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What is Africa’s response to the coming collapse of the West?

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We are living in precarious times, in one of those times when exhausted old empires collapse and for a while there is chaos before new empires emerge. Think of the collapse of Rome and the ensuing chaos and dark ages before Northwestern Europe emerged as the new power center of the world. Northwest Europe, the present dominators of the world and their American satellite appear on the precipice of collapse. So, what is Africa going to do about this situation? Wait for others to emerge as powerful and come enslave and colonize her, again?


(What is Africa's response to the coming collapse of the West?)

Ozodi Osuji

To all persons with eyes to see it is clear that something is in the air, something is about to happen and it will happen so suddenly that most people would not have the time to complete a sentence before it happens. I am talking about the coming economic hence political collapse of the West.

In 1991, after seventy years of blustering, of trying to prove that the impossible is possible, that you can hold a people under the gun forever and prevent the human yearning for freedom, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, USSR collapsed. No one saw it coming; even the most astute political observers did not see it coming, for none knew how rotten the Soviet Union was. The Soviet Union was literally a paper tiger, a country whose entire economy is not even the size of California's economy yet it bamboozled the world into seeing it as a superpower. Socialism collapsed and no one cried for it.

Western Europe is tottering on the brinks. Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Greece, France, even England are all going through rough patches. They are propped up by the only sound economy in Europe, Germany. It is clear that Germany cannot carry the entire continent of Europe for too long (the German economy is healthy because Germans did not have colonies and therefore Germans worked for their living instead of exploit their colonies for survival, as other Western Europeans did).

At the moment, we sit with crossed fingers, waiting for the European shoe to drop; waiting to hear that the fraud called European economy is collapsed.

The European economy is fraudulent because while preaching capitalism it was actually not practicing what capitalism says: competition for the allocation of scarce resources; the European economy was based on oppression and theft.

Europe used guns and political shenanigans to hold African and Asian people down and stole their raw materials for her industry. The European economy is not based on free enterprise and its competition whereby to the best competitor goes the spoils but on theft, the theft of other people's natural resources.

European colonial powers stole from Asia and Africa and used those continents resources to develop Europe and with the excess profit bribed the European working classes and gave them middle class living standards.

Asia is now free from Europe's colonial or neocolonial control; Europeans no longer steal Asian raw materials to power European industries.

Africa is the only dependent continent; Europe still steals from Africa and that theft props her up. If France, for example, did not cart the raw materials of her African colonies to France and with it prop her economy up France would be in worse shape than Greece today.

Spain and Portugal have lost their colonies in the America's and still steal from their African neocolonial countries but not enough to prevent them from tottering at the brink of collapse. Unemployment in Spain is approaching third world levels, 30% and continuing. Soon, fifty percent of the Spanish people would be unemployed and she would be in the same status as Nigeria.

The American economy, like that of Europe was based on taking what does not belong to her. America stole raw materials from Latin America (and after the second world war when she emerged as the economic superpower, from Asia and Africa, too) for her industries. Latin America was America's backyard to take from as it pleased.

At the moment most Latin American countries are saying to Uncle Sam: you have no right to cart our resources to New York for your people's welfare. Thus, the American economy is reeling.

America is borrowing to stay afloat. At the moment people from all over the world consider America safe and bank their foreign reserves at American banks. They are willing to lend money to Uncle Sam.

Uncle Sam currently owes over $15 trillion dollars (her total economy is about $17 trillion). In effect, the country owes almost as much as her entire economy is worth.

This is unsustainable. Something got to give! One of these days we shall wake up and hear that Wall Street has crashed and that America's fat cats are jumping out of windows and killing themselves (before the masses get to them and cut their throats, as the masses did during the French revolution to Marie Antoinette who had asked them to eat cake when they were starving; America's rich live on a high hog while many Americans are homeless and unable to afford a decent meal a day).

Canada is a parasite feeding off her USA host; when the US goes down Canada goes down!

