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Tuesday, 16 October 2012 22:26

How not to miss calls and annoy people?

Mobile phones can extremely annoying sometimes. Recently, I was travelling by public transport and selected the loudest ring possible not to miss an important interview call. Obviously that wasn't a problem, it actually started when I was late for a meeting at office and just rushed into the board room with a baggage of file. Bang, within minutes my phone started to play a crazy loud tone which I had selected earlier for the noisy location. I lost two things that day, that interview call and my job. Well of course phone was not the only reason, my boss was anyways not too happy with me but that loud ring just gave him a chance to say ‘You’re Fired’. Ya pretty much like movies.
I decided two things coming back to home. One, I am never going to get fired because of the phone, imagine what would happen if it rings like that in a funeral? I guess somebody would slap me. And two, that I needed a new job. So I googled both. Finding job was the tricky part in those tough times but I got solution for my other problem. No Missed Call Ever sounds like more of a recording thing that takes you calls but it’s actually a cool app. I never knew that phones can be so smart that they’ll adjust volume according to the ambiance  Well on second thoughts, phones are not. Actually this app makes my phone so smart.
So I read the description of this app, which sounded kinda cool to me, and decided to give it a try. Obviously I didn’t have anything on the job front. I found that this app actually works with everything including incoming phone calls, texts, emails, and chat messages. It overrides the phone’s ringer and detects the incoming call or message and selects the best ring volume according to the noise around me. I have no idea how this app does that but who cares unless I get what I want. But I wish I had it before losing the job, anyways a lesson learned.
No Missed Call Ever is a likeable app with the user friendly interface and all. It provides easy options to choose from the five predefined settings of volume and rings. Of course you can also choose the pre-downloaded ringtones too. But I also got a complementary package of some cool and extremely loud ringtones for those crowdy places. You also get to select same setting for calls, texts and emails or dedicated settings of ring and volume. Plus it can be a wonderful gift for your mom and girlfriend who just don’t pick up phones because the phone is stuffed somewhere in the handbag choking to say I’m Ringing, Please Pick me up! This app understands when you keep phone in pockets or handbags and would adjust the volume accordingly. Unfortunately my girlfriend still can’t use the app. She has an android and No Missed Call Ever would take some time to reach to the android market. Nevertheless, my BB supports it and I’ll wait for the android version too. 

For a guy, whose life depends on internet (being a freelance writer and all), last few days of the month can be really frustrating. My unlimited internet plan, which sheds the speed dramatically crossing the 10 GB mark,  is usually that way for the last two or three days. The pack renews on 1 st of every month leaving me to deal with the creepy connection. Although I vow every end of the month to download lesser software, songs and games, it’s the same story every time. This time though I discovered how slow internet connection can be fun in some ways.

1.     Rationing on Surfing
My surfing craving is more of an addiction. While researching for articles and write-ups, I wander offshore clicking on almost everything that looks cool. 7 Greatest Movie MistakesHow to Get Washboard Abs in 10 Days,Curiosity Found Water on Mars and god knows what. It’s like a chain reaction leading to so many tabs that I have to pull myself back into researching. However with a slow internet connection, pages load for eternity especially with media files. So what do I do? I stick to studying content while waiting for other page to load.


2.     Chores and Other Stuff

Fast internet connections are like salesmen. They’ll sell you things you might never need and by selling here, I mean downloading. Stupid Animal Who Imitates His Parent, One Finger Pushups and other videos of the sort. I even have 15 themes for my browser. But, but, but a slow connection gives me hours to complete a download. I can clean my room, make something to eat or even take doggie for a walk with chances that it’ll still be downloading.

