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Judgment brought this world about and maintains it

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Ozodi Thomas Osuji

In some of his sayings, Jesus Christ told his followers not to judge; in others he told them that as they judge so they would be judged.

Telling people not to judge, however, did not prevent him from judging them! His teaching was full of judgements; he was always judging the Pharisees, Sadducees and people in general as no good and asking them to change their ways, repent their mistakes, sins, and serve God or else they would be headed to hell. In effect, he was contradicting his own injunction that folks should not judge.

The reality is that we are always judging. There is no moment in our lives that we are not judging. If I am standing on the road side trying to cross a street I look both left and right, appraise the cars coming towards me and make a judgement as to their speed and whether they would reach me if I try to cross the street; if I judge that they would reach me and crush me to death I would not cross the street. My desire to live to see another day does not want me to be killed by oncoming cars so I do not cross the street if they are likely to get to me and kill me.

It is my judgment that the cars would not reach and kill me that kept me alive. To be alive on earth one must be judging, in fact, at all times. I judge the quality of the food I eat, whether it is healthy and nutritious or poisonous; I judge just about everything around me and only do what I believe is good for me and, hopefully, for society.

As an idealist my mind posits ideal pictures of me, people, social institutions and everything in the universe and uses those ideals to judge what I see around me. I have an ideal picture of a beautiful person and if I see you I judge you with that ideal and since you are not ideal I find you deficient. I have ideal picture of government and use it to judge extant governments and find them not good enough. I have ideal picture of me, people, trees, animals, planets, stars, galaxies and the universe and use it to judge me and the world and find them not good enough.

I am disappointed that people and the universe is not ideal but it is not about to change and become ideal to suit me. I therefore resign myself to living with people and a universe that are not ideal.

What is called maturity is the ability to accept the imperfect people and world we live with and in and not perpetually wish for ideal versions of them; people and the universe are not about to become ideal.

Besides, ideals are concepts and are not permanent; as you meet one ideal it changes and other ideals come into your mind; there is never a time you would attain ideal and is satisfied; so you might as well live with the imperfect self and world we have around us.

One is considered immature if one keeps on hankering for ideals and is unable to accept the imperfect real self, government and world. Okay, I get it.

Still, judging people and wanting them to become perfect is intriguing. I know that my body and folks bodies are not perfect yet I wish them to be perfect; I know that my ego and other people's egos are imperfect yet I wish for them to become perfect. Why do I wish for perfect us whereas we are never going to become perfect, why not accept us as imperfect and leave it at that?

Idealism and its pursuit of perfection is really rooted in the awareness that the ego self and body are not good and do not exist and one wants to make them seem good and to exist. If I wish that my body and your body becomes perfect it follows that my body and your body exists and I am trying to make them better than they are.

Science tells me that our bodies are composed of matter, which is composed of elements, especially carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen (there are sixty four elements in the human body); we know that the elements, that is, atoms, are composed of protons, neutrons and electrons; we know that protons and neutrons are composed of quarks that are composed of photons; electrons are photons with some mass.

Ultimately, everything is composed of photons of light. Light we know came from nowhere during the big bang explosion 13.8 billion years ago. We suspect that light came from nothing and is nothing.

Since matter is matter of light and light came from nothing then matter is nothing. Matter does not exist or seems to exist but in the long run does not exist.

We know that in trillions of years to come all matter (stars, galaxies, planets, our bodies) would decompose to  atoms then to particles, then to light photons and then to nothing.

In effect, the physical worlds we see with our eyes will disappear from existence; that which would disappear from existence never existed; the physical universe does not exist, or exists only as in a dream which is not real. We know this as the reality but a part of our minds and want the physical universe to exist. We want our bodies to exist but our bodies do not exist, certainly, not in the long run.

Judgement is an attempt to make that which does not exist, our bodies, matter, space and time; the physical universe seems to exist.

Idealism and the judgement based on it is a futile effort to make the universe that does not exist seem to exist for one.

We pursue idealism in an effort to make us; our bodies, egos and the physical universe seem to exist.

Judgement, in effect, makes the ego, body and universe, seem to exist. Because we want to exist in ego and body we must judge.

Is this a pointless discourse? Not if you are philosophical.

Now consider what happens if we did not judge. If I did not wish to be ideal, that you be ideal and did not wish for the universe to be ideal I would not judge us as good or bad.

I judge us as good or bad; I deem as good what preserves my life and bad what destroys my life; so it is my desire to live in ego and body that leads me to judge things as good or bad.

If I did not wish to live in ego and body I would not judge anything as good or bad.

If I did not wish things to be good or bad, that is, did not want to live in body and ego and therefore do not judge things as good or bad what do you think would happen?

Are you ready for this? Ready or not here is what would happen if I did not judge. If you let go of judgment for a second the entire universe of galaxies, stars, planets, plants, animals, your body and ego would disappear for you, for it is judgment that keeps the universe of matter, space, time and you in existence!

