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America's Racism (Xenophobia) Behind Roof's Church Killings

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White America uses brutal policemen and crazy white young men to kill black people. America wants a race war so the whites  can wipe out their greatest fear of being wiped out by the bourgeoning nonwhite races.  When a white man named Adam Lanza walked into an elementary school a few years ago and shot dead little babies. America the epicenter of widening racism rose up to deny: "It's not us."  When the infamous white security officer George Zimmermann gunned down a 17-year-old unarmed black teenager named Trayvon Martin, America rose up to applaud and defend one of its own. The carefully selected jury unremarkably announced "Not guilty!" George Zimmerman  walked out a free man. Just a week ago, a white unemployed, unemployable, unremarkable 21-year-old hilly billy perhaps a tobacco chewer named Dylan Roof, walked into a black church to pray and fled after killing nine men and women, including the pastor-politician. Roof didn't mind committing his crimes under the watchful eyes of God. He fled. Roof's supporters are swearing Roof acted within his right to carry weapons.  But it is a media-sponsored  hoax buoyed by gun owners' blessings  that guns do not kill and that only people do. Who will kill faster: man with a gun or man without a gun? Like cocaine, guns generate so much unchecked cash it is tough to control them. To show you how lucrative gun-running is, consider the price of AR15 which rose from $500 to $1,700 after Adam Lanza's Newtown shooting. This represents a 240% profit. This comes from a simple computation:  100[(1700-500)/500)]. That's a simple arithmetic. Divide the difference between the new ($1,700) and original ($500) prices, divided the difference by the original price of $500, then multiply the quotient by 100 to find the percentage. It's 240%. It is like selling one 6-pack Heinekens beer and buying twenty 6-packs with the money you made. You now have the idea.

The struggle to control guns is the struggle to control racism and inexorable cash. President Obama's task is an unstoppable juggernaut that gobbles down lots of ready money. A gun is a dangerous thing in the hands of a kid or man who lacks anger control or the mental capacity to realize that once shot dead a person has no chance of coming back alive. America prides itself on the right to bear arms not only to protect the nation against foreign invaders but also to ward off attacks from America's unruly "I-Me-Myself" generations which are raised in front of television, violent video games, and unwholesome lyrics. These are kids who have grown up with no sense of responsibility or respect. The American kids are most likely to carry guns as a symbol of America's wealth, America's exploitative power, or America's racial superiority.

What do Adam Lanza and Dylan Roof have in common?

Both were born under staunch American xenophobia defined as chauvinism, racial intolerance, bigotry, or dislike of foreigners. Hatred is a common name.  Both Lanza and Roof were unremarkable white men who did not amount to anything, who could not take advantage of the benefits Americans are entitled to just simply by having white pigmentation, The American society is getting crazier and crazier because there is fear everywhere, fear that the Whites Anglo-Saxon Protestants (the WASPS)  are being threatened with domination by the colored ethnics like the Nigerians and Mexicans, for examples. The whites are rapidly becoming extinct, approaching the status of endangered species that is rapidly becoming the minority in a society where whites are used to enjoying greater economic and political power. Racist slave-owning Americans were used to lording it over blacks imported from Africa on slave ships. Now, after slavery was abolished, white Americans regret and wish they had continued slavery's oppressive system. White Americans are missing the wealth that slavery had brought them.  Opulent Jewish and New England families are comfortable trying to revive slavery with the employment of black domestic help in their homes. When all is said and done, the American economy is built on the economic strangulation of the bottom 99% for the benefit of the top 1%.  Fewer white babies are born as white women are putting education and career ahead of childbearing, while the Mexicans and Africans are procreating at alarming rates to become the fastest growing populations. White men who cannot make it in this land flowing with milk and honey hear the Republican rhetoric which subconsciously or subliminally tells them "blacks are to blame for your misery and, Bob, buy a gun to protect yourself."

Lauren Lester (Daily Ticker, Wed, January 16, 2013, 1:45pm EST) estimates  that the U. S. firearms industry adds over $32billion into the American economy. There are 51,000 gun shops in America and estimated 5.5 million firearms made in America in 2010, and 26,000 gun-generated jobs per year are added to the economy. Isn't the firearm's $32billion annual income greater than the budget of oil-producing Nigeria?. Don't you see the tremendous economic and political power the gun manufacturers and marketers have to lobby the American legislatures,  and influence elections through campaign contributions just to protect the industry? Don't forget that members of the American Congress realize hefty returns on investments in guns. Therefore, it is safe to allege that the racist American politicians are  indirectly behind the force that was urging Roof to kill: "Go shoot 'em, baby, go shoot 'em."

