James Agazie Ed D

James Agazie Ed D

A retired college Professor  with educational backgrounds in law (JD) education (Ed.D, MA) counseling,( MS) and and mathematics.  Write on topics dealing with Nigerian families, marriages, education, and employment. 


Cruz the Florida shooter killed 17 school children and wounded 15 others because he felt he was powerful to inflict severe pain and others powerless to defend themselves. .  Listen to Dr. Osuji's  well-intentioned  joke: "if I tell you that you are significant and you tell me that I am significant and thus both of  us feel reassured that we have worth and get along with each other" and "No one can prevent a person who wants to kill from doing so but if we identify some such persons perhaps we can prevent a few of them from killing people."

Doesn't America know Nigeria is an insignificant, powerless nation one powerful US bomber can  wipe out in one day? This essay is all about power and the use of power. The last time I visited my village in Nigeria, and I do not visit enough and would like to be home more often but could not do so for one reason-powerlessness. Powerlessness gives me that feeling of impotence, ineffectiveness, ineffectualness, feebleness, helplessness, inability, or weakness.

This essay suggests that Nigeria  ought to shake out of the state of powerlessness and find ways to fast-track science education in schools in order to acquire skills necessary to develop effective weapons to  deter attackers  and ease dependence upon dominant nations and cease being fucked up by exploiters,

We live in a world where power plays a significant role, and where powerful persons appear to intimidate, take undue advantage,  and want to annihilate powerless people . In schools, large and strong children usually bully smaller and weaker school mates. It's no surprise that a 19-year-old  boy named Cruz is carried away with power as he kills 17 children and wounds 15 others with AR-15.

What stops a kid from appearing in school doorway any day with weapons as powerful as the AK-15 to kill kids with who have no weapons other except to throw their texbooks ? Aren't USA and UK fucking Nigeria up and denying us  the opportunity to have electric power supplied by nuclear energy?  Aren't white men killing Nigerians with unidentified enemies, poverty and underdevelopment?  If you wait for this writer to tell you more , you aren't following  world news.

To bring it nearer home to you, what makes you think that America or UK would not bury Nigeria in a pile of rubbles or send invaders and foot soldiers to seize southern Nigeria if we refused to sell them our oil? Our oil keeps the invaders snugly warm in cozy beds while they fuck their wives and send  crazy children snorting cocaine at school? This essay is about power that comes from use of weapons to satisfy needs.

Smaller nations like Nigeria which have only bows and arrows and some machetes are no match to withstand nations like America, Russia, or Britain which have sophisticated weapons such as hydrogen bombs, submarines and stealth aircrafts.

Technologically retrograde, awkward nations like Nigeria appear to be at the mercy of stronger nations with sophisticated weaponry. That's why Nigeria shall forever remain poor and underdeveloped, running to America to buy inferior, outdated, expired weapons to fight unending wars against boko haram. It's laughable.

To imagine that we can conquer the world through Dr. Osuji's accommodation and psychological bullshit is naïve, meaning  that one who thinks we can prevent violence just by telling the perpetrator how significant the perpetrator is, is living in a phantasy world, not the real world.

To think so is being inexperienced, unsophisticated,  immature, green, raw, youthful, simple, or nwatakiri (Igbo for a childish or child-like person). Doesn't Nigerian leadership know that the USA and UK are significant nuclear superpowers that use their advantage to disadvantage us, rubbish our economy, and keep us poor, dependent, and non-nuclear?

Shall we remind ourselves  that life is all power play? The earth  we live is a dangerous PPP (power play place) where we are conditioned  to feel  it is better to take from others than to give others.  We are forceful  persons who take by force and are  respectful of the other forceful  persons who acquire things through gangster force and intimidation.

The greater force we use to get what we want or the more forcefully we are able to convince the world that we have greater force to get things from others than the others have, the more we feel secured, live in greater prosperity,  and tell the earth go to hell.

Due to fear of being attacked, America, UK,  and Israel have been policing the world to see who has the nuclear technology so they would  destroy it as they have  been destroying  Iranian nuclear lab and threatening North Korea.