3.     Increases Productivity

With lesser things in mind, you actually concentrate on the task in hand. No need to view latest gadgets, price of a new motorbike and good looking girls (that is frustrating still) for some days. Slow internet connections allow you to prioritize what’s importance and you actually end up doing more of work.  Well it looks exaggerated on the paper but I counted the number of files completed each day which were at least 25% better than a usual day.
4.     Inner Peace
No more getting jealous of a friend’s holiday in London or get together of your colleagues. You can’t load albums no matter how desperately you want to. Just sit back relax, read a book, spend some time with the family and analyze where life is going and what your plans are. It even allows you to meet some Real TIME friends in the city, which is far better than chatting in a room.
5.     Saving
Every end of month I complain about slow connection and my mother wants me to change the plan with free data limit. It’s actually a good idea but I am lazy enough to go and apply for it. So what do I do? I rather deal with it and stay happy with my bills (compared to my friends). I realize that I use just 50 or may be 60% of the data limit for work and the other large chunk goes in entertainment. Although THAT is necessary too, I would rather be entertained in first 25 days and be this way for the last 5.
P.S. (Why? It’s cool to have one)
Internet packs are like food. Order just a bit lesser than what would be sufficient, else you would end up bloating in some day (only mentally in this case).  


Online grocery shopping is quite on a rage these days in most of the countries. For smarter moms, it is one of the best ways to find products that their children would love. However this is not the only reason why you should be buying your kitchen supplies online. In fact, there is a long list to why you should; here we are going to discuss some of them.

1.  Freedom of Choice
The first reason is absolutely a no-brainier. Mommies understand how difficult it could be to find a specific variant of chocolate biscuit that little one saw in a TV commercial. There are chances that you won’t find it in any local store, so what’s the solution? You can always buy biscuits online  and their other favorites with tonnes of variety.
2. Time Management
Whether you are working mom or a house manager, time management is essential. It not only helps you prioritize things but also saves time to spend with the family. One of the best ways of saving time and energy is to buy food products online. All you have to do is make a list and order without even stepping out of the home.
3. Availability
If you thought that shopping is limited to just buying food products, gifts, chocolates and biscuits online biscuits online then it’s time for a surprise. Today you can even buymilk, bread, fruits, veggies and other daily supplies. Mothers even book everyday delivery to save time and energy wasted on these things.
4. Special Supplies
You can get special set of supplies that you think is healthy for the family. For instance, if a special brand of rolled oats is your choice for breakfast then you will get that only every month. There is no need to compromise because the retail shop near you is out of stock. Moreover sugarfree and sugar alternatives can also be ordered for elderly and to cut down your everyday sugar intake.
5. Budget Management
Saving of groceries is always a challenge for mothers but it becomes easier with online shopping. You have the liberty to compare prices and select the best option. Also if you book a monthly plan to buymilk or food products food products, big bucks can be saved. After all, that’s what matters the most here. Isn't it?


Saturday, 29 September 2012 00:00

Rise of the Machines I

I am a little crazy with my stuffs. Be it my phone, laptop, books or just about anything that I spend a lot of time with. I just feel too much connected to these things. May be that’s why I am very possessive about these things too, can’t share (smug). Sometimes, I really have to struggle to let things go, replacing a phone is a big process for me. Anyways, the jest is that I fall in love with my things. That’s what prompted me to think about things that my things would say if they could talk. I started with the laptop. What would your or my computer say? How would it react to the way people treat it? Here’s my take on top 10 things a naughty laptop would say if it could talk.
1)  Bloody hell, loser! Give me some time to get a hold of my memory when you start me up. What if your mom throws a book on you, as you get up in morning, and tell you to read page no. 315 quickly or she’ll reload you?
 2) You illiterate mechanic! REFRESH/F5 is not the ONLY solution to every problem; unload some things off my memory on a fine day.
3) Yeah! Great you 32 bit trash, again forgot the password, pressing keys harder won’t get it right.
4) What’s with this bloody ‘f’ letter word, you just keep adding stars god know where and why. F**K, *U*K, F***. So what? Does it show your decency? Either use FUCK or just forget it and look for some courage.
5) What did you say? Come again please? So your photo is not looking good and it must be a problem with my color levels in LCD? Dumbo human your photo isn’t good coz Your Face Is In It.
6) Please don’t take me out with you. Reason: I don’t want to be seen with a human of Pentium 1 level.
7) Oh so you are annoyed coz I used too much mbs on update? You just wait mate, this time I am gonna start on my own, open up the browsing history and highlight those websites when your parents are around.
8) Wow you are looking awesome today?  New hairstyle, sparkling face? Ever thought of picking up a tissue to clean me :/
9) Don’t you ever call me a box in front of your friends, will hang out on your result day or when your gf sends photos next time.
10) Ya so you type for hours on me, prepare documents, articles and god knows what. But you know what; I don’t have anyone else to talk to. I just love you buddy, here enjoy some cookies, it’s my treat. 
Monday, 28 May 2012 16:39


'Hypothetically, if the only choice you've got is to do the wrong thing, then it's not really the *wrong* thing, is it? It's more like fate.'

