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The Interim Peace Agreement With Iran: Documenting the achievements of a President who has kept his promises to the Nation

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America need not be concerned about what Saudi and Israeli critics are saying about the interim peace agreement just concluded with Iran under Obama’s careful watch. Part of the beauty of American Politics is the fact that there is always room for opposing views in every debate. Human beings will be robots if they all view things the same way all the time. Shakespeare said it best when he said, “sweet are the uses of adversity” if you learn the right lessons from them I will hasten to add. President Barack Obama is a quick study on how to learn from the best of American Presidents be they Republican or Democrat. The long list includes Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan, FDR, JFK and LBJ and William Jefferson Clinton. The young man is going to end up as one of the greatest Presidents of this Century. Mark my words.

That the self-serving opposition to the peace Agreement by Saudi Arabia and Israel has not stopped President Obama from going ahead to lend his full weight to the Geneva agreement with Iran clearly shows the man is a strong leader in the mould of JFK who assured America to not be afraid to negotiate with our worst enemy as long as we are not doing it out of fear or intimidation. If any of the parties to the Agreement in Geneva could be said to be guilty of that observation, it is Iran without any question. Instead of extolling the President’s virtues and courage Republicans are calling him names because they have sworn to never let him succeed and they are keeping that promise with the persistence of a demon but the voters would never buy their gimmicks and blackmail That is why the president has beaten them flat in two consecutive elections and that is why I am predicting one more time too many that the Republicans are not returning to the White House any time soon even if they nominate someone like Jesus to be their flag bearer. They have done too much havoc to discredit and rubbish this President and I can tell any of you reading this that God will never forgive them.

I am not overtly worried about the snagging opinion polls on the President’s leadership and trustworthiness. Any American President who allows opinion polls to get in the way of his principles and personal objectivity can hardly be a great President or meet many of those attributes the young and charismatic JFK once described as “profiles in courage”. Opinion polls are only snippets of the moment and may not be a realistic yardstick for judging a President and his place in history. If that were so, great Presidents like Abe Lincoln, FDR, Harry Truman, Dwight Ike Eisenhower, Ronald Reagan, LBJ and JFK and Jefferson William Clinton drawn from the two dominant parties in America would never have left huge legacies for the world at large because there were moments in their Presidencies when their critics had sought to belittle them and what they were trying to accomplish. The most underrated of course is Barack Obama one of the smartest individuals to ever occupy the White House and a great pride to the Black Race I might add.

President Obama and his highly decorated Secretary of State, John Kerry are doing precisely the right thing for the peace of the world by choosing Diplomacy over and above outright war to stop Iran’s nuclear ambition in the most volatile region of the world. There is a part of me that sympathizes with Iran’s nuclear ambition in a world where nuclear power has become a major deterrence for one country to want to intimidate or dominate the other. If the tiny state of Israel created by the Treaty of Berlin in 1948 could be allowed to have nuclear weapons, I cannot think of any rational argument to deny Iran the same privilege. If  Israel needs nuclear power for her own security, so is Iran or any of her neighbors including Palestine part of whose territory was annexed in 1948 to create a homeland for the Jews who had been scattered all over the world by forces beyond their control. The only credible argument the world could have used to stop Iran and one I can agree to, is the clear possibility of proliferation of those weapons of mass destruction if we go by Iranian track record as sponsors of terrorism in much of the Middle East including Lebanon and Israel.  Iranians cannot be trusted to not pass on the technology to terrorist and Islamic Jihadists who might not hesitate to use the weapons if they are pushed to the wall.

It therefore makes some sense for the leader of the Free World and the only remaining super power to want to keep such weapons out of the hands of countries who might want to deploy the weapon at the earliest opportunity against their perceived enemies. My point here is that America reserves a right to want to do that but I also worry or agonize as a historian about their methodology. Do they achieve that using Diplomacy which is never a far better way to settle scores with an enemy because the War option by its very nature dehumanizes both the victor and the vanquished and it leaves scars, collateral damages and unintended consequences to both sides that often out of tune with the original goal of the conflict. It is easier to start a war than to end it like we found out in Iraq and like we are now finding out in Afghanistan which was once rightly described as “the grave of great Empires” because Russia  had tried but failed to dominate Afghanistan by war. They had to abandon the project when they discovered it was becoming a running sore and totally counter-productive for their ultimate goal as a super power.

If it took so many years for America to get out of Germany, Vietnam,  Iraq or Afghanistan to mention a few, another war with Iran if not carefully handled may lead to a chain reaction the end of which nobody can predict. Bringing Iran to the negotiating table after so many years of isolation should be seen as a major victory for America and her allies around the world and more so for the first black American President in history. Yes the tiny state of Israel is an important ally of America whose security cannot and must never be treated with levity. I fully understand that and so should the whole world. I once had cause to describe the State of Israel as America in the Middle East just like Japan and South Korea have more or less become America in the Pacific, if you see what I see. Any time any of these 3 countries sneeze, America always catch cold because the countries have all come to expect America to bail them out of any crisis they may face, even if America has more than enough problems of her own to cope with. A good example was when the Tsunami hit Japan a few years back. The American economy was in no position to take on additional responsibility, but it did, because abandoning Japan, at that point in time, was tantamount to abandoning a strategic ally and one of the 4 tigers of the Pacific in  economic power.

