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Are members of the American Republican Party insane?

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Listening to what members of the United States Republican Party say on television, one often wonders whether they are insane?  I understand that they have domestic audience (some Americans obviously listen to the racist nonsense they spill out) but do they really expect non-Americans to listen to the not so disguised racism they vomit?  Or don’t they care?

And if they don’t care how exactly are they supposing that the world would join them in carrying out their agenda of world rule? Don’t they fancy their political system the best thing on earth and imagine that they are marketing that system to the rest of the world; so, if they alienate the rest of the world how are they going to export that political system? And who is going to buy it, the Africans and nonwhites that they daily insult on their television and radio shows?

They ought to do an International survey, poll and see if folks outside the borders of the United States watch their Television. I dare say that very few persons outside the USA watch Fox television.

Can you imagine people outside the United States watching Rush Limbaugh spill out his diatribes against nonwhite folks? Most non-Americans would probably consider him infantile and brain dead and not pay attention to him. In fact, most European countries probably would not even allow the buffoon to enter them; certainly, African countries would not welcome him. Yet, in the USA he has a large Republican audience! His target market is the know-nothing crowd; and, that apparently is a huge chunk of the Republican Party’s constituency.

Shouldn’t it bother these clowns that folks outside their cage do not consider them worth listening to? Or do they believe that they are smarter than the rest of the world and know something that the rest of the world does not know?  Limbaugh, a certified fool is smarter than other people? That must be the joke of the century!

What they say on Fox News network appeal to folks with no more than elementary school education and or have subpar intelligence; I do not see how they could appeal to college educated persons and or above average persons, unless, of course, many Americans are clowns. Fox News must assume that one is a racist hence have a clouded mind to watch the rubbish they dish out and call news.

This does not mean that one is a liberal for American liberals have their own issues. American liberals these days are shoving their anti-life philosophy on people. Consider homosexuality. Homosexuality has always seemed absurd to human beings. However, since it always exists most societies try to push it out of the limelight. But American liberals not only want to approve it but want to force all people to accept it. They actually want the rest of us to accept that it is natural for a man to stick his penis into another man’s anus and call that sick behavior healthy life style. These liberals are not aware how annoying they are to decent humanity. And they go on and on trying to impose their anti-life lifestyle on people. If they proceed on that path they will get to a point where folks would spontaneously attack them.

That is correct; if the homosexual agenda is pushed beyond a certain point people would rise and attack those pushing this evil behavior on them. It is probably one of the issues fueling Muslim Jihadists, for when they look at the moral decay of the West they want to prevent its corroding effect on their Muslim societies. Sadly, they think that the solution is to return to what seems to them pristine Islam of Mohammad’s time in the seventh century.

There got to be other ways to combat the idiocy that has taken hold of Western liberals and prevent them from shoving it down the throats of the rest of the world. People can tolerate stupidity but only up to a point before they rise in violent opposition to it.

Of course, there are aspects of liberalism that are useful. We must use government to help the poor but while doing so we must seek ways to get them to help their selves. Big governments, as true conservatives recognize, are threat to our civil liberties.

My natural political bent is conservatism (my predilection is to mixed economy, a mixture of capitalism and socialism in a democratic political context) but not American racism colored conservatism. If racism is removed from the Republican Party and true conservatism is practiced by that party most black Americans would join the Republican Party; they would run from the every behavior is approved liberal (Democratic) party.

If you want to understand what true conservatism is, please read folks like Thomas Hobbes (Leviathan), John Locke (Second Treaty on Government), Edmund Burke (Reflections on the French Revolution), Charles Montesquieu (The Spirit of Laws) and Adam Smith (The Wealth of Nations). True conservatism is rooted in fear of big government for historically big government leads to tyranny, to the authoritarian totalitarian dictatorship we saw in the former Soviet Union; human liberty is generally associated with limited government. If you allow governments and their bureaucracies to become monolithic they proceed to tell people what to do and if you dare oppose them off you go to the gulag.

