket region of the area. The thriving agricultural lands became the envy of the Arabs!

During the first world war the British managed to defeat the Ottoman empire and appropriated its lands in the middle east and this included Palestine (Iraq, Egypt; the French got Lebanon, Syria and so on).

The British Foreign Minister, Lord Balfour, promised Jews that after the war he and Britain would work towards the independence of Israel (1917 Balfour Declaration).  The rate of Jews returning to Palestine picked up.

Then came the Second World War and Adolf Hitler killed 6 million Jews living in Europe. Many Jews resolved to return to their traditional home, Palestine.

The British and French wanted to give them a piece of land in Uganda or in Madagascar; they refused those options.

As the population of Jews in Palestine increased Arabs became hostile and wanted to drive them out. Thus, there were skirmishes between the two groups. In 1948 there was a full blown war between Jews and Arabs. Jews defeated the Arabs.

The United States president, Harry Truman recognized Israel as a sovereign nation state. The United Nations followed up and Israel became a member of the UNO.

In 1956 the Arabs, led by President Nasir of Egypt, tried, again, to drive the Jews into the Mediterranean Sea and were defeated by the Jews.

In 1967 a combined Arab army from Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Jordon attacked Israel. Israel not only defeated them but acquired new territories which included Jerusalem, the West bank and Gaza.

In 1973 the Arabs tried again to drive the Jews out of the Middle East and the Jews, with the aid of President Richard Nixon of the United States defeated them.

Thereafter was the 1979 Camp David Peace Accord whereby Egypt's Anwar Sadat recognized Israel as a sovereign nation and got part of Gaza in return. Menachem Begin signed for Israel and President Jimmy Carter signed for the United States.

Thus, from 1967 Jerusalem has been in the hands of the Jewish state. But Arabs would not give up; what they lost at battle they want to get from international organizations; they cry running to the United Nations urging it not to recognize Jerusalem and  the West bank as part of Israel.

Israel kept the Golan Heights it got from Syria and parts of the West Bank it conquered from Jordan; however, it set up Palestine home rule in the area, an area that encompassed ancient Jewish lands, such as Bethlehem and Nazareth!


We know from history that Jews lived in Judea for two thousand years before our common era. We know that in 70 AD Jews were scattered in the Roman Empire.

We know that Mohammed (570-632) formed his Muslim religion in 610 AD and thereafter he and his followers used the sword to conquer the ancient Middle East. His followers conquered Palestine from the Byzantine Empire in 638 AD. They conquered Egypt in 643 AD and got to Morocco and swept into Spain in 711 AD; they were in Spain until 1492 AD, the year that Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas, that is, for seven hundred years.  Christian knights, during the crusades called by Pope Urban to go recapture Jerusalem from the Muslims, did not dislodge Arab Muslims from Jerusalem.

We know that the Turks, who were converted to Islam when Muslims conquered much of the East all the way to Western China, replaced the Arabs as the superpower of the Middle East and in 1453 AD conquered Christian Constantinople and renamed it Istanbul.

We know that the Turks ruled Palestine until the First World War when the British defeated their Ottoman empire and Palestine exchanged hands, now to the British.

So, who owns Jerusalem? Jerusalem had been owned by many people including Jebusites, Canaanites, Jews, Byzantium, Arabs, Turks, and British.

As from 1967 the Jews have effectively owned Jerusalem. In International law, despite the presence of law, power determines who owns what territory. The nation of Israel got Jerusalem as a result of power and will keep it as a result of power.

If this seems brutal you must consider other countries origin. Consider Britain, who owns it? The Romans came calling in 27 BC and conquered the local Celtic population.

The Romans were in their province of Britannia, with capital at Londonium until the Roman Empire fell around 450 AD.

Upon the fall of the Roman Empire, Germans from Saxony and Jutland moved in and occupied Britannia and renamed it England.

In the eight century waves of Vikings from Scandinavia came calling and took many parts of England. In 1066 the Norman French (Norwegians who had settled in Northern France) conquered England at the battle of Hastings.

To the Present the French are the ruling class of England (kings, dukes, earls, counts, barons and so on). The point here is that power decides who owns England at any point in time.

Let us try France. With the fall of Rome, German Franks moved into the Roman province of Gaul and took it over and renamed it Franks land, France. These Germans still own France to the present.

Let us talk about the Middle East. We know that Arabs unified by Mohammed stole North Africa (which Africans ought to take back from them), Spain and southern France.

How about the Americas? We know that Europeans took the Americas from native Indians beginning in 1492 when Christopher Columbus landed at what is today the Republic of Dominika.

South America is ruled by the Portuguese and Spanish; Latin Central America is ruled by the Spanish, North America is ruled by the British and French (in Quebec). The British settled at James town, Virginia in 1607 (African slaves were brought to James town in 1619).

If you go to Africa you find that whatever ethnic group is powerful rules the weak ones. In Nigeria, Fulanis, who came from Guinea, rule all the other Nigerians. Thirteen million Fulanis rule almost 200 million Nigerians!  Is this fair and if not why is it unfair that Jews rule Arabs in Israel?

Unfair or not, this is the nature of political reality everywhere in the world; Israel is not an exception. (Although this is not an academic paper if you are interested in writings on political realism see Edward Carr, Nicola Machiavelli, Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, Metternich, Bismarck, Pareto, Schumpeter and Morgenthau and Kissinger.)

Those crying bloody Mary pretend that what the Jews did is different from what the Arabs did in taking over Jerusalem and North Africa and what other nations did.  These people appeal to our sentiments not to pure reason and empiricism.

Empirical observation, or as some call it, historical realism tells us that the powerful rule the weak (in North America powerful whites rule weak African Americans and Latinos).

In the light of historical and political realism, as long as the Jews have power they will be in Israel. Making them feel guilty for doing what all other people did, get territory by power, will not wash or persuade them to give up lands they got by power.

