Ozodi Osuji Ph.D

Ozodi Osuji Ph.D

Ozodi Thomas Osuji is from Imo State, Nigeria. He obtained his PhD from UCLA. He taught at a couple of Universities and decided to go back to school and study psychology. Thereafter, he worked in the mental health field and was the Executive Director of two mental health agencies. He subsequently left the mental health environment with the goal of being less influenced by others perspectives, so as to be able to think for himself and synthesize Western, Asian and African perspectives on phenomena. Dr Osuji’s goal is to provide us with a unique perspective, one that is not strictly Western or African but a synthesis of both. Dr Osuji teaches, writes and consults on leadership, management, politics, psychology and religions. Dr Osuji is married and has three children; he lives at Anchorage, Alaska, USA.

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Wednesday, 26 April 2017 23:47

Women need to be loved


Ozodi Osuji

What I am going to say may smack of stereotyping women. May be so; maybe not. I am known for stating how I see things without varnishing my perception or trying to say only what would please folks so that they like me. I am totally politically incorrect. I say it as I see it. In that light: here is my perception of women.

Women truly need to be loved by those around them. This is in contradistinction to men; I could care less whether you loved me or not; what is important to me is to state the truth as I see it. If I state my truth and as a result you reject me, that is water off my skin. I do not mind being alone, especially if the price is to violate my mind by saying what I do not believe is true to be accepted by other persons.

If you do not love the women in your life, especially if you say critical things to them, they become stressed. When they are stressed they redirect it to their bodies and a part of their bodies become sick; they easily project their mental distress to medical distress and parts of their bodies become sick.

Psychoanalysts used to say that women are hysterical because they project what is distressful in their minds to medical disorders. I do not like the term hysterical (these days called dissociative disorders); I do, however, believe that there are psychogenic disorders where what is in our minds make our bodies sick. Psychosomatic disorders are real.

My observation of my relationship with women shows me that my lack of love for the women I had encountered in my life (J, P, P, M, L, P, and J) made them sick, literally, not figuratively. I am totally intellectual; I am into psychology, philosophy, religions and physics. My mind is preoccupied with serious matters; generally, I do not have time for what folks call small talk, chitchatting. Talk to me about Kant or Hegel or Schopenhauer or what is going on in physics but do not talk to me about your feelings. By omission I tend to ignore the women in my life. The women in my life felt not loved by me and became sick.

The lesson is that one must endeavor to love the women around one or one should not be around them; you do not want to make them sick; it is a sin to make another person sick.


Here is my perception. Women want men (and their fellow women) to admire their bodies. They want you to tell them how beautiful their bodies are. If you have sex with them they want you to tell them that you enjoyed the sexual activity and to admire their sexual organs. If you admire a woman's body and sexuality she would feel fine but if you do not she would feel bad and ignored by you hence lonely.

A woman may feel physically sick if you do not constantly tell her how beautiful her body is. Most women would dress in the latest fashion, put expensive jewelry on their bodies, put on make ups and want those around them to tell them how  gorgeous they look (I could care less what you say about my looks; I often wear the same shoes, pant, shirt and jacket for a week!)

I have pondered why women desire attention and admiration for a long time.

I came to the conclusion that because women raise children they must admire body. Children are not yet into intellectual activity; they are raw bodies, animals that must be taken care of or else they die. Women must take care of children's bodies. They must therefore admire children's bodies. To admire children's bodies they must admire their own bodies.

Men tend to seek attention through their intellectual activities and social activities (such as from their wealth and social position) whereas women seek attention from how you relate to their bodies and egos.

Therefore, if you are around a woman please admire her body. Even if you are a body rejecting neurotic intellectual, a person who rejects the human body and want to approximate the imaginary mentally constructed ideal self, please do not reject a woman's body; tell her how lovely she is and do so on a regular basis.

Women totally identify with their bodies. They value and take good care of their bodies. They therefore want to be told that their bodies are good looking.

Many women can only relate to men by thinking that men desire their bodies for sex; indeed, paranoid women often think that all men are out to rape them and since they over value their bodies' worth to men they want to put you in jail even for touching their bodies without their permission!

(I tend to take a scientific approach to the human body; I know that our bodies are composed of 64 elements, primarily carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, calcium, magnesium, phosphor, sulfur, iron, copper, sodium, chlorine, zinc and so on; I know that all composed things must decompose; our bodies must die and return to the elements that compose them; the elements are composed of electrons, protons and neutrons. Those particles are composed of quarks and photons. Photons, light came out of nowhere and nothing during the big bang, 13.8 billion years ago. In effect, I see the human body as nothing and do not particularly take it seriously or over value it. When I die please cremate my body for it is not different from a log of wood you burn to warm your house!)

If you do not admire women they will kick you out. If married to you they would feel disrespected and divorce you and take you to the cleaners; taking your money is kind of like prostitutes taking their johns monies, it makes them feel that their bodies are important.

Simply stated love and admire the women in your life and if you cannot do so move away from them; don't hang around a woman if you do not love her and admire her body.

The greatest mistake I made in relating to women is in not loving them and not admiring their bodies. I do not love me and do not admire my body. I see my body as no good and reject it and seek a mentally constructed ideal self. I relate to women from that perspective; reject their bodies and seek an ideal version of them and in the here and now do not love and admire them. They therefore felt sick around me.

Jesus said: give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God. Women seek respect and admiration for their bodies and egos; regardless of how that desire came about just love and admire their bodies without arguing about it.

I made a mistake in not valuing women's bodies. That mistake is now corrected; I must love and value the women around me or move away from them. I cannot afford to disregard another woman and make her feel ignored and sick.


The purpose of life on earth is to make mistakes and learn from them; once one has learned the right thing to do one has no excuse for not doing it. I have learned the critical nature of love in people's lives. If you do not love people you make them sick and may even make them die.  I must, therefore, always love all the people around me. The same applies to you, dear reader. We came from love (God is love), are love and only feel peaceful and happy in loving environments.

To know the truth and not live it is to violate the integrity of your mind; if you do, you go insane.  Now you know love as our truth so love you and all people.

Ozodi Osuji

April 26, 2017

A few weeks ago, while at Barnes and Nobles bookstore, I stumbled onto a five books series called "The Law of One", by Ra. I bought them. I was not really expecting to read an earth shattering material; the title seemed like something I could kill time with.

As I read the book(s) light went on in my mind. They helped me to clarify what I already know about reality and have written about.  The books did not teach me anything new about the oneness of reality but helped me to put my metaphysics in a more organized manner.

The books placed reality in a sequential manner that was lacking in my conception of reality. I had written rather voluminously on metaphysics but somehow felt that something is missing and I was waiting to understand the missing piece. The law of one has helped me to put the puzzles together.

Let me summarize what the Law of one says. It says that God created us. It did not explain how God did this.

God, or as it calls him, the infinite creator, it says, is in what it calls the eight density state. That state is not explained. What we gather from the book is that God created us.

Somehow, those created by God (Logos) invented our physical universe. Logos invented each of the galaxies. Sub-logos invented stars and star systems such as our solar system. Sub-sub logos invented planets such as planet earth. Some sub-sub logos invented human beings.  The book is vague on how the logos created what they supposedly created. I take what it is saying as metaphors trying to represent reality but is not reality.

According to the book, logos invented our physical universe.  According to extant astronomy, nearly fourteen billion years ago, the physical universe came into being.  The physical universe emerged from nowhere and thereafter galaxies emerged and stars and planets and human beings emerged.

Planet earth, the book says, has undergone three density levels. First, was the emergence of planet earth. Astrophysics tells us that some massive star exploded in a supernova. Four and half billion years ago some of the debris from the exploded star(s) agglomerated into our Sun and its nine planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupitar, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus and Pluto, plus the comets and asteroids).

On planet earth pieces of debris congregated into what became a rocky (terrestrial) planet. Initially, planet earth was very hot but in time the planet was cooled by water brought to it by frozen comets.

Solid iron sunk into the earth's core; on top of the iron core is the outer core of molten iron and nickel; on top of the outer core is the mantel composed of molten rocks and finally is the earth's crust of solid rock (the earth has different layers in its atmosphere: troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere, exosphere).

Comets carrying frozen water kept landing on earth and over time water collected on the surface of the earth and currently covers 70% of the earth's surface.

Apparently, the original earth was larger than it is today; an object from space about the size of Mars struck earth and split off pieces of it and those formed the earth's moon.

In the water that accumulated on the earth's surface many elements mixed to form biological life forms.  Our bodies, animals' bodies and plants bodies are composed of 64 elements; the major ones are carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, potassium, iron, sodium, calcium, magnesium zinc, copper, sulfur, phosphorous and so on.

First, single celled organisms were formed. Those, in time, combined into multicellular organisms. Those evolved to plants and animals and over the last three and half billion years of evolution finally produced us, Homo sapiens We are thinking animals, self-conscious animals, animals that can study and understand their bodies and the world they live in.

The formation of our material universe is tantamount to what the law of one calls density level one; the emergence of plants and animals on earth is tantamount to what it calls density level two; the emergence of self-conscious animals, us, is what it calls density three level.

We, on earth, are on density level three. Here, each of us is motivated to do whatever he can to survive. Thus, as Charles Darwin said, we all struggle for survival and the fittest survive and the weakest die out. This is where Biology thinks that all human beings are.

In my experience, however, some people in our world, right from the beginning of their lives on earth, recognize that they are not mere animals who struggle for survival at the expense of other animals; they believe that they are more than animals.  They want to know why they should survive at the expense of other people. They are motivated to do what helps them to survive and also helps other people to survive. They are driven by what the early twentieth century psychoanalyst, Alfred Adler, called the need to serve social interests.

These people intuitively recognize that all human beings, at some level, are the same and coequal but also know that in our world they seem different, some powerful and others weak. They disregard the observed differences in people and work for our collective social good; they are motivated by social service; they are loving persons.

These persons, the law of one says, are at density level four. They are still like you and I; they look like any other human being on planet earth except that they want to serve all people's survival interests.

When people at density level four die the law of one says that they find themselves at density level five. People at density level five are in light forms; they still look like people on earth but now they are in light forms. Everything in level five, be they people, animals, trees, stars, planets etc. are in light forms. Clearly, density level five is not part of our planet earth.  People and things in this density level are at a higher level of evolution than those on planet earth, the book says.

People at density level five do not die. They learn and eventually progress to a formless state of being that the book calls density level six. Here, people still have individuality (separation) but they are not in bodily forms; they do not see themselves in our earthly bodies or in level five light forms but know themselves as units of consciousness. However, they can take on forms, dense or light, and return to the lower levels of five or four or three; they do so to come help those at these lower levels learn love (to harvest them and help them ascend to higher levels).

The book says that it is here that more advanced souls are. From there they guide people on earth. They are what religious folks call angels, spiritual guides etc.

The law of one says that those at level six may have ascended to where they are at from our planet or from other planets (some planets are said to have evolved far beyond planet earth).

Jesus Christ and the other folks that mediums claim to channel apparently come from this sixth density level. This is because they are highly evolved folks who are still conscious of planet earth and its issues. Those at higher densities are not aware of planet earth's issues.

From density level six the formless souls move to density level seven. Here, they are not in forms and are beginning to recognize that they are not individuals. They may still have some individuality but they do not affirm separation. They are now so close to density level eight that they have lost the attraction of separation and its individuality; they want to return to undifferentiated state.

From density level seven folks enter density level eight. Here, there is no individuality. It is what religious folks call heaven, the abode of God.  Here, there is one undifferentiated self and mind that has infinite selves and minds.

God is one self with infinite selves in it. God is a holograph. It is one self with infinite selves. Each part of God contains all of it. The part contains the whole and the whole contains the part.

Although heaven cannot be conceptualized by the human mind, if you must visualize heaven and its God then see it as a wave of spiritual light. That wave of spiritual light has infinite particles of light in it; it has no beginning and no end; it is eternal, permanent and changeless. Wave and particles are one.

That spiritual light can act as wave (here it is called God) or act as part (here it is like a human being).

You can call God intelligence. There is universal intelligence in the universe. That universal intelligence is holographic. It has units, each unit contains all of it and it contains all of its units.

Each human being and other existent things is a unit of universal intelligence (manifest in the world of time).

The law of one says that while we are all in the eight density level, somehow, we leave and go invent new physical universes, galaxies, stars, planets and people.

We go through the journey afresh, from level one and work our way back to level seven and then return to level eight.

From level eight (where we are with our infinite creator, God) we, subsequently leave and go invent new universes. The book says that this process has been going on forever and ever.

The law of one says that there are infinite universes; all of them invented by parts of God that left him. God created us, his sons, and we invent the various universes we journey in.

What the law of one says may not be literally true but it contains the germ of truth. Why truth? It is because it says what I had concluded is the truth, albeit not in its sequential formulation.

The law of one offered me the opportunity to place into sequential order what I had already known to be true but had not been able to place in appropriate sequences.

I had already known that there is a force that folks call God and that it created us. I had known that God is a force that expanded into each of us. I had known that in God we are in him and he is in us.

I had known that at some point, a point that has not occurred (our physical universe is a dream) we, the parts of God, the sons of God left him. We left him and invented the physical universe we now seem to live in.

We evolve in the physical universe. At first we appear to be unconscious (level one and two densities) but we were merely sleeping and using our God mind to invent the physical universe. Thereafter, at level three we are in bodies and have consciousness.

I had known that some people while still on earth are more advanced than others and want to love and serve all people (level four).

I had experienced level five (in out of body experiences I was in the world of light forms and know that it is real).

I had known that we go beyond existence in the world of light forms. I had known that there is a level of existence where we are pure ideas, pure consciousness without dense or light bodies.

I had known that we get to what I called gate of heaven (level seven) and here have lost the attraction of the wish for separation.

I had known that eventually we enter heaven and lose our individuality and know ourselves as parts of one unified self with one unified mind.

I had concluded that God is creative and gave us his creative abilities. I had concluded that we are creative and therefore after resting for a while in heaven leave and go invent new universes and begin the journey of self-forgetfulness and then self-remembrance and eventually return to heaven. Thereafter, we leave and the process is repeated.