'Vlad, it's never that easy.'

'Of course, we agree to disagree.'

No matter, what choices you make what things you do and what rewards you want, everything is written, decided and destined to happen. This is what I understand of fate. Although I don't personally believe in it (or maybe I do sometimes), fate is really an important part of our lives. It affects how people think, see and perceive situations. I guess luck can be a factor, you are lucky sometimes but isn't fate a totally absurd term? They say god has a book and he/she has written everything in advance (I have nothing against gods) or some polite ones will say that the journeys are not written only the destinations are. How philosophical is that?

Interestingly, almost all religions support that. The bad thing is that even Shakespeare has supported it with the best lines written in English literature.

"All the world's a stage,

And all the men and women merely players.

They have their exits and their entrances."

If I am not wrong then it means that entries and exits are preordained and you have a specific role to play. A part chosen by GODS, DESTINY or whatever, so if I choose to do the wrong thing then it will not be actually the 'wrong thing'. It is my fate. Okay, so now that the theory is crystal clear, let's come to the practical part. Some certain bloody things, including love, longingness, jealousy, sympathy, anger, faith and others are always there to screw things up. No matter, how many times they tell us that it was all gods' plan, the pain won't just go. There'll always be that emotion to do things that you want, to love people, to choose between right and wrong. Things would have been much easier if we knew what gods want. May be it helps to accept the fact that gods are looking over us and leaving things to them, maybe it's the same feeling like having parents at home and maybe it gives strength to people but things can turn really nasty if this situation overturns and people start thinking that gods want us to lose.

There'll always be people who believe in fate and people who don't. However, if you do believe in fate and it seems like gods have written everything against you then there's a line from a Gladiator.

'I know that I cannot win over those fierce creatures but I am here to entertain and believe me, I will not go down without putting up a great show.'

*Opening dialogues from Max Payne 2 and "All the world's a stage" from William Shakespeare's As You Like It.

Thursday, 24 May 2012 14:16

Girl in Red and Guy in Black II





Guy in black:  What’s your favorite food?

Girl in red: Noodles with a touch of cheese and flavored with mint.

Guy in black:  Just like your emotions.

Girl in red:  How come?

Guy in black:  Don’t know where and when it starts, every noodle spiraled with another one. You put the fork to lift one and end up messing up with something else. You try messing with many at a time and look stupid on the table in a restaurant.

Girl in red:  Stupid?

Guy in black:  Ya both with mouthful of noodles and crying girl on table, nobody asks you why it happened, all you get is an awkward look.


About girl in red and Guy in black: This is a popular online blog series. This series presents conversation between two main characters, Girl in red and Guy in black. Hope they entertain you.


Wednesday, 23 May 2012 08:03

Girl in Red and Guy in Black I


Guy in black: Isn’t sadism infused in human psychology?

Girl in red: And I guess pessimism is infused in men’s psychology.

Guy in black: I doubt a sailing Titanic would have performed better than a submerged one.

About girl in red and Guy in black: This is a popular online series that is also published in the local newspaper. This series presents conversation between two main characters, i.e. Girl in red and Guy in black. This series will now be available on the website, hope they entertain you.

Sunday, 01 January 2012 16:28

Simple Homemade Chocolate Cake

There are many times of celebration when we want to cook for our loved ones. If you are also looking for a simple recipe to surprise everyone then we have something special for you.

You want to make something great over the weekend that doesn’t eats up the fun time, then this cake is for you. Moreover, you can involve the kids too in the fun recipe. Let them eat something prepared with their efforts. So put on your apron and hit the kitchen.


As it is an easy homemade cake so you really don’t need to buy a lot of things. Most of the ingredients are from your kitchen, so assemble the following things that you will need at one place to save time.