Jews will not return to Europe where they will be slaughtered at will by the Germanic, Celtic and Slavic people that own Europe. Jews need a piece of land that they can call their own.

As for Palestinian Arabs, they are kind of like Native Americans whose lands were taken away by stronger people.

Before we allow our emotions to get the better of us, let us remember that Jews have nuclear weapons and will take all Arabs to death with them. Indeed in the America that I know, Jews dominate the study of science and technology and have access to more nuclear weapons than all the sentimental international relations scholars who make noise on the need to return Israel to Arabs know about.

One Jew, Mark Zuckerberg controls social media (Facebook). That man alone influences world opinion. In the movie industry, journalism, banking, education and American politics Jews are over represented (indeed, Jews dominate the Ivy League universities of America).

The point here is that those saying that Jews should be sacrificed to appease Arabs are simply naïve about world politics and do not know what they are talking about. They are making bleeping noises. In the real world, as Harold Laswell told us, power decides who gets what, when and where.

I am getting carried away; I have made the point that I really wanted to make and must therefore stop.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

December 9, 2017


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PS: The material on Jerusalem from Wikipedia is 40 pages long; it is too long to append to this essay; I will, therefore, skip it. Google and read it if that subject interests you.


Ozodi Thomas Osuji





In the world of time, on earth, the son of God (me, you), thinks through the ego or the Holy spirit but he is neither of those two; in his essence he thinks as God thinks, in a unified manner and in that mode creates with God, but in the ego and Holy Spirit he does not create (although in the Holy Spirit he can change what the ego made and make it seem lovely).

The ego and Holy Spirit are two ways of dreaming; dreaming is not knowledge but one approximates reality, dreaming through the Holy Spirit; nevertheless, dreaming through the Holy Spirit is still not the truth.

True thinking is when God and his sons think in unison, together; unified thinking is based on knowledge and creates other sons of God.


What the world now needs is not someone to tell it about the nature of salvation but a person who is actually saved. We have too many preachers talking about what folks ought to do to be saved but none of them actually is saved.


What we now need to have is a saved person. Who is a saved person? A saved person is a person who stops dreaming through the Ego, stops having separated thinking, and dreams from the Holy Spirit; a type of dreaming that approximates unified thinking while still in the egos separated world; in that type of dreaming, called having Christ vision, one sees a beautiful light world and eventually experiences ones real self as part of the union of the father and son; that is, a person without the ego.


When you see people behaving as egos they do so for your benefit; they do it to offer you the opportunity to see that the ego is mad and therefore to transcend the ego and return to dreaming with unified spirit and then wake up in the non-dreaming state of God.

It is not for you to moralize about people and tell them not to be egos but for you to learn from their craziness and go to dreaming with the Holy Spirit, have Christ vision (which is also dreaming but doing so with forgiveness).


You cannot save other people; the only person that you can save is you. God and the Holy Spirit cannot save, change people; he merely gives them information on what each of them needs to do to be saved.

You are in ego state if you have a wish to save people; moreover, you are wasting your time, giving yourself grandiose power, false, unrealistic power if you think that you can change people and make them behave lovingly.

The only person that you can save is you; that is, you can choose to forgive those who wronged you, those you made to seem to wrong you, and in doing so see them in the reflected light of love (light forms).


Body, space and time are not the ego; ego is a mental pattern of thinking based on separation; ego is mind albeit confused mind.

You are not body; body is in your mind; the entire physical universe is in your mind.


Because the entire physical universe is in your mind if you think with separated mind you see our divided world and if you think with forgiveness you see the same universe in light forms and if you think with total love you see the world become one continuous light energy, heaven; heaven is a wave of light that is continually generating particles of light; each particle is a son of God and contains all of God and other sons of God.


If just one person in the entire world is saved, that is, forgives the world and thus returns his mind to relative, not perfect peace, for perfect peace exists only in unified state, aka heaven, that person will bless the world with relative peace and joy. In his presence you would feel peace. Merely thinking about him gives you peace and joy.

Is there anyone in the current world in whose presence you feel peace and joy and whose name gives you peace and joy? Until you find such a person there is no saved person in the world.

The world is full of preachers of salvation who are not saved; what we have are unhealed healers who therefore cannot heal.

We now need a healed healer, a saved person who can help save other people. A healed mind dreams through the Holy Spirit; he no longer dreams through the ego.

The ego is attempt to separate from God and his sons and therefore to dream through the ego is to attack God and all his sons; the person who dreams through the ego generates interpersonal conflict.

A person who dreams through the Holy Spirit, on the other hand, is trying to return his mind to heaven's union and therefore does not generate interpersonal conflict hence is relatively peaceful and in his presence you know that he is not in ego and is not at war with his self and people and thus is at peace with his self and with all people, you included.

If you have peace, that is, if you do not think through the ego, you give your peace to the world.

Do you give the world peace or conflict? The choice is for each of us to make and what we choose is reflected in the peace or conflict we give to the world.


When you dream through the Holy Spirit you are still in our world of separation; you still see you and people who are not you; you still see animals, trees, planets, stars, galaxies so you are still in the world of separation and cannot have perfect peace and joy.

Perfect peace and joy is only possible in a world where we are all the same and equal and there is no separation between us. That world is heaven.

Heaven is one wave of spiritual light in which we are each a particle of it; wave and particles of spiritual light is the same hence they have perfect peace and happiness.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

December 9, 2017



The concepts of redemption, salvation, deliverance, healing, Christ self, death and resurrection are familiar to most Christians but are seldom understood. What do they really mean?

Each of us has a self-concept, an idea of who one thinks that one is. The self-concept is an idea, not a fact. Each person has an opinion of who he thinks that he is.

