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A response to Olu Adegoke's atheism

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A response to Olu Adegoke's atheism

Transcend The Self Concept To Find Out If Other Realities Exist

Ozodi Osuji


Olu Adegoke please look at yourself. You have a self-concept, an idea of who you think that you are. That self-concept was constructed in your childhood. You used feedback from how your body experienced its physical world and social world to construct your self-concept.

It is you, building on your biological givens and social givens that constructed your self-concept (I am not going to make this write up academic by citing sources but if you are interested in the psychology of self-concept see the writings of George Kelly, 1955, Personality as a self-construct, W.W. Norton, New York).

The self-concept is like a circle you (where I say you, I mean each of us, human beings) constructed and place you in its middle and say: this is who I am; I am within this circle, anything outside the circle is not me but everything inside it is me.

The self-concept says that one begins and ends here in this particular circle. Body is usually the boundary of the self-concept and, may be, three feet outside one's body (what folks call their personal space; they will defend it if you enter it, they call it invading their space) is the demarcation of the self-concept.

Once the child by, say, age six, has formed his self-concept he thereafter looks at the world from the self-concept. He sees the world from the prism of the self-concept. He does not see the world apart from his self-concept; he sees other people, animals, trees and the entire world as his self-concept shapes them to be.

In other words, the individual does not see anything as it is but as his self-concept made it out to be.  The human individual thinks and behaves according to his self-concept; he sees the world according to his self-concept.

If a person sees things from the parameters of his self-concept, is he seeing them accurately?  No human being sees the world accurately; all perception is projection; all seeing is shaped by what is in our minds hence we do not see objectively.

The world we see is not the world as it is, in fact. If so then what is the world as it is?

Stop right here and see if the above assertions are true; and see if they apply to you. Do you see anything that is not shaped by your self-concept?  Yes or no?  Be as brutally honest as you can in answering that question.

The self-concept assumes that you are separated from other persons and from the rest of the universe. The self-concept says: I am here and other people are over there; I am me and other people are them.

The self-concept assumes a universe of space, time and matter. The self-concept sees you separated by space and time from other people and things. I am here in my home office typing this mail; you are over there (Nigeria?); there is space between us. There is time between us. If I want to reach you I must traverse space and do so in a certain amount of time.  I am in matter, body and that body delineates where I begin and end and your body delineates where you begin and end. Simply stated, the self-concept assumes space, time and matter and the separation of people.

Space, time and matter are the characteristics of separation. In a separated universe all things are apart from each other.

Conversely, in a unified universe all things are joined, connected and is one. Our world is a place of separation not union (although in truth even the seeming separated things are unified...for example, your body is unified with the stars; the sun's light and heat produced your body and without the sun you would not live; you are literally one with the sun, stars, galaxies and the universe).

I do not believe that anyone would dispute with anything that I said above; we live in a world of separation and that each of us has a self-concept that delineates where he begins and ends in the separated world.

As it were, it seems that the universe came into being to offer each of us the opportunity to form a self-concept.  (This is an assertion without proof; it also assumes a teleological universe, an unproved hypothesis; but for now assume that the world exists to offer each of us the opportunity to have a separated self-concept.)


Now do this. Deliberately decide to relinquish your self-concept.  This is what folks in Hinduism and Buddhism do in meditation. They assume that the self-concept is false and not who we are. They close their eyes and shut out the external world; they try to stop seeing things from their separated self-concepts. They try to stop thinking from their separated self-concepts.

Another name for the separated self-concept is the ego, the I.  Hindus, in effect, try to stop seeing the world from the I, from the ego.

Hinduism has many holy books, including the Vedas, the Upanishads, Patanjali's Yogas, Ramayana and Mahabharata (which contains the Bagavad Gita).

One of the Upanishads says that anything we see with our ego, the I is not true.  In meditation folks are told to say: Neti, Neti, not true, not true; anything that I can see and conceptualize with my ego is not true; my ego thinking shows me an untrue world.

To see and experience a different world I must stop thinking and seeing with the mind and eyes of the ego.

It is not easy to stop thinking from separated self-concepts, aka egos. Try stopping thinking and you would not be able to do so. The more you try not to think in ego terms the more your ego doubles its efforts to make you think in ego and with ego categories. The ego chatters forever and ever and is afraid of silence, for in silence it disappears from being.

The ego is a substitute and replacement self (our real self is unified spirit whereas the ego is a separated self); it does not exist and seems to exist only when we are thinking through it; if we stop thinking through it, it disappears from existence; to avoid its death the ego does not want us to stop thinking from ego categories, so we think on and on and that thinking shows us the egos world, the world of dreams we call our world.

