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If you are not body what are you, spirit?

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Denial Of Ones Body Is Denial Of The Existence Of The Physical Universe And Affirmation Of The Spiritual Self And Spiritual Universe

Ozodi Osuji

If I say that I am not a body I am saying that body does not exist; body is the symbol of the physical universe; the universe was designed to give rise to the human body so that the son of God, spirit may use it to seem to live in body and ego; body and ego are means of experiencing one's self as a separated self.

If one is not a body the physical universe does not exist for one; other people in bodies do not exist for one but exist to them if they believe that they are bodies.

If one is not in body then one should not eat food, for food is part of the physical universe. Alternatively, since one's body does not exist and food does not exist eating food is not eating food. If one eats food one is eating what does not exist; the body does not exist so one is not nurturing what does not exist.

Since you are not in body you do not get born, grow old and die; death does not exist if body does not exist.

You can change your mind and see yourself as not body and your body disappears so that you do not have to die and do not have to resurrect from death but just disappears from the world that has disappeared.

This is what A course in miracles teaches. It says that Jesus realized that his ego and body do not exist, that they are dream things in a dream world and denied them and thereafter live as who he always is, as God created him, as a spirit being but occasionally take on body form to teach those who believe that they are bodies hence live in bodies on earth.

But instead of the rest of us doing what Jesus did we keep on trying to make our body that does not exist seem to exist by giving it pain, pleasure and death, all futile attempts to make it real in our awareness.


If you accept that your body exists you have accepted that the physical universe exists and must eat food, wear clothes, take medications and need transportation to go from A to B; you have limited you; you must age and die, for you have accepted the world of separation and its natural laws.

If you believe that you are not body then you do not live in body hence do not age and do not die and do not feel fear, anger and depression and paranoia for only ego and body can feel those.

The entire world does not exist for you if you deny that you are body. This is what A course in miracles is teaching and no one wants to understand it, for people want to be body and experience what they call the joy of the body (which comes with attendant pains and suffering and death); it is a deluded game.

The above is A course in miracles in a nutshell; understand and accept it and you have overcome the world and would disappear from body and the world, for the world does not exist (you die only because you want to die to prove the existence of the opposite of life/spirit/God as reality).

Jesus accepted that the opposite of life/Spirit, God is impossible hence his body disappeared and he did not die; subsequent to disappearing from body Jesus appeared to people in body to reach them where they are; thereafter he would disappear; finally, he allowed people to seem to kill his non-existent body and he seemed to die and then seemed to resurrect and appeared to people in body and finally chose to stay in the world of light forms (world of Christ vision/seeing with the eyes of spirit).

Being in body and ego and giving yourself good music can be considered stupid for you are still in body and therefore do not need whatever makes your body feel good; no one exists in body.

People use sex, heterosexual or homosexual, to make their bodies seem real to them but they are not in bodies and do not have sex (they have sex in dreams and since what is done in dreams have not been done so they did not have sex).

Yesterday, I gave a talk based on A course in miracles. The ego I gave that talk to other egos in bodies. The real I did not give a talk on A course in miracles and there were no other people in egos and bodies that I talked to. It is all fictional, delusional activities that seem real.

Why is one self-conscious or fearful and the other stuff folks do in public? They do so to make their egos and bodies seem real.

You have happy fiction by believing that you are giving your brothers in bodies lecture; it is a happy dream, happy stupidity and happy madness for neither you nor they exist in bodies.


At present, some physicists hypothesize what they call multiverse, aka parallel universes. The idea is that there are many universes.  This hypothesis has not been proved to be true.

If, in fact, it exists we can see each universe as a bubble followed by other bubble universes and this continues  forever and ever; that is, there ae infinite bubble universes; some of the universes exist where our universe exist but operate with different laws of physics hence we do not see them or experience them.

Each universe, although real for those in it, is a dream universe hence not real. Only one universe is real, the unified spiritual universe of God.

Ozodi Osuji

August 29, 2016


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