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White persons exist to abuse black persons

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From the inception of the United States of America (1607) white persons have abused black persons; they used them as slaves  (from 1619) to cultivate the land and today continue that abuse in sundry other ways.  In just about every encounter a black person has with a white person the white person implicitly says: allow yourself to be abused by me as the only condition of our relationship.

I do not think that this social-dynamics is conscious; I think that it is unconscious; that is, the white person unconsciously expects the black person to allow his self to be abused by him. Thus, at the conscious level he denies abusing black folks; he may even think that he is doing black folks good (slave masters, apparently, believed that they were doing Africans a world of good!).

Clearly, white policemen exist to abuse black folks and actually evince surprise if black folks say that they are abused; white policemen simply assume that it is their natural right to abuse black folks and for black folks to accept that abuse without complaint. This is the arrogance of the evil ego.

White American governments: federal, state, county and city exist to abuse black folks. Their entire relationship with black folks is predicated on abusing black folks.

I said entire for there is no exception to the general rule. Everything they do to black folks is meant to abuse them and for black folks to accept this abuse without complaint. Their entire laws are meant to abuse black folks.

If you are a black person and complain they cite their laws that permit them to do what they did to you and in their minds they are legal.

Apparently, white folks lack sense of humor, for if they did they would recognize the absurdity of saying that their laws are black folk's laws. Who made those laws that they apply to black folks? Of course, white folks made them. If so why should they apply to black folks? In a democracy all citizens or their representatives are supposed to participate in making the laws that rule the land; thus, in as much as black folks are prevented from participating in the making of American laws those laws are white folk's laws, not black folk's laws. Imposing them on black folks is act of aggression; the powerful imposes his will on the weak but no one mistakes what is going on; might is right until the weak throw the mighty out.

If you have observed white American governments you would have noticed that they are run by criminals. America has a government by criminals and for criminals.

Do white people abuse other white people? The answer is yes. The white government is predicated on abuse and abuses both white and black people.

America is a land of abusers. Just look at white Americans and what do you see? You see a sorry people who have so abused each other that they do not actually know any difference. They actually do not know that it is possible to run governments that are not predicated on abuse of human beings.

The question one has to ask is whether black people also abuse black people? In Africa certainly the governments do not seem to care for their fellow Africans.  Africans exist to abuse Africans!

I believe that human beings exist to abuse each other; so far the only condition people have known in their existence on planet earth is mutual abuse.

Helen Schucman's book, A course in miracles says that mutual abuse is the condition for existence on planet earth. It says that in heaven people were in perfect harmony, a harmony based on knowledge of their sameness and equality.  It says that while in heaven (sameness and equality) people desired specialness; by this it means that each of them wanted to go seem to have created his self and other selves; that is, to seem superior to others.

The only way they can seem to accomplish that delusion of specialness (superiority) is to seem separated from each other.

To seem superior to each other they, as it were, went to sleep and in their sleep dream that they have attacked each other and in so doing pushed each other away from each other.

The empirical world, Helen (she claimed that the book is channeled from Jesus) said came into being through our mutual attacks that push each other away from us.  Our world, which Helen says is a dream, is a world of separation; we are having a dream of specialness and separation.

Separation of one person from another is maintained by people attacking one another.  The world we live in, the world of separation is maintained by us attacking each other, in my language, abusing each other.

We abuse each other to push each other away from us and to maintain the delusion that we are special, that is, superior to each other.

In this light, white people seeking the delusion that they are superior to black people abuse black people (and abuse themselves).

In Africa, black people to maintain the delusion that they are individually superior to each other abuse each other hence separate from each other.

Abuse is the means of maintaining our desired specialness and separation. Abuse maintains the illusion that we live apart from Love, aka God.

The world is inherently an abusive place.

In what A course in miracles calls special love relationships we set things up in such a manner that our mutual abuses are masked and presented as loving. People come together and seem to love each other but actually are acting out their desires for specialness; and as longs as you acknowledge the other fellows sense of specialness he or she stays around you but the moment you no longer acknowledge his specialness he leaves you and go form other special relationships with other persons.

It should be noted that A course in miracles says that in heaven we are in God and he is in us and we are in each other; it says that the father and the son are in each other and that there is no space between them; where the  father ends and the son begins is nowhere.