When we are thinking through the ego we do not see other worlds; our minds are really blank when we think through the ego; blank because we are prevented from seeing other dimensions of being. (Please note that even physics' concept of multiverse acknowledges the existence of many universes that we do not see.)

If you persist in negating your ego thinking (by saying: I am not the ego, I am not my body etc.) you will attain no ego thinking state (Buddhism calls this state the emptying from the mind of the ego self, void). You would feel like you have no ego self. You would literally feel like your habitual ego self is dead. You would feel empty, vacant; where you had seen a self is now nothingness.  The ego is really nothing!

This is a very scary feeling, to feel that you have no self and that what you had called your self is no more. Most people cannot deal with having no self so they quickly return to their old ego selves.

(In psychological categories, the ego is defended to seem to exist; each of us has ego defense mechanisms...such as repression, suppression, denial, displacement, projection, rationalization, sublimation, reaction-formation, fantasy, minimizing, avoidance, fear, anger, guilt, pride, shame and so on... with which he defends his ego; a normal person has strong ego defenses that make his ego seem real to him; in some persons the ego defenses are weak and they experience ego decompensation; such persons experience loss of ego self. This is what is called psychosis, madness. The schizophrenic is ego decompensated, has lost his usual ego self and futilely tries to invent another self, to restitute with another ego self, this time with a bizarre and grandiose self that no longer fits into our normal world....I will not take you into detailed discourse of mental disorders so let us move on).

Let us assume that you are serious about finding out if you have a different self, a self apart from your separated ego self, you persist in having no ego self.  You accept the death of your ego self.  You accept nothingness. You now have no self that you know of, certainly not the self you developed in childhood.

If you do so and accept no self, accept emptiness, accept void where you had seen your ego self you would know that what you call your ego self, your present human personality, the self-concept does not exist. That is true, what you call you does not exist; what you currently call you is mere puff of smoke that can be let out and nothingness exists where you had thought that you are.

If you let go of your ego separated self and experience no self you will find out that there are other kinds of selves (with their enabling worlds).

First, you will see a world that looks like our present world but everything in it is made of light, photons. It is our world in light forms.

This is where most religions end. That world is called purgatory by Catholics, Paradise by Muslims, and Astral world by Hindus (Igbos call it Ala Muo, where disembodied ancestors live).

The world of light forms is still our world but a more beautiful version of our world. It is our world made lovely by a higher part of our minds (what Christians call Holy Spirit); it is our world purified with love and forgiveness; it is a world at the gate of heaven but is not heaven itself (heaven is formless).

To see this purified world you have to tune out our familiar world of dense matter and energy; you cannot see our world and the world of light forms at the same time; it is an either or situation; if you see one you do not see the other. So the choice is yours as to which world you want to see.

Right now you see our world and thus had decided not to see the world of light forms.

Right now, you can make a different choice and decide not to see our world, tune it out and see the world of light forms. The choice is yours; it is decision time, my friend!

The world of light forms and our present world of dense matter are both false worlds; they do not exist but seem to exist. They are dreams; one (light forms) is a happy dream and the other (dense matter, our present world) is a nightmarish dream.

Our world and the world of light forms are illusions; they seem real but are not real; they are images in our spiritual minds (not mind as you currently understand mind to be; what you currently call your mind is the ego mind, a mind shaped by your body and social experience; you have another mind, the mind of your real self, the mind of your spirit self).

Thus, when you, Olu, echoing atheism's famous argument, say that what near death experiencers see is a dream world you are correct; however, you must also know that our world is a dream world!

Upon seeing the equally unreal but better looking world of light forms and you want to experience your truth you must resolve not to accept that world and or our world of dense matter.

You say to you: every world in space, time and forms (light matter or dense matter) are false and not real.  You say to you that you want to experience the real world.

If you mean it and resist accepting the world of light forms (in the world of light forms you will see you, Olu, as you are now, and see all people in your world, animals and trees, everything in your world, but in light forms); if you reject that world, you will see you, light or dense, disappear from existence. You would thereafter have no self in form.

This does not mean that you would seize existing. You would now experience the world of pure light. This is a formless light world.

In that formless world there is no you and non you, no seer and seen, no subject and object; it is just one wave of spiritual light that begins and ends nowhere.

