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Obama Gives Africa The Homosexual Disease!

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This paper points out that so far Barack Obama has not done any good for Africans in both the economic and political spheres. Having ignored Africans he now plans to blackmail them into accepting homosexuality or else he stops the paltry economic aid America gives Africa. Let him stop his aid. Republican Administrations will repeal all his policies; a few years after he is swept out of the Oval Office there would be no evidence that he ever occupied it. Africans must not accept the Obama's homosexual agenda and its attendant diseases.

Obama Gives Africa The Homosexual Disease!

by Ozodiobi Osuji

I have carefully studied the United States of America's foreign policy since the advent of Barack Obama, the first American President of African descent. I have paid particular attention to the country's policy towards Africa. I can honestly say that President George W Bush was more interested in Africa and did more for Africa than Barack Obama!

Barack Obama has not done anything for Africa. In fact, Africa does not seem to register on his radar. By the same token, the man does not seem to care for black Americans!

Unemployment is at depression level in black ghettos and the man could care less. He did not even pay attention to the unemployment situation until a few months ago when it was made clear to him that no American president has ever been reelected with unemployment at over eight percent and perhaps to be reelected he pretended to care for the ten percent unemployed Americans and twenty percent unemployed African Americans.

This man is a narcissist and does not care for other people; he seeks other people's attention and admiration and their plight does not enter into his mind.

Aware that he may not be reelected with such high unemployment the Machiavellian finally appeared to care and submitted what he called Infrastructure Bill to Congress. Of the $450 billion dollars he requested only about $50 billion would actually go to infrastructure construction, the rest would go to states to pay their already employed workers. Thank God Republicans rejected his deceitful Bill.

This lying jester did the same song and dance in his earlier $789 billion so-called stimulus Bill. He told Americans lies to the effect that the money was going to be used to construct roads and bridges, is for shovel ready constructions and Americans were fooled and passed his bill. It turned out that less than fifty billion of those sums of money were actually earmarked for infrastructure and the rest was given to the states to help them pay their workers so as to not lay them off.

By constitutional requirement, the states cannot engage in deficit spending so the clown in the White House gave them the money with which they tried making up their budgetary shortfalls.

And that money, as well as the current request, was borrowed mostly from China. In effect, this man borrows money from China to give to the states to pay their already employed workers but is actually not planning to generate more employment.

I doubt that this man took courses on economics and finance (public and private) and understand what he is doing: he is saddling future Americans with debt that would take generations to pay off. As it is the United States of America already owes over $14 trillion dollars, almost the same amount as her Gross Domestic Product! Obama is speeding the day America would join the likes of Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain and Italy as bankrupt nations.

Obama actually thinks that if he makes his supposed eloquent speeches that he would fool people. Alas, no one now listens to his big speeches for folks know that he is all hat; the man does not walk his talk; he is an empty vessel that makes a great deal of noise. He talks big but when Republicans say no to his halfhearted ideas he caves in. In fact, if they say jump he asks how high he should jump. He is a gutless clown and should not be in leadership position.

The man does not fight for anything and easily caves in; this is because he does not believe in anything; he is only in love with his shadow.

During the Health Care Bill battle the man allowed Congressional Democrats to write the Bill. Perhaps, having not even bothered to read it or understand what is in it he would make empty speeches supporting this or that part of it. He supported the Public Option but when Republicans barked at it he gave in and removed it.

When he came to office forty-five million Americans were uninsured now fifty million are uninsured and the cost of premiums are rising; yet the clown says that he passed a health care bill that benefits all Americans (the mandate portion of it is probably unconstitutional and the Supreme Court would strike it down...requiring all Americans to buy health insurance without a public option that lowers costs merely allows private insurance companies to raise premiums and rip-off the people some more).

This man apparently does not believe in anything; he is merely coasting along, accomplishing nothing of significance, yet during the 2008 election he glibly talked about himself as a transformational leader and talked about the fierce urgency of change (as if he knows what those ideas mean...he probably read some book on leadership and mouthed what he read without knowing what they mean). Three years into his presidency and not only has he not done anything that would qualify him as an average president talk more about making him a transformational leader.