After the carnage at the Emmanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in which Rev. Clements Pinckney  was one of the nine people killed, Charles C. Cotton board member of the National Rifle Association , said  " And he voted against concealed-carry. Eight of his church members who might be alive if he had expressly allowed members to carry handguns in church are dead. Innocent people died because of his position on a political issue."  This was clearly a case of blaming the victim. Read more:  http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/wonkblog/wp/2015/06/19/an-nra-board-member-blamed-a-murdered-pastor-for-the-deaths-in-charleston-yes-really/

The implication was that had the pastor owned a gun, Roof would not have killed the pastor.  Wayne LaPierre, National Rifle Association executive vice president, suggests that a "good guy with a gun" be stationed at every school in the country in response to the deadly shootings in Newtown, Connecticut.  People protested. A few days later,  Wayne LaPierre blasted critics of his plan.  "If it's crazy to call for putting police in and securing our schools to protect our children, then call me crazy.... I think the American people think it's crazy not to do it."  Mr. LaPierre, some of us from where I come from are convinced you're as nutty as a fruit cake.  On the other hand, we would excuse your craziness, Mr. LaPierre,  on the one condition that you lobby  your Congress so we be permitted to ship containers of  AK47 Combat Rifles and Bushmaster Assault  Rifles to our country for protection against armed robbers and kidnappers who trouble our people.  But, Mr. LaPierre, we submit that Adam Lanza wasn't as crazy as we are being  persuaded to believe, and we have lots of reasons. He was  an evil raised up to ensure that much money is generated to destroy persons racist America considers the society's  threat, Dylan Roof, a reactionary or intransigent racist, appeared to have been raised to send "Niggers to the plantation and Nigerians to Delta oil fields."

If I were crazy as people think Dylann Roof was, wouldn't I have chosen to dislodge a crazier opponent like the police SWAT team,  boko haram, opposing gang members, or Mexican drug kingpins? Why didn't the bastard take his own life with a bullet to the head or a stab through his damned heart as most murderers do?  No, Roof cowardly fled the scene after killing nine men and women during a prayer meeting at a black church. He was  expecting to be welcomed back to town as a hero with hearts busting with forgiveness. Lanza  drove to an elementary school to massacre babies scarcely out of diapers? Adam Lanza wasn't crazy because he shot his own mother whom he didn't want to live to shiver as people say to her: "Nancy, see what your crazy son has done." Roof wasn't crazy because he didn't shoot himself or his parents who helped purchase his gun.

No, Roof didn't want to die; he has so much invested in him by society, having been allegedly radicalized by a rich bigot named Earl Holt III who donated thousands of dollars to racist Republican politicians, including Senator Ted Cruz, Mitt Romney, Santorum, and many others. http://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2015/jun/21/dylann-roof-manifesto-charlston-shootings-republicans.  In America, racism and money run deep just as corruption and tribalism run deep in Nigeria.  No, Roof stood tall like a white god to empty bullets into the bodies of nine  black people whom he considered to be lower than monkeys in Africa. "They are taking over the world" was Roof's motive fr the killings. Perhaps, he meant:  "They are taking over our white women's poooossseeey."

Adam gathered all of Mom's weapons in Mom's car to go "hunting"  for people he hardly knew. He shot little 5- and 6-year-old boys and girls sometimes as many as 11times, after killing 7 adults who might stand in his way. He wanted to wipe out guilt from his nation's heart, the guilt from the conscience of a neurotic nation that feeds on racism perpetrated against people of color on a daily basis. Dr. Lawrence M. Schell, President of Oglethorpe University, Atlanta, Georgia has this to say about the effects of America's gunfire: "In 2010, 2694 young people were killed by gunfire...1773 were victims of homicide, 67 were school-age children. If these children and teens were alive today, they would fill 108 classrooms of 25 each." (Atlanta Journal and Constitution, a Newspaper. Friday, January 18, 2013, BI-B3).  America would rather spend billions of dollars to manufacture weapons of mass destruction than to improve the teaching mathematics, science, and technology in elementary schools.   Listen up, white racist American parents, your child's most defenseless targets when you show him love by purchasing a gun for him, may be you (his mother, grandmother, sister, father) because you did not raise him right,  and you are woefully unfit parents.