That wave of spiritual light is what folks call God and his heaven. Each of us is a unit, a particle of that wave of spiritual light. In it we feel blissful, happy and peaceful; it is eternal and changeless; it is our real home.

We have not left it; we are always in it but while in it seem to have forgotten it and now see ourselves on earth; our earth is a place that does not exist; we are on a journey without distance for wherever we go we go in God.

As you must have learned from physics, wave and particles of light are one; they are not separate; light acts as wave if you want it to act so and as particles if you want it to act so.

The spiritual wave of light and its infinite particles (us) share one self and one mind.  God and you and all of us share one self and one mind. Where God ends and you, Olu, or I, begin is nowhere; God is in you and you are in God; you are in God and in all people. God and his infinite selves are not separated from each other; they are each other (Brahman is Atman and Atman is Brahman). This is called non-dualistic philosophy in Hinduism (see such Hindu philosophers as Shankara and Ramanuja).

Yes, in God, heaven there are still a you and me but that you and me are simultaneously all of us and God.


I do not think that what I said above makes sense to your ego categories and therefore you are tempted to dismiss it as gibberish.  Go ahead and dismiss it as rubbish.

God's categories are different from the egos categories of thinking; in God all of us are one, the same and coequal; in ego we are separated into different and unequal selves. In ego we see with separated eyes; in God we know with one mind.

Speech and language was designed to adapt to the world of separated selves. In God where all are one there is no need for speech and language so we cannot understand heaven with speech and language. It is futile trying to explain heaven in human separated ego language. Nevertheless, I must try.

In the meantime why not perform the experiment I asked you to perform (meditation), let go of your separated ego self-concept and accept no ego self and see if you would not feel the death of your ego.  If you accept the death of your ego you would see a replication of our world in light forms; ultimately, you would experience no self at all (aka unified self; what Buddhism calls Nirvana, Hinduism calls Samadhi, Zen calls Satori and Christian mysticism calls the Union of God and his sons as one self). Try it and do not just live from your ego, as the ego would like you to do.

Olu, shut down your ego and do not think and talk or see with the separated self; tell you that you do not know who your real self is and don't try to tell you who your real self is; just keep quiet and say nothing.

When you see a person standing in front of you, know that you are seeing him with ego eyes; therefore, you are not seeing the real him. If you have love and forgiveness for him you will see him in light form; if you overlook his physical form you would experience him as one with you; that is, you would experience unified state, aka heaven.


By the way, Olu, your concept of God is derived from Christianity, Islam Judaism and African religions. All those are primitive religions that see God as a father figure they have to worship, pray to and have him help them.

Hinduism, Buddhism, Zen and Taoism do not see God as a human being to be worshiped and supplicated to, asked for help.

Oriental religions, perhaps reflecting the fact that in general Orientals tend to be more intelligent than Africans, Europeans and Arabs (in IQ testing they score higher than other races, in standardized tests like SAT they score higher than whites and blacks), well, Orientals do not see God as a person.

Orientals see God as I presented it above, as a unified force that each of us is a part of. They do not pray to God to help them become rich, as your primitive Nigerians do; they merely seek ways to remove their egos so that they can experience God, their real self and in that experience feel peaceful and happy.


If God and his sons, the whole and parts, wave and particles are one self how did our world of multiplicity come into being?  This is a good question.

Listen and listen carefully. God remains as a wave of light for it is eternal, permanent and changeless.  The sons of God, particles of light, us, desired to experience the opposite of unified state. As it were, we cast Maya, magical spell on ourselves and forget that we are part of God and one another. Thus, while still in the state of union some parts of union projected out our physical universe, beginning with the Big Bang 13.8 billion years ago.

Read up on cosmology and astrophysics if you are not aware of the evolution of the physical universe.

Parts of God projected out physical light (turned spiritual light into physical light); they made that light into hot light and exploded it; from its seeming separated photons of light they invented electrons and quarks; thereafter, they combined quarks into protons and neutrons and then placed protons and neutrons into nuclei and made electrons to circle nuclei and thus formed atoms.

They arranged atoms of different kinds (I assume that you studied chemistry in high school and now the difference between the various types atoms called elements...hydrogen, for example, has one electron and one proton (in its nucleus), helium has two electrons and (two protons and two neutrons in its nucleus)...go down the periodic table until you have seen the composition of the 118 or so elements in the universe).

With the elements the sons of God formed stars, planets, plants, animals and human beings bodies. Everything in the physical universe is formed from the elements, is made of matter (matter and energy are one, we can convert matter to energy and energy to matter...per Einstein's E=Mc2).