Our true self, the book says, is unified spirit self, aka Christ self. But we decided to have special, separated selves. The selves we have on earth are special separated selves; the book says that these selves are false selves, are substitute selves; selves we made up and housed in body to give us a sense of separation from God and from one another; they are replacement selves. The goal of the book is to enable us give up our separated self-concepts and return to the awareness of our already always there unified real self; our true self is the unified spirit self, the unified son of God.

Those who walk the earth do so on one premise: mutual abuse and defense from each other.  This is what Helen Schuman's A course in miracles says.

The book says that the alternative is for people to give up their ego separated self-concepts, for the ego is based on desire to abuse one's self and other selves.

The book teaches that one must allow what it calls the Holy Spirit or Christ to guide one out of the field of mutual abuse we find ourselves in.

The book's goal is to enable humanity to form what it calls holy relationships. Here, people are still in forms but now use their forms, egos and bodies to love one another; they use the egos they made to separate with to join with each other.

In Helen's metaphoric language, in Holy Relationships people, as it were, are now living at the gate of heaven. They are not quite in heaven but approximate it.

Heaven itself, Helen says, is formless; those in heaven do not have egos and bodies; they are formless unified spirit.

Helen says that if one asks the Holy Spirit to guide one that he would tell one that one is spirit, not body and, as such, what those who see one as ego in body do to one does not matter. The world is a dream and what is done in dreams have not been done; those who abused you in the dream of specialness and separation have not done so in spiritual reality.

Because what we see happen to us on earth is done in dreams and have not in fact happened the book asks its readers to forgive the abuses they saw coming their ways.

Indeed, it said that the real purpose why folks abuse one, attack one is to offer one the opportunity to recognize that their attacks, abuses were done in dreams and thus overlook them, forgive them.

In forgiving what folks did to hurt one, one realizes that they could only hurt one's false self, the ego housed in body but cannot hurt one's real self, which the book says is the son of God.

The son of God, the book says, is eternally safe in heaven and no one can harm him or kill him. The son of God is in his father and his father is in him and all his brothers.

Jesus Christ, it says, is a man who while on earth recognized that he is in a dream of specialness and separation and realized that the attacks, abuses he saw coming his way were done in the dream of specialness and separation; he recognized that what is done in dreams have not been done in spiritual reality thus he overlooked the attack on him (hence said that his father should forgive those who just destroyed his body for he knew that they could not destroy his spirit that is eternal).

The book defines salvation as inhering in forgiving those who abused one; it says that when one forgives those who abused one, one automatically forgives one's self for ones abuse of other people.

The person who abused one thus offers one the opportunity to forgive him and in forgiving him forgive one's self.

In forgiving other people and one's self one regains the awareness of ones state in heaven, in the state of eternal union of God and his sons as one shared self: innocence, sinlessness, guiltlessness and holiness.

To sin is to seek specialness and separation, sort of like the original sin, the fall from heaven, light into the world of darkness that Christians talk about.

In this light, black folks should see white folks abuse of them as something done to their egos and bodies, and as something done in their mutual dream that abuse is possible, their dream of specialness and separation. What is done in dreams has not been done in spiritual reality.

Black folks should therefore overlook white folk's mad attacks/abuses of them; black folks should forgive white folks insane, perpetual abuse of black folks.

By the same token, black folks should overlook and forgive abuses by their fellow black folks, and abuses by all human beings.

In overlooking abuse the book says that people deny that they are special and separated selves housed in bodies; they deny the reality of separation and body and in so doing awaken to the reality of their spirit self; they become enlightened to  the Christ in them; they become illuminated that they are the children of God.

I do not know whether what A course in miracles says is true or not; I do not know whether overlooking other peoples attacks on one is the only way to overcome the world, awaken from the dream.

What I do know is what my perception shows me in the here and now world. In the empirical world my perception shows me that white folks exist to abuse black folks and that black folks also exist to abuse each other.

I have not quite figured out what to do about this perception of abuse. Certainly, I do not like to be abused and am angry that white America believes that it has the right to abuse me, to constantly inflict pain on my person.

I know from studying history that those who abuse other persons cannot last long. Empires largely fall because those who they abused rise up and seek redress.