A police man, Darren Wilson, in Ferguson, Missouri, confronting an apparently defiant black teenager felt free to pump bullets into him and killed him. Worse, he allowed the boy’s body to lay there for many hours, not trying to call medical services to help him. Apparently, to him he swatted a fly to death and that is all there is to it. Like the sociopath he is, he has no conscience, no sense of right and wrong, no feeling of guilt and remorse when he killed a black boy. To his mind he did the right thing and he expected to receive a medal of honor from his apparently sick police department.

Watch, a white prosecutor and a white jury would find him innocent! That is how American justice for black folk works. And black folks are supposed to accept this travesty of justice. Why not? It is because the self-assigned, deluded masters of the universe said that it is justice!

The so-called white Conservatives came to this monster’s (Daren Wilson) defense. Folks on Fox News supported him; their talking heads concentrated in finding fault with Michael Brown, the boy the criminal in police uniform killed. They emphasized that the boy may have had a record of shop lifting, as if that justifies killing him now! I tell you, these white folks have no regard for black life.

All over America most black youth tell you that they have had similar experience as Michael Brown with white police men. Most black folks consider white police men an occupation army in their neighborhoods; they see white police men a foreign army in their communities; to them, these folks are there to colonize and oppress them.

I doubt that there is one black youth who sees white police officers as friendly, as there to protect him.  A white police man is there to protect you when he seizes on every opportunity to humiliate you, to ask you to lie on the ground so that he places his racist legs on your face (these psychopaths in police uniforms kind of feel powerful from stepping on black folk’s bodies).  These people are not there to protect black folks and black folks know it.

And does this matter that the universal perception of white police men by black folks is one of hatred and anger? Are policemen not supposed to be there to protect the people, not abuse them?  In a rational society it should matter what a significant part of the population thinks of the police but given the insanity that has taken hold of racist Americans it does not matter to them. They would keep abusing black folks until one day black folk’ rise above the fears that dispose them to tolerate the terrorists in police uniform and begin the struggle to overthrow the evil political system that oppresses them while pretending to be God’s best country on earth.

If you are a black man and come before white judges you know that you are going to get it. You know that the pompous ass in a judge’s uniform is not there to exercise justice but to look for every opportunity to send you to jail or prison. His job is to put one out of four black kids in jail and or have him supervised by white parole and probation officers. The idea is to have as many black folks as is possible out of the political process, for once you are an ex-convict you are prevented from voting hence marginalized from the political system. Removing black folks from participating in American politics gives white America opportunity to rule black folks.

In prisons sadistic white prison guards rape black kids. These people are homosexual beasts who mostly choose to become prison guards for the sole purpose of raping kids in prison.

If you are a black person and deal with white bureaucrats you know that they would look for every opportunity to throw the book at you. Suddenly, these little bureaucrats become lawyers and use every law and regulation in the book to deny whatever it is you applied for and cites appropriate rules and laws that justify why they did what they did. But when a white person comes to them they don’t resort to practicing their oppressive laws on him.

Let it be noted that American Laws were made by white folks without the participation of black folks; thus, from the perspective of black folks American laws are not black folk’s laws; American laws are the enemy’s laws and all things considered should not apply to black folks.

Let me reiterate the obvious: unless black folks participate in making American laws, American laws are not black folk’s laws and they ought to not obey them, period.

American bureaucracies use white folk’s laws to oppress black folks and all black folks know it. No one is deceived by these cowardly bureaucrats. Say boo and they pee in their pants and run for cover.

When white officials engage in racism they think that they are smart and acted legally and fooled black folks with their legalese. This is a pity for they have not deceived any one. Whoever is discriminated against knows it and feels angry about it. He may not be able to do something about it right away but bids his time for an opportune time to help tear down the house of evil that discriminates against him.

Look, when a credible powerful enemy attacks America from without, and this will happen sooner than most people expect, many of those it oppresses inside her borders would join forces with the enemy and pull it down.  This is how evil empires are destroyed. Usually an external enemy attacks it and its internal enemies join and tear it apart.