No one on earth actually understands how his self-concept was formed. Psychologists speculate that each child constructs it using his biological constitution and social experience. Those into new age religion say that we came to the present world with an already existing old self, personality.

Pure reason cannot prove that we constructed our ego self-concepts with our bodies and social experiences and cannot prove that we came into this world with a preexisting ego self.

Since we cannot prove either proposition let us leave them alone and proceed with what is self-evident: each of us has an opinion of who he thinks that he is.

The opinion that each of us has is that he is separated from the whole self, aka God, and that he is separated from other parts of the whole self, aka the sons of God. Each believes that he is a separated self and sees that separated self in body; that self in body walks in the world of space, time and matter.

Even though it is an opinion, not a fact the individual defends his separated ego self as if it is who he is, in fact.

What is a human being? A human being is that creature that has an opinion of who he thinks that he is and defends that self with the various ego defense mechanisms.

The ego defense mechanisms are repression, suppression, denial, dissociation, projection, displacement, rationalization, minimization, fear, anger, pride, shame, pride, sublimation, reaction-formation, fantasy, avoidance etc.

The self-concept is not real; it is not who one is. Who one is one does not know. In the meantime one defends one's self-concept and self-image; defense of it makes it seem real in one's awareness.

As long as one identifies with the self-concept and self-image, aka the ego separated self-one feels fear of its death, feels angry when other people seem to not recognize it, avoids those who do not recognize its importance; one avoids people to go protect the fragile self-concept; one generally does all kinds of things to protect the imaginary self-concept.

Now, suppose that one decides to let one's self-concept go, die (although what never existed cannot die) what would happen?


If one does not desire a self-concept and does not defend it ones self-concept would simply disappear (die); thereafter, one would have no self-concept.

If your self-concept dies, the right word is disappears from your awareness, what then lives in you?

What would life be like if you have no self-concept that you are defending?


If you did not defend your self-concept you would have no opinion of who you think that you are; you would have no opinion of who you think that other people are. You would say nothing on things and simply keep quiet for your ego self that had opinions on everything does not know what things are and who people are. Since you do not know anything you do nothing.

You feel empty inside you; that is, where you had believed that you had a self-concept is now void; you do not feel like you have a separated self-inside you.

You are no longer trying to live up to your supposed self-concept. You feel empty, peaceful, happy and joyous.

In Christian categories your old self is now dead and a new self is born in you. Your old self, man, is dead and a new self, Christ, a spirit self is reborn in you.

You still feel like you have a self but that self is no longer separated from other selves. It is part of the whole self. Christians call it the Christ self, a self-guided by the Holy Spirit, as opposed to the incomplete and partial self that is the ego in body.

In our world of time the Holy Spirit lives through you but in eternity you are one with God; in eternity there is God and each of us is his son, a part of the whole spirit self. But you are not yet aware that you are in whole spirit, God and his heaven; you still feel on earth, the world of space, time and matter and in that world the most that you can do is remove your ego self-concept and live through the representative of our whole self, the Holy Spirit in us.

You are now no longer using your self-concept to veil and mask the Holy Spirit; you are no longer using the ego to block your awareness of the Christ, your real self from living through you; you now allow that real self to live through you.

You are no longer using the ego (darkness) to obscure the light of God (love) from shining through you.

The light of God, that is, pure knowledge, shines through you unobstructed. You are still in body but know that you are not body; you are in the world and know that you are not of the world.

You feel light, free, liberated, emancipated and happy. You are now redeemed, delivered and saved from the ego.

Your mind was sick (if you identify with the ego separated self your mind is sick). You now know yourself to be part of one eternal life force; that force is not body; it is spirit and is eternal, permanent and changeless.

Now, you live as that permanent life force,  loving all people; now you know that what people do that seem stupid is what they do from their self-concepts, their dreams that they are apart from their real selves but is not who they, in fact, are.

You overlook what people do in ego and love their real selves (in so far that you feel an urge to correct their egregious anti-social behaviors you do it from love and forgiveness).


This state of mind is what Hindus and Buddhists are trying to accomplish when they ask their adherents to die to the ego separated self, and have no ego separated self, to be a void and be part of one life. Let one life live through you and do not defend a separated, partial life, as we do in ego.


This is what Christians mean by dying to the old self and been reborn, again, in Christ, in God. Now, you live from your real self, the Christ self; you now feel rooted in God and no longer live from your old self.

The new self loves all people for it knows that it is one with all people.  The old self concept is now dead and a new self is resurrected in one.

In the death of the old self and resurrection of the new Christ self-in one, one still sees one's self in one's old body but does not identify with that body.

However, if one chooses one will see one's self in the light form of one's body. Ultimately, one's old body self will simply disappear and one see one's self in light form (and live in the world of light forms, what Christians call New Jerusalem or New Israel, as the new man).

This is what Jesus did: Jesus allowed his old bodily self to disappear so that he sees himself in light self, the self-directed by his whole self and whole mind, the Holy Spirit, not the partial self, the ego self.

(When one allows ones old self, the ego, to die so that one lives in light form, the new light self can take on any picture of a human being, of any race, man or woman, to show those who would benefit from such visions and if visions would scare them one can put ideas into their mind. Jesus Christ shows his self in different human forms to different people and puts redeeming ideas into people's heads.)

To live in ego and body of dense matter is to be limited, to be in hell, to be in prison of one's own making.

One becomes liberated from that prison and hell when one allows ones old ego self to die and one  now lives through the Christ self, through the loving self.

If still on earth one is directed by the Holy Spirit, aka love. Before one does anything one asks the Holy Spirit, love to guide ones decision  until it becomes a habit of one, just as it was an ego habit to do things from the ego partial self.

Initially, one has to consult the Holy Spirit for guidance before one does anything but in time it becomes a conditioned response and one simply behaves from the Holy Spirit; that is, loves all people, for one knows that all people's real selves are part of one's real self, so loving them is loving ones whole self hence a favor one does to one and to them.


