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Did your religion teach you that everything is light?

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Ozodi Thomas Osuji

Plants take light energy from the sun and mix it with water, which also is made from light, and use it to produce green vegetables; animals eat green vegetables; that is, animals eat the sun that plants had transformed to vegetables and use it to produce flesh (proteins), which are also the sun.

Human beings eat vegetables and animals meaning that they eat stored light energy in vegetables and animals bodies.

All that has taken place when people eat is the transference of light energy from the sun to plants to animals and to people.

When human beings die their bodies decay to the various elements, such as carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen. Those elements decay to electrons, protons and neutrons; those particles eventually decay back to photons, light.

So, all that is taking place in the universe is the dance of light in disguised forms (disguised as matter, plants, animals, planets, stars and galaxies); only light exists in the physical universe. QED

In this light, when you see people's bodies what you are seeing are temporarily concretized light energy.


To say that one is enlightened is to say that one knows that only light exists and that one is part of that light.  Twenty-five hundred years ago, Gautama Buddha realized that he is one with light hence is illuminated and enlightened to his sun status.

Most people on earth do not know that their bodies are made of physical light. They also do not know that mental energy is made from refined light, aka spiritual light or consciousness.


There are two types of light in the universe: spiritual light, aka consciousness, and physical light. Spiritual light uses physical light to do all that we see in the universe; right from the Big Bang spiritual light is transforming physical light into the physical universe we now see with our naked eyes.


In our relationships with other persons what are happening are light particles in our bodies relating to light particles in other people's bodies.


Physical light is eternal (protons last trillions of years before decaying back to photons). Physical light exist eternally but is transformed into whatever spiritual light want to transform it to: to galaxies, stars, planets, plants, animals, peoples bodies; in its transformed states its existence is temporary; all formations must decay back to photons of light.

What would happen at the end of our physical universe, in a few trillion years, is that all the stars, planets, plants and animals would die and decay to photons and the universe would be a sea of photons (cold Chill).

We think with electrons which are light given some minor mass so we can say that we think with light.  Whereas we do think with physical light, however, at the deeper level we think with non-physical light, with spiritual light.

Spiritual light uses physical light to do the thinking in our brains. Spiritual light lasts forever. Thus, human beings last forever and ever.

As flesh we have fear because flesh must die and decompose to other elements and eventually to light.  If we know that we are spirit then we do not fear the death of our bodies for we know that our spirit lasts forever (even our bodies last forever in different forms in the various permutations of physical light).


I have accomplished the first part of my mission, the study of philosophy, physics, psychology and metaphysics; the second part of my life's work is to live what I know to be the truth and teach it.

What do I know to be the truth?  I know that the material universe is projected out by mind.


Spiritual light, aka mind and consciousness projected out matter, space and time; mind itself is spiritual light without physical dimension; mind or consciousness lasts eternally, whereas physical light lasts for as long as mind wants to use it to do work, which in our present universe means trillions of years.

I also know that people do not meet by accidents but by prior arrangements and do to each other what they had agreed to do for each other.


There is no such thing as accident in human relations. People meet by design, each there to do for the other what they want to experience.

However, these choices were made in dream states, which are insane states. If a person in his dream state asks you to attack him, or enslave him, you must remember that the requests were made when both of you entered the dream; both of you agreed to perform roles for each other before you were born in body.

Now in the dream you may become awake to the reality of love as our nature; if so you do not attack or enslave the person who had asked you to do so and you had agreed to do what he asked you to do before the two of you entered the dream of separation.

You can now choose to love that person instead of do as he asked you to do, attack him. You now know that he made the request in insanity and you accepted to do it in insanity; but now that you are sane (to love is to be sane) you disobey the contract, the secret agreement both of you made to meet and harm each other.

Our earthly lives consist of our secret agreements, before birth, to meet and hurt each other so as to fear each other and feel angry at each other and thus justify separating from each other and go live separated ego lives.

For example, black and white folks had secret agreement before they came to earth. Black folks agreed to be idiots without intelligence in their heads and white folks agreed to play the intelligent ones and use black folks as slaves to do work in the physical world.  These people may now choose to not carry out their secret contracts. However, I must confess that I see Africans as unintelligent animals, just look at their inability to govern themselves, their proclivity to stealing and corruption, and can see how other people can justify using them as slaves to do work.


The law of karma is fundamental.   As you do to other people is done to you. You must be done to as you do to others; this is a natural law that you cannot get around.

Regardless of whether the world is a dream, delusion or not, you still will receive the consequences of your behavior. Yes, other people do ask you to harm them; if you do you must be harmed. If in doubt stay around and see white folks become enslaved to pay a price for enslaving Africans; unless, of course, Africans choose to forgive them, that is, love them.

Given our true nature we are not allowed to harm other people, dream or outside the dream, or in the world of light forms or in the formless world of God.

