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In defense of Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel

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Adeyinka Makinde:

Below is my answer to your sentimental write up on the need to deprive Jews of Jerusalem.  I feel like giving you an education on political realism but do not have the time to do so. I leave you to your political idealism. It took me about two hours to write the below, a time that I really do not have to waste on settled subjects, such as the fact that power rules the world.  Ozodi Osuji


Ozodi Thomas Osuji

On Wednesday, December 6, 2017, President Donald J. Trump of the United States of America recognized Jerusalem as the capital city of the nation state of Israel. His behavior provoked a political fire storm around the world. Mostly, people expressed their already existing positions on Jerusalem and did not really say anything new. Those who would want Jerusalem to be in Palestinian hands said so and considered Trump's behavior an outrage; those who want Jerusalem a divided city with Jews, Christians and Muslims controlling it, sort of like an international city stated their position (what city in the world is an international city controlled by many nations that has lasted long?).

I resisted expressing my opinion on Trump's action. I did so because I had in past writings made my position clear. I support the survival of the state of Israel and want Jerusalem the capital of the Jewish state. I would add nothing new to my already stated position on this subject so I largely kept quiet on Trump's political behavior.

I know that folks will express their opinions on any political action but in the end power rules the world. Whoever has political and military power has his opinion prevail.

Joseph Stalin used to ask his European opponents how many tank battalions they possess. Mau Tse Tung reminded us that power emanates from the barrel of guns.  The world is not ruled by emotional preferences but by political and military realism.

The United States took from Mexico Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, California and other lands, and took from Spain Florida, Philippines, Hawaii, Porto Rico, Cuba and from Germany Papua New Guinea and a host of pacific islands (Guam,  Samoa and so on).

Power rules the world and folks opinions are really noise making. As long as the USA is the mightiest military power on planet earth whoever it supports will prevail.

The Arabs can demonstrate all they want but the fact is that the USA, if it really wants to, can over run the entire Middle East in a few months of fighting and recolonizes them, even wipe off the people if it really wants to do so. Therefore, Israel will have Jerusalem until a different power replaces the USA as the world sole super power, the hegemon, and that power is able to dictate world politics.

I do not see that power in the political horizon. Perhaps, China will soon become the greatest world economy but I doubt that in the next one hundred years she would replace the USA militarily.

China has an almost homogenous mongoloid population that lacks creativity; the USA is a mini universal country with people from all over the world in it; each ethnic group bring its particular strength to enrich these United States of America; Germans brought their technology; the French and English brought their science; Africans brought their domination in sports and music and so on.

China does not have this mix of population and is not about to replace the USA in the world of science, technology and pop culture. The USA is likely to continue dominating the world in the world in the next one hundred years, at least. Do not count the USA out, as silly third world folks tend to do when they talk of its imminent demise. No other country out there, not Russia, China, Brazil, India, Japan has what the USA has going for it!

Therefore, as long as the USA supports Israel, the issue of Jerusalem is closed.  The USA's military can over run Europe and most of the world, if it wants to do so.

Given this political reality I did not feel any urge to say anything on Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. I am a political realist and do not waste my time on political idealism, wishing for what could be; I accept what is and live with it, regardless of whether I like it or not.

But given the cacophony of noises made by politically naïve persons, especially the powerless ants that teach international relations quoting all kinds of so-called International laws, laws made by past powerful states, I feel a need to say a few words on Trump's action.

My political ideology is radically different from that of Trump, so, generally, I do not support him. I am a social democrat who supports mixed capitalist-socialist political economy and Trump is a parasitic bourgeoisie trying to transfer wealth from the poor and middle class to the one percent of America's rich that owns over fifty percent of America's wealth.

Trump and I do not see eye to eye on politics and economics but on this particular subject I whole heartedly applaud his action.

Israel must be supported and must survive at all costs. The Jews have given to the world more than any other ethnic group. Think Albert Einstein (general relativity) and Neils Bohr (quantum mechanics).

Jews gave us Christianity and much of modern science and philosophy, think of Spinoza, so I want their survival at all costs.

I am not sentimental on this subject. I prefer people who contribute to the world's scientific development and could care less for a people who shout Allahu Akbar and murder people for their God but in the meantime contribute nothing to science and technology; they give nothing to the world that improves its welfare. Not too long ago they were buying and selling Africans into slavery, an unforgiveable sin.