Aren't American kids fueled with black hatred and fanatically obsessed with white power?

An obsession is a dangerous thing because of the elements of being fixated, preoccupied, gripped, infatuated, passionate, and possessed. Adam Lanza and his mother were both addicted to the use of lethal power that firearms convey, so they stockpiled toys whose only purpose is to kill and maim. Americans are a people given to fanatical obsessions which range from the absurd to the most insidious. They are obsessed with personal rights. Children have rights to behave without threat of punishment which is called "child abuse," and without parental or adult restrictions. Infantile right means disobedience at home and school, violence in the neighborhood, and freedom from prosecution for murders the child commits before the age majority (18 years). The most dangerous killers are "unsophisticated babies with sophisticated weapons" stolen from naïve and careless adults.

Obsessive racism is piped into the brains of impressionistic young white kids like lethal drugs. Examples are such nonsensical rhetoric as   black activists would"kill you, rape your entire family, and burn your house to the ground"; "rape our women;";  "One can extricate them from the jungle, but one CANNOT purge the jungle from THEM"; "I do wish they'd keep their violence and savagery within their own communities"; our taxes being distributed "to every baby-daddy, baby-momma, welfare cheat, drug-dealer, Oprah-watcher, felon, alcoholic, drug-addict and deadbeat in America". Read more:  http://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2015/jun/21/dylann-roof-manifesto-charlston-shootings-republicans

Aren't Americans obsessed with naked rights, including the rights to bear arms, the rights to contract homosexual marriages, the rights to bear children outside marriage and rights to sue impregnators for child support, the right of a women to sue a man (for sexual harassment ) who embraces her or eyes her buttocks in a lustful way? Aren't Americans obsessed with the destruction of marriage and family values when they encourage  divorce with the catch-all  phrase "irreconcilable differences,"  when  they divorce God from schools, and institute Almighty Dollar as the  "In God We Trust"?  Then Americans are obsessed with recreational activities which range from overeating (obesity);  oversexing ( rapes and teenage pregnancies); over-drugging  (drugs and dangerous chemicals to ward off pain or to die peacefully in your sleep); over-adulation (athletes and entertainers are so deified and venerated they break the laws at random and teach us how to die from  cocaine- and crack overdose);  and over-racism (rights to consider your race superior and other ethnicities inferior).

Don't American racist kids kill and die in defense of the Second Amendment - the Bill of Rights?

This Second Amendment to the US Constitution stipulates: A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to bear Arms, shall not be infringed. Thus the responsibility to bear arms falls not on the State or the United States Government, but on the ordinary citizen like Dylann Roof and Adam Lanza and his mother, for the defense of the State and only in service of the common good. The Militia deters foreign aggression and domination. The Militia can deter the United States from being overrun by Nigerians, Afro-Americans, Muslims, and the Mexicans with their humongous fertility rates. Racist white Americans are scared dead to see white families having zero or 1 kids and Mexicans have 4, 5, or 6 children. Some Nigerians I know back home have 6, 7, or 8. I come from a family of 9 children.  There is great fear in America! If you let non-whites into the country, America will soon run out of food, houses, hospitals, buses, and other conveniences for which Nigerians flock into A-A-M-A-R-I-C-A.  People from countless nations are drowning at seas and perishing in mountains to set foot here.  What is the solution? Give guns to young white racist men, and they would do the job. On the international level, Americans can introduce diseases (Ebola, polio, and syphilis for examples) to control non-white populations.

The Militia can deter foreigners from controlling Congress, the White House, Judiciary, and the Wall Street powerhouse.  The Americans are losing competitive edge in world power, having lost economic power to Beijing. They have lost military power in the Arab world and are being pushed out of real competition in Africa . The Americans are rapidly losing the economic power they once had. Why are their manufacturing concerns sent overseas? It is more than the desire to reduce the cost of doing business. It is more of xenophobia defined as chauvinism, racial intolerance, racism,  or fear of foreigners  Nigerians included. Close your eyes for a moment and conjure up a scenario where the National Rifle Association recruits and equips 10,000,000 Dylan Roofs with powerful AZ-47 with specific order to hunt down Nigerians, native Americans, Afro-Americans,  and Mexicans  in the US cities . Don't you think Nigerians and Mexicans, and all dark-skinned people in the USA will be as extinct as dinosaurs  within 7-10 business days?  Sounds crazy, doesn't it? But it can happen! Americans love America so much they would pass massive gun-owning legislation to wipe out external threats and make money at the same time.

