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Insecurity in Nigeria - What can the citizens do to promote peace?

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However, it is commonly accepted that one of the consequences of the Civil War was the emergence and institutionalization of armed robbery. There have been allegations of cabals with agenda behind the various types of crimes in our society. However, since the patterns and directions have not singularly focused, that thesis remains to be proved. The government can remove the psychology of money as the ultimate source of power in order to improve on general security. It also means that someone going from Lagos to Kano will not fear to start at 8pm in order to drive on free highways and be in Kano the following morning to transact whatever business he had on his mind. Therefore, it is not impossible for Nigeria to talk about zero tolerance to crime.

This article is part of my contribution to the May 2012 debate titled Insecurity in Nigeria by the Nigerians United Against Corruption (NUAC) 

Socially significant individuals can be encouraged to commit to the anti-corruption struggle. It is certainly not all of them that are stained. Those that are ready to open their personal details to public review can be enrolled in motivating MAMSA – like slogans through media appearances or various forms. This avenue would have best if it were to support a government agenda sucha s described above. However, we know that within bounds, it is not likely to see any political leader so bold and envisioned enough to challenge the institution of corruption in Nigeria to herculean battle.

The citizens can continue to challenge the Press by exposing their complicity in the current situation including motivating to the stupidity behind taking bribes to suppress corruption and crime by being accepting false claim that ‘he who pays the piper dictates the tune’. The free press needs to understand that the masses of the population pin the rays of hope in the media. If the Press were to recognize that it has continued to fail people, I am certain that it can come up an agenda to reverse the current negative perspective of Nigerians. Nigerians will follow avidly an organization that gets into trouble all the time because of truth rather than popularity because of sensations only.

We saw this type of leadership in the way that AIT handled the issue of the third term proposal of OBJ. AIT constituted itself into the undeniable leader of undemocratic processes in government, and initially pretending as if it was neutral. In any case, government agents knew that they had a lot of explanation to do. They responded as much as possible to invitation, only to discover that they were not winning the argument. Then, AIT pulled the final joker on everyone by praising the Senate President for his magnanimity of allowing only AIT to air the final debate and voting on such a landmark constitution amendment. The result was that many politicians cowered when they realized that they had to choose OBJ’s money and what their constituents will support them or not. That small core of media that stood with the people changed etched a landmark in Nigeria’s political history, as they led the people to demand sound judgment from politicians.

If we seem to be running short of ideas, we can put the young minds to the task of exploring theoretical possibilities that we can modify into practical realities. Anti-corruption organizations like NUAC can organize various types of idea or concept seeking awards in the society at large. Decent prizes accompanying Essay competitions, Innovations, or even heroic acts at various levels of competency may challenge people to put on their thinking caps and theorize strategies that we may modify into action plans.

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