The ego has its ideas of what constitutes success; to it success usually means adapting to the exigencies of this world, having lots of money, being in socially important positions and being the president of the world. These ego definitions of success is seen by the Holy Spirit as failure.

If the Holy Spirit is guiding you and you still seek the things of this world you will fail, as the world considers failure to be. You will not have money, good jobs, and you will not be the president of the world; you will not do well in the world's terms; all the world's doors will be closed to you for you are not part of the world.

The Holy Spirit is guiding you to a different world, the world of light forms; the world it remade from our present, ego dark world.  Thus, if you fail rejoice for the Holy Spirit has different plans for you.

My parents, siblings, I and my children failed in the world's terms. The reason for our failure is that we are being used to usher in a new self and a new world civilization, a world based on love and living from our real selves.


To be enlightened is to let go of one's identification with the separated ego self and know that one is one with the light of God that we all are parts of. The question many people ask is this: do enlightened persons participate in politics?

Politics is of the ego; politics is engaged in by separated selves living in bodies trying to organize their separated society.

Politics is inevitable in the separated world we live in. Each of us is out there seeking optimization of his personal interests, trying to maximize what he believes serves him well and occasionally steps on other people's feet; society must therefore protect all of us by passing laws that serve all of us. There is no getting around politics and law in our world.

Did Jesus, an obviously enlightened person, participate in politics? He did not but he did make sure what his politics are.  Jesus, as we glean from the New Testament part of the bible, preached love for all people and forgiveness of sin. He talked about sharing wealth and giving to Caesar what belongs to Caesar. What is the politics of sharing? It means that one works hard to optimize one's self interests which is what capitalism is; sharing means that one share the product of one's earning and this is socialism.

Jesus Christ was a social democrat and mixed economist. He combined the best of capitalism and socialism.

A mixed economy that takes the best of capitalism and socialism is the best political economy. Clearly, democratic politics where our leaders are elected is preferred to all other forms of politics.

An enlightened person is a social democrat and a mixed capitalist and socialist economist.


When a person identifies with the ego he spends enormous time defending the ego. This perpetual defense of the ego leads to fear of making mistakes, not been seen as capable of making mistakes; this interferes with learning.

Students who are extreme egotists tend to learn at a much reduced rate, perhaps, no more than ten percent of their learning capability.  If you remove defense of your ego your learning skyrockets up.

Identification with the ego leads to awareness of how other people treat one and desire to be treated as a significant person. In defense of the significant self the individual does not relate to other people in a spontaneous and authentic manner.

If the ego is removed one relates to all people freely, makes many friends and is generally relaxed in society; the egoless person is generally perceived as a good person to be with; for one thing, he is not judgmental; he lets people be who they are.

Folks like the company of whoever lets them be themselves and eschew the presence of the person who criticizes them because they did not live up to his imagined, ideal standards of behavior.


In the first creation, God created us as the Christ self, as his unified son; we sought separation from God and from each other; separation means the metaphorical death of Christ in us.

When we choose to live from the Christ self we are reborn in Christ; we resume living as God created us and are no longer dead; we are now resurrected from death (to be ego is to be metaphorically dead).


My name, Ozodiobi means that there is another self in my mind; that other self is the Christ self, as opposed to the ego separated false that I go by in the egos world. This is Christmas season; it is a time when the Christ is reborn in the world; let the Christ, your real self, the self that is as God created him, unified with God and all people, as opposed to the separated ego self, be reborn in you. The Christ self is love, so love all creation and its creator.

Ozodi Osuji

December 8, 2017


Thursday, 07 December 2017 10:17

Observations on the ego and Igbos egos

From Ozodi Osuji's book of aphorisms:


If you pay attention you will notice that the ego is who you want to become but not who you already are.

The ego is a picture of a self that you want to become to be existentially important and socially accepted as an important person.

The ego is always a picture outside who you are that you are trying to become.

You constructed that ego picture; you did so with information from your experience and other people; the ego is who you believe represents who you ought to become.

As long as you seek to become the ego you will fear not becoming it. That is, if you desire the ego you will have anxiety.

You may also have depression and paranoia; in depression you feel that since you have not become the important ego that you want to become that you failed and is nothing and ought to die.

If you believe that to the extent that you become the important ego you are important then you are paranoid. Paranoia is Greek word for being a different you, not being your real self. The paranoid person posited a different self, a very important self that he wants to become, usually to compensate for a self that he believes is not good enough, an inferior feeling self, and at some point comes to believe that he is that important but false self and defends it and feels angry if other people do not treat him as if he is that person.


Since there is an apparently another you who are trying to become the wished for ego you, the question is this: who is that other you that wants to become the ego?

How do you find out who that other you are? You find out by stopping any and all desires to become the ego.

Just give up trying to amount to a different self and be calm.  In calmness you begin to get an idea of who you are.

I do not need to tell you who that you is, for, sooner or later, you will find out who he is by yourself. Here is a hint.

The real you are eternal, permanent and changeless; it is part of unified spirit self; that real you separated from its whole self and are trying to live as a false ego self.

Just stop trying to become a false ego self, stop pretending that you are the desired ego self and you will begin to have a glimpse of your real self.


There is no such thing as race; all human beings, black, white and oriental are the same. Nevertheless, in our extant world there is something called race; it is not real but to us it seems real.

Marrying a person who in our current conception of race is from a different race may give you permission not to love that person. If you do so you have made the worst mistake of your life.

You may try to rationalize your mistake by telling you that that person is an other, a person not like you and you do not have to love and care for her. If you do so, guess what? You will not love you. Why?

It is because the only way to love you is to love your spouse, children and all people.