The USA, UK, and Saudi Arabia and the so-called world leaders  do not want others to develop nuclear energy in order to acquire powerfulness through powerful weaponry and enjoy independence from exploitation in time of peace. Why can't Nigerian  have nuclear energy to  drive darkness away? Our amoeba-headed, simple-minded, stupid Nigerian leadership cannot think beyond corruption!

To be without nuclear power is to be without significance.  In today's world, a nation must not admit its insignificance or it would risk being wiped out. A man who tells a thief; "I have no gun," is only asking for a visit from the thief.

As one would expect, acts of cruelty are perpetrated when the aggressor has the power to do so, usually against the powerless.. Power is defined as control, influence, authority, supremacy, rule, command, clout, muzzle, or ike igwe (Igbo for the strength of steel). Power is brave A's ability to fake what A wants out from cowardly B.

We must not overlook  the concept of the Will to Power in our explanation of what motivates a 19-year-old  suspended former student, Nikolas Cruz,  to enter  the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, to kill 17 people and wound 15 others. Cruz killed because he felt he was a powerful man who had a powerful AR-15 gun in his hand.  The idiot is entering  insanity plea through his attorneys.

Power intoxicates and fills a powerless criminal with a desire to seek power with added impetus to commit homicide. Would Cruz kill if he hadn't the power which a powerful  AR-15 weapon provides? The child, but he could not stab 32 people without being wrestled down.

What do you expect from an adult who is in a place he shouldn't be at in the first place ? He wasn't a current student ; he had been suspended because of  previous school infractions, and he wasn't allowed to carry a backpack in which he could hide his weapons. You would expect  the powerless 19-year-old Cruz to seek powerfulness in order to strike back at a world he blames for his powerlessness.

The era of naiveté is far gone; this is the time of power and the use of power. Does this saying make sense: "if you want peace, you must prepare for war"? Yes, it does make lots of sense. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. That brings us to the theory of Will to Power.

The will to power (German: der Wille zur Macht) is a prominent concept in the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche. The will to power describes what Nietzsche may have believed to be the main driving force in humans – achievement, ambition, and the striving to reach the highest possible position in life. Just a quick question and answer

We live in a world where powerful persons appear to intimidate and want to annihilate powerless people . In schools, large and strong children seem to bully smaller and weaker school mates. Smaller nations with no weapons appear to be at the mercy of strong nations with sophisticated weaponry.

Why are African nations afraid to mess with America, Russia, France, Germany, Great Britain. or with any of the big world powers who possess the power of the atomic bomb? We are afraid because these nations have what we don't have-power-they can obliterate, destroy us in no time and force us do what they want.

Western nations all have nuclear power, submarines , and powerful bombers to level Nigeria in a few hours.  Why are not Russia and Russia not attacking each other or stealing trade and energy secrets from each other? They are afraid to try it because each doesn't know what secret power the other may have to take revenge.

What does North Korea have that scares us? North Korea has convinced the world that it has nuclear power to defend itself against any foolish country that dares to attack or invade NK. The North Korea might be bluffing or pretending.

But we cannot mess with it because we are not sure if NK really has the nuclear; we are not sure if Russia had not given Nk some secrets to develop nuclear power to prevent attack, maintain sovereignty, and ward off threats of forced unification with South Korea.

Why is Nigeria still poor after gaining independence sixty years ago? We are poor because we are not allowed to acquire nuclear energy and be like the rest of the world, and we are intimidated by the Western nations that continue to exploit us and take most of our natural resources. It is all about power.

Why do little Nigerian women dance Owambe and Sweet Mother at the mansions of thieving politicians who  embezzle our money? They dance because the thief has power supplied by stolen money as well as  power from  State police, army or security officials. The concept of power is overpowering and you can see examples in many Nigerian events.

Do Benue State farmers have problems if the Fulani cattle herders have been defeated by our securi

Can you imagine a Benue farmer walking towards  a herdsman and saying: "Alhaji, Malam. I value you because you are significant. I am significant, and we're all significant. Now, let's get along fine?"  What happens? The herder (1) looks at the foolish farmer; (2) recognizes the foolish Tiv is unarmed; (3) looks at the herder's powerful weapon; (4) thinks the farmer is a cattle rustler playing a game to steal one of the herder's cows.  What does  the armed herder do to the unarmed farmer?