I came to all these conclusions through reading Hinduism, Buddhism, Gnosticism and A course in miracles and Plotinus' Enneads and, of course, by my own thinking. The law of one gave me a useful way to organize my apriori conclusions about our reality and place our journey away from God and journey back to God in a sequential manner.

I know that what the law of one says is true not because the book is from a so-called disembodied consciousness called Ra who is from the sixth density level  and is channeled material  but because I had reached its conclusions on my own.

Consider how I looked at people, especially Americans. White Americans tend to fancy themselves civilized. From my first encounter with them I considered them the most primitive of human beings. That is correct, despite their material wealth, to me, white Americans seemed no better than my dogs (I love having dogs). Why so? It is because I had reached the conclusion that anyone who lives only for himself, is self-centered and serves only his self-interests, is no more evolved than animals.

Animals struggle for food and fight each other and the strongest take the largest share of available food and others die.  Competition for the survival of the fittest characterizes animal existence.

I intuitively knew that we are supposed to rise beyond survival at the expense of other selves; I knew that all of us share oneself and one mind. If we share one self and one mind it became self-evident to me that the rational person must do to other persons as he does to his self. He must work to produce what serves his survival and other people's survival.

If what I do enables me to live and enables you to live I consider it appropriate behavior but if it only helps me but not you I consider it inappropriate behavior.

My political economy is mixed economy of capitalism and socialism. I want each of us to struggle to make it but also use what he made to serve all of us.  Karl Marx said in the book, the Communist Manifesto, "from each according to his ability and to each according to his needs".

In my political writings, I call for Scandinavian type social welfare state; we must publicly pay for all people's education from elementary school through university and provide all people with publicly paid health insurance.  I do not like America's primitive capitalism where a few make all the money and live empty lives maintained by sexual perversions and drugs (the American lives an empty, miserable, narcissistic existence).

I realize that each of us has a choice to make. Our minds have two parts, one part that I call the selfish part, aka the ego mind. This part of our minds teaches us how to do what enables us to adapt to the exigencies of this world. Each of us has this left ego mind; without it you wouldn't be able to adapt to this world.

The other part of our minds is what I call the part of us that is in touch with our real self, the unified spirit self. A course in miracles calls it the right mind, or Christ mind, the part of mind directed by the Holy Spirit.

Call it what you like, this part of us is not wholly rational, for rationality advises for self-interests. The right part of our minds seems irrational for it asks us to help one another. It is the part of our minds that urge us to give away just about every penny we have.

I personally cannot stand hungry people. I often give away all my income to the poor and go broke. The rational part of me calls me a fool for doing what I do but the irrational part of me has no choice but to help those around me. Consider: I am walking down the street, I see a beggar, I get out my wallet, I give the beggar whatever cash is in my wallet, it could be one hundred dollars; then I get home and have no more spendable cash! I ask me why I do such a stupid thing. Yet, I will do it again, and again, and again!

I believe that each of us has a choice as to how he lives, from only his rational ego mind or from his irrational loving part.

Most people probably combine both parts of their selves but some of us have the irrational parts predominate in us. Those who must love and must serve are different from the mass of humanity. They are at what the law of one calls level four density. This is who they are; they cannot not be who they are. They are the people that tend to have spiritual experiences.

They have spiritual experiences because they are closer to unified spirit (God) than the people at density level three; folks at level three are  closer to animal status; they may not even understand what spiritual experience is.

I came to the conclusion that when I die that I would be in the world of light forms. I also concluded that those who do not love folks when they die are simply reborn on earth and keep on living as unloving folks until they learn to love all people.

You can choose to live from your left mind or choose to live from your right mind.  If you choose to love and forgive those who harmed you, thus live from your right mind, you tend to be in peace and joy most of the time.

If you chose to live from your selfish ego mind you are, more or less, a mere animal and will die as an animal and upon death will not even see the world of light forms; you will be in a place of darkness, limbo, where you have no consciousness and from there is reborn on earth. Your life would continue recycling through earth until you learn to love and forgive all. Thereafter, you would move on to level four and then when you die you will see yourself in the world of light forms (level five).

After level five you continue learning love and progress to level six, then level seven and finally you return to our real home, level eight, heaven, union with God.

In heaven you rest for a while and the creative and rebellious takes hold of you and you go invent other universes and repeat the pattern of outwards journey and homewards journey.


We find ourselves on a place called planet earth. We look around and find an immense universe. We compare our powers to the enormous powers of the universe we live in and conclude that we are powerless. We see all kinds of things snuff out our puny lives, such as earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, volcanos, diseases caused by bacteria, virus and fungi; we feel helpless.

We wish that there is a magical force that could reduce our fragility and vulnerability. We do not find any such magical wand in our world so we used our minds to create a powerful God and make him exist to protect us.

We pray to the God of our imagination and ask him to come rescue us but he does not do as asked. He does not do as asked because he does not exist in the form we imagine him to be.

There is God alright but he is our real self. There is intelligence in the universe; that intelligence is us. Nothing can happen to us without our wishes.

It is us that invented this universe. The universe is not what happened to us but what we invented. The only choice we now have is to understand the universe we made; and we shall, sooner or later, do so with our science.

I have no doubt that by the end of this millennium, if science is not disrupted we would have figured out how the universe works and designed technologies to go from planet earth to other exoplanets in the milky way galaxy and then onwards to other galaxies; we shall be migrating from one galaxy to another.

We will develop the technology to travel not only to the future but to the past (the science is already there).

By the next millennium we shall have the science and technology to leave our present universe and tunnel (at worm holes) to other universes (there are infinite universes).


Let us answer the question: how did we find ourselves here on earth?  Religions have tried to answer that question for us.

I have read what most extant religions have to say on the origin of human beings. Extant religions were formulated before the age of science so they tend to present reality in the language of poetry.

I built on science and the poetic postulations of Helen Schucman (A course in miracles) and Plotinus (Enneads) and some Hinduism to construct a rational metaphysics.

Briefly, my ontology goes like this. There is one force in the universe that we might call God. That God can be called universal intelligence; it is everywhere and everywhere is in it.

God is holographic. It has infinite parts; each part is in it and it is in each part; each part is in other parts.  Each part of God contains all of God and all other parts of God (when you sleep and dream you project out the entire universe; this means that the universe is in your mind; the day world is also in your mind and you project it out and see yourself in it...I know that solipsism is difficult to accept; see George Berkeley's writings on solipsism, also see Hinduism for that religion is solipsistic).

God is formless spirit; he is a wave of spiritual light with infinite parts in it. You cannot see the whole God for it is in its parts (even in heaven you do not see God; you simply know that he exists and that he is in you and in all people and that all people are in him).

There is one wave of spiritual light with infinite particles in it. Wave and particles are one but have different functions.

(Please review quantum physics, especially Neils Bohr's idea of complementarity, also Louis Broglie's experiments with electrons and double slits, to understand what I am saying here.)

When that light acts as a wave (God) you do not see its parts (us) and when it acts as parts you do not see the wave.

If you see one function of God you will not see the other. And where is the other when you do not see it? (Hugh Everett's many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics talked about quantum superposition; he speculated that the function of light we do not see when we see one is in another universe; he conjectured that there are infinite universes, what is today called multiverse.)

God is a wave of light; as wave he does not know about its parts functions (on earth). If you are acting as part of God you do not know about the wave function of God.

If, perchance, you tune out the particle function of God and escape to the wave function of God you know yourself as a part of one unified force that is itself and all of its parts; religious folks call this experience unity experience. In it you know that you are it and yet a part of it; you know that there are infinite parts of it yet all the parts are it and each other.

In God, there is no I and no I; there is no you and no you, no subject and object, no seer and seen, all are one, literally.

In God all selves share one self and share one mind. I have experienced unity and thus speak from experience (although it is difficult to put that experience into words for there is no speech in God).

In God, in what Christians call heaven there is one self and one mind. That self is God. In God is infinite parts (the parts, us, are his creation; God created us; we did not create God or create ourselves). The state of spiritual union has existed eternally; it does not change, it simply is.

In human terms, God and his sons, in their state of union have existed forever and ever. There is no time in heaven but if we must employ time categories then we can say that God and his sons are timeless.

While resident in timelessness and eternity the parts of God have an urge to experience all kinds of new situations. One of the experiences they desire is to experience their opposite. They are eternal and unified so they wished to experience death and separated existence. They are love so they wished to experience hate.

In truth they cannot separate from God and from each other for eternity cannot be divided. As it were, they seem to forget eternal union and went to sleep and in their sleep-dream seem to separate from God and from each other.

Separation is not real, or is done in a sleep-dream state; what is done in dreams have not been done in reality.

(If, perchance, you have unity experience, today, you will know that you have never separated from God and that you were always in God when you thought that you were on earth; you would know that your life on earth is your dream; we all have individuated as well as a collective dream).


If you would like to place these events in the language of contemporary physics then say that 13.8 billion years ago the big bang occurred. There was actually no explosion. All that happened was that a particle of spiritual light (one son of God that contains God and all sons of God) emerged (separated) from its unified state (from God) and is now in a dream state.

If while you are in the light (God) you close your eyes you will see darkness (our universe). So, the son of God with his eyes closed saw darkness everywhere he looked (in his dream).

God is light so when the son of God, who is part of God's light, sleeps he closes his eyes. In his closed eyes he sees darkness (the darkness of our universe, the universe is the opposite of God; since God is light the universe is darkness).

The son of God is light so he brought that light with him into the darkness he now sees all around him. The light that he is the point of light that appeared to emerge in darkness (state of singularity before big bang explosion). That one point of light is holographic. It contains all of God and all of us in it.

That one particle of light contains all particles of light; it had wished separation and did so in what scientists call the big bang. It shattered into infinite parts.

The Big Bang is light that appeared in a background of darkness (in sleep-dream).  Immediately, the parts of light, now in the opposite form of spiritual light, physical light, began to reunify. Photons unified into electrons; photons unified into quarks. Quarks unified into protons and neutrons.

As Steven Weinberg pointed out in his book, the first three minutes, within three minutes protons and neutrons had captured each other and became nuclei of hydrogen and helium (they are held together by the strong nuclear force; the weak nuclear force do decay them).

It should be noted that the universe began in war, in the production of opposites that fight each other. Thus, the Big bang produced matter and anti-matter (quarks and anti-quarks, protons and anti-protons, neutrons and anti-neutrons, electrons and anti-electrons/positrons). It had a bit more matter than anti-matter, so when matter and anti-matter clashed instead of all of them annihilating themselves and returning to radiation and thus ending the incipient universe some matter survived. The surviving matter expanded to form our universe of matter and energy.

The early universe expanded at what Alan Goth Called inflation rate, speed greater than the speed of light (186, 000 miles per second) and that way avoided collapsing back to itself. If it had collapsed it would have aborted the existence of the universe. Apparently, the universe was meant to exist and produce people; this is called the anthropic principle.

The emergent physical universe was in plasma (a sea of unattached nuclei, electrons and photons).  They remained so for 400, 000 years. Thereafter, nuclei captured electrons and simple atoms were formed (hydrogen, helium and lithium).  In the atom, electrons are held to nuclei by the electromagnetic force.

(There are four forces of nature: gravity, electromagnetism, strong nuclear force and weak nuclear force. Albert Einstein and others tried to unify them into one grand unified theory but failed.)

Photons (light) were released from the hitherto dense plasma. That released light is what today is called cosmic background microwave radiation; Arnold Penzias and Robert Wilson discovered them in 1965. (Turn on your TV and you see it in the wavy stuff that you see on the TV screen as you change channels.)

Subsequent to the formation of atoms the universe became a sea of hydrogen and helium atoms.  It remained this way for millions of years. Thereafter, space emerged in the cloud of hydrogen. Hydrogen separated into clumps.  Gravity acted on each clump of hydrogen. Pressure pushed the gas inwards and in its center, core, heat and pressure led to the fusion of hydrogen into helium and stars were born.

A star is a clump of hydrogen in whose core pressure and high temperature lead to the fusion of hydrogen to helium and heat and light is given up. That light is what we see when we look at stars.

The initial stars were massive in size and quickly burned out their hydrogen; they fused to other elements; the process continued to carbon and eventually reached iron. After iron is fused the star does not have enough temperature to continue the fusion process; it expands and explodes in supernova.

In supernova, a star's inner core implodes into either a neutron star (only made of neutrons and spins at incredible speed) or into a black hole (where not even light can escape from its event horizon).

Supernovae explosions are accomplished by the type of heat needed to produce the elements not produced inside stars, which is anything beyond iron. Thus, the 92 elements naturally occurring in the universe are spilled into space during supernova (and form nebulae).

Those elements (debris from supernova) in time congregate into medium sized stars like our Sun and their planets.

As of today, we know that there are, at least, over 200 billion galaxies; each galaxy with, at least, 200 billion stars.  There are binary stars, proto-stars, quasars, white dwarfs, red giants and other types of stars.

Most stars have planetary systems. Our star, the Sun, has nine planets that orbit it.  On planet earth, three and half billion years ago, life began to evolve inside a pond of water (elements in it were heated by lightning and fused to amino-acids, fats and those later formed cells). The evolution of biological organisms culminated in the production of human beings.


Listen, no one has fully understood the origin of human beings. Therefore, whatever we say, be it in science or religion, about the origin of people is in the nature of mythology. Given the immensity of what we still do not fully understand and our need to have an idea of how we began, each age must have its mythology. Therefore, consider this part of what I am saying a myth of the origin of human beings.

According to this myth, we are part of God, part of universal intelligence that decided to experience our opposite nature. Our true nature is unified. To be unified we have to have no forms, no bodies and we did not live in space and time; we were in each other (and still are).

To experience our opposite we used the God mind in us to invent matter, space and time. We evolved and gradually invented plants and animals. When the bodies of certain animals seem capable of housing us we seem to be living in them. Thus, today, we seem to be living in human bodies.

For all intents and purposes, we are in bodies but in truth bodies do not exist except as in dreams so we do not live in bodies.