If you see a person from a so-called different race as a mere sex object (there is nothing wrong with sex provided that it is conjoined with love and caring for the partner) and just want to have sex with her and you do so without loving her you have made the greatest mistake of your life.

Regardless of a person's race once you marry him or her you must love and care for him or her.  Love does not exist where you do not care for folks; love exists where you care for those around you. Love and caring is the same thing.


If you are pursuing ego ideal you are neurotic. A neurotic is a normal person who does what normal persons do, try to become an ego but does it with total intensity. He rejects his real self, which he does not even know what it is, and tries to become somebody outside him, a picture he made that seems like the person he ought to become but is not who he is.

If you are pursuing ego ideal, is neurotic, you cannot love your real self; since it takes love of your real self to love other people's real self if you are pursuing ego ideal you cannot love other people's real selves. That is, the neurotic does not love his self and other selves.

Neurosis is lack of love for one and for other people; neurosis is pursuit of imaginary ideal selves and ideal standards of behavior.


If you see a man or woman who is always at social media, say, Facebook, Yahoo internet groups, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media talking to other people, posting his or her picture for other people to admire that person is seeking attention from other people.

Who seeks attention? Certainly it is not a person who already has attention, for if you have something you do not seek it.

It is the person who feels that attention is lacking in his life that seeks it.  So, what would help that person?

Do not criticize what he is doing by calling him an attention seeker, but, instead, give him or her what he is looking for, attention.

Give the attention seeker focused attention.  What is real attention? Love. Love that person in an unconditionally positive manner.

You know what? When you love other persons you love you; actually you cannot love you unless you also love other persons! Why so?

It is because other persons and you constitute your whole self, your holy self, the son of God who is one with God.

To love your whole self hence know peace and happiness you must love you, love other people and love God.


If you look at the run of the mill Igbo what you see is a neurotic who feels inferior, posits a compensatory false superior self-image and is trying mightily to become that superior self. He works very hard to approximate the superior self. He tends to achieve a lot in life but pays a price with anxiety disorder, depression and paranoia.

This neurotic Igbo is out there comparing his self to other Nigerians and people in general and fancying his self-superior to them. He boasts about how Igbos are a superior people and generally feels superior to other people.

He puts other people down, falsely thinking that if he desecrates other people that that would exalt him. It is impossible to put folks down and feel up; to be exalted you must exalt all people; the moment you put a human being down you have put yourself down although you may not know it.

This type of Igbo is the Igbo that make most Nigerians hate Igbos for he irritates Nigerians with his neurotic false pride and verbally abusive behaviors.

At Nigerian Internet forums there are Nebu Adiele and Chukwuma Agwunobi representing this sick kind of Igbos; they are there, day in and day out, insulting Nigerians; they engage in Njakiri, putting Nigerians down and fancying that Nigerians would thereafter see them as the supermen they want to be seen as.

They are correctly seen as chronological adults with underdeveloped emotions; they are literally arrested at about age eight. They are children in chronological adult bodies. Folks pity them rather than respect them.

And yet they do not see that folks humor them; folks pretend to listen to them but laugh at them (or if they are the thoughtful types they wonder what happened to retard their emotional development).

A real human being loves and respects all human beings regardless of his ethnic affiliation.

If the only type of Igbo that you run into is the neurotic Igbo you would consider all Igbos idiots and want to put them in a house, dowse them with gasoline and burn them to death. You heard me correctly, if you run into verbally abusive Igbos you want to eliminate all Igbos from the surface of this world, for no one likes people who all they know how to do is insult their fellow human beings instead of trying to uplift their down trodden spirits.

The conditions of being a human being makes the typical person develop low self-esteem and if you are an adult you do your best to engender self confidence in him, not contribute to his already there low self-valuation.

If the Igbo is thoughtful he would do generalized thinking.  He knows that he wants to be important; common sense would tell him that other people also want to be important.

Since all human beings feel unimportant and want to be important they tend to have pride issues; if you put them down you have assaulted their pride.

If you assault people's pride they feel narcissistic rage and to assuage it may attack and even kill you. Thus, if you are a bit intelligent you tell you that it is not proper to put folks down for you might prick their pride and vanity and they react with anger and attack at you.

If you want to live on planet earth you simply have to respect all people. Apparently, the infantile Igbo type thinks that only he and his Igbos feel pride and feel offended when degraded. He degrades Hausas and Hausas feel angry and attack and kill Igbos and yet he does not learn from that sad experience and stop degrading Hausas and all people. These types of Igbos are truly daft, unintelligent folk.

If you stopped at seeing only neurotic Igbos you would be misled. There are Igbos who are as mature and loving as human beings can be.

There are Igbos who are respectful and will bend over backwards to help their neighbors in need rather than see their neighbors supposed poverty as opportunity to tell them that they are failure in life.

There are Igbos who are the best specimen of humanity. I run into these types of good Igbos in every profession that I encounter: medicine, law, engineering, teaching and so on. But they are usually few in number!

The point is that an ethnic group that contains some of the most odious human beings on planet earth, Igbos, also contains saintly persons!

This is the mystery of Igbos; many of them are bad but some of them are not only good but extra good.

I am Igbo; I exhibit the bad and good in Igbos! I try to be what I think that human beings are in nature, loving.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

December 7, 2017




Ozodi Thomas Osuji

My obsessive compulsive pursuit of idealism is my attempt to hide my underlying existential depression.

In childhood I appraised the nature of existence, my body and self and decided that it is not good. If I accepted that fact I would be clinically depressed and would have to be on medication (a life maintained with medication is as good as pointless for it says that we are nothing, mere animals).

I saw a pointless self and life and tried to hide it, to compensate with desire for ideal body and self, ideal people, ideal social institutions and ideal world.

If I removed my pursuit of ideals I would confront my underlying depression, my belief that all of life in body is pointless and meaningless. In effect, my pursuit of idealism is an attempt to deny my underlying depressed view of existence on earth.

