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“The God at Work” Factor Again! Should Federal subsidies to all Obamacare beneficiaries continue or not?

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Please don’t laugh. I think it is now time for this columnist or the Social Media that gives him a platform to speak to the world should start getting paid for some of his predictions that have come to pass with clock-like precision. Can you believe it that the most litigated Legislation signed into Law by the first black President may be going back to the Supreme Court again because of two diametrically opposed rulings on the same subject today?

What the Republicans are saying now by their repeated attempts to repeal or truncate Obamacare is like saying that the Emancipation Law signed into Law by Abraham Lincoln should be neutralized by some technicality. The proposition assumes that the Social Security Law signed into Law by FDR can be rendered impotent by technicalities just because Republicans don’t like some or all of its provisions and because the Law is designed to help the poor and the needy hose safety net depends on the Law. Nothing could be more insane than that if you are thinking like me. No legislation of that magnitude and importance can be perfect from the “get go” Future amendments to some of its provisions are bound to occur to make it better. Nobody will quarrel with the Republicans if that is the point they are making. They are saying it is a bad Law which has to be repealed by all means because they don’t like or appreciate the brain behind the Law. They once tried to make Mitt Romney President for passing a similar Law in Massachusetts but would not hesitate to crucify Obama for passing the same Law nation-wide, if it is that good for one state in the Union? Can you believe that?

The Emancipation Law outlawed slavery in America and it gave America her claim to being the Land of Freedom and leader of the Free World. By the same token, the Social Security Law by F.D.R  has singled out America as God’s own country and one of the most compassionate countries in the world. The Civil Rights Law initiated by J .F .K but eventually signed into Law by LBJ in 1964 is the reason why America is so different today from the communist regime and the defunct Soviet Union which suffered a major break-up at the end of the cold war because their totalitarian regime was simply unsustainable given the real needs of society. Everybody wants to come to America today because of the search for Justice, liberty and the pursuit of happiness which are not guaranteed in a totalitarian regime like Russia.

I cannot for the life of me understand why Republicans in their senseless homophobia against Obama cannot read between the lines and be persuaded that Obamacare has come to stay in America. They surely can mend it as once observed by Bill Clinton in his comment on the Social Welfare Law in America. The Republicans will never succeed in repealing Obamacare because it is fundamentally helpful not just to American voters but to all Americans. Republicans would sooner destroy themselves and their electoral chances than succeed in repealing it or reversing some of the good things Obama has done by using his executive power when it became clear to him the Republicans are hell-bent on obstructing him from achieving anything as President and leaving a legacy that future minorities aspiring to be President can point to. Whether the Republicans like it or not, I certainly can see a Latino or Hispanic American or a Japanese or Chinese American or a native American like Elizabeth Warren becoming President someday in the melting pot America has become. It is only a question of time.

Republicans think they already have the 2014 mid-term elections in the bag by adamantly refusing to work with Obama. That they now criticize Obama as weak compared to Vladmir Putin is not only silly but very unpatriotic if you look at the facts on the ground. Obama has successfully put Putin in a box by building a world consensus against him and by making it that much easier to clip Putin’s wings without America going into a very dangerous and expensive war with Russia with her arsenal of deadly weapons like the BUK surface to air missile the Russian separatists have just used to shoot down a commercial airliner killing close to 300 innocent souls in one fell swoop.

The Republicans accused Obama of insensitivity by going to a fund raiser at a time Putin and his minions were shooting down a commercial plane in Ukraine as if Ukraine has suddenly become part of America that Obama has taken an oath to defend and protect. Why must that force the President to his change his panned itinerary for the day. If he has done that, they would be accusing me of over-reacting to a little crisis. More than 600 Palestinians are being killed with huge collateral damages as we speak in Gaza and life still continues as usual in America. They wanted Obama to wear his anger or frustration anywhere he goes. They wanted him to betray visible signs of his revulsion against Putin by talking tough. They wanted him to look embattled as the leader of the Free World by stopping his normal routine as President and Commander-in-Chief. The same Republicans who are accusing Obama today, praised George Bush Junior to the high heavens when he put his arms around a fire fighter in New York and gleefully announced with a bull horn that “Al Qaeda would hear from America pretty soon”  in the wake of 9/11. It took more than 10 years to get Osama and guess who finally did it? The same Barack Hussein Obama.

George Bush had rightly shown in the particular clip that he was unruffled and unperturbed as Commander-in-Chief and that display of resilience and courage pretty much inspired the nation. When you are President of the greatest nation on Earth you must let your action speak louder than your voice. Young JFK did exactly that when he responded to the former Soviet Union’s challenge when she launched Yuri Gagarin into space few years ahead of America. JFK without pulling punches quickly summoned America to action by giving her 10 years to catch up with and surpass the Soviet Union in the race for the Moon. America won that race in 8 years of hard work thus pushing the Soviet Union or Russia to second place till tomorrow. JFK did not show he was ruffled at all by what the Soviet Union had done but he knew how to respond to that challenge in a way that forced the Soviet Union scratching her head in total amazement.

