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Clear your cache

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During the testing of new software, every time the system did not work as expected, the developer chimed, “clear your cache.”  If I clicked on a button which should open a new page and it did not, I’d hear, “clear your cache.”  Now, it’s become a recurring phrase embedded in my mind.  So I’d click on the settings button of Internet Explorer, scroll to Internet Options, and under General, select “Delete browsing history on exit” and click Delete.  After IE notifies me that my browsing history is cleared, I’d run the test again.  Many times, this resolved the problem.

If the cache is not cleared, the system may render the page out of its memory (cache) presenting the same defect as before; giving the appearance that the fix didn’t work.  Once the system’s temporary memory is forced out however, it must grab fresh data to present the new reality – a fixed problem. 

In life, clearing your cache could involve letting go of past memories, hurts, bankruptcies, obstacles, and other cache that obstruct your vision of a good present and a better future.  These problems project themselves over current realities and future aspirations.  For example, when you hold a cache of past failures, you hesitate undertaking another business venture.  Your enthusiasm is deemed by memories of your first, second, or even tenth attempt.  At the back of your mind, the reel keeps playing that you failed before hence, you decide not to try again though you have put parameters in place that would improve your chances of success this time.  Mental and emotional baggage definitely drain our energy and strength to make our aspirations real.

So, how do you clear your cache?  In the morning, when you wake up, clear your head through meditation and/or prayer.  Don’t allow past failures to dominate your mind; instead, focus on positive things.  Practice affirmations.  Think and speak positive things into your life.  These energize you and give you the vigor to move forward with your day.  And towards the accomplishments of your dream goals.


Edit:  the cache is the short-term memory of your computer where textures that have rezzed are stored for quicker presentation.

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