William Meissner, in his book, Psychotherapy for the paranoid process, noted that paranoia, that is, the desire to be a very important self is an attempt to hide an underlying depressed self. He sees depression as the primary illness in delusion disorder; as he sees it, the deluded person's grandiose self is his infantile effort to mask his underlying sense of inadequacy and inferiority.

He observed that one of the reasons why it is difficult to heal delusion disorder is that if the deluded person gave up his grandiose self-concept he would confront his depression, a depressed self he does not want to accept, for if accepted it may lead to suicide.

See Meissner, The Paranoid Process; Psychotherapy for the paranoid process; both are psychoanalytic exploration of the genesis and nature of paranoia. Also see David Swanson, The Paranoid; and also see David Shapiro, the Anatomy of the rigid character.


Atheistic psychotherapists say that one must accept ones imperfect self, imperfect all people and imperfect existence and make the most of it and not try to flee into imaginary ideal self and life.


One can do what religious idealists do: try to posit an imaginary ideal God and spiritual life. Spiritual idealism is an attempt to mask ones underlying existential depression; it does not work.

Spirit exists or it does not exist; if it exists it must be self-evident and not be merely imagined.


People, right from childhood, see me as pursuing ideals and do not comport well to their world.  They tell me that I am not operating on the same page with them; their page is acceptance of the world as it is, a world they see as good whereas my page is rejection of the world and desire for idealized, imaginary world.

When I was a child, Igbo children used to say about me:

"Odi onye okwu ya na ekwera ha"

In English, that means that there is no one whose understanding of reality agrees with my understanding of reality; that is, I am seeking ideals whereas they are operating in the world of normal reality; therefore, they tuned me out.

I think, speak and behave from ego ideal, from my wished for alternative ideal self and world which no body operates in, so I am not going to agree with any one.

I am always comparing people to imaginary ideals and finding fault with them and they resent that for I find fault with them relative to imaginary ideal, not the real world they live in; they want to be related to from the perspective of the real, not the false ideal construct of reality. I am always critical of people's behaviors, even their very being, such as their bodies because they do not fit my ideal conception of how they should be and behave. See Karen Horney, Neurosis and Human Growth; also see Alfred Adler, The Neurotic Constitution.

People are, of course, right in insisting on accepting reality as it is not as it should become.  But I felt compelled to relate to them and myself from the ideal for I rejected my real self and the real world that they are celebrating.

I wanted to live at the ideal level, a level that cannot come into being in this imperfect world. You either accept the human body as it is or do what I did, see it as shit and reject it and seek ideal version of it that is not going to come into being.


One cannot do what normal folks with healthy bodies do, see one's body as good and enjoy it; one must be realistic to the fact that one's body is problematic.

One must accept ones troublesome body as it is and make the most of it as it is without seeking ideal, alternative to it. Seeking alternative to it leads to neurotic pursuit of idealism or the equally neurotic pursuit of spiritual idealism.

Having accepted ones reality as it is, one gives up the neurotic obsessive-compulsive tendency to use imaginary ideal standards to judge real people, governments and things and finding them not good enough.

One makes life miserable for oneself and people by criticizing them. Accept people as they are, not as your ideals wish them to become. This is called maturity; it leads to peace and joy.

Folks hate you if you compare them to ideals and hate them as they are.  For example, I saw Igbos as politically naive and criticized them and they hated me. Whereas I was correct, my criticism made them feel small and inadequate and disposed them to be combative towards me.

It is politically naïve for Igbos to feel superior to other Nigerians, for those they feel superior to will resent them and marginalize them and not vote for them into higher political offices.

People tend to elect into political offices those that love and respect them not those who look down on them.

I doubt that Nigerians of non-Igbo extraction will elect an Igbo to be their president, for folks do not elect those who feel neurotically superior to them to lead them.

If you are smart you respect all people.

Even if Igbo land were to become a separate polity Igbos will have cleavages with folks from the various clans fighting each other, for the clans look down on each other.

Igbos are neurotics who have neurotic desire for superiority to one another and to non-Igbos.

Igbos are going no-where politically in Alaigbo and in Nigeria or anywhere else for that matter until they accept political realism that requires them to respect all people.


Do not judge any one with false ideal standards of perfection and behavior; accept people as they are, for as they are, are how their imperfect bodies made them be.

If you find an imbecilic that person is an imbecile because of the logic of his body and existence; leave him alone and do not compare him to bright people or wish that he is bright for he is not going to be bright.

You must accept you and all people as they are: imperfect and give up the neurotic wish for perfection in a world that cannot be perfect.

If perfection exists it exists in a non-material, spiritual plain not on earth, the material plain.

As for my existential depression, As Sigmund Freud observed in his most mature book, Civilization and its discontents, to be human and be aware of how meaningless and pointless our existence is, is to be depressed; we are born to die, rot  and smell like feces; that awareness leads to depression; you cannot sugar coat the human condition.

Existential philosophy and psychology is a mature approach to people's reality. Read Sartre, Camus, Jasper and Heidegger and other existentialists and reconcile yourself to the meaninglessness of being a human being.


One must accept a certain amount of depression to be human and not try to flee from it into imaginary ideal self, ideal social institutions and imaginary ideal world, for imaginary ideals are not going to come into being.

Live with depression.  Medications are not the solution; medications merely mask depression but do not remove the meaningless existence that led to it. Anti-depressant medications are sort of the chemical version of neurotic pursuit of ideal self to mask the underlying depression.  Moreover, those medications have adverse side effects. Take Prozac, Paxil and or Zoloft for a few years and your visceral organs collapse.

There is no alternative to philosophy, to understanding how awful human existence is and accepting it. As Boethius said, Philosophy is the consolation for the thoughtful person.  Stoicism is necessary to deal with the human condition.