This man does not seem to know why he ran for the presidency, other than his ego needs for glory, and certainly does not seem aware that folk did not elect him because he is good looking (which he is not) but because they want him to do something with that office. Apparently, he thinks that just sitting on Washington's chair gives him enough importance. Poor idiot; he is now every person's idea of what a president ought not to be.

He does not even seem aware of the power reposed in the US presidency; on every policy issue, he runs around the country asking people to talk to their Congressmen to vote for it; how about him doing something about it; he was elected to do something, true or false?

He keeps Congress at arms' length; successful presidents invite Congressmen to the Oval Office and negotiate with them on their policies, and do a little arms twisting to get folks to go along with their policy options.

Yes, the art of policy making requires making compromises but you must have goals that you are negotiating with others with and then compromising on them.

Politics is about bargaining, logrolling and making tradeoffs but one must do so from strength, not weakness. Obama is a weak man, a weak president.

The man goes about making empty speeches that he is not willing to fight for. He is disgusting.

There is a school boy quality about Barack Obama; he talks like a college sophomore political science student; he appears to have read what he talks about in his "Polisci" courses but does not have strong positions on them. Thus, for example, hearing him talk about the Middle East one gets the impression that he understands the issues but does not really have a clear cut stand on them. In so far that he appears to have solutions it is to talk as if America should treat Jews and Arabs the same.

He appears oblivious of what the nation of Israel means to Christians, their Holy land, a place where their savior was born, lived and died hence need to keep it in Judeo-Christian hands (by all means necessary). Christians even went on crusades to retrieve Jerusalem from Muslim infidels but the fool called Obama seems to believe that what Christians fought to have should now be given to Arabs just so his schoolboy understanding of politics is gratified.

In case Obama does not know it, Israel must remain in Jewish hands. America must support Israel and if Obama does not get that fact he ought to do so and do it quickly.

Nor would it appear that he cares for Arabs, either. During the Arab Spring he sat it out, doing nothing or claiming to lead from behind. He left it to David Cameron and Nicholas Sarkozy to lead the battle against Gadhafi (and since to victors go the booty, to dictate the economic shape of post Gadhafi Libya).

Obama played no discernible role in the overthrow of Mubarak and thus is not shaping who comes to power in Egypt, fundamentalist Muslims or secular democrats. He currently sits on his hands as Assad murders his people in Syria.

Regarding Iran he seems unaware that by and by the West must have a showdown with Iran's theocratic rulers that suppress divergent opinions and support terrorism worldwide. If Obama knew what leadership is all about he would lead the war to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons and if that means going to war with Iran so be it.

On Sudan the man actually has done nothing to influence events there. He played no known role in South Sudan's secession from Sudan; nor is he interested in preventing Arab Janjaweed Muslims in Darfur from murdering Africans. He has done nothing to stop the bloodbath in East Congo. (Perhaps, Obama is a closet Muslim, sort of like a Manchurian candidate in our Christian midst.)

This man does not seem to give a hoot for anything other than to be elected to office. Sadly, he might be reelected for most minority persons in America would vote for him despite the fact that he does not have their interest at heart (remember the Shirley Sherrod's case where because Fox noise made some noise about an innocent black woman Obama fired her without investigation to ascertain the veracity of Fox's claim about her, and told her so while she was driving to work...this man has no respect for black folks and would sell blacks down the river to get to be in office). Well, black folks would still vote for him because of pride issues not because they do not know that he does not care for them.

The man is probably a con artist; he conned us to support him even though he does nothing for us.

The real question is this: how did he allow himself to be seen as a man who does not care for even his own people; what exactly is he thinking? Is he going to be a great leader by not caring for the people he pretends to lead?

He does not show enthusiasm for anything he undertakes. He talks like a detached college social science professor, a man who has no emotional investment in what he is talking about (he probably does not know the difference between a professor, bureaucrat and politician...he should have read Max Weber's On Bureaucracy).

Great leaders are passionate for something; their passion make the people feel passionate hence feel alive. Obama appears lukewarm in everything he does; in fact, he appears depressed. Both he and his wife appear impersonal and unsympathetic to any public policy issue; they talk but it is clear that their souls are not in what they talk about.

One of the functions of leadership is to get the people excited and want to be like their leaders; nobody wants to be like Obama and his equally affectively undemonstrative wife!

