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What do jihadists want---world chaos?

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Human beings are those creatures that ask questions. In that light let me ask: what exactly do Islamic jihadists want to accomplish with their current spate of violence all over the world. What is their end goal, if one may ask them?  What are these folks trying to accomplish?

They transform wherever they are to chaos, a state of total anarchy (Afghanistan was returned to seventh century state of being; the areas of Iraq that they control is reduced to chaos; Syria is in a state of anarchy; Yemen is what Thomas Hobbes called state of nature where each person looks after his interests and fights others and the result is mutual mayhem and life is brutal, nasty and short.  In Northeastern Nigeria life is now pointless for the Jihadists kill people at will.

All economic development comes to a halt wherever the jihadists take over. I would say that Arabs worst enemies would not do to them what Jihadists do to them. It is as if Muslim Arabs enemies planned to retard the progress of the Muslim world, to get them to kill each other and create chaos in their world so that no economic development takes place in their world and for total insecurity to reign there.

Is economic development taking place in the Muslim world where Jihadists took over? Point one such place to me?

Most of us buy stuff to live with. Other than oil which is nature’s gift to the Arab world I do not recall buying anything that is made in the Muslim Arab world. Car, computer, Internet, CD player, radio, television, microwave oven,  cell phone, clothes, shoes... as I look around my house I do not see anything in it that is made in the Arab world.  Is this good?

Is this really what jihadists want, to manufacture nothing and sell nothing to the world, to be economically irrelevant to the rest of the world? Is all that life means to them killing people for a seventh century Arab religion called Islam?

These people have returned their people to seventh century mode of primitive existence; they cannot manufacture anything, not even the guns that they use in killing their people (they buy guns from the Western world; I bet you that the gun manufacturers are glad to sell it to them, give it to them to kill off their people and while doing so make some monetary profit).

The social media Jihadists employ in propagating their warped ideology of hatred and death is invented in the West; if the West really wants to, it could shut down Jihadists access to social media (Email, Facebook, and other Internet access could be denied them by the West).

So, what exactly are these Muslim folks aiming at achieving?  Convert the world to Islam? What world are they trying to convert to Islam; a world that sees them as murderers and sociopaths who have no regard for human life?

Would you really want to join a religion that preaches hatred and violence while masquerading as the religion of peace?  Would you like to join Boko Haram, a bunch of murderers that look like something from medieval times; they look like savages, really! Do you want to become a savage and be like these savages?

Who are these people selling their stunted ideology to but disaffected Muslin youth in the Western world, youth who come to Iraq and Syria and get killed and those smart enough to avoid getting killed return to the West to commit mayhem and, of course, get killed?

So what exactly are Jihadists trying to accomplish?  Bring chaos to the rest of the world as they have brought chaos to the Muslim world? Wherever they go anarchy reigns. So is their goal to turn the entire world into a chaotic place?

Is this really a noble cause to aim at? Shouldn’t folks aim at something positive?

I have read the Koran, all of it; in fact, I have read it several times trying to see if it has any redeeming quality. I have read the Hadith, most of it. I have taken a look at parts of Sharia.

I do not see how a Christian whose religion teaches love and forgiveness for sinners would embrace a religion that teaches killing people, as Islam does.

What exactly is the selling point of Islam? That a guy may have experienced some form of schizophrenia, had auditory hallucination and claimed that a probably nonexistent angel Gabriel talked to him and he and his friends wrote down what he was talked to. What he was told is nothing more than could be found in the religions of the time it was written, 610 AD and suffers from whatever religions suffer; Islam has no proof that what it teaches is true; as such, Islam like other religions have to be accepted on faith.

We are now in the age of science and technology and folks are not motivated to fill their heads with superstitions. In the age of science folks are supposed to test all hypotheses that come their way and accept only those they can verify and discard unverifiable ones.

So, why aim at giving folks a religion whose hypothesis cannot be verified; why give people religious superstition written fourteen hundred years ago; why not struggle to liberate folks from superstitions; why not embrace science as ones primary modality for living?

I am not saying that there is no God or spirit or life after death. As far as I know, we do not know if there is God or life after death.

In not knowing folks are free to accept a religious ideology that purports to tell them that there is God and life they die.

Many folks do not want religious hypotheses on the existence of God and are simply satisfied with atheism and agnosticism.

Why try to bamboozle those who do not see God as a viable hypothesis on the origin of the universe into embracing one’s God?  Why try to hoodwink rational people into accepting religious nonsense as truth?

If you believe that Islam is true why not live it and leave other people to live as they see fit, with religion or without religion?