In the dream of separation if you harm people you will be harmed, if not now in the future; if not in this life time in future life times.


We have free will; that free will allows us to choose to harm each other and to not harm each other regardless of whether other people ask us to harm them or not.

Yes, people have prior agreements to meet and harm each other but if while in the dream one remembers that harming people are wrong then one must choose not to harm people.

One must now choose to get out of prior agreements whereby one had agreed to harm people so that they experience attack to make their egos and bodies seem real to them and they feel abandoned by God, by love.  One must now choose loving behaviors.

If you choose to love you will be loved; if you choose hate you will be hated. See the example of Africans; Africans have chosen not to love and care for each other.

In Nigeria, for example, each person steals as much money as he can but does nothing in terms of helping other people. So, he thinks that he is rich. Those left behind kidnap him and demand ransom money and or kill him.

Nigerians are living in Thomas Hobbes state of nature where each person cares only for his self and does not care for others so they are at war with each other; Nigerians lives are nasty, brutish and short.

If Nigerians are not taught love they will soon, literally, start killing each other and the country decays and becomes worse than Somalia.

I am here to teach these loveless wild animals that their nature is love and ask them to work for their social interest, for public good, to serve each other's needs and not be egocentric and seek each other's admiration.  Nigerians pretend to be very important egos and want other egos to admire their egos; they are narcissists per excellence.


A course in miracles put Hinduism and Buddhism into Christological language, a language that I am familiar with and a language that many of those who read my writings are familiar with. Thus, I had to read A course in miracles to be able to understand Hinduism and Buddhism better.

Hinduism, Buddhism and Christian Gnosticism, which is what A course in miracles is, are teaching what Aldous Huxley called the perennial philosophy of mankind, how we are all part of one non-dual consciousness.

A course in miracles states that God extended his self to his son and his son projected his self to the material world.  This is true but the book failed to make the simple logical inference that what the son of God did God did, for the projected must only do what the projector did.

Thus, the accurate way of putting it is that God created the material universe through his son. The Gospel of John, in the Christian Bible, actually noted that fact; however, Christians take the fact that God has only one son to mean that Jesus is that only son of God.

The truth is that we are collectively the only son of God; one son of God contains infinite sons of God, just as one particle of light contains infinite particles of light.


There is only one consciousness in the universe. That consciousness does not have a name. Let us go along with humanity and call it God.

God is one and at the same time infinite in numbers. God is holographic and fractal.  God has infinite parts each containing all of him.

We can call God spiritual light.  Spiritual light contains infinite particles of spiritual light. God is the wave of spiritual light; that wave contains infinite particles of spiritual light. Wave and particles, as quantum mechanics has taught us, is one; we see the one we want to see.

The infinite sons of God are the one son of God. That one son of God contains all the other sons of God and contains God.

One son of God separated from God and invented the world of space, time and matter. He is still in God but is sleeping and in his sleep projects out our physical universe.

The son of God used his mind, his consciousness to produce physical light and used physical light to form galaxies, stars, planets, plants and animals bodies.  Our bodies are made of physical light but our souls are made of spiritual light.

Since physical light is inside spiritual light, as a dream thing, it does not exist. Thus we have a non-dualistic universe; only mind or spiritual light exists, and is real.

In the meantime, we human beings placed ourselves inside bodies and live in space and time. We must of course eat food, take medications, wear clothes and live in houses to protect ourselves in bodies. While doing these things that affirm our ego separated states we should occasionally meditate to find out about our spiritual nature.

I am not teaching mystical mumbo jumbo or religious razzmatazz.  Do this: love and forgive all people and meditate; if you do you will wake up; first, in the world of light forms where you see your body in light form and, ultimately, wake up in the formless selves that  folks call God and his heaven. You can verify the truth for yourself. I am not teaching you religion and not asking you to have faith in anything or believe in anything; I am guiding you to doing what you have to do to know who your real self is; you are part of unified spiritual light, aka God.

In spiritual light we are eternal, permanent and changeless. In physical bodies we do change; our bodies die and decay to elements and ultimately to physical light.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

October 22, 2017

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Ozodi Osuji Ph.D

Ozodi Thomas Osuji is from Imo State, Nigeria. He obtained his PhD from UCLA. He taught at a couple of Universities and decided to go back to school and study psychology. Thereafter, he worked in the mental health field and was the Executive Director of two mental health agencies. He subsequently left the mental health environment with the goal of being less influenced by others perspectives, so as to be able to think for himself and synthesize Western, Asian and African perspectives on phenomena. Dr Osuji’s goal is to provide us with a unique perspective, one that is not strictly Western or African but a synthesis of both. Dr Osuji teaches, writes and consults on leadership, management, politics, psychology and religions. Dr Osuji is married and has three children; he lives at Anchorage, Alaska, USA.

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