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Christian? – Go to church! Part 1

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You can only defend what you know, church is where you find out You can only defend what you know, church is where you find out

He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High Shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty (Psalm 91:1).

The US Presidential campaign period can be funny to observers who choose not take it too much to heart. It is a period when every American pops up in his or her own list of expectations and minimum standards. So, it was funny the other day when a pastor came on national TV with a list of the minimum expectation from potential Republican Party candidates who were preparing their campaign agenda.

Candidates expecting the votes of the evangelical Christian groups needed to prove their commitment to these minimums. Well, it later turned out that the pastor had not done his homework very well, because the population base that he was referring to had dwindled so significantly that it did not hold the type of influencing being tagged on to it.

Further, less than 72 hours after the pastor’s declaration some influential evangelical pastors began to publicly dissociate themselves from such proclamations or intention to associate their pulpits with national politics. With such disclaimers there arose several other points of disagreement including the true definition of who the evangelical Christians were; and what percentage of them actually make it to the polling booth to vote.

In fact, someone joked that if everyone in this constituency alone performed their civic responsibility like dutiful Christians, America should never need to worry about complaints regarding low voter turnout. To be honest, we don’t see them in church either! I just wish that people who claimed to be Christians to National Census officials will realize that they risk being guilty of disobeying the injunction that they need to be seen attending church services.

In fact, it may count against them in many ways on Judgment Day!

Pastor John

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