Why this madness to convert the world to Islam and form an Islamic caliphate that is ruled from Mecca, Saudi Arabia?

Without oil Saudi Arabia is irrelevant to the world’s economy yet somehow jihadists think that this irrelevant country and its benighted people are supposed to rule the world, impose on the world its Sharia law that cuts off a woman’s hand for having sex with a man who is not her husband while the men have thirteen wives, as Mohammed had.

These jihadists are stupid and no one wants to tell them so; folks tolerate their nonsense and somehow they have come to believe that nonsense is wisdom.


If one is given to paranoid conspiracy theory one could be forgiven if one believed that the West consciously conspired to have Muslim Arabs do what they are doing, kill their people and retard economic development in their world; for in doing so they are relegated to the stone age and, as such, would not be able to compete with the West.

One can say that there is a covert effort to kill off Muslims. Consider that to live in the Jihadist haven is to live in insecurity. Life span in the Jihadist world is no more than 42. Thus, one can be forgiven if one said that the West or its outpost in the Middle East, Israel did this whole thing to eliminate the Arab world as potential competitors.

But if the West did it to Muslim Arabs why do they allow the Chinese and Japanese who are Buddhists to compete with them?  Why are they currently allowing Hindu India to become economically developed?

Conspiracy theory does not hold water. Arabs are simply doing this thing to their selves; they have no one but themselves to blame for what they have made of their world, chaotic. Arab Muslims are misguided and someone needs to straighten them out.

We all know what terrorism is. Terrorism is using terror to control people. The terrorist randomly kills some people and hope to convince the rest of the people to see him as a potential killer who means business and does not hesitate in killing people. He hopes to make the people afraid of him. He wants to make people fearful and out of fear do whatever he wants them to do.

Muslim terrorists want to use fear and intimidation to convert people to Islam. Apparently, in their warped minds it is okay to use intimidation instead of reason to get people to accept God.

Would a God accepted on the basis of fear be a true God or man-made God?

So, actually, what is going on is that Arab Muslim madmen are trying to use force to get people to accept their view of God, not the real God, for the real God would not use force to get people to accept him! Truth cannot be based on fear and intimidation. Truth is based on pure reason and accepted on persuasion.

Terrorists rule people through the auspices of fear, not through reason and persuasion.

So, Muslims want to use terrorism to control the world, eh?  And they hope that Europeans and Americans would be intimidated by their infantile terrorism, eh?

The West has nuclear weapons and can unleash them on the Arab world and eliminate them in a week.  So, what exactly makes these childish jihadists believe that they can rule the world through terrorism?

Who is now afraid of these savages, these cannibals? Rational persons have contempt for Arab Muslim Jihadists, not respect for them.

Who wants to go live in the world that these barbarians want to gift humanity with? Who wants to return to living in a Stone Age world where theocracy rules people’s minds?

Would you like to live in a Jihadist primitive state where there is no science and technology but instead you spend most of your life praying to a nonexistent God?

I certainly do not want to live in that primitive world. I would imagine that most people are like me and therefore are not a target of these primitives that need to be civilized, tamed rather than taken seriously.


In my world thinking is allowed so I think. Thinking prompted me to ask the question that I asked in this essay: what exactly are Muslim Jihadists trying to accomplish?  Why are they killing people?

To be honest, I believe that Muslim Jihadists are insane! It is insanity to believe that it is better to live in the seventh century primitive Arabia that Mohammed lived in than in the twenty first century science and technology based world.

Of course, Muslim Arabs cannot accomplish their goal for it is not accomplishable. In the meantime, they are wrecking mayhem in their world and exporting that anarchy to the rest of the world.

It is now time we told these folks that they are insane and ought to go learn what living in reality is. Seeking to return to a past that is merely remembered but is not known as it was is foolishness.

These people want to take away our freedom to think as we see fit, and destroy our civil liberties so that we no longer can think but instead mouth what insane theocrats tell us is the truth.

In France the barbarians attacked a comic newspaper’s office, Charlie Hebdo for speaking its perception of truth, truth that many of us do not share but a truth we must allow them to speak; Charlie Hebdo is anti-black people and is racist; black folks do not share their philosophy.

In a liberal democracy, however, racists have a right to practice their brand of insanity.

In sum, Islamic Jihadists are not only insane but primitive; we have to figure out a way to cure and civilize them. We must stop babysitting them and treating them as nice persons or seeing their psychoses as sanity.

Sanity consists of behaviors that love all people; any unloving behavior is symptomatic of insanity. Those who kill human beings, Jihadists, are insane. They need to be healed instead of tolerated.


Ozodi Osuji

January 17, 2015

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