The herdsman kills farmers . Because the herder has power in his hands and he has power behind his back so he pulls the trigger, and stands tall as a powerful man. The AK-47 in his hands is a visible power. The knowledge that his ancestors owned Nigeria provides the herdsman with latent power backing him

Usman dan Fodio conquered the Hausas and overrun Northern  Nigeria, making  the  herder a member of the powerful  born- to –rule conquering  tribe to whom the British had donated Nigeria, and Nigeria belongs to him, and he can do whatever he wishes with a thing given to him  free of charge, even with persons inhabiting his property.   Aren't Nigerians the unauthorized squatters  illegally occupying land?

The Fulani herdsman might have told have been told that, because his great-great grandfather was a powerful user of bows and arrows riding on horsebacks and a valuable soldier in Dan Fodio's army, he  the herder is powerful and the spoils of war belong to the conquerors and his descendants.

People with weapons use them to kill because they feel nobody can stop them using their power. If you are armed and I am armed who kills the other depends on who was faster in pulling the trigger. Since power corrupts and absolute power corrupts abruptly, and an AK-47 is a source of power, the herdsman would be more likely than not to be tempted to shoot the Benue State farmer just in case the threat is imminent and for real. That brings us to the theory of will to power. People with power will use power to get what they want.

This essay concludes  that Nigeria ought to fast-track science programs in schools and acquire skills to develop powerful weapons to  cease being fucked up by powerful  exploiters.

Dr. James C. Agazie, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; jamesagazies.blogspot.com

Written 2/18/18

The purpose of this essay is to refute, amend the earlier position this writer took in an essay dated July 29, 2012, in which he said that there was no plot against the Igbos. See: http://www.igbofocus.com/PLOT_AGAINST_IGBOS/plot_against_igbos.html

Now, I am affirmimg that there is indeed a plot against Igbos, and the plot is sinister. The conspiracy is ominous, menacing, threatening, evil, creepy, and hateful. How do you explain the disappearance without a trace of IPOB leader Nnamdi Kanu after the Nigerian military personnel allegedly attacked his residence and his whereabouts are unknown?  They named the plot the dance of the python that murdered  several young protesters.

It is a case of ignoring the message and exterminating the messenger. Nigeria has a government that is becoming increasingly notorious and intolerant of opposition, unforgiving of noise makers, unwilling to consider alternative views, or give certain persons a second chance. The Government doesn't  stand for  anything that bears a resemblance to democracy .

This writer is not a historian. One does not have to be a historian to speak the truth. However, he  would  like to be on record for telling this truth: "If you cannot govern our people in peace and develop programs that would benefit all of our people, and if you cannot treat members of each of the of the 400 Nigerian tribes with equity, without resorting to tribalism, without abrogating human rights, and without killing people you don't like, you have no right to shepherd our people and we invite you to quit your role in the government and never run for any other election.

You are a fascist butcher". We are saying this to Buhari and to all those clamoring to be leaders of  Nigeria's 150 million citizens. This is exactly what the Americans are telling racist President Donald Trump and his xenophobic, racially prejudiced followers. We are saying the same to tribalist Buhari and his Fulani tribe that are massacring Christians across Nigeria.

You cannot have a democracy in a vacuum, in an atmosphere of inflexible hatred and lawlessness. We would rather have equality and free speech without a government than a government without free speech and equality. How do you rationalize the continued detention of Igbo youths and protesters and the indiscriminate destruction of members of Biafra who speak out in demanding  that the State recognize their rights as human beings?

Why should these Igbos continue to languish in prisons and be massacred at check points when President Buhari has pardoned about 500 inmates of the Nigerian prison system?  How do you justify the murder of countless persons of Igbo extraction whose only crime consisted principally of protesting against injustice and asking their government to address issues affecting their lives, to address certain grievances? It is estimated that about 15,000 lives have been lost through boko haram and Fulani cattle herders since Buhari came to power.