Where shall we begin the history of the ownership of Jerusalem?  Let us try the Bible. According to the Christian Bible there was a man called Abram (Abraham). He was born at a town called Ur in today's Iraq. He packed up and moved away from Ur in search of greener pastures. He settled in what is now called Jerusalem about four thousand years ago. (See pasted redacted vignettes from Wikipedia.)

Given that Jerusalem was in the area considered the cradle of human civilization many other groups had lived in Jerusalem before Abraham came along, and that included the Jebucites, Canaanites and other groups.

At some point Egypt ruled Canaan.  Babylonians and Persians ruled the area. Many other groups ruled the area including Alexander of Macedonia that came conquering 300 years before our common era. The Romans replaced the Greeks.

From the time that Abraham settled in Canaan to the time the Romans conquered the area and renamed it their province of Palestine was about two thousand years. That is to say that Jews lived in that particular piece of real estate for 2000 years, minus their days of exile and slavery in Egypt, Babylon, Persia and other lands.

During Roman rule the Jews made a lot of trouble for the Romans; from about 69 to 70 AD the Romans declared war on the Jews and eventually destroyed them. After the fall of Masada, Jerusalem's Jewish Temple was destroyed in 70 AD and many Jews were enslaved in the far flung Roman Empire which included North Africa and Europe. Thus, Jews were scattered in North Africa and Europe. Some remained in Palestine.

For 2000 years the Jews lived in Europe. During that time they were perceived as non-Europeans and treated as the other; they were persecuted; whenever there was economic downturn they were made the scapegoat and accused of causing it and killed.

In the nineteenth century some Jews resolved to return to their ancient land, Israel. They formed the Zionist movement with the goal of encouraging Jews to return to Palestine.

At first only a few Jews listened to the Zionists and returned to Palestine. Those that did come back bought land from the Arabs around the area now called Tel Aviv. They bought pieces of desert and used modern agriculture to transform those desert lands to blooming agricultural lands. Palestinians had not farmed those desert lands. Many Kibbutzes', socialist cooperative farms, were set up in the arid lands and those transformed the dry lands to the food basket region of the area. The thriving agricultural lands became the envy of the Arabs!

During the first world war the British managed to defeat the Ottoman empire and appropriated its lands in the middle east and this included Palestine (Iraq, Egypt; the French got Lebanon, Syria and so on).

The British Foreign Minister, Lord Balfour, promised Jews that after the war he and Britain would work towards the independence of Israel (1917 Balfour Declaration).  The rate of Jews returning to Palestine picked up.

Then came the Second World War and Adolf Hitler killed 6 million Jews living in Europe. Many Jews resolved to return to their traditional home, Palestine.

The British and French wanted to give them a piece of land in Uganda or in Madagascar; they refused those options.

As the population of Jews in Palestine increased Arabs became hostile and wanted to drive them out. Thus, there were skirmishes between the two groups. In 1948 there was a full blown war between Jews and Arabs. Jews defeated the Arabs.

The United States president, Harry Truman recognized Israel as a sovereign nation state. The United Nations followed up and Israel became a member of the UNO.

In 1956 the Arabs, led by President Nasir of Egypt, tried, again, to drive the Jews into the Mediterranean Sea and were defeated by the Jews.

In 1967 a combined Arab army from Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Jordon attacked Israel. Israel not only defeated them but acquired new territories which included Jerusalem, the West bank and Gaza.

In 1973 the Arabs tried again to drive the Jews out of the Middle East and the Jews, with the aid of President Richard Nixon of the United States defeated them.

Thereafter was the 1979 Camp David Peace Accord whereby Egypt's Anwar Sadat recognized Israel as a sovereign nation and got part of Gaza in return. Menachem Begin signed for Israel and President Jimmy Carter signed for the United States.

Thus, from 1967 Jerusalem has been in the hands of the Jewish state. But Arabs would not give up; what they lost at battle they want to get from international organizations; they cry running to the United Nations urging it not to recognize Jerusalem and  the West bank as part of Israel.

Israel kept the Golan Heights it got from Syria and parts of the West Bank it conquered from Jordan; however, it set up Palestine home rule in the area, an area that encompassed ancient Jewish lands, such as Bethlehem and Nazareth!


We know from history that Jews lived in Judea for two thousand years before our common era. We know that in 70 AD Jews were scattered in the Roman Empire.

We know that Mohammed (570-632) formed his Muslim religion in 610 AD and thereafter he and his followers used the sword to conquer the ancient Middle East. His followers conquered Palestine from the Byzantine Empire in 638 AD. They conquered Egypt in 643 AD and got to Morocco and swept into Spain in 711 AD; they were in Spain until 1492 AD, the year that Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas, that is, for seven hundred years.  Christian knights, during the crusades called by Pope Urban to go recapture Jerusalem from the Muslims, did not dislodge Arab Muslims from Jerusalem.

