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Why Black Folks Are Angry At Me

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Black folks are angry at me because I exposed their eternal racket of behaving badly while blaming other persons for the outcome of their bad deeds; they do what ordinarily makes people feel bad about themselves but because they deny responsibility for their actions and project causality for them to external others they see themselves as innocent, indeed, as perfect persons despite their bad behaviors.

I have shown the world the game these people are playing; I have explicated their chief defense mechanisms, such as denial, projection, victimhood, blaming and feeling of false innocence. I have removed their psychological cover and unmasked them; I have shown that they are responsible for their poor state and cannot blame other people for it.

Since they do not want to be unmasked they necessarily feel angry at the person who unveiled their self defeating game.

I asked them to give up their childish game, grow up and become real adults and stop playing their “we are victims” game.  In playing their eternal victim game they remain underdeveloped but when they take responsibility for their fallen house they would finally turn their rotten fate around and become a prosperous people.

But the child in them would rather not become adult and behave in an adult manner, take responsibility for their behaviors hence they blame me, the person who asked them to grow up.

I now understand what they are doing and will not allow myself to be perturbed by their crazy game.

In a manner of speaking, one can say that I degraded these people by calling them out.  If they believe that I degraded them, and some apparently do, they had to find ways to make what I said about them seem not germane to them. Some did so by calling me negative names, such as saying that I have mental health issues.

Calling some one mentally ill is one of their ego defense mechanisms; they are operating on the ground that folks do not take what mentally sick persons say seriously; they hope that no one would listen to me if they said that I am mentally ill. These people are clever by half!

They would not know what constitutes mental illness if it hit them in the face; they are merely using the phrase mentally ill to defend against seeing themselves as I pointed out that they are and that they know that they are; they want to remain evil while pretending to be good.

Some said that my views are the views of a failed old man. Many of those who say that are way older than I am! Regarding success few Africans have actually attained the level of success I have had in America. Again, all that these folks are doing is defending their satanic egos; they are truly evil and prefer to remain so and whoever asks them to change they attack and in attacking him want to be left to remain as the devils they have historically been (they must be devils to sell their people to all buyers).

These days these people (mostly Igbos do this) kidnap their own people and hold them hostage until ransom money is paid to them. Now whose fault is it? Ask them. As they see it, it isn’t their fault, of course. They are all sociologists and have learned to blame their environment, blame other people for their dastardly behaviors.

Sociology was started by the French, by men like August Comte, Saint Simon, Emil Durkheim etc, but black folk have seized on this foolish methodological approach to living that blames others, the environment for ones issues rather than the manly acceptance of ones issues as caused by one. Africans and black folk never start any line of intellectual inquiry; they wait for white folk to start one and they steal it and use it, even if half baked as sociology and the social sciences are, to rationalize their behaviors.

Igbos glibly tell you that their poverty is due to oppression by other Nigerians. Give their leaders (governors) money to develop their area and those rogues pocket them and do not develop their land and then turn around and blame other Nigerians for their people’s sorry fate. Nothing is ever their fault, just as selling their brothers and sisters were not their fault and are the fault of the white man.

You sold your brothers and sisters and you blame it on those you sold them to and that line of reasoning makes sense to you, eh? Who exactly are you kidding by that infantile reasoning?

You are kidding yourself, not other people. To reasonable people you are at fault for selling your people; you had a choice; you could have preferred to die rather than sell your people; what are you living for, anyway, if you must live by selling people; you ought to die for you are the detritus of mankind (only the dregs of mankind sell and buy people).

These people have devilish ego defenses: they do awful things and blame others for doing so. That way they manage to retain false sense of perfection despite their empirical evil behaviors.

Igbos psychologically abuse other Nigerians, inflict psychological pain on people by calling them put down names and when those people feel angry and attack and kill some of them they see themselves as innocent victims and somehow expect folks to believe in their ego defensive statements; they actually feel their part in producing their fate is absolved when they present themselves as innocent victims whom others did bad things to.

Logic tells us that they must have done something hurtful to other persons for those persons to attack them in self defense.

Of course, no one believes them, for most people see them as the pain in the ass they are and ignore their bitching about their supposed innocence.

I came along and looked them square in the face and called them what they are: sociopaths who engage in anti social behaviors, deny responsibility for their actions and, worse, blame other people for their criminal actions.

As we speak, they scam American banks, engage in credit card scams, engage in their famous 419 scams. But as they see it, none of these criminal actions make them bad people. They expect you to see them as angels despite doing these evil things.

Alas, they did not reckon with my type of person, a person who says it as he sees it coming along and exposing their eternal game of being evil while pretending to be angels.

For daring to tell them the truth of their evil behaviors they see me as their enemy, as out to destroy them (actually, I want to destroy their evil behaviors, not their lives).

These people went on childish warpath to discredit me. Of course they are stupid and I ignored them although I am motivated to understand why they do what they do.

What is going on here is that I exposed these people; I showed their habitual patterns of rationalizing their criminal behaviors, such as selling their people and considering themselves innocent while blaming the white man they sold their siblings to, engaging in the absurd corruption that has made it impossible to govern their failed states, and the other stupid things they do that guarantee poverty for them and their offspring.