üFour bars of unsweetened chocolate (baking), One ounce each

üOne fourth cup of butter

üOne, two third cup of boiling water

üTwo cups of sugar

üTwo eggs

üTwo, one third cups of all purpose flour

üHalf cup of dairy sour cream

üTwo teaspoon of baking soda

üOne teaspoon of salt

üOne teaspoon of vanilla extract


After you get all the ingredients on the table, you are ready to bake the chocolate cake in 6 simple steps. But before that, make sure that children stay away from oven.

1.Turn the oven on and set the temperature to 350˚ F

2.Take out your baking pan (13×9×2”), now grease and flour it.

3.Now mix the broken chocolate, water and butter in a large mixing bowl. Use a spoon for stirring the mixture and don’t stop till chocolate pieces disappear and mixture is smoothened.

4.After this, add the remaining ingredients in this mixture i.e. eggs, salt, flour etc and use an electric mixer to beat it.

5.When the mixture gets smooth, pour it in the pan.

6.Put the pan in oven and bake for at least 45 minutes or till the baking is complete (use toothpick to check).

So now your cake is ready, cool the cake and frost as you desire. Have fun and enjoy the cake.

Sunday, 01 January 2012 08:45

Why to opt for Organic Food?

The term 'organic food' has gained high popularity in the recent years. People are even happy to shell out more for food tagged as organic. But what the concept is all about and what are the benefits of organic foods?

Today you can find the organic version of almost anything. Originally, the term was used for fruits and vegetables grown at home or a neighbourhood farm. Slowly this concept gained popularity and now there are many certified organic food production houses dedicated to grow the healthier version of food. Even organic version of eggs, meats and dairy products is also available. Organic foods are preferred by the people for following reasons.

No synthetic pesticides

Certified organic food producers see to it that no harmful pesticide is used while growing the fruits and vegetables. However, if pesticide has to be used, it is natural and without harmful chemicals. This is something that is not taken care of in most of the commercially grown foods.

More Antioxidants

According to the Organic Consumers Association, chemical pesticides reduce the flavonoids in fruits and vegetables. These are antioxidants also known to fight cancer cells and to boost immunity. Therefore, organic foods have better levels of flavonoids strengthening the immunity system.

No Hormones

Most of the people don't even know that commercial producers inject animals with synthetic hormones for more meat, milk and egg. This way the animals grow quickly and production rate increases dramatically. But some part of these hormones stays in the meat or milk when you use it. However, organic foods are free of any such harmful chemicals.

Fresh and Seasonal

The organic food is always fresh and grown according to the seasons. You won't find something that is cold stored for months and then shipped from other continents to your plate. If you are buying organic food, it will be from a local farm.

Organic foods are actually better for everyone. With the above mentioned benefits of organic foods, these are environment friendly and are highly nutritious. Everything that comes in the chain of organic food is benefited from it, be it the consumer, producer or Mother Nature.

Monday, 07 November 2011 06:49

Earn From Home Doing Online Jobs

Online jobs are really popular these days and professionals, students, interns, housewives etc can take advantage of it by working from the comfort zones of their homes. Interestingly, this is not just part time work and one can even earn full time income with some of the following online jobs that don’t compel to visit an office daily.

Mock Jury

A law student or someone with interest in legal issues can take advantage of online mock jury website. People can help the lawyers here in preparing for cases for trials. This way a lot of new things can be learnt while getting paid for it. However, the money differs vastly on the type of work and website or company.


Online survey is also a good option for earning money online. Although there are many fraud websites in this business, websites like Pinecone Research offer some genuine work and money for it. The payment terms vary from website to website and one can earn anything between $1 and $10 per survey.


Blogging is one of the most popular online jobs. Today many companies pay to bloggers who can generate good traffic. Moreover, the blogs are not limited to certain topics, so one can write across different genres of interest and generate good income by investing some time and energy.

Content Writing

Online writers with ability to research and write on a variety of topics are also in huge demand. The rule is simple: write what clients want and get paid for it. One can write movie reviews, product reviews, travel articles, company introductions, SEO articles and so on.


There are many scams going around by the name of online work, so it becomes very difficult to find a suitable job. However, with little caution one can get an online job that helps in getting those extra bucks or a full time salary.