We know that the Turks, who were converted to Islam when Muslims conquered much of the East all the way to Western China, replaced the Arabs as the superpower of the Middle East and in 1453 AD conquered Christian Constantinople and renamed it Istanbul.

We know that the Turks ruled Palestine until the First World War when the British defeated their Ottoman empire and Palestine exchanged hands, now to the British.

So, who owns Jerusalem? Jerusalem had been owned by many people including Jebusites, Canaanites, Jews, Byzantium, Arabs, Turks, and British.

As from 1967 the Jews have effectively owned Jerusalem. In International law, despite the presence of law, power determines who owns what territory. The nation of Israel got Jerusalem as a result of power and will keep it as a result of power.

If this seems brutal you must consider other countries origin. Consider Britain, who owns it? The Romans came calling in 27 BC and conquered the local Celtic population.

The Romans were in their province of Britannia, with capital at Londonium until the Roman Empire fell around 450 AD.

Upon the fall of the Roman Empire, Germans from Saxony and Jutland moved in and occupied Britannia and renamed it England.

In the eight century waves of Vikings from Scandinavia came calling and took many parts of England. In 1066 the Norman French (Norwegians who had settled in Northern France) conquered England at the battle of Hastings.

To the Present the French are the ruling class of England (kings, dukes, earls, counts, barons and so on). The point here is that power decides who owns England at any point in time.

Let us try France. With the fall of Rome, German Franks moved into the Roman province of Gaul and took it over and renamed it Franks land, France. These Germans still own France to the present.

Let us talk about the Middle East. We know that Arabs unified by Mohammed stole North Africa (which Africans ought to take back from them), Spain and southern France.

How about the Americas? We know that Europeans took the Americas from native Indians beginning in 1492 when Christopher Columbus landed at what is today the Republic of Dominika.

South America is ruled by the Portuguese and Spanish; Latin Central America is ruled by the Spanish, North America is ruled by the British and French (in Quebec). The British settled at James town, Virginia in 1607 (African slaves were brought to James town in 1619).

If you go to Africa you find that whatever ethnic group is powerful rules the weak ones. In Nigeria, Fulanis, who came from Guinea, rule all the other Nigerians. Thirteen million Fulanis rule almost 200 million Nigerians!  Is this fair and if not why is it unfair that Jews rule Arabs in Israel?

Unfair or not, this is the nature of political reality everywhere in the world; Israel is not an exception. (Although this is not an academic paper if you are interested in writings on political realism see Edward Carr, Nicola Machiavelli, Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, Metternich, Bismarck, Pareto, Schumpeter and Morgenthau and Kissinger.)

Those crying bloody Mary pretend that what the Jews did is different from what the Arabs did in taking over Jerusalem and North Africa and what other nations did.  These people appeal to our sentiments not to pure reason and empiricism.

Empirical observation, or as some call it, historical realism tells us that the powerful rule the weak (in North America powerful whites rule weak African Americans and Latinos).

In the light of historical and political realism, as long as the Jews have power they will be in Israel. Making them feel guilty for doing what all other people did, get territory by power, will not wash or persuade them to give up lands they got by power.

Jews will not return to Europe where they will be slaughtered at will by the Germanic, Celtic and Slavic people that own Europe. Jews need a piece of land that they can call their own.

As for Palestinian Arabs, they are kind of like Native Americans whose lands were taken away by stronger people.

Before we allow our emotions to get the better of us, let us remember that Jews have nuclear weapons and will take all Arabs to death with them. Indeed in the America that I know, Jews dominate the study of science and technology and have access to more nuclear weapons than all the sentimental international relations scholars who make noise on the need to return Israel to Arabs know about.

One Jew, Mark Zuckerberg controls social media (Facebook). That man alone influences world opinion. In the movie industry, journalism, banking, education and American politics Jews are over represented (indeed, Jews dominate the Ivy League universities of America).

The point here is that those saying that Jews should be sacrificed to appease Arabs are simply naïve about world politics and do not know what they are talking about. They are making bleeping noises. In the real world, as Harold Laswell told us, power decides who gets what, when and where.

I am getting carried away; I have made the point that I really wanted to make and must therefore stop.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

December 9, 2017

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PS: The material on Jerusalem from Wikipedia is 40 pages long; it is too long to append to this essay; I will, therefore, skip it. Google and read it if that subject interests you.

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