America under Harry Truman’s command had thrown the first atomic bomb in Hiroshima and Nagasaki  following Japanese aggression at Pearl Harbor. The bomb destroyed much of Japan and America felt a special obligation and responsibility to rebuild the country from the ravages of that war just like she did with the Marshal plan for Germany after the Second World War. By the same token if America declares war and destroys Iran just like it did to Iraq not too long ago under George Bush, she would have no other choice than to rebuild the country again thereby putting the whole burden of rebuilding another country one more time too many. Those who ware therefore urging America to never relax the sanctions but to tighten up the noose around the neck of Iran are indirectly asking America to go to war with Iran not because it was in the best interest of America but their own selfish interest, if you get my point.

Any great American President would be naive to swallow such bait without thinking twice.  Saudi and Israel are very important allies to America but under no conditions should they be allowed to rail-road America into another endless and senseless war. They must not be allowed to micromanage every major decision America has to make in their region because when the push comes to shove, America as the leader of the Free World and arguably the most powerful  nation in this Universe would have to be the one bearing the brunt to the peril of her own citizens at home. Yes, America owes a some obligations to Saudi Arabia because of America’s dependence on  Saudi oil and Saudi’s powerful  leverage in OPEC for many years ever since Oil has become the black gold that every country in the world needs for their industrial complex and technological development.  But that must not be a reason for Saudi Arabia to  dictate to America what she must do or not do in the Middle East. They are wrong to claim that they feel betrayed by America. America has to do what is considered to be in her best interest as a super power and not dance to the tune of Saudi Arabia on every  issue in the Middle East. Saudi would be insane to equate their country with America and America would be insane to let Saudi Arabia dictate what she can do or not do in the present age and time. That I figure is exactly the same position held by Obama and the guy is hundred per cent right.

President Obama unlike no other President before him has put correct emphasis on looking for alternate sources of energy just to minimize American’s dependence on foreign oil. Barack has put in place policies that would make America to be self-sufficient in oil production inside America. That is going to be one of his imperishable legacies that the Republicans never want Americans to know about. For long term strategy, America has to develop alternate energy to oil like Ethanol and other bio fuel rather than putting all her eggs in one basket unlike most banana Republics like Nigeria and many other countries whose economy depends on only one product and they are busy wasting the money on frivolities and indefensible kleptomania and corruption of the worse order.

America would rather preserve their own huge deposit of oil until they exhaust the oil production in much of the Middle East countries like Saudi, Venezuela and Nigeria to mention a few because they know the oil is bound to dry up sooner or later.  America is not just planning for today or tomorrow and 50 years from now.  They know the oil wells of those countries would dry up one day, and those countries would have no other choice than to look up to America for their survival at that point. If many of those countries are not careful, they may have to drink their own oil because there would no longer be buyers for them and the industrialized world might have developed vehicles and machines on oil to run them as I found out on my recent trip to Brazil where they have already developed vehicles running on oil made from sugar cane.

The marriage that currently exist between America and Saudi Arabia today is a marriage of convenience because  the two countries are totally incompatible. One is a feudalistic country which rides on a camel  and horses to get to where she needs to be while America  is flying a supersonic Concord flying at twice the speed of sound, to get to where she is headed. How could two countries like that ever consummate a life-long marriage? The Saudis live in self-delusion to equate their country with America. I dismiss with the wave of the hand the objections of the Saudi Sheiks to the interim agreement America and her allies have just signed with Iran. President Obama is acting like a true reincarnation of FDR, one of the greatest American President of all times by going for Diplomacy instead of outright war with gadfly Iran which can give American elephant a whole lot of headache by simply flying into the elephant’s nostril and staying there. Iran by any stretch of the imagination cannot defeat America in a war she knows she can never win even if their Ayatollah double their time for daily prayers from 5 to 20 times a day. Iran cannot even take on tiny Israel and win because America will be waiting on the sidelines to help Israel defeat them by all means. It could even mean wiping Iran off the face of the Earth if that could be done without too many collateral damages to America. Iran is not stupid. They sought for diplomatic dialogue because that was their best bet.

I think Iran and her Ayatollah fully understand  what I am talking about. Yes, Iran was a great civilization in the past with a lot of national pride and ego but they know enough to not provoke America into an all-out war. Iran will never forget  how America aided Saddam Hussein to beat up on Iran before Saddam Hussein got humiliated and executed by his own people following his defeat by the Americans.