The point is that the West is in a precarious state. Something is going happen and happen soon. Give or take, two decades the world economy will be reshuffled; the current powerful will bite the dust as new economic giants emerge. China is already knocking at the doors; add Germany and may be Brazil as possible replacements of the old economic hence political order.

Russia is living on her oil revenue, not on her industrial productivity and that is no way to become an economic superpower. Russia is a third world country.

India has too many hungry people to be an economic superpower; Japan does not have raw materials and is not going be an economic superpower. Africa and the Middle East are too underdeveloped to be relevant in the struggle for dominance of the world economy in the immediate future.

When Europe and America collapses and Germany, Brazil and China become the dominant world economies how is Africa going to fare? Will Africans become another colony of the Chinese, Germans and Brazilians or would they be able to hold their own?

Will the coming economic collapse lead to the pruning of the African population, will Africans die off so that what remains is more appropriate to her land?

Nigeria currently has 150 million people. Obviously her land cannot even support fifty million people adequately. If there is no oil money to use to feed the teeming masses of unproductive Nigerians there is no doubt that within a few decades most Nigerians would die off and may be fifty million of them would survive.

We cannot go on pouring fertilizers, chemicals to the fragile tropical soil of Nigeria and expect that soil to yield crops forever. The land would soon turn into dust bowls. The Sahara desert would creep southwards and enclose all of Northern Nigeria and similar region in West Africa. Northerners would either die off or war with Southerners for whatever resources are there and in the war many will die off leaving Nigeria with no more than what she can sustain about 50 million people (which can be stabilized through zero population growth).

Black Africa, if pure reason dictated population growth, given the poor quality of African soils, should not exceed 300 million people. In the past Africa exported her surplus population. Fifty thousand years ago Africans left Africa and spread to other parts of the world. In the last 1000 years Africa exported her surplus population as slaves to the Middle East and America and that way kept what Africa can support in Africa itself.

The point is that Africa cannot support large population and must find a way to curtail her present runaway population growth. Since other continents are no longer willing to take Africans, at least not massively, the alternative is family planning with no more than two children per family. Of course, Africans can choose to breed like rats and have them die like rats from suffering and starvation, as they are currently doing!

In the here and now, what are Nigerians and Africans planning to do when the looming economic collapse in the West occurs and the world economy is reshuffled and new economic, hence military powers emerge?

They say that Africans do not plan for the future, that they live for immediate gratification. Is that true?

Are Nigerians, Africans waiting, oblivious of what is starring them in the face, economic catastrophe to happen with no contingency plan on how to meet it? If so then they deserve to die off, for they are useless people.

Alternatively, can Africans come up with economic theories that are not Europe based, not capitalism or socialism, one that is original in thinking? I am waiting to hear from Africa's so-called intelligentia.

Perhaps, all that Africa's pseudo intellectuals can do is blaming others, blaming Europe for all their problems but cannot come up with unique ideas to solve their problems? If so, again, it is better that they died off, for unproductive people have no business staying alive. If they stayed alive who is supposed to carry them along?

(Africans, Nigerians bank much of their foreign reserves in America; when America goes belly up they would lose all that money! Perhaps, Africa ought to develop strong economies with strong currencies where folks can park their monies? How about one currency for all of black Africa, with Johannesburg the new London and New York as the financial capital of Africa?)

The world is a competitive place; those most able to compete, the fittest survive, and the least competitors die off. This is reality and one is not crying for it.

So, where to Africa? Is it going to be the same old, same old unproductive Africans? Is it time for Africans to massively die off or can they come up with unique ideas to save their selves?

And while we are at it, whatever happened to what Julius Nyerere used to call African socialism, Ujamma? Was that mere cute expression, an attempt to express European socialism in African language?

Look, one is not looking for Africans to recycle tired European political and economic ideologies; one is looking for original Africa-centric ideas on politics and economics. It is time Africans generated new ideas, okay.

Whoever created Africans must have given them some brains; they ought to put those brains to work during these critical times and come up with ideas on how to best serve Africans before they start dying off like cockroaches in empty houses where there are no crumbs of food from tenants for them to eat and survive.

Ozodi Osuji

July 22, 2012

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