Because of my apparent attacks on their egos drive to seem innocent and perfect while being evil, they had to get back at me and try to show that I do not know what I am saying. If what I am saying is not correct then they can retain some self respect and sense of significance, while continuing their criminal activities.

I am relentless and tenacious; when I am unto something I never let go until I get to the bottom of it. Nobody can deter me from saying what I have to say.  I am born to state the truth of human behavior and no evil person who insists on being evil will prevent me from fulfilling my existential task of telling folks that they are evil when they are so.

(Social science denies that people are evil; it rationalizes people’s behavior. If a person steals we are told what social forces made him do so; perhaps, he was not loved by his parents and he is angry at them and society hence stole to get back at them for not loving him.  It is not his fault that he stole. Then comes along a truly evil genius such as Adolf Hitler; Hitler blamed Jews and Slavic people for his country’s defeat in the First World War and used that blame to justify killing 50 million people. At that point folks in denial of human capacity for evil recognize that the human mind is capable of making choices, of being good or evil. Some people choose to be evil and that is all there is to it.) 

What I have learned about black folk is that many of them have soul sickness; that is, many of them are evil.  Evil is any decision not to love ones self and other people. One is evil if one hates other human beings and does what injures them.

Until black folks give up their evil behaviors, that is, until they love themselves and all people they are not going to accomplish any spectacular deeds.

Historically, black folks showed their evil nature by selling their people to Arabs and white folks; currently African leaders show their evil nature by stealing from their people but not working their hearts out for their peoples good. In North American ghettos black folks kill each other (if you are in America and live in black areas of town you are risking being shot at, killed by black folks). 

Black folk’s ego defensive approach to the truth about them that I articulate will only temporarily inoculate them from the stinging reality of that truth but in the long run they have to acknowledge that truth and make changes in their behaviors; they must do so if they are to go any where.

Black Americans are some of the most unloving human beings on planet earth; they abandon their children and do not care for them; they spend their time chasing ego appearance of importance by driving fancy expensive cars, wearing expensive clothes etc but do not properly care for their children. The men get their women pregnant and leave them so that over 70% of black children are raised by their mothers alone (mothers who may be only fourteen years old!) Their children feeling uncared for by their significant others and abandoned take to the streets and turn to lives of drugs and crime and of course wound up in jails and prisons (blacks are less than ten percent of America but are the majority of prison inmates in America).

Having built a chaotic society and received it, black folk turn around and blame white folks for the product of their lack of caring for their children. They are always blaming white folks for their problems. White folks are their ready scapegoats (in Africa members of a given tribe blame other tribes, see them as their scapegoats…the black man is always looking for someone to blame when his rotten behavior produces rotten outcomes for him). 

We live in a system where every part of the system affects all parts; each part of a system is always responding and adjusting to what happens in other parts of the system. No human being is an island and, as such, is not affected by what other human beings do (this is why we must strive to do good so as to affect other people positively).

In the light of general system’s theory, white racism contributed to black folk’s plight. Slavery and colonialism and neo colonialism all negatively affected black folks. We must all work to rid the world of the plague of racism.

That been said, the fact still remains that black folks are some of the most uncaring human beings on earth. You can be among them and it would never occur to them to pick up their phones and call you and inquire about how you are doing; white folks would call to find out how you are doing!

Black folks have a sickness of the soul, a sickness that began when they started kidnapping and selling their people, first to Arabs and later graduated to selling their people to white men. 

In the meantime, I expect black folk’s ego defensive reactions to me; their behaviors are to be expected for that is how human egos react when they feel exposed.

If white folks feel exposed (when their character defects are pointed out) they, too, will respond defensively to seem perfect rather than do what they have to do to correct the bad behavior one pointed out in them.

The point is that Igbos and black folk’s defensive response to me is a human response and I have to deal with it realistically.

Those who undertake to speak the truth must expect opposition from a mankind that insists on living lies while pretending to be perfect persons; people behave like Satan (Satan is the ego projected out and made to seem to exist outside people) and present their selves as angels; well, they are not angels.

All truth Sayers, such as the ancient Jewish prophets and Jesus were first vilified and later crucified.

Fortunately, those purveyors of truth that were murdered by a people unwilling to look into their minds and see the evil in them and change their horrible ways always resurrect from death; that is, their gospel of love for ones self and for all mankind always survive their physical death.

As for me, no man born of woman can harm me. I am here to do the job I came to do, the job of stating the truth; I will do it until I have had enough of living in body and thereafter shift my awareness to our formless unified spirit self (after a brief stay in the world of light forms).

In conclusion: I must deal with the yapping against me by evil souls who refuse to learn from the truth sayer. What they do is part of the job description for truth Sayers and one must expect it and overlook it. One must not let these criminals deter one from stating the truth as one sees it; if one stops stating the truth one becomes like the criminals out there and in the process becomes a living dead person.

These people are walking dead persons making empty noises that make them seem alive; they are not relevant to the world; no one recognizes their existence when folks talk about science, technology, economics and world politics; it is as if they do not exist!

Evil folks do not exist; only moral persons have real existence and live in peace and joy (as I do).


Ozodi Osuji

October 2, 2012

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