We did not consider all the pressing issues affecting Igbos in our 2012 essay to lead us to the conclusion that there wasn't a plot against the Igbos. The earlier essay contained colossal omissions; it was a wild rush to judgment before all the evidence was examined. I assumed that those who feel there was no plot against the Igbos were simply ignoble sycophants seeking cheap popularity and the opportunity to obtain positions with the powers that be, or curry favor with any of the Igbo governors.

My friend Dr. Odozi  Osuji in Alaska has a habit of writing stuffs against the Igbos, that Igbos are this evil and have done that evil. I wouldn't put it past Dr. Osuji to take the stand that there was no plot against the Igbos. Perhaps, he is right, but I know that I know that I know Dr. Osuji is wrong. That knowledge has prompted me many times to ask Dr. Osuji: "Are you for Igbos or against Igbos? Hey, man, do you know the sufferings the Igbos are going through?"

No one is saying that the Igbos are infallible or asking that the Igbos shall not be corrected when laws are broken or when the Igbos have made mistakes. Surely, corrections are invaluable. Igbos ought to welcome corrections and hear the opinions of those who correct and write against Igbos. How else would we Igbos grow and improve if everything we do is considered  "Very good, excellent" and nobody corrects our bad behavior? Like the Scriptures says, corrections are useful.

As Paul was telling young Timothy: corrections are God-breathed and is essential  for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness. Corrections teach us what is true, make us realize what is wrong in our lives, correct us when we are wrong, and teach us to do what is right.

The question is: are the Igbos corrected correctly in Nigeria? No, Igbos are not properly corrected; they are being scolded,  molested, victimized, made to suffer unnecessary injustice, and subjected to inhumane treatment, including being shot dead with guns, Things are different today in Nigeria, and it is not all well with the Igbos. Events taking place today in Nigeria clearly seem to indicate that there is indeed a plot against the Igbos as Buhari and his heavily Muslim Nigerian leadership have a bone to pick with the Igbo people.

Call this writer a troublemaker, a rabble-rouser, a bastard, Anyamiri, or what you may. Someone has to tell the truth. It is hard to pinpoint what the bone of contention the Nigerian State has with  the Igbos, but there is something for sure. To pinpoint that something is the purpose of this essay. It is said that there is no smoke without the evidence of fire. Nigeria is on fire. The Igbos are in the fire.

The bone of contention Nigerian government has with the Igbo has a thing or two to do with Muslim plot to Islamize the nation, turn Nigeria from the 50-50 to 100 percent Islamic nation, and drive the Igbos from following Christ, His Bible, and Bible's redemptive message.

The Islamism's aim is to effectively effeminate the Christian Igbos. It is worse than turning Jerusalem over to the Israelis when a leader with better commonsense than Donald Trump would have asked all parties to share Jerusalem. Jerusalem is very important to many religions and should have been  left as a no-man's land for lasting peace, like Lagos is.

The Islamists want to effeminate the Igbo Christians. The pejorative term effeminate is not used of a man or boy having the traits, tastes, habits traditionally considered feminine. Rather, through persecution and unleashing of violent actions, Islamists hope to imbue Christianity with excessive softness, delicacy, self-indulgence, and love of money that would lead to internal decay and eventual demise. To imbue is to instill, fill, permeate, infuse, saturate, or impregnate a substance with impurities intended to cause disintegration, dissolution, or degeneration.

We wrote an earlier essay entitled Is there A Plot Against Igbos, in which we spoke about a game we young children growing up in Nigeria of the 60's and 70's used to play. The game popularly known as "Onye Elena Anya N'azu" (No One Must Look behind Him or Her). It was a game of intrigue.

We sat on the dust in a circle, and a child ran behind us . As the running child repeated "One Elena Anya N'azu (let no one look behind)", we all responded "Monwu Anyi N'aga N'azu" (Our masquerade is passing behind) It was a game of trickery, conspiracy, deception, scheme, stratagem, maneuver, ruse, or fraudulence. Plot is a better term because we often helped the running child to plot a trick that would land a friend in trouble.