German barbarians attacked Rome from without and the internal slaves within Rome that the empire oppressed joined the external enemy to destroy that slave empire.

No one who white folks have discriminated against forgives them, never. But the fools do not know it; they do not know that they have made a bed of thorns for their selves and have to bleed on it while trying to sleep on it. If they do not understand these simple things they are dumber than one had thought them to be; look at history, has evil ever reigned anywhere in perpetuity? Slave empires are always destroyed by the weight of their accumulated evil behaviors.

Actually, one of the reasons white folks are able to get away with their racism is because of black folks learned cowardice. Slavery and white terrorism has trained black folks to tolerate white folk’s oppression.

Consider white police officers harassing and or killing black folks. What do black folks do in response to the on-going abuse they are subjected to in the hands of white so-called police officers? They tolerate it or march in spineless protest against racism.

Now, suppose a bunch of black gang members visit Daren Wilson and do to him what he did to Michael Brown, don’t you think that the next time a white psychopath in police uniform feels an urge to kill an unarmed black kid he would think twice? If black folks harassed the police officers that harass them I believe that those sociopaths in police uniform would think twice before they killed black folks.

It so happens that these criminals in police uniform kill black folks and black folks do nothing about it other than complain and go to court, to white judges who look for ways to excuse the police.

Should we talk about employment discrimination in America?  Does that need to be talked about? Doesn’t every person already know that white folks are employed on the basis of affirmative action; that is, they have jobs because they are white not because they are qualified for their jobs.

One of the frauds that white folks perpetuated on the world is to give it the impression that it is smart and other people not smart. If you come close to white folks you find that they are the dumbest group of human beings on planet earth. They cannot compete with Africans one on one. Asians are already showing that they are more competitive than white folks.

Black Americans have learned helplessness and somehow believe that they are not as good as white folks hence seem to do poorly at easy tasks they should be doing well at. Africans who have less sense of inferiority to white folks actually find much of the tests that white folks make noise about easy.

For now white folks are in positions to discriminate against black folks. Just think of the folks at Fox News. What do you see? You see idiots, walking dead persons, really, talking nonsense about what black folks did wrong.

The time allotted to these imbeciles masquerading as supermen is rapidly coming to an end. We shall eventually enter a world where people are actually hired for jobs on the basis of pure merit. When that happens white folks would not be able to compete with black folks (they actually know this fact hence they place numerous obstacles on the path of black folks to frustrate them and make them angry; as we all know, people tend not to do well when they are angry).

I believe that black folks bear some responsibility for the way white sociopaths in police uniform treat them. If you are known to be a fearful chicken folks would treat you as a chicken. If you are known as a tiger who would avenge every insult that come your way few persons would feel free to mess with you. If a police man stops you and insults you and you allow him to do so and then quietly go visit him and retaliate in kind other white police officers would desist from harassing black folks.

Let us talk about the opposition to Barack Obama. It does not take a rocket scientist to realize that most of it is due to racism. The election of a black man as the President of these United States drove many white conservatives mad. They could not believe that a “nigger” is now their leader.  They embarked on trying to discredit him; they had to do whatever they could to reinforce their belief that he is not their president.

They tried to say that he was not born in America and therefore is an illegitimate president that should not be obeyed. They concocted stories of how an 18 year old girl (Obama’s mother) on public assistance went to Kenya to bear her child and returned to America and managed to have a hospital say that the child is born there and have local newspapers report his birth. Their improbable story made sense to their racist minds even though to rational persons the story is simply irrational.

Getting nowhere with the birther story, the racists resorted to opposing every public policy Obama introduced. The Republican controlled lower house of Congress would rather die than approve any bill Obama supported; in fact, even when Obama repackaged policies that past Republican leaders espoused these Republicans opposed them; anything with the name of Obama associated with it, in  knee jerk fashion is opposed by Republicans.

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