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A letter to white cops who enjoy killing black folks

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They say that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. To that I add: power makes one stupid and absolute power makes one absolutely stupid.

Every black American knows that if a white police officer stops him in traffic that he had better be very careful or else he is shot dead. If he as much as tries to put his hands into his pocket to get out his driver's license to show the white police officer the officer is likely to shoot him to death and tell folks that he saw the man reach into his pocket  for a gun hence shot him.

His excuse for shooting him and gratifying his sadistic pleasure in inflicting pain and or killing human beings would be seen as reasonable by all white juries and he would be acquitted of any wrong doing.

Rational persons would ask: how is the man supposed to get out his driver's license if not by reaching into his pocket?  Never mind, we are not talking sense here; we are talking the evil let loose on the American land by racist police officers.

Here is reality:  most black men consider white cops as killers or potential killers of black folks! Is this really a good reputation for law enforcement folk to have, to be perceived as evil incarnated in the form of human beings? And if that is the case how long is this terrible situation going to last before something is done about it?

Anyway, the reason for my writing is to ask white cops a simple question. The question is this: Don't they realize that folks obey cops and do as they are told to do by cops because they are law obedient not because of the cops?

Cops represent the law and every person who is properly socialized must obey the law and in as much as cops represent the law must obey cops and do as they are asked to do by cops.

In this light, if a white police man stops me I will do what he asked me to do. This is not because I fear him but because of what he represents. He represents the law and I respect the law.

As for the police officer himself, he is probably a high school dropout whose job options are security guard, military and cops. He is as far as society is concerned not much. In the real world he is nothing but riffraff hired to protect the property of the rich. Yet, I respect him; I do so because I must respect the law, for the law protects all of us, or is supposed to protect all of us.

If I do not like a particular law I should work to change it but in the meantime I must obey the law, for without laws society breaks down and we revert to what Thomas Hobbes (Leviathan) called state of nature and anarchy and chaos reign in the land and life becomes nasty, brutish and short.

Now, if white police officers push the envelope and make it abundantly clear, as they are increasingly doing, that they are lawless folks who are out to kill black folks what exactly stops black folks from shooting any white cop that stops them in traffic.

Think about it. American laws allow folks to carry guns. So what prevents a black man from carrying guns and when he is stopped by white police officers shooting them and leaving the scene?

What stops him from doing so is his socialization to obey the law and respect law enforcers, police men and judges.

The point is that white police officers are really asking for trouble in the land by doing what they do, beating and killing black folks for no good reason.

Don't get me wrong. There are criminals out there. I completely understand it if a cop kills a dangerous criminal trying to flee from a crime scene.

What I do not understand and refuse to understand is a white police officer killing a young black man simply because he makes the assumption that he is dangerous and could fight back and use any excuse to justify killing him.

Wouldn't you fight back if you are black and you are subjected to the numerous insults and abuses white America unleashes on black folks, or are white folks so deluded and out of touch with reality that they expect black folks to accept being insulted and abused on a regular basis?

Human beings have tolerance for pain but they can only tolerate so much pain before they do something about it. I believe that white folks have exceeded the acceptable level of pain human beings can inflict on other human beings and they are forgiven for it.

In case white police officers do not study history, may I remind them that most empires were brought down by those who were abused by those in power?

Rome was brought down by the plebeians the patricians oppressed. There is no doubt whatsoever that if white America continues on the trajectory she is on by the end of this century the empire would have been brought down and replaced by those it oppresses with impunity.

The USSR, the other superpower came down in less than one year (1990); there is no doubt that the USA would come down in a shorter amount of time if those she continues to abuse rise up. Guns do not save corrupt empires from relegation to the garbage heap.

Every indication is that by the middle of this century white folks would be in the minority of the American population. Thereafter, if democracy still holds nonwhite persons would be elected the rulers of the land.

If white folks try to prevent this eventuality, as they did in apartheid South Africa, they can only succeed for a while before the forces of history sweep them aside.

Mankind is marching towards equality and justice for all; anyone who stands on the way of that reality is eventually swept aside.

I hope that white cops have some intelligence in their racist minds and realize that their random killing of black folks pushes the envelope and makes their rule hastened to an end.

I just thought that they ought to know this fact. Their trigger happiness is no longer funny; they are supposed to protect people, not kill them.

If they enjoy killing people they ought to leave the police force and go join criminal gangs or something.

The perception of a police officer regardless of his race should be that he is a protector of the people, not their killers. White cops who have made it possible for black folks to see white police men as killers are not only doing their selves harm but the entire country. These folks ought to shape up and start protecting the people and not killing them.

And if they cavalierly dismiss the universal black perception of white American police officers as killers as not true they will wake up one day and see the empire they represent and defend replaced. That is the way history works.

You do not flagrantly abuse folks and ask them not to see it and eventually do something about it; if you think that you are invincible you had better go find out what happened to past abusive empires, such as Rome, Russia, Britain and so on.

If there is anything we know for sure in this world it is the inevitability of change. Empires come and empires go; that is the verdict of history.

No empire lasts forever although those in a current empire may have the delusion that they are different from other empires and that somehow their weird conception of God would make them last forever even as they do what past empires do, abuse people.

Summarizing, black people obey white police officers not because they are fearful of police officers but because they are socialized to obey the law. This is despite the fact that given the abuses they have taken in America everything in them urges them to fight the system that oppresses them.

White police officers who kill black folks are cowards; the courageous person respects life instead of destroy it. Their evil behavior is enhancing the day when the oppressed would rise up and start shooting them. When that happens they would, in droves, no doubt, abandon the police force to go protect their cowardly lives.

We must all obey the law and that includes white police men.

Ozodi Osuji

May 11, 2015

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Ozodi Osuji Ph.D

Ozodi Thomas Osuji is from Imo State, Nigeria. He obtained his PhD from UCLA. He taught at a couple of Universities and decided to go back to school and study psychology. Thereafter, he worked in the mental health field and was the Executive Director of two mental health agencies. He subsequently left the mental health environment with the goal of being less influenced by others perspectives, so as to be able to think for himself and synthesize Western, Asian and African perspectives on phenomena. Dr Osuji’s goal is to provide us with a unique perspective, one that is not strictly Western or African but a synthesis of both. Dr Osuji teaches, writes and consults on leadership, management, politics, psychology and religions. Dr Osuji is married and has three children; he lives at Anchorage, Alaska, USA.

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