When Jesus said that you should not judge what he meant is that if you want to leave this world then do not judge it as good and bad. If you do not judge you, people and this world you would escape from this world.

Am I talking metaphysical mumbo jumbo? Why not find out. Stop judging you and people as good or bad for a second and see what happens; suddenly, you and the world would disappear and you would-be in another realm of being.

First you would be in the realm of light forms, a world that still looks like our world but made of things in light forms. Ultimately, you would be in the world where you know that there is only one being, what folks call God, and you are it and it is you and every person.

Let me summarize that I have said; I have said that judgement brought this universe of matter, space and time, the world of ego and separation into being; judgment keeps it going; as long as we want to live in the world of separation, space and time we must judge for judgment keeps us here.

If we want to leave this world of separation, space, time and matter we must stop judging it as good or bad.

There are many universes and each has its parameters, what keeps it in being; our physical universe require us to be judgmental, so by all means keep on judging you and people as good or bad but if you want to negate our world then stop judging it as good or bad.

The world you see is a dream of separation kept alive by judgment; if you stop judging it you would wake up from it. True or false? Go find out.

I occasionally stop my mind from judging me, people and things as good or bad. I expected to die during those occasions for I know that it is judgment that keeps me alive in this world.

When I stopped judging me, people and the world as good or bad and was in a non-judgmental mood I momentarily escaped from our world. I saw myself in the world of light forms, a world that looks  like our world but with us, animals, trees, stars etc. made of light (Hinduism calls it the astral world, A course in miracles calls it the gate of heaven).

In time, I realized that that the world of light forms, too, is a dream, albeit a happy dream and stopped wishing for it to exist.

When I give up the wish for any kind of separated self, be it in dense or light matter, I disappear from the sense of I, the ego in form, dense or light, into a world that you are not capable of understanding; it is the world where there is no you and I, no seer and seen, no subject and object, the world of one self that is infinite selves, an eternal, immortal, peaceful world.

Please, don't argue with me; if you want to leave this world perform the experiment of not judging you and people as good or bad; even if people attack, harm or destroy your body (as they did to Jesus) do not judge their actions as good or bad for what they did to you was done in a dream, and as such they have not really done anything to you; if you overlook their actions you escape to other states of being where there is no good or bad.

Judgment brought our wold into being and maintains it (the initial judgment is the wish to separate from unified spirit state, God and his heaven and go experience its opposite, separation, ego in body in space and time). That is the reason masters like Jesus asked you not to judge for it is judgment that separates you from your real self, God and keeps you in this world of separation.

If you want to be in this world then keep on judging it as good or bad; you have every right to do so, but when you are world weary and want to leave it then do not judge you, people and the world as good or bad, just overlook people and their egoistic behaviours.

If you are compulsively judgmental, that is, if you are an idealist, a neurotic you are a man who is aware of the nothingness of this world but you want the world to seem important; your judgement is a futile effort to make nothing seem important and seem to exist.

Deep down you know that if you did not desire this world to exist and did not judge it that the universe would disappear from you and you go back to where we came from, the formless universe that I call unified spirit state, aka God and his heaven, but you do not want to return to haven yet.

You still want to be in this world of separation hence you judge this world and its separated people as good or bad; you want to make it good and in doing so stay in it. It is your game.

All I am doing here is explaining the nature of your game for you and leaving it to you to decide whether you still want to play it or stop playing it and escape from the world to the world of bliss we came from.

In the world of bliss you do not have ego separated self in body; you are all people and all people are you.

In the meantime, you want a separated self-housed in body, dense or light, hence struggle to make those two fictional worlds seem real with your neurotic judgements.

PS: My essays presume that you are a certain type of person for you to understand them; I do not expect what is called average, normal folks to be able to understand my essays. I expect the one percent of the people that have superior IQ and are philosophical to be able to understand what I write; what is self-evident to me may not make sense  to the folks with average intellect. So, if my essays do not make sense to you, skip them and go read what makes sense to you; no one can hurry his evolution through space and time; we are all at different stages in our spiritual evolution. In God we are one, the same and coequal; on earth we are at different stages in our mental evolution.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

July 8, 2017

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Ozodi Osuji Ph.D

Ozodi Thomas Osuji is from Imo State, Nigeria. He obtained his PhD from UCLA. He taught at a couple of Universities and decided to go back to school and study psychology. Thereafter, he worked in the mental health field and was the Executive Director of two mental health agencies. He subsequently left the mental health environment with the goal of being less influenced by others perspectives, so as to be able to think for himself and synthesize Western, Asian and African perspectives on phenomena. Dr Osuji’s goal is to provide us with a unique perspective, one that is not strictly Western or African but a synthesis of both. Dr Osuji teaches, writes and consults on leadership, management, politics, psychology and religions. Dr Osuji is married and has three children; he lives at Anchorage, Alaska, USA.

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