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A dream and its interpretation: accepting my function

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October 20, 2017

In this dream I was in a room and saw a black boy of about six years whom I took to be Ezem's son, Chukwudi, rummaging through a cupboard in a room. Later, I saw him with a pair of eye glasses and asked him why he took it from the cupboard and took it from him. I walked into a room with several people, including my mother, in it and told them that these eyeglasses belonged to Akakporo and that I had taken it from the boy who took it; I woke up from the dream and the meaning of the dream immediately came into my mind. I felt totally peaceful.


The meaning is that the glasses belonging to Akakporo has passed to me. Glasses are used to see things, reality, clearly; it has passed to me to see things clearly.

Akakporo, my uncle, was the high priest of Amadioha; the priesthood of Amadioha runs in our kindred, Umuamadioha (in Owerri area).

I once saw his eye glasses in his Obiri ama.  Indeed, a white man, Professor Herbert Cole, who studied his Mbari making work and published it in a book called Mbari of Owerri sent to me pictures of Akakporo.

This dream says that Akakporo's function has passed to me, his favorite cousin. He took his time showing me what he did at the Amadioha temple. I am now the high priest of Amadioha.

The high priest cannot be "stolen" by other people in the kindred (as represented by one of the kindred's children I saw with the glasses).

It should be noted that this morning I typed an essay on the fact that identification with the ego and body is identification with nothing and that our real self is the self behind the ego that seeks importance through body and ego in society. I talked about Hindu society dividing people into four classes: Brahmin, Kastriya, Sudras and Outcasts and how the Brahmin class is the highest in society and how others must work to support them.

As a member of Umuamadioha kindred, the priestly family, I am a Brahmin. We are the keepers of knowledge about God and therefore must be supported by society for it is us who articulate the meaning of life and civilize human beings; without God people are mere animals.

I gladly accept my function; I have been performing it, anyway, but did not do so consciously. Now, I do it consciously.

I am the peoples Brahmin, the high priest, and the articulator of knowledge about God. The meaning of the essay is that we must die to our ego and body to awaken to our real self, the son of God, eternal spirit.

Below is the essay I wrote this morning.



If you observe human beings carefully what you see are folks who deep down know that they do not exist, or exist as mere trifle, but would like affirmation of their supposed existence. They make noise to get other nonexistent people to acknowledge their supposed existence. They can even pick fights with other persons if in doing so other people make them seem to exist.

People are totally afraid of nonexistence and struggle to seem to exist. Then they die and disappear from existence.

Who remembers those in one's town who died two hundred years ago?  Oh, if you made some seminal contribution in, say, science, technology or politics some people may remember you; you may even be written about in history books but 99.9% of the people die and disappear into the mists of time and are forgotten; they might as well not have existed.

Since Africans do not make contributions to science and technology when they die no one in the scientific world remembers them.

Now that I think of it, do you remember any African who lived, say, five hundred years ago? Africans exist for nothing.

Africans pursue pretend worth and pretend existence; they put on "expensive" clothes on their bodies and kind of think that those rags make them look important in other people's eyes. The men seek high social positions, such as governor, president, senator; they pile useless titles on their selves such as professor, doctor, chief, emir, alhaji and those, they believe, make them important in people's eyes.

Fat and ugly Nigerian women pile enormous clothes on their burns and heads; they take pictures of their faces and buttocks and have them in newspapers and social media and kind of believe that they look beautiful and that folks ought to admire their bodies and them (their egos).

Admire your bodies and egos? Admire bodies that would die and get eaten by worms? Why should any intelligent person admire shit?

We use fear and anger to make us seem to exist. You are afraid of something harming or killing you. That makes you feel like you exist. Suppose that what you are afraid of kills you what difference would it make? If you die you do not exist so you might as well accept that you do not exist and stop being fearful or angry just because fear makes you feel like you are protecting your body and ego and in defending them make them seem to exist in your eyes. You do not exist.

I accept that I do not exist. I do not exist and do not want other people, who obviously are like me and do not exist, to tell me that I exist or that they exist.

We do not exist. Only nothingness exists in the universe. Indeed, the universe of space, time and matter does not exist (except as in our dreams and dreams are not real and do not exist).

The mystic accepts that he does not exist and lives in peace with his nonexistence; he knows that his ego and body does not exist; if there is something in him that exists that something does not need to prove that it exists for if it is real it does not need proof of its reality.

What is it in us that seek existence in ego and body? It is our sleeping and dreaming self. Our true identity is the son of God; he separated from his real self, unified spirit self (God and his son share one self and one mind) and in his dreams wants to seem to have existence and worth apart from his real self.

He does not have existence and worth in the temporal universe. He has existence and worth only in unified spirit. Unified spirit, aka God is eternal, permanent and changeless.

Africans are childish folks; they do not think; they do not pause to ask why they are doing what they are doing; everywhere they run around trying to impress you of their worth. You ask: what worth?

Can the human body and ego have worth? Can that which will die and smell worse than feces have worth?

If there is something in people that has worth it must transcend their bodies and egos! What is that something?

Thoughtful persons search for those aspects of them that have existence and worth but for some reasons Africans seldom do so?

Can you show me an African philosopher or mystic? What I see in Africans are silly animals pretending existence and worth when in fact they do not have them. I wish that a few Africans can become thinkers so that Africans are not always mindless idiots.


Politicians, managers and administrators and technologists are lower forms of being who make sure that our world operates smoothly; they take care of material things; they make sure that the world of lower forms, houses and infrastructure are taken care of; these people make sure that higher forms of being are able to exist and contemplate the nature of things.

Soldiers need to conquer territories and subdue savages and establish social order so that higher forms of being have a peaceful environment for them to contemplate higher things like God.

White Americans, who are essentially sociopaths, brutes, had to subdue the American wilderness and use African slaves to do so.

Africans are self-centered animals so using them for a higher purpose is justified. Africans were used to cultivate the American forests so as to provide sustenance for contemplative persons, real human beings, those at a higher level of being. America had to be civilized so that thoughtful persons can live in America and have a civilized place to contemplate the world.

America is still largely the land of brutes but it is increasingly becoming civilized; by the end of this century America would be producing increasing number of philosophers and mystics.

Hinduism is correct in asserting that the Brahmin classes, those who contemplate God, are at the highest level of evolution. Hinduism sees the administrators, Kastriyas, and workers, Sudras, as necessary for establishing social order so that thinkers to do their thinking.

Less than one percent of humanity actually has the capacity to think! These few persons must be served by the masses that are like mere animals.

Each of us is doing exactly what he is here to do; no one can do something that is not for him.


We talk about spirit and how beautiful things are; if spirit is that good one asks: how come there are natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, floods, draughts and diseases caused by bacteria and virus?

Those natural disasters take place inside the dream of separation and have not taken place in unified spiritual reality. They are things we created in our dreams to feel that life is bad and justify fear and anger and feeling that we are abandoned by God hence feel angry and struggle to survive on earth.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

October 20, 2017


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