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The U.S. Supreme Court's Same-sex Ruling: Moral Decision or Something Else?

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The purpose of this essay is to share some thoughts on why the U S Supreme Court's recent decision legalizing same-sex unions is significant, though there are lingering issues of enforcement. We are facing very serious challenges both from within and without. There is a threat from famine, hurricane, tornadoes, and flooding associated with pollution and global warming.  Muslim terrorism poses serious threats around the world and in Nigeria, Central African Republic, and at the Winter Olympic Games at Sochi, Russia. No nation is immune from attacks. There is a potential threat from wars we fight to contain terrorism or to defeat persons or groups bent on destroying our earth. The problem of the world seems to be concentrated in one word – people.  HOMOSEXUALITY appears to offer the best deterrent, at least in the minds of Western thinkers. And before you throw your hands up in the air and label this writer as gay as you have labeled President Obama, wait. Read on!

The world cannot handle the tremendous press and demand placed on our fragile planet. A press is defined as the act that has the tendency to punish, push, depress, force down on, compress, or squash.  It is predicted that the next 100 years would witness the transportation to and colonization of other planets (such as Mars). That's a tremendous solution, isn't it?  We are in a race to find ways to push back at our pressures or retaliate against the seemingly insurmountable problems we are facing on earth. What are these problems? They are:  (a) Threats of wars, famine, and overpopulation; (b) Control of scarcity of resources; (c) Establishment of New World Order; and (d) Development of new economic system that delineates the underclass and slave minority.

Homosexuality is thought to be the cheapest, less controversial solution to a big problem created by diminishing returns on investment, exploding population, and disintegrating environment. The only solution's drawback is convincing a significant portion of people on planet earth to accept homosexuality as normal or alternative lifestyle, not aberration (defined as deviation, irregularity, or abnormality). Homosexuality seems to provide awesome solution to the questions of overpopulation, hunger, violence, and pollution. The thinking of supporters of U S Supreme Court decision appears to be centered on certain basic principles.

Homosexual or same sex persons appear to be better educated and to have higher incomes than heterosexuals.

Same sex unions do not produce children to help to deplete our limited natural resources because there are no child-rearing expenses, such as food, education, and health bills.

Unmarried persons are jealous of the benefits married men and women enjoy and wish they had such advantages as homesteads, tax benefits, health insurance, death benefits, and social security, to mention just a few.

When childless homosexuals die, their money, property, and huge investments revert to the State and comes back to society.

Homosexuality will help keep world population to a minimum because children will not be born to replace the dead or to repopulate and re-pollute the environment.

Convincing people to become homosexuals is much cheaper and easier to achieve than waging wars to harvest resources because wars are very expensive and can cost about 10,000,000 dollars per bomber; and 10,000 dollars per gun and ammunition.

Convincing people to become homosexuals will be accomplished in a more cost-effective manner than colonizing Mars and other planets in case the earth becomes so polluted and uninhabitable we have to abandon our planet and seek refuge in heavenly places. It costs between 4 to7 billion dollars to send a rocket to Mars. The cost of sending people to Mars would be prohibitive. Therefore, let's stay where we are with homosexuals.

Marriage is no longer in vogue as people are divorcing much faster than they are wedding  so people are opting for same-sex arrangements as a more satisfying arrangement than the man-woman irreconcilable differences.

Homosexuality may be a solution to threats caused by overpopulation. The world's population is increasing astronomically beyond the 7 billion people the earth can comfortably handle.  China is relaxing its one-child law as a result of its newfound wealth.   Poor people in India and African nations are procreating children as rats do in a warm house of cheese. The Latinos have filled available space with children and infiltration into America in order to feed and educate their children. It seems plausible the Western nations are sanctioning Africa and other Third World baby-producing nations for being factories that swell populations to a breaking point.  These baby factories are an oxymoron creating headaches with left hand and demanding handouts with the right. America and Britain are tired of doling out foreign aid and are sanctioning producers of babies and saying:  "Stop all that fucking and sperming and stop criminalizing homosexuality."

Same sex agenda may be a way to exert control of scarce resources: Our resources are getting thinner and inadequate to take care of our needs. Land, the most important natural resource, is fully occupied, or taken over by the strong from the weak. But land is very scarce and fought over fiercely in Zimbabwe, Jos, and Central African Republic. The West (America and Britain) sell weapons of mass destruction to one African tribe to be used to kill the other, And the winning tribe sign the land along with resources over to the West (Britain and America) to pay for weapons of war- the guns bombs, airplanes, and technical advisers.

Same sex is thought to be a means to the control of exploding populations. Land is not enough to contain an unlimited number of people. Where there are overpopulation and inadequate supply of food, strange things do happen. Experimental psychologists have found that in overpopulated environments, rats become violent, engage in homosexual activities, attack the young, rape the females, and develop aggressive behavior. Rats behave as cannibals. That's happening nowadays. Examples are the Hutu-Tutsi massacres, boko vs. Christian violence in Nigeria, Islam-Christian bloodshed, South Sudan militarism, and so forth.

Can same sex unions help in the development of New World order?  Politicians are running around scared, devising ways to maintain a new economic underclass and slave minorities.  Americans are considering a return to the antebellum slave plantation of Georgia. There is a rush to keep wealth in as few hands as possible. This is the puzzle that Western leaders and Third World corrupt heads are putting heads together to solve: how to survive without building underground tunnels leading to massive mansions that would store food to last for decades in case the earth becomes too bad. They as re asking:  "How do we keep the taxes coming in, the oil flowing from Nigeria, and our bills paid on time?" To do so would entail keeping permanent under classes (1% vs. 99%).

Homosexuality is expected to have a profound effect in Africa and on Africans: The Continent of Africa is in for a big surprise. While Africans continue to weigh homosexuality as a moral issue, the West sees same-sex as a solution to a greater problem related to pollution, overpopulation, poverty, and violence.  The Western powers will exploit the 54 nations in Africa for raw materials and force them to become consumers of Western goods, especially the cheap stuffs from China. Africans will be used as experimental guinea pigs for the testing of new products, epidemics and prophylactics/cures. And economic sanction will be slapped against any African country that criminalizes homosexuality (Kenya and Uganda and Nigeria) until-the whole world becomes non-homophobic.  It is only then, in the Western thinking, can overpopulation be controlled. Africans pride themselves on being "fruitful, multiplying and replenishing" the earth with house full of children The Supreme Court decision seems to be telling Africans: "if you don't stop fucking and having too many babies you'll run out of land and food."  These are just preliminary thoughts.

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James Agazie Ed D

A retired college Professor  with educational backgrounds in law (JD) education (Ed.D, MA) counseling,( MS) and and mathematics.  Write on topics dealing with Nigerian families, marriages, education, and employment.