And that's not all. The Igbos often say: "Ebe onye no ka ona awachi." It means you protect your neighborhood, your turf. Remember when the Klux Klux Klansmen were recruited to carry out lynching to keep America lilly-white and from being overrun by former slaves?  Can you imagine how many US presidents and elected officials had or still have memberships in the KKK organization? Can you swear that your mayor, city manager, and chief of police are not members of the Ku Klux Klan? Would you be surprised to pull the white hood off your friendly klansman to shake hands with your State's chief justice or pastor of the biggest Baptist church in your town?  Hahahah! I don't mean to laugh.

Could Dylan Roof be a sacrificial lamb appearing as Hero?

We don't believe incredible tales spun by the American media, friends, and family members of Dylan Roof the 21-year-old mass murderer who massacred nine people after a church prayer meeting or Adam Lanza, the20-year-old serial killer who previously slaughtered 20 children and 7 adults at an elementary school. The American media, Roof's and Lanza's friends and former schoolmates and relatives want us to blame mental illness was responsible for the murders. Stories that are emerging would want us to believe Lanza was "a very good boy;" that Mrs. Nancy Lanza was a victim who struggled singlehandedly with the impossible task of raising  a mentally ill son for years without the support of her ex-husband; and that Roof's parents did all they could possibly do as Mom and Pop in a land filled with untreated schizophrenics, and that we  taxpayers must bear the blame for demonizing mental illness leading  to people not seeking help and the eventual collapse of the mental health institutions (and by extension) that we are directly responsible for creating the chain of events that led to Adam Lanza's  brutal slayings of 27 people, and Roof's attempts to kill God in a church.  Blaming bad behavior and parental failure on mental illness is an untenable American excuse akin to blaming a child's failure to pass the West African Examination Council papers on the witchdoctor's use of wrong herbs in the voodoo. America is filled up with excuses, even when teachers change students' grades and men marry men. John marries James because they are made that way, is a powerful excuse.

Dylan Roof and Lanza weren't crazy as the apologists would like to deceive us into believing. The criminals were spoiled men, pampered beasts who had nothing but much time on their hands to play the devil's advocate. They weren't  in any school, were they? They  hadn't any job, had they?  And what was Roof doing owning a gun and driving a fancy get-away car, and being on facebook displaying insanity and calling attention to his demonic self? Lanza was in a sprawling home with a mother who drew $290,000 check per year and who was infatuated with a collection of assault weapons ? Adam Lanza had nothing doing with time in his hands, but he had time to check out violent toys, play violent video games and hobnob with violent friends with support of Mrs. Nancy Lanza.  At 52, Nancy Lanza was high-strung, (meaning she was excitable, nervous, jittery, energetic, edgy,  neurotic, or easily upset.  Guns became the soother that could pull Mrs. Nancy Lanza from having to deal with a loveless existence prompted by a bitter divorce from a remarried husband. How was she able to raise two young men in a society infested with drugs, violence, and peer pressure? A friend once said "hell is no comparison to the fury of a woman jilted." Trusting women to raise men when husbands are locked up in jails in these troubled times is asking for trouble, serious trouble compounded with racism. America is good at that!

Were Adam Lanza and Dylan Roof raised in a crazy way?

