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If the world is my dream then I am responsible for the world

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Ozodi Thomas Osuji

New age religions, such as Church of Religious Science and Unity Church, extrapolating from the well-known idea of projection (an ego defense mechanism posited by psychoanalysts) say that the external world is our collective projection; they literally believe that the world one sees represents one's and other persons collective thinking, is our collective dream.

In psychology, the idea of projection is employed in less encompassing manner. It means seeing something in one, or suspecting that one has something, and one does not like it; and one denies it and projects it to other persons and now see it in them. One may become hostile to the person one sees what one rejected in one.

For example, if a white man desires to have sex with black women he may deny it and see black men who make out with white women and hate and attack them. His hostility to such black folks represents his denied desire.

All he has to do is accept his original desire to have sex with female human beings from all races and he would no longer be hostile to folks who he believes want to have sex with his women. There is no such thing as his women. There are human beings who are women; they do not belong to any particular person or race.

New age religionists employ the concept of projection differently. To them the entire world is the projection of our individual and collective thinking. The individual, at the conscious level, usually does not know that the world he sees with his physical eyes represents his thinking and is his dream; however, he may know that his nightly dreams reflect his thinking and beliefs.

In dreams one thinks and ones thoughts are projected into pictures, the world one sees while one sleeps and dreams. New agers say that our day world is also our thinking projected into images for us to see our thinking.


In this light, the external world does not exist without the thinker.  If you stop thinking the world would no longer exist for you.

The universe has existed for 13.8 billion years. That means that you, in as much as you see the universe, have existed for fourteen billion years.

You have been sleeping and dreaming the universe; you have been thinking and projecting your thoughts out into the seeming solid world you see during the day world. The physical universe literally represents the sum of your fourteen billion year thinking (dreaming).

You are the son of God who dreams this universe. That one self is often called the extension of God.

God created one son and the son, like God, created his own son and the sons create their own sons, ad infinitum. God and his sons are in each other; there is no space between them.

The son of God wished to separate from God and now he and his creations seem separated from God. The son of God, all of us, thinks through all his infinite selves.

One self thinks through me and you.

The earth has obviously produced trillions of people during its four and half billion years' existence. Those trillions of people are in each of us.

The son of God and his creations, who are one with him, collectively think and their thinking produced this universe.

Each of the trillions of the sons of God is the one son of God and did the thinking of all the sons of God.

Admittedly, this line of thinking is wooly; it does not make sense but let us sheath our swords and follow its pattern of thinking and see where it leads us.


If the external world represents my thinking, whatever I say about other people and things I say about me. The external world is the projection of my thinking; the world mirrors my thoughts.  Without my thoughts there would be no external world and things for me. (Where I say I please replace with you.)

I have written a lot about Igbos; let us rethink my perception of Igbos from new age solipsistic line of thinking. In new age solipsistic light, whatever I say about Igbos I say about me.

What I see in Igbos I see in me.  If I see things in Igbos that I do not like those are things I see in me and do not like.

Since what I see in them is objectively there in them it is in me. However, other people see in them what I see in them; what is considered objective in our world is what all of us see; what we call reality is our social consensus on the nature of things; it is not necessarily the truth; we do not know what the truth is.


Instead of trying to change the external world change your pattern of thinking that produced that world.

I want to change the world (in this case, Igbos); I cannot change the external world for it is my projection. What I can change is my thinking and in so doing project out a different world, a different people.

I must change my thinking so as to project different Igbos out.  I cannot change the Igbos that already are out there for they merely represent my past and present thinking; they cannot change until I change my thinking about them.

It is my thinking that produced external things so logically if I want to change external things I have to change my thinking, not what I projected out.

Our thinking has already produced the galaxies, stars, planets, plants and animals and people. Those objects are now there in space and time and we cannot wish them away. But we can think differently and produce different forms of them. Indeed, our different thoughts have already produced different universes; there are infinite universes, not just our physical universe.

I see the Igbos around me as self-centered, as good at working for their individual benefits and, at most, for what benefits their family (man, wife and children) but beyond that are not interested in other people's welfare.

The Igbo works hard to make money, build a house and buy a car and generally improve his life but does not bother with other people's interests.