Rome fell when those it abused sought redress from abuse.

It does not take a rocket scientist to realize that despite America's supposed power it is on the last days of its glory. American governments are essentially debtor governments; the federal government alone owes more money than it generates every year (it is a seventeen trillion dollars economy, that is, its GDP is $17 trillion dollars annually; it owes over eighteen trillion dollars!).America is totally rotten; its fabric is decayed; its family system has fallen apart and the people are lost.

America is waiting for a little push and it collapses and is replaced by other types of governments.

Muslim jihadists have the delusion that they are the alternative to the West. Those folks are actually more vicious and are not going to be the force expected to replace America and Europe. Muslims exist to kill people and as such are not a positive force; they are evil; the world does not need destructive forces such as is represented by Islam.

The force that would replace America is not yet understood; I suspect that white American rule would be replaced by those white folks abused for five hundred years, black folks. Europe itself is currently inundated by Africans.

Fifty thousand years ago, Africans moved into Europe and replaced the Neanderthals that were living there; unfortunately, they mixed with the Neanderthals hence produced the half human half ape people that is white folks.

Africans are once again on the move, and, no doubt, in a couple hundred years would take over Europe. One hopes that this time they form a more loving government there, not the oppressive governments that currently characterize European political culture.

In the meantime, if you are a black man please have no illusion about who white folks are; you need to know that white folks exist to abuse you and that they must do so.  Left to their devices white folks will always abuse black folks, abuse you; they cannot help themselves but be abusers of black folks; they are born criminals (you must have noticed that their predominant personality type is anti-social personality disorder, they have no conscience and do not feel guilt from abusing people; in fact, they derive sadistic pleasure from abusing people, that is their nature).

If you are a black person please do not deny reality and amuse yourself with how civilized white folks are; you had better believe that white folks are semi Neanderthals who derive pleasure from abusing black folks.

The African American psychologist, Bobby Wright made similar points in his book, "the Psychopathic racial personality". He saw white folks as cold blooded oppressors; he said that they are so because they evolved in the cold waste lands of Europe and know only cold, calculated exploitative behaviors.

We just have to figure out a way to replace the criminals that currently rule the world. What we are going to replace them with I do not yet know for sure.

What I know for certain is that white folks are born to abuse black folks and must abuse you if you are a black man. And while doing so, in their minds they do not even know that they are abusing you and actually express surprise when you tell them that they are abusing you.

White psychiatrists are generally evil; they are evil because they rationalize the oppressive society they live in. In that light, when black folks complain of abuse the evil psychiatrists chime in and say that the abuse black folks see with their naked eyes is in their heads and is not real; the Mephistopheles say that you are experiencing paranoid sense of persecution (as if most white folks are not paranoid...walk down the street and watch white folks walk to the other side of the street because they have unfounded, paranoid fears of black folks).

White folks attack black folks; black folks feel pain and they are told that the attack is in their heads!  Psychiatry was abused in the Soviet Union and in the USA.

Most white psychiatrists are cowards who tolerate abusive governments; they are not relevant to human evolution. Ignore them and live as your perception tells you. (I have worked with many of them and from experience know that they are garbage; forget them.)

Do you perceive abuse by white folks? If yes you are abused. Then work towards the replacement of the evil political system that encourages white folks to abuse black folks.  What the world now needs is a loving society.

What that loving society and its political system are like I have not yet quite understood. I have been trying to understand it in my hundreds of articles and over fifty books.

The evil political system abused me. Thus my attention was directed to understanding it. In understanding it I ask: what is the alternative to it? I have not yet found an acceptable alternative to the evil the West unleashed on the world. What I know for sure is that Europeans are morally bankrupt and decrepit; they have no idea what love is; they only understand abuse; like criminals they exist to abuse people. In the here and now world, the criminal understands only the language of force and violence and it would seem that force and violence is needed to overthrow and replace this evil political system. However, violence breeds more violence. Therefore, we have to seek a non-violent way to replace this plague on mankind called Western civilization.

Ozodi Osuji

May 11, 2015

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Osuji, Ozodi. See my book series on spiritual science; and book series on living from the real self or any of my over 50 books (and tons of articles).

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