The sons of God that projected out the physical universe at some point wanted to experience life in matter, life inside body so they seem to have entered human bodies.

In each body they form their ego personalities.  But while they seem like they are inside bodies they are, in fact, not inside bodies. They remain a part of God; they remain particles in the eternal wave of light (aka, God and his heaven).

We seem to be in our bodies and bodies seem real to us. We defend our bodies with food, medications, clothes and houses etc. We establish governments to protect our bodies from the attacks by other bodies (persons). We do so for about 100 years and die.

When we die our bodies decompose into the twenty six element that formed them (carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, iron, zinc, potassium, magnesium, phosphor, sodium, chlorine, gold etc. are all part of our bodies).

Upon death the elements in our bodies decay and separate from each other.  They become part of their pool in the universe (and are used in forming other things).

The hydrogen and oxygen etc. that was part of your dead grandfather's body is now part of something else (other people, trees, animals and stars etc.).

In time all elements will decay to electrons, protons and neutrons. In trillions of years particles will decay to quarks and since quarks do not exist independently they quickly decay to photons.

The entire universe was made from photons, particles of light but now is disguised in atoms of matter and eventually returns to photons, light.

Stop and think about what I just said. Our bodies are made from light and in time will return to light.  First, we return to physical light and thereafter physical light returns to spiritual light; and our evolution in matter ends; this will take trillions of years to occur; when this occurs the prodigal son returns home and knows that he is always part of God.

Please read up on astrophysics' eschatology, how the universe would end...the stars losing energy, hydrogen fusing other elements and when the fusion reaches iron stars get hot and explode in supernova; all stars will eventually explode; the universe would be composed of unattached elements and the elements would decay to their constituent parts and their parts to photons; the universe will eventually be one cold empty place with radiation, photons (the Big Chill).


Olu, I have probably lost you because what I am talking about is not the way Africans, in their primitive state of being, understand reality.

Atheism is like theism; both are belief systems based on assumptions, not facts. You do not know that there is God or no God. Accept that reality and call yourself what reasonable people do: agnostic.

Atheists and theists are superficial folks; they make assumptions and take their assumptions as truth.  Reasonable people say that they do not know and then do research.

Everything that I said about reality, of it been composed of spiritual light and that light transforming itself to physical light and using physical light to form matter and energy  and our universe is the truth.

Read up on quantum mechanics and expand your mind a bit. I do not have the time to teach you basic physics, especially quantum mechanics but I urge you to study it.

Most of our quantum mechanics physicists, such as Max Plank, Albert Einstein, Ernest Rutherford, Neils Bohr, Werner Heisenberg, Emil Schrodinger, Louis Broglie, Paul Dirac, Pauli, Enrico Fermi, Lise Meitner, Thomas Oppenheimer, James Wheeler, Hugh Everett, John Bell, Alan Gott, Alan Aspect etc. were agnostics not atheists.

Only Spurious thinkers call themselves atheists. I am talking about such empty headed fellows as Richard Dawkins, a biologist who says that there is no God and that God is a delusion. What he should have said is that the Christian conception of God is false and then studied physics and see where it leads him to (the fact that light constructed everything in the universe and that that physical light is rooted in spiritual light)?

I was going to give a reasonable refutation of your atheism, perhaps, in one page, but have already written five pages and must therefore stop.

Cheers, my bright young friend.

*I consider myself agnostic; I do not belong to any organized religion; organized religions are meant for the masses consumption and, worse, are used to control them (as Karl Marx noted when he said that religion is the opium of the masses). The fact that religion is foolishness does not negate the existence of a reality that folks call God. In time physics will prove the existence of an intelligence outside energy and matter that wrote the equations that shaped our universe. We are that intelligence that produced this universe; we invented this universe and deny that we invented it and attribute it to God. We made this universe to play with and will reinvent it to play with, to have fun, to have happy dream. We must take ownership of this world and stop denying that we made it and claiming that God made it, for he did not. Olu, the metaphysics in this response to you is different from what you called God and religion and was responding to with your atheism. You and all of us invented our world so let us start reinventing and improving it and stop wasting our time talking about nonexistent gods. We are the gods! Through science and technology we shall make this world look like what Christians call new Israel and new Jerusalem; when we have had enough play in matter we awaken to our real self, eternal unified spirit self.

Ozodi Osuji,

August 20, 2016

If you have questions you can reach me at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or (907) 310-8176. School starts in two weeks so I will be on campus most of the time; thus you can also reach me through my office email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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