The physical universe does not exist. This postulation is probably difficult for you to accept until you have an experience whereby the physical universe disappeared and you knew yourself as part of one formless self, aka God. After that unitive experience you return to the awareness of our diverse universe.

My ontology is that we are the inventors of our universe. We are the parts of God who went to sleep and in our sleep wrote the mathematical equations that produced everything that exists in the physical universe.

The universe is not accidental, as spurious, atheistic scientists claim. Someone wrote the mathematics and laws undergirding everything, including our bodies, animals, trees, planets, stars, galaxies; everything in the universe was carefully calibrated by a genius.

(Have you ever appreciated the precision of what is going on inside an atom or, for that matter, inside a human cell? Trillions of years could not accidentally make for such precise and predictable workings of things. How long would it take a monkey to randomly pound on a key board to pound out this paper? How about a trillion-trillion years, yet the universe has only been around for less than fourteen billion years.)

The genius that wrote the equations and laws that formed our universe is us. But we did so in dreams; as it were, we did it in the opposite of our true selves' minds hence in deluded state of mind.

Our mind was in an insane state when we invented the physical universe. Wouldn't you agree that this universe was invented by an intelligent but insane person? After all everything it constructed is designed to live and die. Our stars will die, our planets will die, animals will die and we will die, so why bother to design them to die? Only an insane force could have invented our physically complex universe yet a meaningless universe; why take all the trouble to come up with a universe that ends in nothingness?

Our bodies and all things are composed of the various elements; the elements are composed of particles. In time our bodies and all things will decay to the elements that will decay to protons, neutrons and electrons. Those will decay to quarks and photons. Photons will decay to the nothingness from when they came. What then is the point of constructing the universe in the first place? The universe has no real purpose and meaning; at best we might call it the handwork of children's play.

The universe was invented by an insane and rebellious self, us. We temporarily went insane and decided to experience our opposite self (we are formless and wanted to experience life in forms; we are eternal and decided to experience death; we are love and decided to experience hate).

The universe is a product of rebellion in that God created us unified with him and we decided to experience the opposite of how he made us; we desired separation; separation is an act of rebellion against God's unified reality (we really have not separated from him and one another, for we remain as he created us, formless and unified with him, but in our dream we seem separated from him).

The desire for separation produced space, time and matter; separation and what it produced are illusions; they do not exist; they seem to exist in a dream setting. We now seem to live in an illusion but in truth we always live in God.

We have the illusion of separation from union (God) and now have the illusion of returning to union. As the preceding talk on the eight density levels show, we first separate from unified state and then seem unconscious while we invent space, time and matter and plants and animals (levels one and two) and at level three we become self-conscious animals and begin the journey of awakening, of remembering our true unified self.

When we remember our true self we experience level eight density state (what A course in miracles calls Holy Instant and Christian mystics call mystical union of the oneness of the father and his sons; see Evelyn Underhill, Mysticism; see William James, Varieties of religious experience; see Richard Burke, Cosmic Consciousness).  After that unity experience we return to the awareness of separation (our earth) so as to help those who have not experienced eternity while still in time.

It is all a game, the game of separating from God and the game of returning to God. We did not separate from God and we do not return to him; we are always in God, for no will can disobey God, although we can seem to do so in dreams.  But in as much as we are in a game so let us play along.

The game is for folks to feel separated from each other at level three density state. Some people here are beginning to remember their union with all people; they are at level four.

Those who are beginning to remember union and love all people may occasionally experience level five (life in light forms) and beyond.

A few human beings, while still on earth, actually experience level eight and know themselves as one with everything.

Those who have experienced union with everything, what Hinduism calls self-realization (see the concepts of Hindu Samadhi, Buddhist Nirvana and Zen Satori) become the world teachers of union (who are also teachers of love and teachers of God).

I am a teacher of love, a teacher of union and a teacher of God. I am here in this world to give the world a new metaphysics, one that builds on contemporary science and extant religions to give science educated folks what their minds can accept.

The teachers of God are here to help the broad masses of humanity to work towards reaching a higher level of existence.

We are here to transform our earth to the kingdom of love (which is the same thing as the kingdom of God).

In Christological language, we are here to transform the earth to a New Jerusalem, a place where folks love one another and gradually begin to see themselves in the world of light forms.

The world of light forms is akin to what Christians call New Israel with new men in it (in Revelation, Bible, John talked about new Israel and new man led by Jesus Christ before the earth is finally over and folks return to God). Here, people have resurrected from death...to live in ego and body is to be metaphorically dead to the awareness of our true selves; to become aware that one's true identity is love is to be reborn in Christ; Christ comes a second time to one's world when one becomes a loving and forgiving person. The last judgment is the day the individual judges his ego and the world an illusion and turns to God, love and forgiveness.

Christ was born the first time when God created him in heaven (in spirit); he died when he forgot his unified identity and began living as an ego separated self; he is rebirthed a second time when he accepts his true self, love.


Whereas I address my metaphysics to all human beings, however, as an African I am particularly interested in Africans world views. When you encounter an African and talk serious matters with him he generally reverts to what he calls his culture. He tells you what his ancestors believed in religion and philosophy. He thinks that by trotting out his people's worldviews that he is making sense.

African cultures are fit for people who lived three thousand years ago!  African cultures and religions are primitive and ought to be left to quietly die and disappear from the world just as pre-Socratic Greek culture (Homeric culture) died and pre-Christian European religions died and disappeared from the world.

The world does not stand still. The Greeks tried to replace their people's mythologies with pure rationalism and gave that to the Romans.

The Romans did not make major contributions (their stoicism and epicures were of Greek origin) to rationalism. When the Roman Empire collapsed in the fifth century of our Common Era the primitives took over.

Christianity, a Middle Eastern religion, a sect of Judaism, a Semitic religion overran Europe and imposed its primitive conceptions of reality on Europeans. Consequently, the continent went into the dark ages where no new ideas came from.   It did not reemerge from the absence of rationalisms until the renaissance when Greek rationalism was reintroduced to Europe.

In 1543 Nicolas Copernicus posited his heliocentric view of the solar system, as opposed to Ptolemy's induced Christian geocentric view of the universe.

In 1610 Galileo used his telescopes to verify that the Sun is indeed the center of our solar system hence gave birth to what we now call the scientific method: acceptance of a proposition only if it can be observed and verified (or is falsifiable).

In 1687 Isaac Newton posited his three laws of motion and law of gravitation (mechanics). Modern science was born.  Eugene Huygens, Tyco Brahe and Johannes Kepler added to Newton's astronomy, study of mechanics and light (optics).

By the eighteenth century folks like Laplace, Dalton (atomic theory), Boyle (law of gases) made great inroads in empirical science.

In the nineteenth century we had Thomas Young, Charles Darwin, Mendel (genetics), James Clark Maxwell, J.J. Thompson, Ludwig Boltzmann, Henri Becquerel, Jenner (biology), Pasteur (biology); those made huge contributions to the study of electricity, sound, light, heat and mechanics.

By the twentieth century western science came into full bloom; we had Pierre and Marie Curie, Max Plank, Albert Einstein, Ernest Rutherford, Neils Bohr, Louis Broglie, Werner Heisenberg, Emil Schrodinger, Pauli, Dirac, Eddington, Born, Alexander Friedman, George Lemaitre, Edwin Hubble's, George Gamow, Lise Meitner, Alexander Flaming, Enrico Fermi, Fred Hoyle, James Wheeler, Hugh Everett, John Bell, Murray Gell-Mann, Francis Crick, James Watson, Alan Aspect, Alan Goth and others; these folks made monumental contributions to science; they established science as the dominant Western epistemology.

The West is now mostly predicated on the scientific method (with applied scientists such as James Watt, Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, John Rockefeller, Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, Nicolas Tesla, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg etc.).

If you want to talk to any educated Westerner you must talk in the language of science; your culture must be scientific culture or an approximate scientific culture; the mythopoetic language of religion is no longer in vogue.

But when you talk to an Africa he trots out a world view propagated by his ancestors three thousand years ago! African world views are prescientific.  Africans have rubbish masquerading as African culture; Africans need to be given a new philosophy and taught the physical sciences.


When the West began making inroads into modern science their rational thinkers began trying to come up with philosophies that appealed to reason. We had Machiavelli, Rene Descartes, Spinoza, Leibnitz, Pascal, Rousseau, Voltaire, Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, David Hume, George Berkeley, Kant, Hegel, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Feuerbach, Bergson and William James. Each of those philosophers tried to propound a world view that is compatible with the science of the time he lived.

By the twentieth century, classical science gave way to new science, aka quantum mechanics and, as a result, rational philosophy was not able to come up with a useful philosophy based on the apparent counter commonsensical new physics. For example, can you explain Heisenberg's uncertainty principle in rational terms, how do you explain the fact that if you know where an electron is inside the atom you cannot know its velocity, indicating that it is nowhere or is wherever you want it to be; or how do you explain Einstein's  spooky action at a distance, confirmed by John Bell and Alan Aspect, the fact that entangled particles communicate instantaneously regardless of their location in the universe, indicating that everything is in one place.

The twentieth century did not produce seminal Western philosophers; it did produce escapist thinkers such as Wittgenstein and Derrida, the philosophers of language.

In place of philosophy the twentieth century west produced secular psychology (Fred, Adler, Jung, Fromm, Horney, Watson, Carl Rogers, R.D. Laing, Albert Ellis, Aaron Becks, and Abraham Maslow, B.F Skinner and the behaviorists and the neuroscientists).

Psychology is a branch of philosophy and has actually run its course! There are no more new ideas in psychology (women have taken over the field). We now need a new epistemology.

We live in the age of science and need a philosophy that is congruent with science. Joseph Campbell, in his series," The Hero with a thousand faces" and his epic "The Power of myth" indicated that  every once in a while a person comes along and gives the people a news mythology to live by.

People always need myths for what is not known is too much for them to bear so they must have a stop gap between the known and unknown. Campbell said that mankind is at one of those states where old myths are no longer functional and humanity is waiting for a new myth to help it move forward.

I see me as a myth maker. I am here to give mankind a new mythology with which to make sense of their lives. What I do is take science into consideration and come up with a philosophy that people can live with in their day to day lives.

Forget about extant religions, such as Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Gnosticism etc.; those were hatched before the age of modern science. Their parameters are primitive.

My function is to modernize philosophical worldviews; I am here to posit a new weltanschauung that is congruent with science and religion.

Africans must embrace the scientific method and give themselves a scientific culture; they must embrace a philosophy based on science.

Ultimately, all mankind must embrace scientific culture and a rational metaphysics; my job is to help give people a scientific culture and rational metaphysics.

The attainment of my goal is enhanced by the insights on the nature of unknown reality written on "The law of one" by Ra. That book did not improve my metaphysics but gave me a schematic frame unto which I placed conclusions that I had already reached about the different levels of human evolution. I am grateful to it for improving my efforts.

I thank you Professor Don Elkins (of physics), Carla L. Rueckert and James A. McCarty, the scribes of the law of one. I thank Schiffer Publishing Ltd for publishing the book. As usual, I am indebted to Professor Helen Schucman (of psychology), the author of A course in miracles. These folks enabled me to clarify my thinking on metaphysics.

In the end, whereas several people, on earth and on other planes of existence (scientists at the sixth density level do guide earthly scientists; spiritually advanced souls at the sixth density level do guide those on earth interested in spirituality) helped me formulate my metaphysics, I take responsibility for it. Both credit and blame should be given to me.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

April 26, 2017


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America, The West And All Extant Human Societies Protect Unnatural Human Behaviors

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

You probably have noticed that Americans, white and black, are operating in an artificially constructed society of capitalism, free enterprise and phony democracy; in it are laws that give people room to operate within the parameters of that society. As long as people do as their unnatural laws require them to operate they are rewarded and protected but should they try to step out of them they would be arrested and tried by the country's phony courts of laws and jailed. If the individual is really a threat to the social order he is killed by the police (or as in capital punishment).

The artificial society protects itself through its phony man made constitution and laws.  To adapt to this phony society you must sell your soul and become what is called an American, a sick human being.

An American is a human being at the cusp of becoming human but is not. To be truly alive one must live in a social democratic society where capitalism is mixed with socialism.


A natural society gives all people free education at all levels (from elementary to university), free health insurance, and a few other things and thereafter leave the individual to do what he has to do to survive by his ability.

Americans buy into the inhumane society called capitalist society and are living in it; it gives them stable laws to operate in. In it those with specialized skills, such as ability to do science and technology and business do well and seem stable but each of them has soul sickness and must cope with unnatural means (drugs etc.).

The American has a warped mind; he distorts his behavior and personality to conform to the demands of his unnatural society; he does not have the courage to demand change of the parameters of his sick society.

Americans have soul sickness because they are living in an unnatural society and must turn to drugs, abnormal sexuality and other sick behaviors.

I have lived in America during most of my life so I understand it. I am pretty sure that all other societies in the world are a bit like America, unnatural. People in them are also forced to adapt to them and live unnatural lives. Thus, most human beings at this point in their evolution live unnatural lives.

To live natural lives all people must struggle to transform their societies to social democratic society, not to the dictatorship of the USSR but to something like what exists in the Scandinavian countries.

We, human beings, are the inventors of our societies; there are no external gods that gave us our societies. People in the past constructed their societies and we in the present live in those societies.

If the societies constructed by our ancestors are not good enough we, contemporary people, must deconstruct them and reconstruct them to serve our human needs.

We cannot tolerate the inhumane society of capitalism and phony democracy where only rich idiots like Donald Trump buy their ways to the highest offices in the land.

Americans must now join Senator Bernie Sanders to change America and all human societies or else they live like contemporary Americans, sick souls who maintain their inadequate selves with drugs, perverse sexuality, even bestiality.

(In sex deviances weak Americans believe that they have given themselves power to do as they wish with their bodies. In the meantime, they refuse to struggle to change their society into a social democracy and from so doing derive real power. You can have sex with your dog and still feel powerless; it is only when you work to make society just and social democratic that you feel efficacious.)

