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How to overcome Muslim terrorism

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Read this essay slowly and carefully. Then put it aside and ponder what it said. If you understand its thesis and practice it no one can intimidate you; terrorists would have no control over you. At present human beings are subject to terrorist intimidation and control because they fear death and desire to live in separated ego selves and the bodies that house them. If you know that your real self is formless spirit terrorist criminals who threaten to kill you cannot control you with their terroristic behaviors. If you do not have fear because you know that there is life after death you tell terrorists to go ahead and kill you and would not give in to their threats; you insist on doing the right thing, love all people. Terrorists have control over humanity because people insist on living as separated egos in bodies hence fear harm and death. The only way to stop terrorism is for people to overcome their fear of harm and death; what they can only do when they know for sure that there is life after their physical death. I know that there is life after death so no one, terrorists or governments can cow me into doing what I do not want to do by threatening to kill me; I would tell them to go right ahead and kill me; I know that I continue living in spirit; therefore, they have no effect on me by destroying my body.


(How to overcome Muslim terrorism)

Ozodi Osuji

Let us see what Muslim terrorists do. They randomly kill a few people. Their goal is to elicit fear of harm and death in those they did not kill. They want to tell them that they have the will and ability to come kill them whenever they want to. To avoid not been killed the people are then supposed to do what the Muslim terrorists want them to do (not support Israel) and, ultimately, to convert to Islam. Muslim terrorists’ goal is to use terror and intimidation to convert the entire world to Islam, to establish a new Muslim Caliphate in the world and finally accomplish Mohammed’s goal of having every human being become a Muslim, and face Mecca and pray to Allah and follow him, Mohammed.

Can a goal that is reached through intimidation and manipulation of fear be a positive goal? Can Islam be a positive goal if people are terrorized into becoming Muslims, and are kept in Islam by fear that they would be slaughtered if they tried to leave?

Fear is a negative emotion; fear alerts you to danger and makes you take precautions so as to survive in body and separated self.  Fear protects the world of separated selves and the world of bodies; since fear is a negative affect what it protects cannot be positive.

Ego and body, that which fear protects, therefore, is not a positive thing. Ego and body based civilizations therefore cannot be positive civilizations.

Our world is the realm of fear and bodies. Our dimension of existence, our plane of existence is the physical plane and that plane is based on body and fear.  If you live in separated ego self and body you must have fear for fear protects your ego and body; our dimension of existence is the dimension of fear; fear protects our egos and bodies.

If you have no desire to live as a separated self hence have no corresponding desire to live in body that protects separated self you would have no fear; you would have risen above fear by giving up attachment to what fear protects, ego and body.

If you have died to identification with the ego and its body and fear, no other human being can have control over you for he cannot manipulate that which folks desire, ego and bodies. Without identification with body and ego you have risen above body and ego and this world and now have spiritual powers like Jesus has. Terrorists can no longer intimidate you.

The question, however, is: do people want to give up their fears? Much as fear is a negative affect people do not want to give it up. This is because of the desire of that which fear is designed to protect, living as separated selves in bodies.

People want to live as separated selves in bodies; they want to live in this world, they do not want to exit from this world and go to other dimensions of existence, for in their minds they do not know that those dimensions exist for real, to them they are mere hypotheses.

What people want to do is reduce their level of fear, for too much fear is immobilizing; people want to retain fear but reduce its paralyzing effects.

Those who rule this world are people who have fear in reduced level.  The rulers of this world still have fear but are not as fearful as typical persons (antisocial personalities have less fear than anxious prosocial neurotic persons...the world is ruled by anti-social personalities).

The rulers of the countries of Europe, Asia, Africa, America etc. are fearful people but are not as fearful as their average citizen.  They are able to rule their people because their people are fearful and they are less fearful.

If the people were not fearful then no one would rule them. But the people want to live as separated selves in bodies hence must live in fear. The people want to live in fear and therefore need governments to protect them.

Since Muslim terrorists want to intimidate Americans and Europeans into converting to Islam American and European leaders who understand the nature of fear and how it is manipulated will come to the fore and protect their people; they will spend more money on national security and go after Muslim terrorists and kill as many of them as they can.  They know that well-armed Muslim terrorists want to take over the West and convert the fearful white people to Islam.

Islam is based on fear; Islam is the religion of fear; more accurately, Islam is a religion that manipulates people's fearfulness.

Secular leaders in America, Europe, Africa, Asia, everywhere on planet earth, in the realm of fear, in the dimension of fear, in the plane of fear are like terrorists in that they manipulate the people’s fear; they manipulate fear as a means of controlling the people.

What are ego laws but instruments of fear and control of the people? The nation-state passes laws and if you do not obey them you are arrested, tried and jailed or killed. To avoid jail and death you go along with those laws even if they are not just (people went along with laws that protected slavery).  Rulers and governments are sadistic persons who manipulate ordinary people’s fear of pain.

Since Americans, like other human beings, live in fear and want to live in fear, a few thousand Muslim terrorists can randomly kill many Americans and induce insecurity in the people and as a result strive to take over the country.

Muslim terrorists believe that given the fearfulness of Americans (and all human beings) that they can easily take over the country (and the world).

America does not do anything to reduce the people’s fear (only love reduces fear); actually, like other rulers of the world in other countries she wants the people to live in fear, for if they live in fear the government can, like terrorists, manipulate and control them.   America gives its people food and every material creature comfort to nurture their egos and bodies but control them.

The people, it must be reiterated, are not victims because they want to experience life as separated selves in bodies hence experience fear; they chose to live in fear and set up government to protect them (and also manipulate and control them).

If American leaders want to prevent Muslims from taking over America they have to go kill Muslims; there is no two ways of going about it; kill Muslims or they will kill you or convert you to Islam; that is the reality of the present world.


Terrorists, Muslim or non-Muslim variety live in fear; they know that all people live in fear. They want people to keep living in fear; they do not want to enable people to stop living in fear; this is because if the people live in fear you can control them and get them to do what you want them to do by intimidating them with threats of killing them.

Terrorists manipulate fear to control ordinary fearful people.

Terrorists have not transcended fear for they still identify with ego separated selves in bodies. They still want to live in bodies (and should they die they believe that they would go live in body in their conception of paradise and have sex with many virgins and eat good food).

Muslims do not transcend ego and body and do not transcend fear; they live in the world of fear and are part of the dimension of fear, the world of fear, the plane of fear.


If you want to transcend the dimension of fear you have to give up your identification with body and separated self and return to the awareness of unified self, a formless spiritual self.

The non-physical formless unified self is love itself.  A person who has transcended ego and fear lives in perfect love; he cannot be harmed or harm other people for at the spiritual level  where there are no bodies no one can harm or kill anyone; death is only for those in egos and bodies.  It is only those who live in bodies, separated selves that can harm bodies hence live in fear. It is only those who live in separated selves in bodies that can be threatened and controlled by terrorists and the rulers of this world.

The rulers of this, Caesar as Brother Jesus called them, are Satan incarnated in human forms. Christ, the light formed son of God, rules the children of God when they turn to their father, God and live in the world of light forms, New Jerusalem, New Israel (the gate of heaven).

If you need evidence to convince you that Muslim terrorists are cowards then notice that they always cover their faces with masks when they commit their horrible acts. Jihadi John, the ISIS terrorist that cuts people’s throats always wear ski hat mask. He does not want anyone to see his face and then come and pump bullets into his cowardly head; he kills in darkness. One would think that if he believed that what he is doing is right he would do it in the open and then allow people to come after his cowardly ass if they so desire. Human beings commit crimes in darkness not light.


Ozodi Osuji

March 10, 2015

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