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Abstract: This article is set to discuss Igbo endogenous marriage system, stages and meanings. It highlights love and why people marry - and it further seeks that people discuss unique beliefs and practices in their communities for Nigerian heritage education and development insights. Introduction A valued heritage of a cultural community is commonly shaped by veteran beliefs and practices. It is such that social and cultural beliefs and practices essentially hold well and endure for a society’s particular way of life such as marriage. Marriage (ilu di – for a woman and ilu nwanyi – for a man) is a…
Saturday, 15 October 2011 01:27

The Nature Of Self-Hate

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African women are loosing sense of self-worth. Their idea of feminine elegance is to wear white female hair styles. Flip through any issue of our week-end newspapers and picture magazines to see how far this disturbing trend of self-hate by our females has gone. No class of black women is exempt: film and sports stars, musicians, students, models, literary gurus, politicians, academics, business executives, civil servants, religious leaders and followers, unemployed or working class spinsters and housewives, are trying desperately to pass for white. They are all pampered as teenage daughters, with charming African hair styles, which they promptly abandon…
Friday, 07 October 2011 06:43

The Joy and the Beauty of Old Age

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Depending on where you are in life, old age can be a good thing or a bad thing. It can be a bad thing if you feared growing old, have not loved or be loved or accomplished the goals you set for yourself. Old age may also be dreary and dreadful if you lived a lonely life and are unhappy with your lot in life, or if life has passed you by. It can be awful, really awful for those who merely survived instead of living a full and eventful life. Sadly, too many of us are afraid to live…
Saturday, 10 September 2011 05:25

Love Really Is the Answer to All Our Problems

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In this encore piece I summarize my teaching on love. It defines mental health as the capacity to love ones self and love other persons. A person is sick to the extent that he does not love his self and other persons. A sick person needs to be healed; love is what heals people. A healed person loves his self and all selves. And with this piece I take my bow; the function which I undertook to perform for free is completed. Human beings, black and white, man and woman, adult and child have a disease. Until they are healed…
Saturday, 10 September 2011 05:05

Why Some Black Men Marry White Women

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Using Eldridge Cleaver's musing on why he and other black men prefer to have sex with white women, this essay says that black men do not want to have sex with white women because they are more beautiful than black women but because of what they represent to them: civilization. Black women represent the African reality, backwardness, to black men. Sex is seldom pure animal act but psychological act. What the individual wishes to be he projects to other persons and admires those who seem to approximate his desired goals. WHY SOME BLACK MEN MARRY WHITE WOMEN Or Reflections on…
Wednesday, 07 September 2011 03:38

The Undeniable Allure Of The Beautiful: Gbemi Saraki

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Gentlemen and ladies, please help me. I cannot help myself. I like to see myself as an unalloyed critic of the Sarakis, Olusola Saraki, his daughter Gbemi Saraki and his son Bukola Saraki, for their practically feudal domination of Kwara State politics in which the Saraki patriach dictated who would be governor in Kwara State, on one occasion describing himself as going on pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia to pray for guidance as to whom to approve as/make governor of Kwara State. His son became governor in the previous electoral round while his daughter was elected to Senate. There followed a…
Monday, 05 September 2011 22:41

Is The White Man A Human Being Or A Monster?

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It is doubtful that there is a black man alive who has not wondered if white folks are human beings or monsters. This article states openly what many black folks wonder in secret. Since the continuous encounter between white men and Africans in the 1400s white men apparently have asked: are Africans human beings? Apparently, they answered that question in the negative. Having convinced themselves that Africans are not human beings, as they understand human beings to be, they rationalized enslaving and or discriminating against Africans. They used Africans labor, for free, to develop the Americas. When industrialization made labor…
Monday, 05 September 2011 22:52

The Challenge of Homosexuality

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In spite of the fact that less than 2 percent of the American population identifies itself in any way with homosexuality, it is undeniable that the organized attack on the society has allowed this evil to take firm root in modern society. In a sense, it is prophetic, because it is one of the pointers towards the second coming of Jesus Christ. Persuasive marketing techniques are used to challenge communities to portray anyone who opposes homosexuality as an uncivilized villain. Hence, homosexuality has been redefined as 'normal' or even 'desirable' social conduct, while determined efforts are employed to secure political…