Every generation must struggle anew to redefine their society and make it work well for all people. Alfred Adler (see his Individual psychology) was correct in stating that neurosis and psychosis result when people work only for their self-interests and struggle for personal power, desire to seem personally superior to other people.

Mental health lies in working for our collective social interests, when the individual does what serves his personal interests and simultaneously serves all peoples interests as in a social democracy.

It is only in a social democracy that people can live physically and psychologically healthy lives.

Whereas social change could be brought about through peaceful means but given the powerful forces invested in oppressing people and maintaining the current social order it is sometimes necessary to use violence and force to bring about the desired social change.

Using force to change the West and institute social democracy is a perfectly rational thing to do; the West cannot be left to keep on distorting human beings as they are currently doing.

Africa must be changed by force if necessary. Muslim countries are stewing in seventh century political ideologies masquerading as religion; Muslims must join the rest of the world and work for a social democracy.

One is not a silly liberal who denies the existence of God. God is the only reality there is, the rest are noise.  However, God is not what extant religions tell us that he is.

If you are interested in understanding your real self, which is what God is, please read some of my writings on metaphysics.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

April 23, 2017


The Absence Of Love Is The Cause Of All Emotional And Mental Disorders;

The Presence Of Love Is What Heals All Emotional And Mental Disorders

Ozodi Thomas Osuji


I am always thinking about what other people think about me; I would like them to see me as powerful and perfect, a superior person. This means that I do not really think about them but am preoccupied with what they think about me; I want them to collude with me and see me as I want to be seen, an important person.

I do not have love for those I want to have high opinion of me; I do not have love for my actual self and for my real self (see Karen Horney, 1950, Neurosis and Human Growth. New York: Norton; she described the nature of normal growth and neurotic growth and explained the differences between actual self, real self and normal self).

What I seem to care for is my superior self, the wished for mask which is not my true self. I do not love me and other people's actual and real selves.

In my relationships, especially with my ex-wife and my children I wanted them to acknowledge my ego importance and in the process did not pay attention to their needs; I became angry when they did something that belittled my ego. In effect, I did not love my ex-wife and children, as I should.


I know why I am unable to love. In childhood I had loads of medical issues (including Cytochrome C Oxidase deficiency, Spondylolysis and Mitral Valve Prolapse) and felt about to die; I wanted other people to take care of me but did not learn to reciprocate and take care of other people.

This is what Alfred Adler would call the fate of the sickly and or spoilt child; such children and adults want other people to take care of them but do not know how to take care of other people (or for themselves for that matter for they are preoccupied with trying to be the neurotic and deluded superior self).

What needs to be done is for me to learn to love my real self, not my ideal ego self that feels angry very easily and to care and love my ex-wife and children and all the people in my present relationships.

If there is such a thing as sin it is to not love people; I regret not loving those around me.


I used to quit jobs for ego reasons without bothering about the job, or taking care of my students and clients' needs; all that mattered to me was that my neurotically proud ego was offended and I was out of there to go rehabilitate my ego. This is immaturity and self-centeredness. The boss did something that made me (my grandiose ego, that is) feel hurt and I said to him, fuck you and your god damned job; I am out of here. Nobody fucked with Ozodi.

When my pride was hurt I felt humiliated and left my work place.  Preserving my ego pride was more important to me than actually doing the job.

In graduate school I felt that most of the professors were racists and avoided them, I did not talk to them unless I had to.  I avoided them to protect my ego pride.

Before a mature person quits a job he thinks about his family's material needs and makes sure that his students and clients are not abandoned in midstream. A mature person puts the interest of his significant others above his pride.


If you have a tendency to fear, anxiety and anger it means that you do not have love in your mind for your real self and for other people. Fear and anger are the result of the absence of love and caring for one's real self and for other people's real selves, those one is fearful of and or angry at.

Anger and fear shows that one is self-centered and proud hence neurotic and unloving towards ones real self, other people's real selves; what matters to one is preserving the false ideal, superior and powerful self.

A proud neurotic does not take good care of his self and other people's needs; in relationships he wants his spouse to care for him but not him to care for her; indeed, he was probably married by the spouse and did not marry her (by courting and caring for her).

He wants other people to take the initiative to approach him for relationships but not him to them because he does not want his fragile big ego to be rejected should he approach people for relationship; he wants to retain his imaginary big ego.

He now must let go of that big ego and have no big ego and pride and simply loves his self and all people.


Where there is love for one's real self and other peoples real self (where there is joining between people) there is no ego pride, fear and anger.

Where there is no love (union with all people) there may additionally be depression, paranoia, mania, schizophrenia and other mental illnesses.  Where there is mental disorder there is absence of love.

All mental disorders and emotional upsets exist where there is no love. It follows that love, the ability to join with people and form union with people and where people care for one another there is no mental illness.

This is probably not how they taught you to define mental disorders, as emanating from the inability to love you and people.

I am teaching you what really causes mental disorders, lack of love, not the rubbish they teach you at ego schools.

Where there is mental disorder invariably the person is more invested in positing a big ego self and protecting that imaginary big self.

This is how my psychological mentor, Alfred Adler, defined neurosis (emotional disorders) and psychosis (mental disorders); he said that the emotionally and mentally ill is invested in trying to become an imaginary superior self; he sees the healing of all neurosis and psychosis as inhering in cessation of the pursuit of the superior self and return to working for our mutual social interests.


To heal all emotional disorders (fear, anxiety and anger) and mental disorders (paranoia, depression, mania, schizophrenia) you must love you and love all people.

Since love lies in return to God, to cure emotional and mental disorders one must return to God; return to God is return to love, return to union with all people.

To be mentally healthy one must stop running away from love, from union with God and all people. One must give up separation from God and all his creation if one wants to be mentally healthy.

All mental illnesses are caused by desire to separate from God and people so as to go invent a false, grandiose self-concept and self-image and protect it with the various ego defense mechanisms.

Show me an unloving person and I will show you a person prone to fear, anxiety, anger, depression (and in more serious cases a person prone to paranoia, mania and schizophrenia).

The cure for all emotional (fear, anxiety, anger) and mental disorders (depression, paranoia, mania and schizophrenia) is to embrace love for one's real self and love for all people and love for God.

Love for people means giving up the desire for the self-invented ideal, superior ego self (which we made to replace our real selves, the equal and same sons of God); love means retuning to being as God created one: loving and unified with God and all his creations.


In eternity we were (and still are) unified. We decided to experience the opposite of union, which is separation and separated.

We invented matter, space and time and now seem to live in them; in them we seem separated from each other.

Body is a means of separation. In bodies each of us seems apart from other persons. Space is a means of separation. Now there is space between us. Time is a means of separation, for it now takes time for each of us to reach others.

Matter, space and time are illusions that seem to exist in a dream state but in truth do not exist; only union is real.

Illusions or not, we are in that world. On earth we are in bodies; the body each of us inherited plays a critical role in his construction of his self-concept, his sense of self apart from other selves, his ego.

Those who inherited healthy bodies tend to have smooth egos; those like me who inherited problematic bodies tend to have troublesome egos.

Either way, the ego, the self-concept, the self-image, the human personality is a means of separating one son of God from others.

Some people seek more conscious sense of separation whereas others are not even conscious that they seek separation.

I am one of those who due to the exigencies of his problematic body sought a big ego; this means that I sought inordinate separation from people and from God. I affirmed the ego false self and defended it.

Each person did the same thing for that is what the world is for: the world exists for the unified sons of God to come to it and in it seem separated from each other and defend their seeming separated selves.

Now that we have accomplished the task of separation, the opposite of union, which is the opposite of love, we know how painful it is to be separated from God and from each other. We must now learn to return to union with each other.

We return to unified state by using the bodies we made to separate us to reach one another.  In time we use the egos we made to separate us to love one another.

We accept that though we seem separated that we are one. We are one unified self and unified mind.

When one accepts this reality and lives it one is saved; one lives in peace and joy.  On earth, when such a person dies he no longer returns to our world of dense forms but stays in other levels of being.

There are many levels of being (some say eight, see how Ra, in "The law of one", described the various levels).  In my categories one stays in the world of light forms.

There are three levels in the world of light forms; there are four levels in our world of dense forms and one formless world, aka heaven.

While in the world of light forms, aka heaven's gate, one helps those who are still in the world of dense forms.

All of us must help all of us to see that we are not egos in bodies and that we are love and love one another. When we all love we all reach the world of light forms.

From there we lose all desire to have separated selves, in dense or light forms, and disappear into unified state (aka heaven).

In heaven we live as one self and one mind; we rest in the perfect peace provided by the unified state of heaven until we feel the urge to separate from each other, again; when we do so another universe comes into being.

We shatter union into fragments; each fragment is housed in body of flesh and seems separated and live in space and time.

In the universe of matter, space and time we begin afresh the struggle to remember our non-material unified self.

When each of us remembers that he is unified with all of us he is saved. Thereafter, while staying in the world of forms he works to help those still in the world of dense forms (on earth); he does whatever he could to enable them remember union and when they do they join him in the world of light forms.

When all human beings are at the world of light forms we return to unified state and in it rest and then experience the urge to leave and go invent other dream universes.  We have been doing this sort of thing eternally, for we are eternal.

I have learned that separation is an illusion; I am on my way back to unified state; upon death on earth I will not return to earth but will stay at the world of light forms, the gate of heaven. While there I join the teachers of union, teachers of love, and teachers of God in teaching those who still cherish separation that separation is an illusion and ask them to unify with one another, love one another and join us at heaven's gate.


I deliberately chose to personalize this essay; I did so to show that the absence of love for my real self and people is responsible for my tendency to fear, anxiety and anger (what in psychology is called emotional disorders; what psychoanalysts call neurosis).  My observations from treating the mentally ill (depressed persons, deluded persons, manic persons and schizophrenics) showed me that despite their seeming different symptoms what is really at work in them is the absence of love in their minds.

I am not here to delineate the symptoms of mental disorders; I have done that elsewhere. I am here to point out what mental health professionals do not point out, the fact that despite the differing symptoms of mental disorders that what is really at work is lack of love in the mentally ill.

This lack of love for the self and other selves in the mentally ill can be traced to biological and sociological issues in the here and now world. But its real root is our separation from God.

God is love; to be on earth we separated from God; that is, we separated from love. On earth we live separated lives; that is, we live outside love.

Our ego selves are replacement selves we invented to avoid loving each other and loving God. We all posit egos of differing strengths and pursue them and in the process do not love our real selves.

Our real selves are the children of God and since God is love we are the children of love.   We are healed of our emotional and mental disorders when we return to love, to loving our real selves and loving each other and loving God.

We are healed of our emotional, mental and medical disorders when we return to God, which means return to love.

Building on self-observation I came to the realization that my tendency to anger (all you have to do is do what I perceived as denigrating my big ego self and I would verbally go to war with you) is a result of lack of love for my real self and for other people's real selves.  I concluded that more serious issues such as the various mental disorders are also due to lack of love for the mentally ill persons real selves and for other people and for God.

The absence of love is the cause of all emotional and mental and physical disorders.

If my thesis is correct, and it is correct, it follows as day to night that the cure for emotional and mental disorders is return to love.

Love you, love those around you and love God and you would be emotionally and mentally stable, happy and peaceful.

I am an Igbo African. I can honestly tell you that most Igbos and Africans that I have seen in my entire life are egotistical; they pursue becoming big egos. In the process they are competitive and want to succeed and often do so at the expense of other persons.

I have not with my physical eyes seen a loving Igbo, Nigerian and African person. Because they are not a loving people they found it easy to sell their people to Arabs and White folks. At present, instead of working for their peoples good they steal from them; with the money they stole from governments they masquerade around as very important egos.

How come these people do not love persons? It is because of their separation from their real selves, and from God.  God created them and all of us as loving and unified with him and all people but to be on earth they separated from him, from love.

What would heal Africans and all human beings of their emotional, mental and medical disorders is for them to give up their prideful and arrogant egos and become humble, loving persons.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

April 22, 2017


I do not know about other persons but I know about me. From my earliest memory (age five) my mind was always thinking (brooding) about one thing or another. I do not recall ever having a mind with no ideas and concepts in it.

If I see something I think about it. I judge it as good or bad. I do not simply see it and let it be without having an opinion of it been good or bad.

When I judge people good and say so they obviously like it than when I judge them as bad. But the fact that I am judging them good or bad is a problem. Why should I even try judging people?

What do I know about the person standing in front of me? Very little. If that is the case why should I judge him as good or bad? I am really not judging him as good or bad but merely projecting my views of good or bad to him. When I say that somebody is good or bad I really did not say anything relevant about him for I do not know him and probably will never know him since it would take me a life time of studying him for me to begin to understand him.

And who gave me the right to judge me and other people? I did not create me and other people so why do I dare to judge people as good or bad?

To judge people means that I am playing God the creator.  I am usurping the function of the creator when I judge me or other people as good or bad; this is hubris of the first order; I am arrogant in judging people as good or bad; humility requires me to not judge any one as good or bad!

Judging people is presumptive for it assumes to know what is independently good or bad, which I do not know.

The same goes for whatever I say about animals, plants, rocks, stars, galaxies and the entire universe. I really do not have sufficient information on any aspect of phenomena to say anything salient about it.  I am merely projecting my ignorance to people and things when I say something about them.

The same goes for me. I do not know enough about me beyond the superficial aspects of me that I think that I know to judge me as either good or bad.

It would take possession of enormous amount of information on a thing's, or a person's past, present and future to be able to make a rational judgment about it or him. Yet, my mind obsessive-compulsively says things about what I see.

Whenever my mind says something, positive or negative about anything it sees it is wasting its time and ought to be silent. That is correct; my mind ought to be quiet rather than pretend to know what it is saying when it says something about me, other people and the things around me.

And since I say things despite having incomplete information on what I said, it can be said that despite what I say my mind is literally blank; I am merely making noise; I do not know enough to say anything worthwhile about anything.

My obsessive-compulsive thinking is an attempt to pretend to say something relevant about phenomena when in fact it is saying nothing meaningful about anything.

Honesty requires me to say nothing when I see anything, to say nothing about you, to say nothing about me and to say nothing about a tree or animal that I see.