President Obama did exactly the right thing by tightening up the noose of economic sanctions against Iran, to begin with. President Rouhani of Iran and his Ayatollah would never have made the  overtures for peace with America if they were able to beat those sanctions. They came to the negotiating table because they had nowhere else to turn to for help because Barack Obama has brilliantly put them in a box from which there is no escape. President Obama did that by building up world consensus against Iran to a point that ordinary Iranians had started to feel the pinch. Iranians of all rank and file have begun to put pressure on their leaders to swallow their pride and seek for peace.  Coming to the negotiating table was therefore a big victory for President Obama and the United states. Republicans are pushing for war but Barack Obama is pushing for peace with honor and trying to keep America out of war like he promised to do when he was campaigning for the presidency.

Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel who is calling the agreement a historic mistake is only thinking of his country and her prerogatives and not the global interest of America and the whole world. President Obama is doing the right thing by giving Iran some wiggle room to assure their own captive audience at home that they have not returned home empty-handed from the negotiating table at Geneva. Iran is a proud country with a great heritage.  It is fair to say they have been hard-pressed by the sanctions to find a diplomatic solution to their cul-de-sac. If they are still talking tough they are doing so for their audience at home and not for the rest of the world who knew Iran was on the verge of collapse or another painful confrontation with America. Iran learnt a lesson that it doesn’t matter who is President in America be it black or white, if they take on America, they will be facing their Waterloo under a black President who matches any of his white predecessors pound for pound in intellect and sound judgment.

Diplomacy does not thrive on a winner-take-all mentality like Obama critics like Netanyahu have been saying. America and her allies have to give Iran something to take back home to impress their own people they have not betrayed them in Geneva. Their talking tough after the Agreement is part of the game normally played in diplomatic negotiations world-wide. They can run their mouths anyway they like about their own interpretation of the written provisions of the Agreement. That is not going to change the specific clauses of the Agreement which are there for the world to see. A sanction relief of 7 billion Dollars is like a drop in the ocean if you knew the pressures faced by the Iranian Government and people at home. If they renege on the agreement or if they start dragging their feet or refusing to carry out any of the conditionalities they have agreed to, they would be cutting their noses to spite their faces and they won’t be doing that to hurt America or Barack Obama per se, they will be doing so hurt their credibility with the rest of the world. The whole world who would reserve the right to either impose harsher sanctions or declare war against Iran without Obama going out of his way to start persuading the rest of the world to come on board. Obama is only giving Iranians a long rope to hang themselves if they fail to keep their promise. Obama did not get the Nobel Peace award for nothing within a year of his coming to office.

President George Bush Senior, a seasoned diplomat before becoming President pretty much did what Barack Obama has perfected today without any ambassadorial experience before taking office

Republicans must recognize that America alone, however strong cannot succeed in bringing Iran to her knees. If Iran was sure it could turn to either Russia or China as super powers and get their sympathy and cooperation he would not have opted for peace. Having totally isolated Iran, Barack Obama can now make his demands on Iran to get their full attention. Dwight Ike Eisenhower as President and a one-time NATO commander knew he needed world consensus to get his job done as American President. So was Richard Nixon. So was the great Ronald Reagan and the immortal JFK who would have done precisely what Barack Obama is doing today had he lived. Barack Obama has only soft-pedaled a little bit on the Sanctions to give Iran some relief she is not negotiating with a gun pointed to her head.

Barack Obama does not want to start another dumb war and that is why his approach for stopping Iran is far superior to the Republican or the Israeli approach. As for Saudi Arabia, the Sheiks only want America to fight their own wars for them because they are scared to death about the power and the influence of Iran. They fear domination by the powerful Shiite Muslims of Iran. They want their Sunni Muslims influence preserved and they are hoping an all-out war against Iran by America can help them achieve that goal. They just want to use America. Their objection to the Peace Agreement is nothing short of that. A country that controls more than 2/3 of all Nobel Peace Winners around the world would be completely foolish to swallow hook, line and sinker the Saudi or the Israeli bait to not give Iran a breathing space at all. America and her allies are on the right side of history and should be commended for their courage and wisdom in the Geneva negotiations.

Simply stated, Obama wanted a world without proliferation of nuclear weapons. Starting another war with Iran was a non-starter given the current economic climate of America and Obama is not going to do it. The agreement is a great first step and never a capitulation or surrender as implied by the Republicans who don’t believe, to begin with, that a black President can ever rise to the level Obama has achieved. If Diplomacy fails, America and her allies would not be blamed for not giving peace a chance.

America under Obama believes in trust but verify just like Ronald Reagan before him. Nobody can fault Obama for lending his full weight to the peace agreement and leaving the burden of proof to the Iranians at this point in the game. The opinion polls are bound to shoot up as Obama has the chance to deliver on his promise and I strongly believe he will do that with effortless from this point forward. Republicans can forget measuring the drapes at the White House for a long  time to come because Obama care which they see as the President's Achilles feet is going to succeed because of the God at work factor” I have always talked about in all of my predictions on Obama. The good Lord is not finished with this President yet. Stay tuned and Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

I rest my case.


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