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The physical universe does not exist; it is a delusion and hallucination in our minds

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Ozodi Thomas Osuji

Space, time and matter do not exist; at best you can say that they have temporary existence, as in a dream; that which is a dream and has a temporary existence does not exist.  Only the eternal, permanent and changeless has real existence.

During the Big Bang 13.8 billion years ago, the universe came from nothing and therefore is nothing; nothingness does not exist and has no worth.

There are no galaxies, stars, planets, people, animals, trees; there is no birth and death, no sickness and pain; it is all make belief; things that our minds projected out into the pretended, make belief space and time that we made up and they seem real to us and we believe them to be real but they do not exist.

If they were to be real and God made them he, God, would be a cruel God and if the universe is the product of matter then blow it up so that conscious ceases existing in it (hence stops giving people a sense of pain, birth and death).

Even the so-called world of light forms that people go to when they die in our world of dense forms  is also pointless hence is make belief and does not exist; it seems to exist for those who still want forms to seem real.

For those with no understanding of science and find what I just said incredible stop and ponder that during the big bang a particle of light, smaller than the period at the end of this sentence, emerged out of nowhere. It split into photons and the photons combined into quarks and electrons. The quarks combined into protons and neutrons.

By the end of three minutes the protons and neutrons had combined into nuclei. 400, 000 years later nuclei captured electrons and atoms (hydrogen) were formed.

A few million years later space occurred in the sea of hydrogen and each clump of hydrogen was acted on by gravity and in its core fusion took place, helium was fused. Light and heat was given off as the byproducts.

In time the initial massive stars exploded and in the heat of the supernovae atoms higher than iron were synthesized.

The newly synthesized atoms were spilled into space and in time they agglomerated into medium sized stars and planets. Our star, the sun and its nine planets, asteroids and comets came into being from agglomerated dust from shattered old stars 4.5 billion years ago.

Galaxies (groups of stars) and their stars are expanding. In trillions of years in the future they would all lose heat and explode and become the 92 elements in the universe. The elements in time would decay to particles of protons, neutrons sand electrons.

Ultimately, only protons would exist; it, too, in time would decay back to quarks which would decay to photons and photons would decay to the nothingness from which they came.

Thus, we see a universe that came from nothing return to nothing.


What exists is the person who made the pretended universe to seem to exist. Who is that person? It is our real self, a self that transcends space, time and matter; it is the unified spirit self.

We, that is, our false selves, egos and bodies, and everything in the material universe have pretended existence, if you like, dream existence. Because it is all pretense existence, people pretending that their nonexistent bodies are real and admiring them to make them seem real to them, nature destroys them without qualms; murderers destroy them for they are destroying nothing.

Those who value their nothing bodies and egos, of course, will fight and make sure that they are not destroyed.

Hitler was able to kill millions of people because he was killing nothing; he was destroying pretended people.

White racists were able to enslave and discriminate against black folks because they were doing so in a dream; they were enslaving nothing egos and bodies.

Of course, black folks have a right to defend their nothing egos and bodies and that includes destroying the nothing egos and bodies of the whites enslaving them.

Because our egos and bodies are make belief and do not exist anyone who wants to destroys us can do so and we can destroy other people's egos and bodies.

If our egos and bodies were real no one would be able to destroy us. To say that we receive justice when we have already been killed by sentencing our killers to prison or death is the most ludicrous statement one can make.

If there is justice in the universe you would not be able to kill people in the first place and there would be no courts of laws to punish killers.

Because there are no natural justice we can kill people at will.  However, as noted, the killing is done in a pretended dream state for in truth no one is in body and ego and no one is killed.

Because no one is killed Jesus asks his followers to forgive those who destroy their egos and bodies and showed an example by not been angry at those who killed him for he knew that they did nothing.

Our physical world does not exist; it is make belief; it is a delusion in that it does not exist, is not real but we believe that it is real. To be a human being is to be deluded for we believe a world that does not exist as existent.

Our world is also a hallucination in our minds, for we see it when, in fact, it does not exist. All these mean that to be a human being is to be deluded and hallucinate hence to be insane. To be a human being is to be insane.

How do I know that the physical universe does not exist?  It is because you can tune out our make belief world and awaken in unified light; indeed, you can bypass the world of light forms and simply know yourself to be part of the  formless wave of light that each of us is a particle of.

It is that wave of light that folks call God and the particles of it that folks call the sons of God, our real selves.

Our real selves, as it were, went to sleep/dream and projected out our non-existent world and projected ourselves to what we now call human beings in bodies; human beings in bodies are dream figures; those who seem to exist but do not exist.

What exist are the projectors, our true selves, the dreamers, not the dream selves we call our human personalities.

Love the dreamers, our real selves and correct his dreams. First, make the dreams happy dreams by loving all people in the dream, on earth and eventually awaken from the dream by tuning it out, tuning out our physical world and selves in bodies in it, egos.


POST SCRIPT: Let me say this about Igbos; they are really at the lowest rung in the upwards ladder of spiritual evolution. Why did I say this? A typical Igbo would read what I wrote above and what would come to his mind is to call the writer mad. He actually does not see the truth when it stars him in the face. He is too underdeveloped to appreciate the truth. It is fools like him who called Jesus Christ insane without understanding that he was teaching them the truth, as I am teaching them here and in my several writings. Those who are beginning to awaken from the dream, the pretension that they exist apart from our real selves, such as Hindus, Buddhists and Gnostics upon reading this material will smile for they know who wrote it: the Ahankara that sees through Maya and know his self to be Atman; Atman who is no other than Brahman. Awakened people recognize each other whereas primitives do not see the truth even as it is given to them for free! I walk into Hindu Temples and even their priest, Swami, recognize the presence of an enlightened son of God in their presence; indeed, some call me an Avatar, and ask me to teach them and their people. But a bunch of dense Africans who know only how to sell their people into slavery, a people that I volunteered to help on their homewards journey back to God, call me names that they believe degrade me. No one can degrade a son of God for his worth is not open to negotiation; he has absolute worth rooted in his father. I am talking about our real self, not our nothing ego self. Listen, if you do not understand higher teachings keep quiet and say nothing, positive or negative.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

March 13, 2017


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