Consider the passion of John F Kennedy, especially his response to Soviet venture into space, his promise that America would send a man to the moon by the end of the decade hence mobilizing Americans to work to that end and achieving it by 1969.

What has Obama mobilized the people to accomplishing? Nothing! What has he asked people to follow him to achieve? Nothing!

The man is not only not charismatic but is not even a leader! Unfortunately, the Republicans vying to replace him do not seem better.

How in the world did we elect this clown as the president of these United States? History will not forgive us for placing this joker on Lincoln's bed, again. Reason would suggest that we get him out before he does more damage but, alas, the man has luck and most likely will be re-elected.

What has Obama done for Africa? Nothing! Having done nothing for Africa, in fact, having not even bothered to place Africa in the front burner the clown has found a way to help Africa by destroying her; the clown tells Africans to forgo their cultural disposition to loathing homosexuality and embrace that unnatural lifestyle.

The empty-suit is trying to blackmail Africans with the prospect of stopping foreign aid to them if they did not approve homosexuality.

Africans should and must call his empty bluff. To begin with he has no economic aid to give any one; he is borrowing the bulk of his budget so what aid are we talking about?

Ignore the clown whom Michele Bachman called a gangster! This apparent hip hop clown finds ways to blackmail folks into going along with his foolish desires. To get reelected he pleases the homosexual folk of America and could care less that Africans do not want homosexuals in their midst.

The narcissist wants to be the center of attention and if that means disregarding African values he would do so.

Africans must not permit Western cultural imperialism to prevail; they must not permit Obama and his white homosexual lobbyists to superimpose their decadent values on Africa.


Homosexual folks are walking talking disease vectors. How so? They swim in excreta. Those who swim in feces expose themselves to germs and contract germs and generally die from germs.

Homosexuals, in existential terms, find the world meaningless and pointless; they are world weary and want to die. They have what Sigmund Freud would call Thanatos, death wish.

When a man sticks his penis into another man's anus or a woman sticks her mouth into another woman's vagina they have deliberately exposed themselves to excreta and germs and die from germs.

These people have death wish. They need to be healed of their death wish rather than being patronized and told that they are okay. They are not okay, they are sick. The fact that they persuaded psychiatry to reclassify their disease as normalcy does not make their disease any less a disease.

Science does not posit permanent hypotheses but temporary ones; scientific ideas can be disproven any day hence changes. That is to say that the fact that psychiatric, a soft science, currently accepts the idea that homosexuality is not a disorder does not make that idea a permanently accepted one; it can be changed when better understanding comes along. Homosexuality is an existential disorder, a spiritual crisis. Whereas secular psychotherapy may not heal them, spiritual psychotherapy that convinces them that God exists and that life ultimately has meaning and purpose can heal them.


America's foreign aid to all of Africa remains at the level that George Bush had it, about, $250 million dollars a year. Obama has not increased that level of Aid to Africa. So much for his love for Africans!

And while we are talking about foreign aid, imagine giving a continent of nearly a billion people a quarter billion dollars while giving Egypt and Israel six billion dollars annually! Where is the justice in America's foreign aid behavior?

I say that Africans should ask Obama to go screw himself and not accept a penny of the paltry aid America gives to them.Homosexual life style breeds diseases. Obama having given Africans little or no economic aid wants to give them the gift of diseases. This Trojan gift must be rejected.

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Ozodi Osuji Ph.D

Ozodi Thomas Osuji is from Imo State, Nigeria. He obtained his PhD from UCLA. He taught at a couple of Universities and decided to go back to school and study psychology. Thereafter, he worked in the mental health field and was the Executive Director of two mental health agencies. He subsequently left the mental health environment with the goal of being less influenced by others perspectives, so as to be able to think for himself and synthesize Western, Asian and African perspectives on phenomena. Dr Osuji’s goal is to provide us with a unique perspective, one that is not strictly Western or African but a synthesis of both. Dr Osuji teaches, writes and consults on leadership, management, politics, psychology and religions. Dr Osuji is married and has three children; he lives at Anchorage, Alaska, USA.

He can be reached at: ozodiosuji@gmail.com (907) 310-8176