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Where Do Men Go To Find Their Women/Wives?

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 The Good Book says "whoever finds a good wife finds a good thing"

Women are losing good men in large numbers as you can see

Men are finding good women in unlikely places

Ask yourself: where do happily married men go to find partners?

They don't go to beer parlors, houses of prostitution, nor crack joints

Which types of women are men attracted to nowadays?

Men seek the worshipping type you find in unsuspecting places

Why worshipping types and unsuspecting places?

Men want to stay alive and away from stressed and early graves

Men seek the adoring, loving, revering, adulating

Women in demand are deifying, endearing, and praying

Men seek the humble women unscarred by fortune and fame

They seek women like the Chinese, Filipino, Koreans, Mexicans

Women men want are the humble, worshipping types

Men don't go to beer parlors, prostitutes, or drugs

Men go to beauty parlors to women who are in humble occupations

Who submissively wash feet, cut finger and toe nails of husbands

Scratching dandruffs off dry hair, consoling, empathizing

These are not the women Nigerian women want to imitate

They are those whom Nigeria women ignored and listened not to

Please listen to this gym trainer tell a story to me, you and our women

Charles is his name, and he is a good gym trainer

Known by the growing numbers of his clients

A young man weighed down with marital burdens came to Charles

Listen to Charles lecture this young married man

Who was complaining about his estranged wife

"My wife is highly demanding of me, rude and uninviting

The words 'thank you', and 'please' are not in her vocabulary"

After Trainer Charles was done with his regular paying customers  he stopped

Stopping after training was necessary to devote to other pressing concerns

It gave the complaining young man time to get heavy stuff off his chest

"My wife is not friendly, nor understanding, nor patient; doesn't listen "

An excellent trainer is Charles,  and he has heavy muscles and strong biceps.

People come to him to lose weight, strengthen muscles, flatten bellies

Charles' clients come from all works of life and of all ages and all races.

He is nice and smiles a lot from ear to ear, all smiling teeth showing

Which undoubtedly give Charles a magnetic persona and physique

That pull customers  as fluttering bees drawn to the yellow sunflower

Charles paces the gym floor as Sunflower with rechecher, a rare choice

With lavish elegance, a studied exquisiteness,  excessive refinement

He genuinely cares for women and is a husband of one wife

His smiles and physique, for sure, fetch Charles lots of persons to train.

Wednesday afternoons, Charles pastors a church at the gym

I overheard Charles lecture man who was complaining about his wife.

His wife, the young man said, is rude, unappreciative, and demanding

She demands of his money and time; doesn't care; seems to not love him

The word appreciation is not in her vocabulary; affection seems foreign

And she is not friendly, understanding, nor patient, nor a good listener

When Charles opens his mouth, choicest words of wisdom and care flow out :

This is Charles the trainer speaking words of amam ihe (wisdom)

"Troubles with today's women and wives are many

They are as numerous as fish in the sea

Today's women seem to not care anymore

As much as  their mothers once did

They care only for money for themselves and no one else

They are the receivers, not givers or sharers

Society educates women wrongly to be as independent as the men

Women are educated out of marital wisdom and never like their mothers

Where do successful men go to find loving wives?

A woman with money or education feels like "I don't need your shit."

A woman men don't want is like " I know and have it all."

Men go for the humble, caring, submissive, and downtrodden

To find love, comfort, support, peace, and understanding

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James Agazie Ed D

A retired college Professor  with educational backgrounds in law (JD) education (Ed.D, MA) counseling,( MS) and and mathematics.  Write on topics dealing with Nigerian families, marriages, education, and employment.