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A quick reaction to the Britexit vote

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A Quick Assessment Of Britain's Exit Vote; One Hour After Thevote

Dr. Wumi Akintide:

My dear Dr. Akintide, I am sure that you are witnessing the earthquake taking place across the Atlantic pond, in the UK. The British have just voted (by 52: 48) to leave the EU.

The intellectual class (which you belong to) felt that there is no way that Britain would leave the EU, that it is not going to happen.

But folks like me who pay attention to human minds, to their unconscious wishes, to what they are thinking but are ashamed to say out loud, knew that the UK is going to leave Europe.

It is the immigration issue, stupid.

The EU allowed Eastern Europeans, Slavs, who came from low wage countries to flock into Britain and drive down wages. British folks now are unable to obtain good paying jobs; when they do obtain jobs it is at low wages because the Slavs whose minimum wages at home is very low take whatever employers give to them in Britain.

The British, who are Germanic, look down on Eastern Europeans who are Slavic.  Slavs are supposed to be inferior to the Germanic race (they have made little or no contribution to science and technology or to anything for that matter!).

When the EU was mostly composed of the Germanic race (Germany, France, Britain, Spain, Italy, Scandinavia are composed of Germanic folk.) the British did not mind folks from those countries coming to work in England. They saw them as intelligent folks and welcomed them. But when supposed inferior Eastern Europeans began flocking into England the British felt that their country would be taken over by an inferior race!

Add the in-flock of Africans, another group considered inferior, and the British really got angry at what is happening to their country.

The UK wanted to put a stop to the inflow of supposed inferior people. The same thing happened in 1979 when many Asians from Uganda and East Africa in general were kicked out (by Idi Amin) and they came to Brittan; suddenly, millions of Asians were everywhere in Britain and white British become resentful. Wages were driven down by Asians taking jobs at lower wages than the British were willing to work for and the British working class became angry at the foreigners. Nationalist parties, such as Enoch Powell's party rose to preach anti-foreigners gospel.

The British elected a nationalist masquerading as a conservative, Margret Thatcher. Her government passed laws keeping non-British out of Britain or minimized their entry by making it difficult.

What happens in the UK invariably happens in the US.  The US followed suit and voted out the liberal Jimmy Carter and voted in the nationalist, conservative Ronald Reagan.

The liberal establishment considered Reagan a buffoon, a fool.  I remember visiting the White House in 1980 with one of my UCLA professors and he said to me: Ozodi, we are going to the house lived in by the fool, Reagan. Liberals had total contempt for Reagan, just as they have for Donald Trump.

What happened in the UK is going to happen in the US. The liberal establishment considers Donald Trump an uneducated, narcissistic, blustering riff Raff but working class white Americans like him for he articulates what is in their minds, their resentment of foreigners.

White Americans feel that Latinos from Central and South America are taking over their country (it is projected that before the end of this century Latinos will become the majority population in the USA). White Americans feel that their country is being taken over by Latin Americans and made to look like the Latins.

Latinos are supposed to be less intelligent than Germanic white Americans (no science and technology comes from Latin America). America is afraid that their country could become as unproductive as, say, Mexico!

Moreover, Obama, a foreigner, really, his psyche does not read white Americans psyche well,  allowed  Arab, Middle Eastern Muslims to crash into America (the man does not even give Visas to Christian Arabs but only to Muslim Arabs).

The growth of Arab Muslims in America  is angering white Americans and liberals ignore the anger in the minds of white Americans; liberals ignore white resentment that their country is being taken over by Latinos and Muslims, two folks not known for their contribution to science and technology hence likely to make America a third world country.

Liberals are sleeping. They are not aware of the facts on the ground. Thus, come November and white Americans vote in Donald Trump, the supposed fool, as they voted in Reagan the supposed fool in 1980, liberals will be in a shock of their lives.

The British always set the road map that America follows. Britain owns America (the Duke of York still owns New York...a gift to him by the English King when England took New York from Holland in 1624, and renamed it from New Amsterdam to New York!).

For what it is worth, the British pound sterling has fallen; the (US) Dow features have lost 600 points. The world financial markets are crashing!

I expect David Cameron, the prime minister, to resign (in the UK political system if a prime minister stakes his reputation on an issue and it fails he resigns) and get replaced by Boris Johnson, the former mayor of London and a conservative MP; he led the leave EU movement. Boris Johnson is said to be a racist who hates foreigners, especially Africans.

Britain is in an angry mood but liberals did not read it right. In America liberals do not read right white Anger.

America is still 70% white; white folks are in the mood to take back their country. They are sick and tired of seeing non-whites take over their country and impose their primitive cultures on them under the guise of the nonsense of multiculturalism (imagine teaching that Islamic culture is as good as English culture, a culture that oppresses women is as good as a culture that liberates women...liberals are compound fools in equating all cultures as the same; I hate cultural relativism, I am an Anglophile, a supporter of Judeo-Christian-Scientific American values).

I predict that Trump will win most of the 50 states; Hillary, the queen of corruption (she used her political connections to peddle influence and make money, especially from Arab Muslims hence keep quiet as those monsters oppress women and religious minorities...Obama keeps quiet as ISIS murders Christians in Iraq and Syria) may win one or two states; it is going to be a land slide. Mark my word.

The liberal educated elite does not read what is in people's minds and are always caught unprepared. They did not see that Germans felt humiliated by the Versailles Treaty that held them responsible for the first world war and had them pay indemnity and cut their army to 100, 000, reduce them to nothing.

The Liberal class did not see the anger of the German working class, so when those voted for the street urchin who used to live in flop houses, homeless shelter, Adolf Hitler, they were surprised. Hitler gave Germans a sense of importance and power.

Trump gives white working class a sense of power, power they lost to Latinos and Muslims taking over their country.

Hillary makes white men feel diminished because she supports foreigners taking over their country.

My dear Wumi, I just felt like saying a few words to you because I value your shrewd understanding of politics. However, I must confess that I am surprised at your almost naïve support of Hillary, a woman with a lot of unsavory baggage, a woman who took money from Arab Muslims and sold our country to those cutthroats bent on taking over our country and transforming it to Muslim Sharia rule.

I go to a local Anglican (Episcopalian) Church and can tell you that the mostly white congregation is as angry as hell at losing their country. They resent this whole globalization business, for it means shipping their jobs overseas, to Asia and leaving them with low paying jobs.

There is anger in the land of America. There may be war in the horizon.  What is going on in the world reminds me of the precursor to the Second World War.

Christian heads are cut off by ISIS and Obama does not feel angry enough to go destroy ISIS. He keeps dawdling and fiddling as the Muslim monsters bring their war to us,  killing Christians at Madrid, London, Paris, Brussels, San Bernardino, Orlando and the man tolerates it.

Obama only feels angry when he feels that someone maligned the name of Islam (I suspect that Obama is a closet Muslim; I simply do not like how he does not respond to the killing of Christians; I can hardly wait the six months it will take before he is swept out of the White House; he has insulted that Christian House and needs to go).

My school starts in August, so I still have time and may go to Britain in July to read what is going on the ground. I got to do so for I see a lot of turmoil in the cards for Europe and the world.

I wanted to limit this quick observation to one page but have already typed two pages so I must stop even though I have not finished saying what I want to say.



PS: David Cameron, as I predicted, just resigned as the British Prime Minister.


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