He would build a mansion but does not want to pay taxes to generate money with which society builds and maintains the road in front of his house.

I see the Igbo as selfish and of no use to society.  In doing something I do not rely on Igbos for I assume that they would be working for their individual interests, not for the collective good of an organization.

Indeed, if they could they would reap off the organization for their personal good. If the organization dies they would laugh and make fun of whoever set it up, call him put down names and move on to reap off other organizations.

As we talk, they are busy reaping off public institutions in Nigeria; government offices are seen as from where to steal but not to do good for society.

In so far that Igbos set up businesses it is generally the sole proprietor type of business organization; as is well known, this type of business structure generally dies with their owners deaths.

Igbos seem incapable of checking their egos so as to work in groups (so as to form partnerships and corporations). Bring  them to work in groups and each of them wants to be the boss even though he may not know what the organization is set up to do.

In my perception, Igbos are unreliable; in business matters I avoid them as one avoids the plague.

Now, if Igbos are my projection it follows that what I said about them is what I say about me. Igbos are my thinking projected out; they mirror my thinking.

However, since they are objectively as I described them it follows that my thinking is objectively as I describe Igbos.

I cannot change my thinking in the past that produced the present Igbos that I see; however, I can change my present thinking so as to help produce different Igbos.

Obviously, it is not only my thinking that produced Igbos; the thinking of the twenty five million current Igbos and millions of past Igbos produced extant Igbos.


In my judgment, as they currently are, individualistic, Igbos cannot successfully run modern business organizations and cannot organize a successful modern polity. They are too involved in personal achievement to work for the good of the collective.

I believe that to make Igbos able to run corporate business and modern governments and their bureaucracies Igbos have to be taught to think from the perspective of what is good for the community; they have to be taught socialism to counteract their tendency to primitive capitalism. Igbos so-called republicanism has to be replaced with socialism, as in social democracy.

What I want to teach Igbos is what I want to teach me since my current self is like the Igbos I see with my eyes. What I see in Igbos I see in me. I do not deny what I see in me and project it to other people and delude myself into believing that it is not in me but only in them.

I deliberately localized my subject of analysis to Igbos. You can choose other subjects. For example, if you are black you can choose white folks. You can see white folks as your projection. What you see white folks doing represents your thinking and beliefs. White folks behaviors mirror your past and present thinking.

Since the son of God is one, white folks thinking are also your thinking. If they are racist your thinking produced racist folks. You cannot change the external racist folks for they represent your past thinking. What you can do is change your thinking.

From now on, think loving thoughts; if all of us do so we shall begin to see less and less racist folks in our world.


The thinker is not his thoughts. The thinker can have different thinking and use them to project out different people and things.

Since I do not like the Igbos behaviors that I already projected out, that is, I do not like my past thinking about me, I can have different thinking of what I should be and project it out to future Igbos.

I want Igbos that care for the collectivity, for public good and who are not self-centered and selfish. That is, my thinking would no longer be self-centered and selfish and would be public serving.

I am the thinker of my thoughts. I am not the thinking and beliefs I have in my mind.

The Igbos of the present, self-centered, and the Igbos of the future, public centered, are not me. They are mere products of my past thinking and my changed present and future thinking but not me.

Who I am is the thinker (mind); the thinker is the inventor of the physical universe. The inventor itself is pure consciousness.

As part of God, the son of God, human beings are always thinking and producing different universes but they are not their thought and universes; people are not the universes their minds produce.

In essence people are neither good nor bad; their thinking can produce good or bad worlds.

The son of God, you and I, is not the projected out seeming good or bad people we see in our world; he remains innocent, guiltless and sinless; he is always the holy son of God who remains as God created him, joined with God and all his brothers.


The world we currently live in reflects our past and present thinking. In that world we believe in separation and have thinking that produced and perpetuates a separated world. Each of us believes that he has separated interests and works for his personal good; most of the times we cooperate for our mutual good but sometimes we work at the expense of other people's good.

Since each person is mostly looking out for his self we can and do harm each other; we set up a society and its government to protect us from the depredations of other people.