Talking about seeing anything, that is, perception, how do I know that I am actually seeing anything at all? How do I know that what I see as there is really there? I do not have a way to ascertain that what I think that I see as there is there. For all I know I may well be dreaming and seeing what is not there as there. I cannot completely dismiss solipsism as hogwash or can I?

Perception is always colored by ones past experience; in perception one is actually projecting what is in one's mind to what one perceives.

Consider. I see what we call a cup before me. I call it a cup. How do I know that it is, in fact, a cup? I know that it is a cup because my society tells me that it is a cup.

But what is it outside what my social group taught me about it? Do I know about what it is apart from society's conception of it?

Society constructs what it calls reality. What reality itself is we do not know, at least, I do not know; maybe you know what reality is? If so could you tell me?

Who are you? Do you know who you are? Are you just your body and self-concept, ego and if not what else are you? Your answer is epistemological, so be very careful.

Since whenever I say something about me, people or anything I am merely projecting my ignorance to them why not simply say nothing about anything I see?

This is what I decided to do. So, when I see you or me or anything I simply accept that I do not know what I am seeing and that whatever I say about what I think that I see is really my thought about that thing and not the truth of what I am seeing.

The pursuit of truth asks me to just be honest and keep quiet and not say anything about what I think that I see.  Thus, I try to keep my mind free of opinions and judgements about what phenomena are.

If I see you I resist saying anything about you.  I resist saying that you are handsome or ugly. I just see you. I refuse to say that you exhibit good or bad behavior, for all those are my judgment; my judgement is based on limited information about you hence cannot yield the truth of who you are.

So, I see you and I keep my mind blank about who you are.  Who are you? I do not know. Who am I? I do not know beyond the bunch of presuppositions and preconceptions that I learned from my past experience but the truth is that I do not know who I am or who you are or who other people are or what anything is or means.  Thus, prudence requires me to just keep quiet.

Of course ideas do come into my mind when I see you or me or things but I quickly remind me that those ideas are based on insufficient knowledge of what things are or mean.

For example, I ask: how come Africans are so backward it is not funny. Looking at individual Africans and comparing them to white and Asian folks I do not see any difference yet Africans are the most backward people on planet earth.

Africa is the most badly governed continent. My mind would try to figure out the reasons for this dreadful situation. At some point I gave up trying to understand this dreadful situation, for all I was doing was positing opinions.

The fact is that neither I nor other people know why Africa seems a cursed continent where nothing good comes out of. May be there is a reason why Africa is what it currently is: a shit house.  I do not know what that reason is.

And don't talk to me about how Europe underdeveloped Africa (Walter Rodney) for I make my living teaching social science and as such know most of the causal factors explained in explaining Africans backwardness. I know that those explanations are mere rationalizations not the truth. What is the truth? I do not know!

So what would happen if I went through a whole hour, day, week, month and year without saying anything, good or bad, about anything I see?  My brain, mind would feel blank and I probably would see things differently?


In meditation one tries to remove all apriori ideas one has about one's self, people and the world from one's mind and keep one's mind freed from thinking and concepts.

In Hindu and Buddhist meditation (which I learned) one is told to attain inner sense of silence, to have a mind without concepts and ideas in it.

Concepts and ideas are our mental constructs and not reality itself, what reality is we really do not know.

Hinduism and Buddhism say that if there are no ideas and concepts in one's mind that one is in a meditative state of mind. It says that when one wipes one's mind  clean of all ego derived concepts and ideas and remain emptied of the self-concept,  and concepts about other people and anything in the ego separated world and just be silent that one is no longer defining reality.

Oriental religions say that when the mind is emptied of our ideas about the nature of reality that reality would on its own dawn on one's mind; reality as it is not as one wants it to be.

As long as one defines reality it runs away from one but when one accepts ones ignorance and stop trying to tell reality what it is, remain silent reality would reveal itself to one.

Hinduism and Buddhism asks one to make one's mind empty of all concepts and thinking  and that if one succeeds  that one would be exposed to a different  reality, a reality not of ones making and not the making of human society.

A course in miracles, Hinduism combined with Christian Gnosticism, says that if one attains inner silence that one would escape from our world and first see still a perceptual world, the world of light forms (it still has everything in our world but they are in light forms, it is our world purified by forgiveness and the Holy Spirit) and that if one also negates that world of light forms, for it is still an illusion for it is still perceptual, one escapes from the world of perceptions and reaches the world of knowledge.

The world of perception is always a world of judgement, a world based on opinions, a world based on what one wants to see, what one wants to see that takes on shape for one to see it; in perception what one believes shapes what one sees; indeed, what one sees is said to be ones projection and is not independent of ones beliefs and wishes.

If one does not have any desire of how things ought to be one is said to be able to escape from the perceptual world and enter a non-perceptual world, the world of unified state, the world of God; a world where one is one and concurrently all selves, all in formless oneness, the world of knowledge.

This is what I have heard; what I have heard, to me, is a mere hypothesis on the nature of reality and is not true until I have experienced it.


My goal is to keep my mind blank, a mind freed from all conceptions of who I am, who you are, what things are and what reality is.

Christian mystics like Meister Eckhart, Saint Teresa of Avila, Saint John of the Cross etc. tell us that If I keep my mind blank that I am now reedy for God, through his Holy Spirit, to show me a different world, the world he made, a world of light forms and, ultimately, that I would experience the formless unified world of God.

I do not know if any of those teachings are true. What I do know is that whatever is my opinion is based on incomplete information so I am going to keep quiet about everything I see and live that way for a while and see what happens.

I will not say or do anything that immediately comes to my mind as to the nature of what I see or what I should do. I will just keep quiet until a higher power (Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ) tells me what is real and what isn't.

I am sick and tired of coloring the world with my perception (perception cannot give you the truth; the truth must be beyond perception).

Let us see how this new life style of not doing or saying anything by my perception but leaving things to be as they are, will pan out.  I do not know what the outcome will be; what I know is that I am already feeling quiet and peaceful.

You could perform this experiment with me; let us do it for a month, and not take our opinions as fact. At the end of one month let us compare notes.

Our heuristic question is this: if the world is a product of our thinking, our perception, what would happen if one stops thinking and perceiving and stops projecting ones ideas into images and seeing them as the world outside one? If one has no wishes for things to be this or that way, has no self and simply be what would happen? Let us go find out.


The miracles in A course in miracles are change in perception, from seeing with the eyes of the ego to seeing with the eyes of the Holy Spirit and Christ, seeing from the right mind. The right mind sees unity whereas the ego sees separation.

The right mind sees with forgiveness; it overlooks the realities of this world to see the underlying unity of all things; it is purified seeing; it sees people in light forms whereas the ego sees people in dense forms living in space and time.

So, can we see people in light forms while we are on earth? Occasionally, when we totally forgive people we may momentarily see them in light forms but we quickly revert to seeing them in dense bodies.

Seeing people in light forms is akin to what "The law of one" by Ra calls level five living; here,  eyes are so purified that the person is no longer in our world  but in the world of light forms.

Holy relationships, seeing with the eyes of the Holy Spirit takes place at level five; holy relationships are forgiven relationships hence healed; in them people do not see with the separated eyes of the ego but with the unifying eyes of the Holy Spirit; it is not seeing as we do on earth but seeing in the light world (purified seeing).

Those in our world see with dense, separated, level 3 seeing. Level four seeing is still on earth but now folks recognize the need to love all to love themselves but they are still in human bodies not light bodies.

Level five seeing is seeing in the light. In level six people are no longer in human forms, dense or light but are disembodied ideas. At level seven people are now at the gate of heaven, they are ready to lose their sense of separation and individuality.

Level eight is akin to what Christians call heaven; in it there is no you and I, no subject and object, no seer and seen; all share one self and one mind. Here, there is one wave of spiritual light (called God) and each of us is a particle in it; wave and particle are one.

It is those in level eight that invent the various universes and then forget that they invented them and go live in them and eventually find out that they invented them.

They begin at level one (matter, space and time where there seem no consciousness), level two where animals and plants evolve and level three where some animals, us develop consciousness. We have already talked about levels four, five, six, seven and eight.


Let us, you and I, see if we can change our perception of reality and come to know what reality is!

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

April 21, 2017


Tuesday, 18 April 2017 18:16

God and the self-concept

Many smart persons appraise the Christian and or Muslim conceptions of God and deem them too infantile to be bothered with and declare themselves atheists or agnostics.   What these people do not realize is that it is us, human beings who define what God means to us. If how the Semitic race, Jews and Arabs, define their gods do not make sense to you  then try to define God as you think that he is. Your definition of God is your definition of your real self. If you deny the existence of God you deny the existence of your real self.  The below is my understanding of God; see if it makes sense to you; if it does not make sense to you then ignore it and stick to your own definition of you.


Ozodi Thomas Osuji

In eternity, heaven there is literally oneself; that one self has infinite parts, units, all of whom share the one self.

Heaven is a wave of spiritual light with infinite particles in it. The wave-particle function of light, however, cannot operate concurrently; it is either one or the other. If it functions as wave you do not see the particles function; if it functions as particles you do not see the wave function; it is either one or the other; when it functions as one you do not know where the other is for it is in what it is functioning as.

In heaven spiritual light is wave and does not function as particles. When that spiritual light functions as particles it is us on earth.

Each of us is a unit of spiritual light. We are now functioning as units of God. Functioning as units of God we cannot know about unified God for God is now in us as particles of his self.

If we let go of our particles function we revert to God and do not know about our function as units of God. It is either we are unified God or we are units of God but we cannot be aware of both at the same time.

One God has infinite units; in human terms, God has infinite sons. In God, heaven only the awareness of God is present. God is undifferentiated intelligence with potential for infinite units of intelligence.

In us, one God's infinite units, particles, seem to have lost the awareness of their collective unity and are now operating as units. Their operation as units is us in the world.

On earth each of us has the awareness that he is separated from other persons; his sense of separation is made possible by the presence of space, time and matter (the three illusions that seem to exist but in God do not exist).


On earth, in separated states each of us develops a separated self-concept. Each of us building on his inherited body and social experience constructs a self-concept and self-image.  To him his self-concept and self-image is real. He defends his self-concept and self-image.

As long as he defends his ego, his compendium of ideas as to whom he thinks that he is; he is in the world of matter, space and time.

If one lets go of ones separated self-concept and self-image and stops defending it one is no longer aware that one is in our world.

If you completely let go of your defense of your self-concept, self-image and your body you would not see you exist and would not see our world exist; you revert to no separated self, to heaven.


There are several levels of the separated self. The book, "The law of one" by Ra, of all books on metaphysics best captures the various levels of the self.

When we left heaven, God, union, we first manifest as matter, space and time (the Big Bang produced the physical universe that seems lacking in consciousness but it is mind that produced it). From that level one of being we go to level two.

At level two plants and animals evolve on earth.  At level three human beings, a species of animals develop self-consciousness and human civilization is born. Here, we affirm our separated self-concepts and each person does what serves his self-interests, often at the expense of other persons.  Gradually we begin to realize that we are all oneself with one mind.

Those who are more advanced accept our human unity and begin doing what serves our social and collective interests. This is level four of our evolution. It takes place on earth.  You do not have to be religious to know all these things. Alfred Adler, one of the original psychoanalysts realized that the best lived life is one dedicated to serving social interests, to loving the self and other selves; he was at level four of existence.

Those who have completely accepted their unity with all mankind are no longer in physical bodies but are now in light bodies (they are still in our world but you cannot see them with your physical eyes). They are in light forms.  They are at level five. They operate more like what folks call the gods; that is, they have supernatural powers.

From level five they attain level six. At level six folks are no longer in physical forms, not in our dense bodies and not in light bodies. They are now pure ideas; they still have sense of separated selves but know that they are in spirit unified. They act as guides that enter our minds and help us understand our world and love one another. They are in your and in my mind.

Jesus Christ and other ascended masters are in level six. They have the power to return to lower levels so that you can see them in forms (you can see Jesus Christ in his light form; he still looks like a human being but now in pure light form).

From level six folks go to level seven. At level seven they are almost like God; in that level they do not strive to maintain their separated, individuated states; they are operating as undifferentiated God (they are what Christians call the Holy Spirit).

From level seven folks thereafter proceed to level eight. In level eight they forget that they ever had separated and individuated self-concepts and return to the awareness of undifferentiated self, God.   They rest in that level, heaven for a while and then the urge to begin another universe takes hold of them and they invent another big bang and shatter themselves into parts and begin another evolution of space, time and matter. They repeat the various levels, from no consciousness to Consciousness, to knowledge of oneness, to love and acting as guides for those still on earth and finally return to undifferentiated state and thereafter invent another universe. Hinduism has names for each of the above eight levels of being; level eight is called Brahmaloca, the abode of God.

These ways universes come and go; there is no end to it. Hinduism calls each universe Yuga or Kalpa. Call it what you like, the point is that we exist eternally, from the undifferentiated state to differentiated states.


In meditation one negates one's self- concept and self-image; if one succeeds one would not be aware that this world and the selves in it exist; one realizes that our world and egos are mere dreams and dream figures that seem to exist to those in a dream but outside the dream do not exist.

If you are in meditation and negate your ego self-concept and self-image the world does not exist for you; and other people do not exist for you. In that state you do not have attachment to your ego and its body and, as such, do not do what defends your ego and body (fear and anger is the chief means of defending ego and its body).In meditation, no self-state, you do not have fear, anger, depression, paranoia (paranoia is when you take the ego too seriously and see it as your real self), mania and schizophrenia. Now you are healed of all the mental and physical issues that afflict the human mind and body.


When you stop identifying with the ego and body, give up your self-concept and self-image, you stop thinking, for you need the separated self to think with. We think through our separated self-concepts and self- images; without our separated selves we do not think; in egoless state we revert to Knowledge of our oneness.


God does not have a separated self-concept. God knows; he knows only one thing: he knows that he is one self with one mind and yet is his infinite selves and infinite minds.

God is in perpetual peace for he is not trying to think and act as this or that separated self but quietly knows that he is all the seeming separated selves in the universe and universes.