Stoicism was the major Greek and Roman philosophy. See Zeno, Marcus Aurelius, Epictetus and Horace (Horace was really an epicurean philosopher, see his epigram, Carpe Diem: seize the day, do what you can today, do not postpone anything to tomorrow, live well today, for tomorrow you will die!).

Post Script:

I personally consider any human being who is not somewhat depressed a moron. I cannot see how anyone with a superior IQ (anything over 132) is not depressed! If you see this world as beautiful you do not think and do not belong in my world. Don't even bother reading my writings for they are not meant for you! From the year I began schooling, age six, I have had depressed view of existence; in secondary school I found solace in existentialism and philosophy and in college added psychology.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

December 6, 2017




Ozodi Thomas Osuji

Clearly, no extant African country is well governed. Many observers have posited their understanding of the reasons why this is so.

Many attribute causation to the neocolonial relationships between Africans and the Western world: the metropolis and periphery issue. It is said that the metropolis exploits the periphery, and deliberately keep it underdeveloped and have it produce the raw materials for its industries. The west is said to literally take African raw materials for free, manufacture them into finished products and then resale them at exorbitant prices to Africans hence keep Africans poor.

Some observers claim that the reason why Africa is not well governed is because African leaders lack leadership experience.

It has also been pointed out that African leaders' penchant for corruption contributes to Africa's backwardness.

Many other reasons have been adduced for the sorry situation in Africa. However, after sixty years of interdependence, which is how long the British were in Nigeria, it is, perhaps, time to look at other possible factors why Africans are messing up, big time.

We need to ask this question: Are Africans unintelligent? We need to try to answer that question as objectively as is possible without being emotional and defensive about it.

I do not know what intelligence is.  Furthermore, I do not know whether intelligence can be measured or not. However, Western psychologists believe that they can measure intelligence.

In the USA people are given intelligence tests. The main ones are Stanford Binet and Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scales (WAIS) and Wechsler Intelligence Scales for Children (WISC). The total possible score on these scales is 139. Any score about 140 is considered genius and different tests are used for them.

According to psychometricians, score of fewer than 70 denotes mental retardation; average score is 85-115; above average score is 115-130; superior score is 132 to 139 (Mensa Society admits you if your score is over 132).

Apparently, the various races score differently on these scales. Asians score the highest with average score of 115, followed by whites with average score of 100; African Americans average score is 85; Africans average score is 70 (that is mentally retarded).

About two percent of the population score at the superior ranges; ten percent score at above average level; two percent score at the mental retardation level and the rest are average folks.

Please note that we are talking about average scores; there are Africans who score at the highest level (132-139). There may even be African geniuses (IQ over 140).

These scores are reflected in how folks score on standardized examinations such as the scholastic aptitude tests, SAT. Asians score highest on the SAT; they score 1250 average on a possible 1600 total; whites score 1150; African Americans score 850 and Africans score less than 700.

It should be noted that if American universities admit students solely on the basis of their performance on standardized examinations very few African Americans and Africans would be admitted to America's top thirty universities such as Caltech, MIT, Stanford, Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Berkeley, and UCLA and so on. Those generally admit students with top scores on the SAT, with 1400 out of 16000 the cut off mark before they look at your application.

It should also be noted that people's score on these tests reflect how well they do in life. Asian economies are doing best of all economies; White economies come second, African economies are a basket case.

The question we have to grapple with is this: are African average IQ too low for Africans to govern themselves right? This question ought to be considered. James Watson, the guy who with Francis Crick in 1953 discovered the DNA said that the reason why no African country is well governed is because Africans are, on the average, unintelligent! (Prove him wrong by doing your IQ test and see if you score very high?)

As noted, I do not know what constitutes intelligence and or whether it can be tested.  Nevertheless, it crossed my mind that we ought to consider whether the reason African leaders (political leaders, in all human societies, tend to be average in intelligence; high intelligence is found in those who do research and or teach at universities) are mostly thieves and unable to do the right things for their people is because they are not intelligent?

Can unintelligent African leaders modernize African institutions and industrialize Africa? Does Mr. Mohammadu Buhari understand the fierce urgency of the need to industrialize Africa? An underdeveloped Africa is the laughingstock of the world.

I do not know the answer to the question that I raised. However, in as much as we are trying to understand why no African country is well governed and industrializing we might as well consider the IQ question.

Your thoughts on this subject are welcome; no defensive, emotional and abusive responses are welcomed. If, for example, you believe that Western designed IQ tests cannot properly measure African folks IQ say so with reasons. And while at it, ponder why Asians score higher than the white folks who designed the said IQ tests! What is it about Asians that make them do better than the rest of us? Is it their Hindu and Buddhist religions that encourage quietness and meditation as opposed to the talkativeness of African ways of life? I don't know but want to know.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

December 4, 2017

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Ozodi Thomas Osuji

My philosophy is that we live in a just universe and, as such, nothing can happen to us, good or bad, against our wishes. As I see it, there are no accidents in our lives; we are where we need to be and are experiencing what we need to be experiencing. Everything that we experience we want to experience and did not happen to us against our will.

In that light, I have been trying to understand the report that Africans are, as we speak, being enslaved in Libya and that many of them are drowning in the Mediterranean Sea as they try to get to Europe in rickety boats.

So, is what is happening to Africans accidental and against their will? I have given it a bit of thought and came to the conclusion that Africans are experiencing what they want to experience, slavery in the hands of Arabs and drowning in the Mediterranean sea by their choice.  Why so?

Consider a typical African country. It is ruled by thugs. The thugs that rule Nigeria, for example, heist the money the country obtains from oil. These people literally steal billions of dollars whereas the average Nigerian lives in urban slums in abject poverty.