Our justice system assumes our separated interests; if you do not respect other people's separated interests you are a threat to them.

If you steal the police, hopefully, arrest you; and the courts try you and sentence you to prison. You are punished.  If you act criminally you will be apprehended and punished (some people have guns and would like to shoot you to death).

Our world has its ego based laws and one must respect those laws. I believe that criminals should be imprisoned and those who have killed people should be killed.

I am not talking about fantasy that says that if you changed your mind and think differently that the entire world, since it reflects your thinking, would change. The fact is that our collective past thinking produced our present world.

If at the individual level the individual begins to have only loving thoughts and does not harm anyone in any way or shape he is going to attract into his presence those who also have love in their thinking.  If all you have now is thoughts of love those in your immediate environment would be loving persons.

However, that does not mean that the entire world would love. There are still antisocial personalities out there who do criminal things.

Your changed mind and thinking contributes to a changing world but there are seven billion people out there, many of whom have wicked thoughts; their wicked thoughts contribute to the evil we see in the world.

We have one person change at a time. Think loving thoughts and you begin to change the world but it would take billions of years to produce a loving world. A loving world is inevitable but it is not going to happen overnight.

The physical universe would remain to offer all people the opportunity to realize that they are one shared self with one shared mind hence learn to love one another.

Our sun will be around for another five billion years. It will begin dying in two billion years when it runs out of hydrogen and begins fusing other elements, gets hotter and dries the waters on planet earth. That leaves humanity another two billion years to learn love.

The point is that one wants to change the external world, such as change Igbos; one cannot change external others; one cannot change Igbos for they represent ones past and present thinking.

What one can change is ones present and future thinking. If one changes ones thinking about Igbos, since the external Igbos already reflect ones past thoughts projected out (stars and galaxies and the entire universe are our past thinking) one is now thinking differently about one's self.

I am aware that the line of thinking I am writing about is not our usual line of thinking. I suggest that you consider it and see if it makes sense to you.

And before you cavalierly dismiss it as rubbish please be advised that over four billion human beings accept it as true.

Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism teach what I called new age thinking; new age thinking is borrowed from Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism. Over four billion Asians are Hindus, Buddhists and Taoists.

Africans were until recently cut off from interacting with members of the other races, white and Asian folks. Africans concentrated in their own ways of thinking oblivious that other people have different patterns of thinking.  As a result of been cut off from other cultures Africans remained stagnant. Africans did not benefit from cross cultural interactions and diffusions of ideas from culture to culture.

One of my jobs is to expose Africans to the ways different people perceive phenomena so that they expand their perceptual lenses and change.

In this essay, I gave you, the reader, Oriental approach to thinking; make of this line of perceiving phenomena what you like.


Solipsism is not limited to New Age and Asian thinkers; George Berkeley, one of the prominent Western philosophers adopted it as his philosophical approach to phenomena (he saw his self as an idealistic monist). Therefore, ponder it and decide if it is true or not.

It is actually the only approach that could possibly make God's existence acceptable to the rational, scientific mind.

I believe that eventually science will learn that there is a mind (consciousness) that wrote mathematical equations and translated them into our physical universe.

Our physical universe, in my view, is the product of the thinking of a mind with amazing intelligence. That supreme intelligence is not his thoughts.

We are not our thoughts; mind is apart from matter, space and time; mind and its owner, a spiritual self, is eternal, permanent and changeless but its thinking and resultant universes do change.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

February 6, 2018

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Ozodi Osuji Ph.D

Ozodi Thomas Osuji is from Imo State, Nigeria. He obtained his PhD from UCLA. He taught at a couple of Universities and decided to go back to school and study psychology. Thereafter, he worked in the mental health field and was the Executive Director of two mental health agencies. He subsequently left the mental health environment with the goal of being less influenced by others perspectives, so as to be able to think for himself and synthesize Western, Asian and African perspectives on phenomena. Dr Osuji’s goal is to provide us with a unique perspective, one that is not strictly Western or African but a synthesis of both. Dr Osuji teaches, writes and consults on leadership, management, politics, psychology and religions. Dr Osuji is married and has three children; he lives at Anchorage, Alaska, USA.

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