JFK demonstrated the same class and chutzpah when in the Bay of Pigs fiasco in Cuba he resolutely told Nikita Khrushchev that the Soviet Union had to dismantle their nuclear arsenal in Cuba because America would not tolerate the Soviet Union putting such a weapon in America’s backyard. Cuba is less than two hours flight from Miami.
I am just amazed that the same Republicans cannot recognize that what Obama as leader of the Free World is currently doing to Russia and Vladimir Putin can be compared to what JFK has done to Nikita Khrushchev. Turning Ukraine to an ally of the West   and breaking up the old Soviet Union regardless of what Russia was thinking   was an affront that Obama had to maintain thru diplomacy by building world consensus against Russia without firing a shot. The great Ronald Reagan had done a similar thing during his last visit to Berlin when he called on Gorbachev “to tear down this wall” and Gorbachev did. The West and East Germany are one today because of that vision. The same phenomenon is taking place in Eastern Ukraine as we speak and President Putin is being ordered to back off from Eastern Ukraine and to allow the investigation on the plane crash to go forward with immediate effect.

Obama is giving the orders without blinking and without necessarily calling Putin a thug as recommended by Lindsey Graham, cry baby John McCain and Sarah Palin in their cow boy approach to Diplomacy. Guess what? Obama is getting the same result as JFK and Ronald Reagan. Vladimir Putin has promised to fully co-operate and has started doing so, because he knew there would be economic hell to pay if he does not comply. He, Putin had to know he would be fighting the whole world and not Obama or America alone. Obama has found a way to put Putin in a box without firing a shot. The whole world is united today against Putin because of the leadership of Obama and his careful handling of a very complex situation.  What more do the Republicans want from Obama?

The young President has ruled out putting American boots on the ground against Russia and anywhere around the world like he promised he was going to do as a candidate canvassing for votes. He came to office to end and not to start wars. He got elected two times based on that promise, and he is getting results as much as can be expected in a very complex world. How many wars can America fight alone without getting some help from the rest of the world? Obama is a strategic thinker who understands that what is currently going on with the Israeli bombardment of Gaza which America had to support because Israel remains a strategic ally of America could be turned as a propaganda tool against America by Putin who can also draw attention to America’s double standard but the odds are so stacked against Putin right now, that he cannot use that as a bargaining chip to dig himself out of the deep hole he is in

A Russian and European Union analyst based in London, Mary Dejevsky  put it best when she said America and the West   should be careful not to push Putin to the brink that he would have no other choice than to fight back or bite them back like a goat driven to the wall according to a Yoruba proverb. The woman acknowledged that planting a NATO -want-to-be country like Ukraine on the backyard of Russia was enough provocation already, and that America and the West must not stretch their luck too thin or push the envelope. It was a correct observation the West ought to pay attention to because Russia needs the West as much as some countries in Europe need Russia. Obama has not forgotten that.  Obama is fully aware of that refrain for caution and that is why he is moving with extreme circumspection that the Republicans see as a sign of weakness.  The gentle movement of the tiger should not be misconstrued as a sign of cowardice or timidity. When you have a power like a lion, you don’t use that power like a lion. What more do the Republicans want from Obama?

Obama told America in one of his debates with john McCain that a President should be able to do   multiple things at one time and still maintain his sure footedness and discipline to still be in control of self and others. The night before he flawlessly captured and killed Osama Bin Laden, Obama was busy joking around with Donald Trump at the White House Correspondent Dinner as if nothing important was happening that same night. He would not have succeeded had he let the whole world know what he was up to. He finished the job before making an announcement. That is what a great leader does and that is the kind of leader the world needs. Who says Obama is a weak leader? They should go tell that to the Mountain    God is solidly behind him. If you don’t believe me, just listen to this narrative and the sequence of events as they unfold today in a breaking News I would like to use to end this write-up.

We hear today that one Court has just passed a ruling saying Federal subsidies to Obamacare beneficiaries have to be discontinued. In a twinkle of an eye, came another ruling made within hours of the first one saying that federal subsidies cannot be stopped because it was the right thing to do. If you don’t see that development as “the hand of God” you are probably not a believer in miracles. God is using Obama’s signature legislation to prove a point. The Republicans have tried 54 times to repeal the Law and 54 times they have failed. Their latest attempt is also bound to fail because the fundamental role of Government is to empower the powerless and the weak and the downtrodden.

Obamacare has the capacity or the potential to give medical coverage to no less than 46 million Americans who would not have had medical coverage in America because they just could not afford it or because of a pre-existing disease the insurance Companies would never have covered. Among the 46 million are the children, the cousins, nieces and some of the family members of the 9 Supreme Court Judges who are going to sit in judgment on that litigation assuming the Supreme Court takes the case which is even doubtful at this point in time.

I can tell you that God Almighty is not finished with Obama yet.  The same God that used Justice Robert of all people to give victory to Obama is still there on his throne.
I cannot wait to see where this litigation is going. All I can tell you is stay tuned. The Supreme Court is going to uphold the Law one more time for all of the reasons stated above. That is my prediction. Take it or leave it.
I rest my case.

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