God is the awareness of one's self as the wave of light; as wave function of light God does not know about the particles function of light (us on earth); we, as God in his particles function, do not know about God's wave function (state of union).

By the way, I am actually explaining to you quantum physics! In quantum physics we say that physical light has both wave and particles function and that if light operates as one it does not operate as the other and where the other is we do not know!

In God where we do not have separated self-concepts we are part of undifferentiated, universal intelligence, intelligence from which infinite universes emerge.

In God we do not know about the infinite universes.  In God there are no separated self-concepts and self-images; God is not conceptual and is not in images.

God does not speak; there is no speech in heaven for who is not God for him to talk to him? Speech and language only exists in our differentiated world; in the world of separation speech enables us to communicate with one another; in unified state we commune with one another but do not speak to one another.

In God you do not think or see; you simply know that you are all people and things. There is no self and other selves that are not part of one; there are no you and I, no seer and seen, no subject and object in God; in God all are one.

Thereafter, we leave God and exist on earth and invent separated self-concepts and self-images and use those to seem to exist in the illusions of space, time and matter.

Why call space, time and matter illusions? It is because they do not exist. You as an ego are probably feeling like arguing with me. Instead of arguing why don't you perform this experiment?

Sit or lie on your back. Do so in a quiet place. Close your eyes but do not go to sleep. Tell yourself that you are not the ego self-concept that you currently believe that you are, deny identification with the ego; deny the existence of the ego and its body, deny the reality of the world you live in, deny our earth, deny our sun, deny our Milky Way galaxy, deny all galaxies, and deny the existence of the physical universe.

If you really mean it you will panic from the sudden awareness that the physical universe does not exist, is not real but if you persist you would see it disappear.

First, you will see yourself in a world that looks like our world but is now in light forms; you will see you in a body made of light; if you persist in your meditation you transcend the world of light forms (fifth level of being) and become aware that you are a disembodied intelligence (sixth level) and then become aware that you are close to unified intelligence (seventh level) and thereafter you disappear and lose sense of separated self and know yourself as part of all selves (eight level, heaven).

Try meditation and see what happens and stop deluding yourself that your ego and body and this world of separated selves are real. Don't argue, experiment (meditation is called Raja Yoga by Hinduism).

I talk about what I have experienced so you ought to take these things seriously and stop running around as a silly ego; your real self is not ego but part of the formless, eternal spiritual light that folks call God.


If in meditation you experienced oneness and know that your separated ego self-concept and self-image is an illusion and you return to the awareness of you as a separated self, in our world, now you know that the separated self is a replacement self; it is a substitute self; you know that your real self is the particle of light in the universal spiritual light that folks call God.

Now you no longer fear physical death for you know that birth and death occurs in the dream, in the illusion of separation; in the dream they seem real but events in a dream are not real. Thus, you do not fear the death of your ego and body.

Indeed, if you try very hard you can exit our world without death and simply see you in the fifth level as a person in light body.

If you choose to live in our world you will be subjected to doing all that we on earth do, seek food, medications, clothes, shelter for your imaginary body; you seek the means to travel from point A to B; you may still have residual fear of harm to your body (for fear is built into our bodies) hence set up means to protect it: governments, police, military and the other childish mechanisms we employ to protect our dream bodies and selves.

Your stay in the dream is a stay in an asylum; you are insane and do not know it; you are insane because you see a world that does not exist and think that it exists; you see your body and ego that do not exist and believe that they exist hence you are deluded and hallucinate.


On earth people are at different levels of existence; there are those who know that their egos and bodies are nonexistent hence do not take them seriously; there are those who believe that their egos and bodies are existent and take them seriously.

I am sorry to say this but truth must be said: Africans are at the lowest level of human existence; they tend to see their egos and bodies as real.  Nigerians, for example, act as if they are very important persons and want you to praise their swollen infantile egos; they pile useless titles to them and want you to call them by those stupid titles (such as engineer this, doctor that, professor that, chief that etc.); they wear flowery robes calculated to make their egos and bodies seem important; the fools are not even aware that their bodies and egos are dream figures and do not exist in reality; if they recognized that the ego and body are dream figures they wouldn't affirm them as they do.

Generally, women are less spiritually evolved than men. Women tend to take their bodies and egos as real and primp them. A woman is always placing fancy clothes on her body, have expensive jewelry, live in a fancy house and drive a fancy car and look at herself in every mirror she sees to see how beautiful she is. She wants you to see her body and ego as beautiful.

Women are like children emotionally in that they take what does not exist, their bodies and egos as existent. This is where they are in space and time so leave them to be the children they are; do not ask them to stop admiring and appreciating their bodies and egos, for they cannot not admire their bodies.

In religion women tend to gravitate to what Hinduism calls Bhakta Yoga; they set up God as a handsome man and worship him; what they are really doing is admiring their self- images projected to what they call God. Some of them gravitate to Tantra yoga; again, here, they enjoy their bodies for they see their bodies as real.

Generally, men are a bit more spiritually evolved than women. Nevertheless, the run of mill man is identified with his ego and body.

In so far that men pursue religion they tend to do so through Jnana Yoga (the path of the rational intellect trying to understand and explain God, as I am doing here) and Karma yoga (the path of doing social service, love for all).

Only a handful of people at any point in time actually know that the ego and body are dream figures and nonexistent; such persons tend to be humble and turn their gaze towards undifferentiated God. To such people the world as we know it is almost over, they are in the world but are not part of it; one of their feet is on earth and the other is in heaven.


Most human beings have both of their feet grounded on solid earth; they have egos and self-concepts and self-images and take them seriously. They have to do so to live in the illusion of the reality of space and time. Leave them alone and be whatever you believe that you are.

People are at different states in this world. In eternity we are the same and equal but in time we are at different levels of spiritual and material evolution; there is inequality on earth but equality in heaven.

The path to understanding God and the real self that I explicated here can be given different names; the Greeks and Romans would probably call it Gnosticism; Hindus would probably call it Vedanta; Professor Helen Schucman, of Columbia University, New York, wrote about it in her book, A course in miracles. Call it what you like, it is what makes sense to me. If it makes sense to you then embrace it, if not discard it. There are many paths to knowing who we are.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

April 18, 2017



Ozodi Thomas Osuji

You have a self-concept; that is, you have a set of ideas about who you think that you are; you behave in accordance with that self-concept.

The individual defends his concepts, ideas of who he thinks that he is. Since they are ideas if you defend them they seem real to you. But if you do not defend them they are not real to you; defenselessness leads to having no self-concept.

In the present life and other life times you will be changing your self-concepts and improving or not improving your self-concepts. If you change your concept of you and now decide to love other people you improve your self-concept but you still have a concept and thus are still in body and wish to live in body and wish to live in separated self and our world.


The individual's present self-concept is not a product of accident; he constructed it in childhood, in fact during the five years of his life. He built on his inherited body and social experience to construct his idea of who he believes that he is.

Given the individual's inherited body and social experience he must have his present self-concept. In adulthood, all he can really do is understand his self-concept, aka his personality and behavior patterns. Having understood its strength and weakness he can choose to improve it; that is, he can change it a bit. People come to earth and in many life times keep on improving their self-concepts.

It takes a long time before the individual decides to completely let go of his self-concept and die to the ego and this world. He is afraid of his ego self-concepts death.  He is not ready to let go of his ego self- concept and become enlightened (this is fine; as a son of God he has the freedom to live in separated ego state until he decides to return to his real self, unified self).

Over several life times the individual will eventually choose to have no self-concept, no idea of self of his own making and see it as who he is. When he no longer has self-concepts (the self-concept is a limited self-view of who he is); when the individual has emptied his mind of all conceptual selves he is now on the return journey to his creator.

When the individual empties his mind of all selves that he conceptualized he no longer judges himself as good or bad and does not judge other people as good or bad; he simply has no concepts of the self, his or other people, in his mind. There is no self of his making in his mind; the self he invented with which to replace the self that God created him; he has eliminated the substitute self-called the ego and is now dead to all self-concepts (Our real self, the son of God is not conceptual, is not perceptual; it is permanent spirit and is beyond your perception and concept of it: it is one self that is simultaneously all selves; you cannot understand what I just said for human thinking and speech cannot understand it;  God, heaven is ineffable).

At that point the individual may panic, for it is difficult to go about without a self-concept; most people feel terror and panic and may, in fact, experience decompensation, depersonalization and derealization and restitute with a more false grandiose self-concept and defend it; in which case they become psychotic; that is, become deluded, or manic or schizophrenic.

But if the individual can accept no self (Buddhism's term for it is anatta, having no self; Hinduism calls it jettisoning ahankara, ego, to experience the Atman, real self, God) and live with that fact he feels peaceful and happy.

When one accepts no self of ones making one has stopped fighting with God and his creation, one no longer wants to kill God and usurp his throne and create one's self, create other people and create the world. One is no longer at war with God. At that point one feels innocent, holy, sinless and guiltless.

When you see a man or woman who has given up his ideas about who he is he looks calm, peaceful, as if there are no ideas, no thoughts in his head; he is incapable of having hateful thoughts about other people; he smiles a lot; people feel peaceful around him or from even thinking about him. He is at the gate of heaven. Every human being who encounters such a person feels happy around him for he has encountered a son of God who is near our home (our home is heaven).

But as long as one has a self-concept, sees himself as separated from God and defends his self-concept he will live in pain, fear and anxiety and anger, depression, paranoia and other mental disorders.


Ultimately, the individual must decide to give up all his self –concept, good or bad, and have no self-concept that he constructed for his self; he has stopped defending a false self-concept.

At that point he has no ego; that is; he has no ideas of who he thinks that he is. When your mind is finally emptied of all concepts, all ideas of your own making and you have no wish to live in separation, body, space and time you would escape from your world and experience your real self, the son of God.

The real you is part of God; the real you is one with God; a self that is pure light and lives forever and ever.

In the meantime, take your time changing your ideas of who you are, improving them and eventually let all concepts of you go and return to God, to the you as God created you, one with him and all creation. When you do so you are now enlightened and illuminated to your real self.


In this life time my self-concept is a self that wants to be very important; I want to be very powerful. My inner self, the ego wants to be a superior self; I want to be better than all people and in fact better than God. From when I began school, age six I felt superior to all the other kids, and eventually I felt superior to all human beings. I have not seen a human being, black or white, that I did not feel superior to. God, when I was younger if you dared disobey me I felt furious at you and would do whatever I can to teach you that I am superior to you. I became a boss on the job very early and fired several people, black and white because they disrespected me. As a college student, in my twenties I had opportunity to travel all over Europe and North America.  While visiting the White House, for example, I felt that the president of the USA is a rat and is not capable of tying the laces of my shoes. The same phenomenon took place while I was in Europe. As for Africans, given their backwardness I must confess that I did not even see them as human beings!

What all these mean, metaphysically speaking, is that  I, a son of God, wanted to chase God out of his creator throne, usurp it and create myself; I wanted to create God, me, and all people and the universe; I wanted total power.

The son of God, you and I want to kill our father, God and replace him as the creator of ourselves and the universe (we did so in a dream setting; our physical universe is a literal, not figurative dream).

This desire to replace God is conscious in my mind, for I was born highly evolved; the desire may not be conscious in your mind; in fact, if you are a normal chap the desire to kill God and replace him is hidden in your ego unconscious mind (from where it makes you do the irrational things you do on earth).

In this life time, like most people, I can change my self-concept and see me as not that important and powerful person that my ego wants to become; in doing so I will develop a humble self-concept. If I have a humble self-concept I would live with relative peace and joy.

Eventually, however, I will have to decide to let go of my self-concept, grandiose or humble (for both are illusions since the self-concept is a mere wish and not reality); I must have no self-concept that I constructed (I would have deconstructed my ego, reconstructed it and eventually see the wisdom of having no ego and let it go).

When I extinguish my self-concept I would have peace; I would return to my real self, the son of God and feel one with God and become enlightened. This is the trajectory of my life during this life time (it is also the trajectory of your life but, perhaps, not during this life time).


In all my life I have not seen an Igbo, Nigerian, African or black American who is enlightened; most Igbos, Nigerians and Africans are egotistical; they are full of themselves; in fact, most of them have  childishly unrealistic big ideas of who they think that they are.

Nigerians steal and do incredible criminal things to get money with which they support their grandiose self-concepts (they do not even know that the self-concept is not real, does not exist, is a chimera, a dream figure, a replacement self, not their real selves).

How can I put it delicately? Well, you cannot express something that is not true in a delicate manner; all you have to do is state the truth as you see it. Here is the deal.

Igbos, Nigerians and Africans are literally living in the pit of hell and do not know it!  They do not know that to have an ego is to be in hell.

White folks also have egos hence are in hell. I must, however, say that I have seen a few white persons who are less egotistical hence are at the gate of heaven, that is, they have improved their egos to the point where they now use them to love all persons. They are still not in heaven.


To enter heaven you must have no self of your making; you must have no ego separated self-concept; you must become love itself.

God is love (unified self); to come to the presence of God you must become as he created you, love. If you hate even one single human being you cannot come to your creator.

You can quote me for I have been in the presence of God; I did so during the few moments when I forgave and loved all people.

Heaven and its God is love; only totally loving persons enter heaven. In the world today there is not even one enlightened person! I and a few others are at the gate of heaven (we still have egos but have transformed them to egos of love; to enter heaven we must give up the bit of ego, albeit it refined, that we still cling to).

In this short essay, I told you what you have to do to come to the gate of heaven: give up your ego self-concept and have no ego self that you constructed, no self that you invented with which you replaced the self that God created you as.

God created you as unified with him and all his creation; to love is to unify with the person you love; so love all and you unify with all and in so doing you come to your creator.

In the presence of your creator you experience permanency, eternity and changelessness; you experience perfect peace and joy; no human mind (those still in separation states) can comprehend it.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

April 14, 2017


Wednesday, 12 April 2017 06:43

Karma and the law of one

Karma And My Thoughts On The Law Of One

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

Each of us is born with a fate, a fate he chose and that chose him given his past lives behaviors. Reincarnation is real; we have recycled through this world several times. During each life time we do things that benefit or hurt other persons. We build positive and negative samsara.

