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Biafra Genocide And Why We Must Live By Persuasion

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The life that can be considered as truly fulfilled whether private or public, is only that which has been lived according to what it believed in. It does not matter how much material acquisition or the number of trophies and laurels that have been accumulated, in the end true life's successes are only measured by whether we believed in something or not, have we lived according to our persuasion. A truly successful life is that which believes in something enough to live or die for that thing. As individuals and as a people of Igbo/Biafra you must stand for something or you would not be considered as worthy of the space that you occupy on Earth. The totality of a people's culture comes from the experiences they have passed through. Collectively and individually the Igbo/Biafra people went through a very far reaching experience that would stretch on till the end of time and, that must continue to guide and inform the way we believe and act as individuals and as a people forever.

It is through conducting our affairs as riding the crests of this constantly nagging echo of that horrifying period of our history can we claim to have evolved as a people in the comity of human beings. Because it is only by the conscious, deliberate and constant reference through reasoning and instinct rather than chance to our past experiences shall we be able to progress and go from one level of development to the next. What we mean here is, if we had fallen into any booby trap travelling on a path as a people we must be able to reflect and analyze when, where, how and why so that we don't get caught in the same web the next time. Like a people riding the tiger we cannot afford any careless moment or become less vigilant at any time. Moreover, we must effectively dismantle those sources of our hurt and act so consciously and methodically and effectively to sanction those responsible for our pain such that the next time not only would they not try to harm us but they would never have the ability to contemplate it in their mind. That is to say that after we would have understood every aspect of the enemy's snares through serious study then we must effectively dislodge and demobilize, ahead of time before they can pose any danger, all of the enemy's fangs and subtle deceptions. This can easily be done by knowing who your enemy is and reading and interpreting correctly his every move. Igbo/Biafran politicians and leaders must wake up to this all important leadership responsibility.

Nigeria's Genocide on the people of Biafra starting from 1945 in Jos, 1953 in Kano and, 1966 till the present time as we write this must serve to persuade all our conducts, policies, decisions and utterances as private or public individuals and groups. In the recent time a few things have happened that have necessitated us to re-emphasis and remind us of our collective and individuals' responsibility to guard vigilantly the sanctity of this our common-ownership – the Biafran Genocide. Every Igbo/Biafran no matter their place in life must constantly be reminded that none of us can afford to forget at any moment as we act or say things or deal with people or conduct businesses with those who would want to kill us and those who actually did as if they never did anything wrong against us or any human being anywhere for that matter. These people did everything wrong and must be told so and dealt with in that light. This point is necessary to heed because it would not only help in the survival of our people and Homeland but also for the sake of the survival of humanity here on Earth. Any crime against humanity must not be ignored or taken lightly. People must constantly keep it in view and keep asking questions and demand for answers.

We shall illustrate this discussion with the recent unwholesome behavior and wholesale betrayal of the people's trust of one of our governors. The Governor of Imo State Rochas Okorocha received Yakubu Gowon in Owerri recently. The man Gowon is the same person who headed Nigeria's genocidal squad against Biafrans about 44 years ago. ( The most disturbing thing about Okorocha's meeting with Gowon the evil murderer of Igbo/Biafrans is that the Governor acted not in the spirit or in the interest and dignity of the Igbo nation; he was not like the person we have come to respect in him and in other Igbo men and women. On this occasion while dealing with Gowon, Okorocha let all his guards down and at the same time those of all Igbo people whom he represents. The Governor without shame acted as if the Igbo people of Imo State were so needy today such that they are no more dignified enough to differentiate from whom to accept favors. Should the Igbo nation descend to so low a gutter level and accept medical assistance to cure malaria from the man who murdered 3.1 million of their children, women and men and up till today never said sorry? Such an act meets all the description of shamelessly taking a knowingly poisoned food from a monster. We, all Igbo people had expected that the Governor should have looked this killer of Igbo unborn and suckling babies and their mothers in the eyes and told him no thanks for his poisoned gifts. Like Samuel to Saul, Okorocha should have told him that Igbo people do not take "gifts" from just about anyone, at least not from an unrepentant killer monster like him.

The Igbo of today and always have pride. Let the Governor and his people tell Gowon the murderer that he should go stuff his medicine and gifts in his anus in hell because that is where murderers of little babies who do not say sorry go to. The Igbo people of Imo State will not give Gowon any such opportunity to show himself in the light of those who are doing good and charitable works around the world. He does not and can never belong in that class. The people of Imo state should remind that head of the Nigerian Genocide squad that it is still the same people who between 1967 and 1970 he refused access to food and medicines sent to them by the Red Cross, Caritas and other charitable organizations that would have helped them at their neediest moment. Remind Gowon that he was so heartless that even after the so-called end of the war he Gowon would still not let Imo state people and other Igbo/Biafrans receive the needed medicines and food sent to them by the good people of the world. Go check it out, Jimmy Carter of United States that he wants to imitate is not a murderer but Gowon and Obasanjo of Nigeria are murderers who have not regretted the Biafran Genocide which they executed. And as if that was not insulting enough in Governor Okorocha's unforgivable political and diplomatic misstep, he went on to request that Gowon the murderer of Igbo/Biafra people participate in General Ojukwu's burial. What was Okorocha thinking? What the Governor was saying in essence is that the murderer should come to dance on the grave of his victim. Let the reader think of it, can anything be more abominable than that? The Igbo/Biafran nation cannot accept such a disgust and sacrilege.

Biafran Genocide is so important in the history of the whole world and strikes at the very core of humanity's individual and collective existence such that we can only ignore the desecration or careless handling of that sacred history to our certain damnation.

In the same vein we recall to mind the man Kunle Adegoke, a solicitor and advocate of the Supreme Court of Nigeria with Phone number: 234-802-333-7003 who about two weeks ago had boasted so brazenly that he with other Nigerians would wipe out Igbo/Biafrans off the face of the Earth. This is what he said exactly in his own words; "If they [the Igbo] attempt the same thing again, we shall wipe them off the surface of the earth. Ebi loko yin (starvation is your [their] albatross)." When there was a wide outcry against such display of callous insensitivity from this potential Nigerian ethnic/religious cleanser of Igbo/Biafrans (his email address reads This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. he is also an Islamic terrorist. That makes him even more dangerous) he came back to apologize because he said that among his clients he has as many Igbo/Biafran clients as Nigerians. Now the question is why would any Igbo/Biafran person still patronize the man who would kill them and everyone of their people and wipe out their memory off this world? Was it not Awolowo of Nigeria who had said when talking about the same Biafran Genocide that hunger is a legitimate instrument of war and that they would not feed their enemy so that they can have strength to fight back? But the reader must bear in mind that the "enemy" that Awolowo was referring to were mere defenseless civilian babies, children, women and men of Biafra. Think about it. Now why should any Igbo/Biafra people continue to patronize this Adegoke so that he can have enough money to acquire the weapons with which to murder Biafrans en mass as he has threatened? No community or individuals should continue to patronize and encourage persons and businesses that do not have their good interest at heart. It is morally wrong to do so.


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