Giving your child guns as a way to show love, is as crazy as it can get. Was it the case of poor child rearing skills of a mother who loved her son "to death?" Parents of Dylan Roof gave him a gun on his birthday.  Adam Lanza was showered with gifts of guns, toys, and computers that would make the average Third World child wish he/she had been born in America. Adam Lanza had an inexhaustible supply of weapons to toy with, including the assault, the AK's and the pistols. Wasn't he accompanying his doting mother to the shooting ranges to learn to kill faster and more efficiently? Wasn't he very bored to death, meaning that he was dispassionate, fed up with life, bored of living, bored rigid, bored stiff, bored to tears, or jaded? Lanza could have appreciated the opportunity to be asked to go dig latrines in Zimbabwe or something like that. Dylan Roof was lethargic in the sense that he was uninterested, sluggish, tired, weary, lackluster, languid, indolent, exhausted, or simply lazy. America doesn't have boarding schools for young kids to learn discipline and hard work in an environment that emphasizes academics and sports.  And violence  with guns became the things that would pull young males like Adam Lanza and Dylan Roof out of drowning in a bottomless sea of despairing racism. Adam first killed his mother because he saw her as reason for his hopelessness and helplessness.  Roof killed nine innocent blacks in a church because his racist mind told him blacks were turning his world upside down. Handing your child every right on a silver platter, including right to assault weapons,  without the corresponding responsibilities that go along with the rights,  would turn that child into a monster with the intention to kill everything that stands in his way.

In America, you dare not discipline your kids and without risking being locked up in jail for child abuse. Psychologists preach that a spanking brutalizes the child and turns him into a beast who brutalizes others. The laissez-fair attitude whose support comes from legislators and university educational theorists, is aimed at taking control of kids out of the hands of parents and handing it over to the government agencies  such as probation, law enforcement, judges, and the correctional institutions.  Why? To stimulate the economy and create jobs. You are told to not talk harsh to your child, but to give him whatever he wants. Your child is raised in front of television; he is given audio and visual stimulation at early age to corrupt his sensibilities; and rappers sing songs that might be telling him or her:"Kid, kid, kid; kill your Mom and Dad; rape the girl next door; shoot up the guy who takes your dope; and consider your teachers and other adults as your most dangerous enemies."

Didn't  Adam  Lanza  and Dylan Roof find a crazy friend in the National Rifle Association?

What can be more preposterous or more unintelligent than the National Rifle Association's suggestion that the solution to the use of deadly weapons in the nation's schools is to supply guns  to school personnel, including teachers, janitorial staff, and food service persons.  How do we curb school children's easy access to guns? You might as well legalize murder, kidnapping, and rape, and facilitate pedophiles' access to children. We are expecting the National Rifle Association to tell church people that a clever way to prevent another Dylan Roof from shooting up a prayer meeting is to arm the pastor, deacons, and set up arsenals behind the pulpits. The overriding aim of the NRA and makers of weapons is to make huge profits. The US Constitution supports right to bear arms because George Washington and the "Founding Fathers" were men whose wealthy came from slaves, cotton, ammunition, and alcohol. They needed guns to prevent run-away slaves as well as abolitionists. The NRA is a huge lobbyist for sale of weapons of mass destruction to developing and underdeveloped countries in exchange for oil, diamond, gold, and other natural resources.

The American society doesn't love families or children. It preys on dysfunctional families that are plagued with high divorce rates, mental illness,  incest, runaways, single female heads, dropouts,  absent fathers languishing in prisons, and high teenage pregnancies. Don't these keep the engine and money of society running at full speed? Crimes provide employment for police officers, prison guards, probation officers, prosecutors, judges, public defenders, and everything needed to "protect us from them," meaning wealthy people from  the poor society of violent, criminal-minded elements."

The racism that fueled Roof's aberrant behavior is encouraged by racists with an insatiable appetite for tax payers' money. Roof will probably be in prison for ten years and on death row for another ten years. During this time, taxpayers will be called upon to spend millions of dollars for Roof's legal defense, feeding, healthcare, housing, jailors' salaries, psychological evaluations, and so forth. There are appropriations for building better and more efficient juvenile detention centers, and holding cells for "dangerous elements." Have you noticed that prisons are renamed "correctional institutions" to make them more "user-friendly?" Insane asylums are now known as mental health facilities, to make them more appealing. America is a racialist society, a hateful enclave, chauvinistic compound, xenophobic tribe of bigoted individuals.

James C. Agazie (JD, EdD, MS, MA, BA) completed his primary and secondary schools in Nigeria before emigrating to the United States for advanced degrees in mathematics, education and law. His teaching and counseling experiences have taken him to primary schools in Nigeria, Enugu IMT, several secondary schools and undergraduate and graduate universities in the United States. Dr. Agazie lives in and writes from Georgia, USA.  Please check website www.chatafrik.com for some of his other essays.

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