What we did in past life times' work together to dispose us to choose to be born in certain biological forms and social circumstances (and in what country and race).

The body and society we are born in offer us the opportunity to use them as building blocks to shape our current ego personalities.

Each person's ego, separated personality is shaped by his inherited body and social experiences.  Those who are going to become criminals (anti-social personalities, sociopaths, psychopaths) inherited dense bodies (with less light; light is love; that is, they have less love in them).  These people are like predatory animals and do not have social conscience; they steal and kill without social conscience. This is who they are; you cannot change them for they came to the world to play the role of criminals. The world needs criminals after all without them there would be no ministers of religions moralizing against criminality.

For our present purposes, people are born with predispositions (to crimes or love) and you cannot change them. Every person will eventually learn from their behaviors that love is the best form of life.

Some persons are born with overly sensitive bodies, bodies prone to all kinds of medical problems and allergies. These sickly types, from their bodily experiences, understand our need to care for one another hence move towards love for all (some initially posit grandiose self-concepts and pursue  them and feel angry at those who do not acknowledge their powerful selves, that is, they are proud and deluded  and wish that they are god).

Normal persons inherit relatively healthy bodies and learn from their society and go get jobs and do their jobs and have peaceful existence.

The relevant point is that we all came here with a predisposition that led us to choose the bodies and societies we are born in and do what we do.

You cannot change other people; you cannot even change your body and predispositions. All you can do is learn about your body, self-concept and personality and understand what karmic issues that you are born with and are working on (such as lacking love and wishing power and learning to love all people).

Our world is a place of learning; we are in a classroom to understand the way matter, space and time works and to learn about our forgotten nature as loving persons (heaven is love).

When we have learned to love all people, which includes forgiving those who harmed us we graduate from the earth and upon death do not come back to it.

We move to other dimensions of living. There are many dimensions, including the dimension of love, the place where we are not in physical body but in light forms, and finally to the dimension where we are not in forms but are ideas and ultimately we return to where we came from, the formless light world, and pure knowledge where there is no individuality, what folks call God and heaven; it cannot be explained in words.

From unified state we leave and again go form other universes and then repeat the cycle of learning about the new universe we formed and learning about our forgotten nature, love, and returning to our real home. This process has been taking place eternally for we live eternally.  I have written about these ideas on metaphysics in several books and essays.

Last week, while browsing at Barnes and Nobles book store, bargain books section, I saw a book by David Wilcox called the Key to Synchronicity. I bought it and am yet to complete reading it.  In it he mentioned The Law of one and I looked it up.


The book, "The law of one" (it is a five volumes series) provided eight densities it says that we go through before returning to unified state and then separating from unity, again, and inventing new universes to experience.

In "The Law of one's cosmology, an entity that called itself Ra, who claims to have come from the sixth density (who were influenced by planet Venus) talked through an American woman called Carla L. Rueckert.

Ra said that originally there is what it calls the creator. The creator produces infinite smaller creators; the mini creators are a holograph of the original creator; each of them contains the entire creator; the part contains the whole (Hinduism's Brahman and Atman is the same, is the idea).

The creator and his parts are in a state of unity. However, the parts generally leave and go invent their own universes. In each of the universes that they invent they go through eight states (that it called densities).

First, they invent a stage which is tantamount to the creation in our present universe of matter, space and time; the next density is the emergence of animals and plants; the third density is the emergence of animals that have consciousness, who remember that in their state in unified state their nature is love so they begin their struggle to becoming loving.

We are in the third density; we must learn love and overcome our earthly tendency towards self-centeredness.  Each person must attain at least fifty one percent services towards other persons before he moves on to the fourth density.

Upon behaving in a loving manner one is harvested and proceeds to the fourth density. In the 4th density people are still in bodies but bodies with more light in them hence people have a lot more flexibility, the type we do not have in our totally dense bodies (our dense bodies weigh us down and limit our locomotion).

Each of the densities is characterized by how much light permeates it, with higher states becoming pure light hence more flexibility to move around (I suppose travel at the speed of light; in heaven, regardless of distance,  people communicate non-locally, instantaneously).

The harvesters are those who help human beings learn love. They are said to be those who have progressed beyond the third density.

Jesus Christ, for example, had learned love, made choice for love and then moved beyond the third dimension and was at the fourth density level and could have moved beyond it to the fifth density but chose to return to the earth to help people learn love; he became a harvester and wanderer (a wanderer had ascended to higher densities but choose to return to the world to help people learn love; he is kind of like the Buddhist Bodhisattva).

According to this cosmology each of us contains everything and is part of the creator and the other mini creators created by the main creator; all are in a unified state (hence we are one and the term the law of one).

We left the unified state and started our present universe and go through the eight density processes and when we reach seventh density of pure light forms we return to the eight density,  which is akin to Christian concept of heaven. From there we leave and go invent new universes and repeat the process.

Apparently, what Judaism calls its God, Yahweh, was a person who was at the sixth density who came to help people in our world as we were emerging from the animal state. Apparently, he and his fellow sixth density fellows took 5% of their DNA and placed it into specie of the great apes and those then proceed to become human beings.  It says that our DNA is only five percent different from the DNA of chimpanzees and gorillas (according to biology we are only three percent different from chimpanzees).

This placement of genes from more advanced breed of people in us was done to hasten our progress. Thereafter, Yahweh, a mere man, made himself the god of the human beings whose development he hastened. Thus, folks called a mere human being, albeit a more advanced one from another density their God.  He is not God; the real God, the creator is in each of us and in the 8th density.

(In Gnosticism, the Jewish God, Yahweh is considered a rebellious son of God who left God to go form his own world; he is called the Demiurge, a false god; the Catholic Church has the same idea in Lucifer, the proud angel who left God and his unified heaven to go form our separated world and rule it. See Plotinus's Ennead for explication of Gnosticism.)

This cosmology says that we have 75, 000 years in the third density to complete our learning on earth and graduate to the fourth density; those who did not graduate go to other planets whose density is like earth's third density and continue learning. In the third density, the density of self-forgetfulness (we forget that we are the gods) we have to remember that we are love (which is god) and choose to love all people before we can move to the fourth density. The third density is the density of choice (between social service and service to the self only; it is density of polarity)

It is not necessary to accept the law of one's eight densities schema; what is necessary is to accept that there are many levels of being.

In my schema, reached from pure intellection and personal experience, I posit three dimensions: (1) our world of dense light, (2) a world of light forms and (3) third dimension of formless light, unity, aka heaven.

Clearly, you can give many dimensions to each of my first two levels of being. The law of one posited the  (1) density of matter, space and time, (2) the density of animals, (3) the density of self-conscious animals, us; these three can  fit into my dense world.

My world of light forms can include what the law of one calls (4) the density of beginning light bodies, (5) the density of Wisdom, (6) the density of unity and love.

My third level of being subsumes the law of one's level (7) the density of disembodied self as ideas and (8) density of formless unity.

Hinduism calls heaven Brahmaloca and has several levels of Brahmaloca.

In my schema, we return to heaven, union and rest for a while and leave to go invent new universes and repeat the cycle; this is an eternal recurrent process. The law of one agrees with me.

What the law of one calls three distortions: (1) free will, (2) love and (3) light can be subsumed in the idea of separation.

Originally, we are one; we chose to separate from oneness and distorted our nature in heaven; we are allowed to do whatever we want but we distort that freedom and used it to separate from our creator.

In eternal union we are love; we distort that love by choosing to experience the opposite of love; our true state is spiritual light and we choose to experience its opposite, physical light.  Everything in the material universe is made from light. Our bodies, trees, mountains, planets, stars, galaxies are all made from light; you can return all of them to light, through intense heat or whatever decays atoms to protons, neutrons  and electrons and decay those to quarks and decay quarks to photons, light. We are made from light and remain light; we merely have the illusion that we are dense matter. Matter, energy, space and time are illusions and do not exist, in fact; they exist as in a dream.

These three distortions are necessary for our universe of matter, space and time to exist.

What the law of one call polarity is what I call our world of opposites; we choose to live in a world of opposites, what Taoism calls Yin and Yang; light and darkness, good and bad, man and woman etc. In our true home there are no opposites, no polarities, there is only one self that is simultaneously infinite selves; they are love and light.

What the law of one calls Ascension, Graduation and Harvesting are fancy terms for learning that we are love and graduating from it; we came to earth to forget that we are unified, love, and when we learn that we are unified love and behave lovingly to all people we graduate from this world and go to other worlds; we ascend to the fourth density (in my terms, to the world of light forms).

As it were, we are harvested (in my terms, by our conscience) and go to other dimensions while those who have not learned love either return to our world or to other planets where they are offered opportunities to learn love.

What the law of one calls Wanderers are those who have learned all there is no learn about love but upon death choose to return here to help those who have not learned love to do so. They are the teachers of love, those that A course in miracles calls the teachers of God. Such persons do not feel comfortable in their bodies and egos and this world but are here to teach those still at home in this world about love (right from the get go I rejected my body and ego and have never felt comfortable in this world and sought knowledge of a better world; my driving force is the quest for knowledge; in Hindu terms I am a Jnana yogi; in the language of the law of one I am a wanderer and a harvester).

Carla considers herself a wanderer, a teacher of love teaching mankind to love one another and dedicate themselves to social service, not only service to the self.

The law of one states that all of us invented this world; this is akin to A course in miracles saying that the sons of God separated from God and invented our world.

Each unit of God (what the law of one calls the creator) is holographic and contains the creator (the son is in the father and the father is in the son).

The law of one talks about sex as means of transferring energy from one person to another; it talks about what it calls tantric sex (Hinduism has that concept); it talks about sex without doing it with other people, such as having orgasm by merely touching another person.

The law of one explained homosexuality in a unique manner! It said that we all reincarnate several times; apparently, some women have reincarnated as men in other life times and in the present life time, even though they are physiologically female, they are men and desire sex with other females. The same applies to gay men; they reincarnated as women in past life times and even though in this life time they have male sexual organs they want to have sex as women do: have men put their penises into their bodies (anus and mouths). Interesting speculation, I say.

The book says that whichever manner the individual chooses to experience sex: heterosexual, homosexual and whatever are fine; people are god experiencing his self in different sexual forms. This explanation appears mere rationalization for homosexuality and is unconvincing.

Carla, the literature and librarian major, who channeled the law of one (in conjunction with a mechanical engineer called Don Elkins and a writer called James McCarty) is nominally a member of the Episcopalian church and accepts Jesus Christ as her lord and savior. However, she considers herself a mystical Christian.

As a 19 year old college student (at the University of Louisville, Kentucky, in 1962) her boyfriend, apparently, physics major was taking a class from a physics professor called Don Elkins, a man who was on the side doing research on extra-terrestrial beings. Professor Elkins had gathered twelve of his students to do meditation trying to see if they would reach ETs. Carla asked to join the group and was accepted. Thus, from 1962 onwards she began experimenting with channeling.

In 1976 she made a break through and had disembodied persons come through her.  From 1981 to 1984 Ra (Is Ra related to the Egyptian God Ra? The man said that he and his 6th density confederation helped build Egyptian and other ancient civilizations) began talking through her while she was in deep trance (sleeping).

The law of one is the message that came through her as she was in trance. Don Elkins asked questions and Jim wrote the answers down.  These three persons managed to write down a useful metaphysics.

As I pointed out at several places, the scientific method, useful as it is, made a mistake in closing its doors to other ways of knowing. There is a part of people that we might call spirit. What it is I do not know but the fact that we do not know is not reason to close doors to trying to know it.

We must continue our efforts to understand metaphysical issues. The law of one, like most new age spirituality, is not verifiable and, as such, should be seen as heuristic, ideas to be played with but not taken as facts.

I only became aware of the law of one last week. I intend to check it out some more and know what it is all about. I will update folks about it in the future.


Ozodi Thomas Osuji

April 11, 2017


AA did incredible loveless things to me and those made me feel that she humiliated my ego (my ego needed to be humiliated).  She used her legal system to essentially enslave me to supporting her. She had no understanding of my plight as a black man in racist America and simply felt that if her racist judge said that I have obligations to her that I had to do them or else I am punished. I felt that she was heartless in her behaviors.

I felt that what she was doing was wrong and concluded that she is going to have a serious disease and die from it as punishment for her lack of understanding that she was doing wrong to me.   I had expected her to have early onset Alzheimer disease to lose her mind since she refused to use her mind to understand that she was being unjust to me.

Just as I expected she now has a neurological disease.

What would cure her of it? Medical science but more importantly my forgiving her of the grudge that I held against her.

I must release her by forgiving her. When I forgive her it means that I give her love (union with me and God in spirit) and she would be healed.

My forgiveness of her would release her from the guilt she feels unconsciously hence punish herself with her present disorder. My forgiveness will go a long way in healing her physically.

If I forgive her hence free her from her psychic guilt and heal her body I forgive me and free me from my own psychic guilt for not loving her and I would feel free.

The lesson of her physical issues is for me to learn forgiveness and forgive her. If I do not forgive her I accentuate her physical issues; if she dies I would have caused her death.

I must heal her by forgiving her (which means loving her). When I forgive hence heal her, I forgive and heal me.  I am, therefore, not just doing her a favor by forgiving her but doing me a favor by forgiving her, for in so doing I forgive me and free me from my own guilt of not loving her (I did not love her; to not love a human being is wrong; lack of love is the only sin there is in life).

When I forgive her, that is, release her, I forgive me and release me from my own guilt and would no longer punish me with physical issues and poverty.

I have to stop her from punishing herself as she is currently punishing herself because of the psychic guilt she feels at the wrong she did to me and to other people.

We all hold each other in bondage, in prison, in hell and pain when we do not forgive each other; forgiveness releases the forgiven and the forgiver from the prison of the ego, this world.

I can just see a superficial psychologist saying that to believe that one holds people in bondage and that one can liberate them from it is grandiose self-assessment; is kind of like a child's magical thinking that makes him feel that he caused the death of his parents who died in an auto accident.  Listen up; there is a time for childish thinking; secular psychology, my past profession, is very childish.