It does not take too much intelligence to realize that the Nigerian leaders zooming around in expensive European cars, and jetting to all parts of the world in imported planes stole the money with which they live lavish life styles, money that belongs to all Nigerians.

If Nigerians allow their leaders to steal their money what does that make them? It makes them cowards.

Nigerians are aware that if they demand equality that the thugs that rule them would stick their goons squad in military and police uniforms on them and have them arrested and jailed or killed.

To avoid been shot at by the rag tagged Nigerian police they keep quiet and tolerate poverty and social abuse.  That makes them fearful cowards.

If millions of Nigerians rise up in opposition to the thieves of Abuja, Owerri, Lagos etc. they can hold them accountable as to how they spend the country's moneys.

If the millions of unemployed Nigerian youth rise up and demand no corruption in the country and literally capture corrupt politicians and demand that they return their loot, within a few months the country would be sanitized and become corruption free.

But to achieve these lofty goals some persons would be jailed and or killed by the rulers of the empire of thieves, Nigeria.

Throughout human history, those in power seldom give power to the weak without the weak fighting and dying for it.

Please review how many people died during the American (1776), French (1789) and Russian (1917) revolutions to wrest power away from the Aristocrats that used to rule those countries. You cannot make an omelet without breaking eggs.

There is no such thing as freedom on a gold platter; liberty, as John Stuart Mill said, is always obtained through the death of patriots (see his On Liberty) and Thomas Payne said amen (see his Common Sense).

Instead of fighting and dying for good governance in Africa,  Africa's cowardly youth want to go to Europe; they want to go to where  white folks struggled to have the little social equity they have (in Europe the few still have most of the wealth but the poor have been given some crumbs).

Africans want white folks to fight for social equality for them! They want to go to Europe to go enjoy the product of other people's struggles.

When they get to France, Britain and Germany they obtain menial jobs. They save up their money from doing such degrading jobs and use the money to go build houses in their villages.

Occasionally, they go home to go pretend to be very important persons even though they literally clean the white man's shit for him.

Since they lack courage and do not want to struggle for fairness in their country, since they do not want to live manly, heroic lives of fighting and dying for what is right, equality, why should life treat them fairly? Of course life will not threat them fairly; we take our cowardly personalities to wherever we run to.

Environmental therapy does not change people's set life styles. In North America the average Nigerian lives an invisible life, sort of like a slave; he dares not challenge what his master, the white man, tells him to do! The white man literally asks him to open his mouth and he pees into it. What a price these Nigerians pay for their freaking lives!

Ghanaians join us in challenging the white man but Nigerians always hide out; they are only known for talking about their politics of cowards.

Arabs enslave Africans as they have been doing for fourteen hundred years.  They deserve to be enslaved for cowards deserve slavery.

African slaves in North America allowed fear to dispose them to tolerate white folk's enslavement and oppression. But when a few of them rose up and said that they would have it no more slavery had to end. What are the enslavers going to do, kill all the slaves? Go right ahead and kill them and in the process there will be no slaves.

African Americans fought for the mild liberty they now have. White racists want to take that liberty away from them hence they elected the idiot Trump to disenfranchise black folks.

And America is about to burn if Trump's racism is not nipped in the bud. African slaves built America and no idiot German who came to America a hundred years ago like Trump has more claims to America than Africans. It is either social equity for all of us or all of us die.

When a man decides to look death in the face and accept it and decides to live only as a free man the most that you can do to him is kill him but he would not tolerate slavery or second class social status.

Until Africans learn to fight for their liberty and social justice, and as long as they are ruled by fear of harm and death, they deserve slavery; in fact, they asked for slavery and are and will always be enslaved!

This does not mean that I am excusing Arabs brutish behaviors. I personally will put bullets into all Arabs evil heads to teach them to stop being satanic. They and their satanic religion of Islam that teaches them to enslave people are plagues that need to be eradicated from this world.

Africans own North Africa. Arabs are foreigners in North Africa; Arabs came from Arabia in the eight century.

I recommend that Nigeria and other African countries mobilize an African army of, say, thirty million soldiers to go chase Arabs back to Arabia.

Anyway, here, I am not talking about Arabs; I am talking about Africans and their eternal fearfulness that disposes them to tolerate enslavement by Arabs and white folks.

There is justice in the universe; you are treated as you want to be treated, and as you deserve to be treated; if you are fearful you want to be enslaved and deserve to be enslaved.

The moment you accept death and choose liberty or death no one can enslave you or relegate you to second-class social status.

I know that what I said here is controversial but it comports with my philosophy. Make of it what you like; I live as I believe is true.

My choice is to love me and all people but if you try to enslave me or relegate me to second class social status I will chop off your head.

And don't go giving me social science reasons why Africans are enslaved, as Water Rodney did in his "How Europe Underdeveloped Africa". I understand social science literature and teach it. I know that they are useful only up to a point.  They do not take away human ability to choose freedom or slavery and fight for the choice for liberty.

The fact remains that we do not know what reality is and, as Karl Mannheim said, reality is socially constructed.

Africans, for too long, have allowed Arabs and Europeans to construct their reality. It is now time that Africans constructed their own reality. To do so they have to become fearless and courageous and stop bowing to Arabs and Europeans.

I construct social reality as asking all of us to live as freemen or die trying to preserve our liberty. In the meantime, let young Africans stay home and fight for freedom in Africa.

I know that all parts of the world belong to all of us; Africans have a right to be in Europe and elsewhere in the world but that does not mitigate doing first things first: fight for liberty and justice in Africa and stop trying to escape to Europe and North America to go enjoy the products of other people's struggles.

Africans must fight their own fight for liberty and die for their own liberty; no one else will do it for them; if other people fight for your liberty they will relegate you to second class status.

The only freedom that is yours is the one you fought for, not the one given to you by other persons!

Ozodi Thomas Osuji, PhD

December 3, 2017


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