In reality all of us are the sons of God who are one with God; we have the power to cause each other tremendous pain and the power to liberate each other from pain. It is about time that we stopped denying our divinity and claiming that we are mere animals, egos.


What all these mean is that A course in miracles teaches the truth that forgiveness heals the mind of the sense of guilt it has when it does not love people, when it separates from God and people and does bad things to other people; and that to forgive a person who one feels wronged one releases him from his psychic sense of guilt and self-punishment by projecting that guilt to bodily disorders.

When one forgives other people one simultaneously forgives one's self. If I forgive her, I heal her from her guilt and her projection of that guilt to her body by making her body sick.

In so doing, I forgive me and remove the guilt I have from not loving her and heal my projection of my guilt to my physical issues and receive a calm body and healed mind.

When one releases other people from guilt one releases oneself from guilt and heals one's mind and body.

For example, white people discriminated and abused black people and feel guilty from their unloving behavior; they feel that they ought to be punished for their evil and punish themselves with their physical and mental disorders and over eating and drug abuse and sexual madness.

If black folks forgive white folks white folks would feel not guilty and no longer project their guilt to their bodies and no longer make their bodies sickly and abuse their bodies with drugs.

The black people who forgive white people simultaneously forgive themselves and no longer feel guilty for the wrong they did to white folks and not project their guilt to punishment of their bodies in bad eating and drug abuse; they would feel mental peace and happiness.

If we forgive our brothers, hence heal them, that is, release them from guilt, we forgive ourselves and heal us from guilt and self-punishment.


When we separated from God and from each other we feel that we attacked God and each other and shattered reality to smithereens. We feel guilty and feel that we ought to be punished by God.

God does not punish us.  We are the false ego God thus we punish ourselves because of our separation and guilt.

To avoid awareness of separation guilt we project that guilt to our bodies and see our bodies (the means of separation) as the guilty ones and feel that our bodies ought to be punished. We punish our bodies by making them sick.

Thus, it is now body that did wrong and is punished. This is a game we are playing with our selves. It is mind that separated from God and people; it is mind that does evil acts (unloving acts is evil acts). Therefore, healing lies in the mind, not body.

To heal one's mind is to forgive ones evil deeds towards other people and forgive their evil deeds towards one.

If one forgives all one loves all and no longer has guilt from separation, for love unifies all. One now has a healed mind (salvation) and is no longer feeling guilty and projecting ones guilt to making one's body sick, so one's body is healed and made healthy.


When a person is healed, that is, has forgiven all people he has healed all people by taking away their guilt from feeling that they do not love him and in taking away their guilt one takes away ones guilt from not loving people.

When I heal, that is, forgive all my immediate brothers, E, M, etc., I release them from the guilt they feel for not loving me, for separating from me; they would no longer feel guilty and stop projecting their guilt to their bodies and to making themselves poor; they would feel guiltless and innocent and feel like they are worthy of wealth and go for material abundance; they would do work that would give them abundance; which is loving and teaching love.

I am holding my brothers back from making progress; I must therefore stop holding them back and release them from their guilt by forgiving them and not bearing grudges against them (whatever they did to me was done in a dream and has not been done); in saying this and believing it I deny the reality of my ego and body and return to the awareness of my real self.

I am responsible for all of them being blocked, and going nowhere. When I heal, by forgiving them, I unstuck them (and unstuck me) and they would feel innocent and loving and go do what they have to do to make a good living.

My salvation (which lies in my forgiving them and all people) is their salvation and healing.


I used to ask why Jesus Christ told people that he forgave them their sins, I mean forgive people who did not personally offend him, such as in the case of the adulterous woman that he told to go home and that her sins are forgiven her. The Jews around him took offense at him for forgiving sins for they believed that only God can forgive sins. I have now understood what is going on.

To be on earth we separated from God and from each other and from our real selves. We feel like we sinned by separating from our real selves, from God and from each other. In our psyche is a sense of sin, what the Catholic Church calls the original sin.

Additionally, while on earth we do harmful things to each other and that compounds our sense of sin. Thus, in our minds is sense of sin. We feel sinful and guilty from separating from God, each other and from our real selves and from our harms of each other.

Because we feel like we are sinful and guilty we feel that we deserve to be punished. We know that God is not punitive so he will not punish us; besides, God knows that we did not separate from him; he knows that we merely dream and knows that what is done in dreams have not been done; God sees us as eternally innocent, guiltless and holy.

Without waiting for God to punish us we punish ourselves. In punishing ourselves we feel that what we did is real, that we did separate from God and that our egos and bodies are real and that what we did with our egos and bodies are real. Punishment makes the ego and its world real in our awareness (no punishment makes the ego and world not real).

We punish ourselves because we feel guilty and sinful and believe that what we did, separate from God and harm each other on earth, are real.

One of the ways we punish ourselves is to project our sense of sin to our bodies; we now see our bodies as the sinful ones and punish our bodies by making them sick or making us poor.

Because we feel sinful we need to forgive ourselves. The person you see around you feels sinful and guilty from separating from you and God; you do the same.  Because we feel sinful we therefore need to forgive ourselves of our sins.

If I forgive you your sense of guilt, tell you that what you did to me by separating from me was done in dreams hence have not been done, I release you from sin and thereafter you would not feel sinful and would not project your guilt to your body and make it sick or give yourself poverty (in self-punishment).

When I forgive you I have simultaneously forgiven me and no longer feel sinful and guilty and would no longer project guilt to my body and make it sickly, or give myself poverty.

AA feels sinful and guilty from valuing her body and ego and doing bad things to other people; she feels separated from her real self, God and people; she identified with ego and body and denied her spirit self; she takes her ego and body seriously; she defends her ego and body and feels guilty; she then projects her guilt to her body and makes it feel sick. That is, she is punishing her body for her existential guilt of separation and valuing of ego and body.

In truth she did not separate from God hence has not committed sin from separation, although she believes that she is separated hence feels sinful.  She only seems to separate in dreams; what was done in dreams have not been done in fact.

She has not separated from God and people; she has not done whatever evil I see her do on earth for those were done in dreams.

Because whatever she did was done in dreams and have not been done she is not sinful and guilty and I must forgive her because she feels that she is sinful hence punishes herself.

I must release her from her sense of sin by making it crystal clear to her that she is not sinful and that she has not done anything bad to me.

She remains as God created her, sinless, innocent and holy. I must convey this message to her to make her accept her innocence and not feel sinful.

I forgive her; I release her from her sense of guilt; I release her from punishing herself; I want her mind freed from guilt feeling and projecting guilt to punishing her body; I want her mentally and physically healed, now.

I give her forgiveness hence freedom from guilt and make her healthy in mind and body.

I must note that in the dream world AA's ego did something bad to my ego; however, since neither of our egos exists in reality but are dream figures she did nothing to my real self.

In the dream she actually did me a favor for she enabled me to learn about ego behaviors and how such behaviors, if believed, make people to feel guilty and project their guilt to their bodies and make them sick.

In the here and now world, she feels that she did something bad to me because she has not realized that the ego is not existent, is a dream self; she takes her ego seriously.

I used to watch her take her ego and body seriously; she does not see them as mere means of communicating love from one separated self to another.

As long as she takes her ego and body seriously she must believe that she did something wrong to me and to other people and to God and feel guilty and redirect that guilt to her body and make it sick. She is punishing her body because she feels guilty.

Since I know that what she did to me was done in our mutual dreams hence have not been done and even then was good for me for it enabled me to learn about the ego I must tell her that she did nothing to me (she helped save me from the ego) hence release her from her guilt and need to punish herself with illnesses.

When I release her I release me from guilt and have no more need to make my body feel sick; I give to me what I give to other people, release, and salvation.


I still bear grudges; that means that I have not released people from their guilt for what they did to me.

As long as I do so I make them project their guilt to their bodies and minds and make their bodies and minds sick. As long as I make people sick I will be stuck in life, not moving forward.

I am at the proverbial fork in the road; I am given the choice to completely forgive people and move towards salvation or get stuck there debating whether to forgive them or not.

I will become unstuck when I live only love, which means forgiving all people


Over many past lives, incarnations on earth one did wrong to other people and they did wrong to one; one acquired samsara, debt to be paid off.

One is born in this life time with issues that are attendant to one's past evil (unloving) behaviors. That is, if one has physical issues or poverty it is due to past lives unloving behaviors.

Mere wishes cannot make ones past karma go away. You can wish all you want but the fact is that you are born with certain challenges which are due to your past unloving behaviors; that is, separating behaviors.

Those you meet in this life time have their own past karmic issues which you cannot wish away. AA, for example, is a woman who values her ego and body and defends it instead of using it to love in an unconditionally positive manner. What would eradicate her karmic issues and my own karmic issues is forgiveness.

If I forgive her, which means if I love her, I release her from her past karmic acquisitions and in so doing release me from my own past karma.

Each of us has karmic issues that he brought to this life time; those issues actually are responsible for those we meet on earth, for they offer us opportunity to deal with them; if one is not a loving person one is given unloving persons so that one learns to love all people.

The only way to release one's self from karma is for one to forgive all people; that is, love all people; love returns one to God, to the state of union and its innocence and health and consequent peace and joy, the gifts of God.

In eternity, heaven, we are always in love (union with each other), but on earth we do attack and harm each other's egos and bodies.

To forgive is to love, actually to return to love; you are therefore told to love all people; you are not asked to go harm other people and tell yourself that what you are doing is done in dreams and, as such, you have not harmed anyone and that you are always innocent.

If after reading this paper you still go out and harm people you will punish yourself by putting yourself in situations where you will suffer greatly; you will reincarnate back to this world and suffer until you learn that the only permissible behavior from one child of God to others is love.

Hate is not justified under any circumstances.  The teachers of God, who are led by the Holy Spirit and his star student, Jesus Christ, teach only love not hate.

Love all and you have a happy dream and is brought to the gate of heaven and from there heaven opens its gate and you enter and return home and experience the incredible beauty and peace and joy of heaven.

Heaven is love; only lovers can enter heaven; those who hate the children of God are barred from heaven, are kept outside the throne of unity, peace and joy.

Ozodi Osuji

April 11, 2017

To Have Peace And Happiness One Must Stop Striving For A Better Self

Ozodi Osuji

My whole life is a preparation to have a better self; a preparation to have a better future, a preparation to live well but never living in the now, the moment.  I am always striving for a better self, a powerful self, and a perfect self, for anything but living as I am now.


Why am I always living for the future not the present? I saw my present self, especially my body,  as problematic, which biologically it is and rejected it and used my mind to wish for a better self and want to become that better self, a powerful, all knowing self, to become a godlike self in power, anything but myself as it is now.

The better self, the powerful self, the ideal self is a wished for self; it is a mental and social construct and does not exist in reality and cannot exist in reality; therefore, pursuing it is pursuing a chimera that cannot be attained.

Because the present self, the biological self is seen as not good enough I do not take good care of it.

I feel that my body is so bad that I feel not worthy of wearing good clothes and good shoes or living in good houses or driving expensive cars. I feel that I am not good enough for good clothes, and that I am only good to wear rags (my father was this way hence he too wore rags).

Because I do not value my now self I eat badly and punish my body with food. I eat to inflict pain on my body. If I did not feel pained in body I would not feel alive (I don't really need more than a little food a day but I eat a lot to give me pain).

Some people eat for pleasure or to medicate their psychological pain (those in depression) or to numb their anxious and stressed bodies or to escape from something.

I eat to give my body pain; if I did not feel pained I would not feel alive.  I do not want to feel peaceful, happy and joyful; instead, I want pain; pain makes me feel alive.


It is very simple: see the cause and give up the cause. The cause is my desire to be a better self, a powerful self, an important self, an ideal self.

The solution is for me to give up the desire to be a better self.  I must accept me as I am now; I must have no desire to improve myself and wait until I did so before I accepted me. Why?  I might be dead by tomorrow for there is no such thing as tomorrow; you could die during the next minute; the only time you know is real is the present time.

Therefore accept yourself as you are now; do not seek a better self.  Do not seek a better physical self, a better religious self (that leads to religious neurosis).

Yes, my body has problems but all I can do is understand them and live with them but I should not go on to use my mind to construct an alternative ideal and better body and seek to become it, and identify with it and feel angry when other people do not accept it or respect it (to do so is to be deluded).

I must accept me as I am now and leave it at that.

If I accept me as I am now, with no conditions posited to be met before I accept me I would feel calm, peaceful and happy (with no anxiety, depression, paranoia, mania  or any other mental disorder for all of them emanate from rejection of the self and desire to be an imaginary better self).

One is an animal; a flesh that would die and rot; that is all one got; therefore, one must accept it as it is and not use ones imagination to wish for a non-physical self that would not die and pursue that impossible self.

One must first accept the physical self before one can accept the spiritual self.


A course in miracles' philosophy is what I use in guiding my life. It says that the physical universe does not exist; there is no space, time and matter; there are no people, animals, trees and the physical world you believe that you see. The things you see in your world and the activities you see going on around you do not exist. The person standing in front of you does not exist there; he is a dream figure in your dream and you are dream figure in his dream.

The world exists because you want it to exist; you exist in body because you want to exist in body and in the world.

You can decide right now that the world does not exist and give it up and experience yourself in formless unified spirit (aka heaven).

But because you want to see the world you use it. Okay, you want to see it then make it a lovely sight. How do you make it lovely?

You love all people in the world and forgive those who you believe wronged you. Forgive all and have a happy dream. Ultimately, you must decide when you are ready to accept that the world does not exist and leave it.

You leave the world not by killing yourself and dying for there is no such thing as dying and death (those occur in the dream of birth and death).

If you believe that the world is real then have a ball of it; do what scientists do, study the laws of matter, space and time, the laws of the dream and understand them and use them to develop technology to make living in the dream lovely.

If you like you can just wake up, right now, by not desiring this world, and not have to study the dream and its laws and have technology to get around it (there is no place to get around in!).

Ozodi Osuji

April 10, 2017


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