The running child would drop a rag or piece of wood behind unsuspecting child who was beaten in the butt for not picking up the object and running  before the running child came around or caught up with the unsuspecting child to beat him in the ass. Some of the children, including myself, would sneak a quick peek behind to avoid being embarrassed and beaten. What does this game illustrate?

It illustrates the reality that the Igbos seem to have been caught unawares and beaten mercilessly many times in the past in the games of Onye Elena Anya N'azu. You are caught when you are unaware, and you are unsuspecting when you are ill-prepared, unwary, unqualified, untrained, cold, careless, or caught with your pants down. Monwu the masquerade seems to have gained on the Igbos, caught up with the Igbos and spanked the Igbos mercilessly in the ass.

Examples of the situations where the Igbos have been caught and wipped mercilessly are too many to ignore. The Igbos were massacred in the northern pogroms  prior to the onset of the Civil War. The Igbos were slaughtered under General Ojukwu's Biafran War in which three million or more Igbo lives perished from starvation and actual killing by the Nigerian soldiers who had superior weapons.

The Igbos were dispossessed of their belongings in the Port Harcourt Abandoned Property where adequate compensations have not been settled. The Yoruba attempted  to seize Igbo pieces of property after the War and push Igbos out of Lagos. This  highlights some injustices done to the Igbos, despite the fact  that the Igbos have labored so hard to turn Lagos into what it now is, an international city.

Though he had tendered an unreserved apology, Governor Fashola of Lagos State was wrong to deport a number of Igbos he termed as undesirables to their home state of Anambra. The Igbos have continued to suffer injustice and marginalization at the hands of their fellow citizens. There are the current boko haran suicide bombings that are driving Igbos south with the loss of property worth billions of dollars.

This writer submits that the Islamists see the Igbos as their biggest obstacles to their plan to overrun Nigeria and convert the land to a caliphate under several Shekaus. The Islamists' trouble in Nigeria is a learned behavior, namely learned hatred that is turning to brazen terror. The hatred of Igbos in the hearts of Nigerians seems to be bold, barefaced, brass, unabashed, unashamed, blatant, boldfaced, or patent. Consider the invasion of the Fulani herdsmen, the beheading of Christians in Benue, the current occupation of Igboland, and the almost virtual absence of Igbo names on the list of President Buhari's ministerial appointments.

Do we need to believe that a man with a smoking gun did not intend to commit murder?  The hatred of Igbos is seen in the attitudes and behavior of past and present Muslim men called to Nigerian heads of state. It appears that Muslim men called to head the Nigerian government are hateful of the Igbos and seek to do the Igbos in, beginning with the government of Balewa and Ahmadu Belo to the present government of Buhari.

In an essay dated 01/16/12, and entitled To Those Who Clamor For "A Continued One Nigeria:" Stop! It's Too Late, Ikechukwu Enyiagu ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) assembled a few anti-Igbo utterances made by leaders of the Northern Nigeria House of Assembly between Feb and march, 1964, as proof that a plot against the Igbos had been hatched by enemies of Igbos.

"I am very glad that we are in Moslem country (sic), and the government of Northern Nigeria allowed some few Christians in the region, to enjoy themselves according to the belief of their religion, but building of hotels should be taken away from the Ibos and even if we find some Christians who are interested in building hotels and have no money to do so, the government should aid them, instead of allowing Ibos to continue with the hotels."-Mr. A. A. Agigede

"I am one of the strong believers in Nigerian unity, and I have hoped for our having a United Nigeria, but certainly if the present trend of affairs continues, then I hope the government will investigate first the desirability and secondly the possibility of extending the Northernization policy to the petty Ibo traders [Applause]."-Prof. Iya Abubakar (special Member: Lecturer, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria)

"I would like to say something very important that the Minister should take my appeal to the federal government about the Ibos in the Post Office. I wish the members of these Ibos be reduced. There are too many of them in the North. They were just like sardines and I think they were just too dangerous to the region."-Mallam Mukhtar Bello

"On the allocations of plots to Ibos, or allocation of stalls I would like to advise the minister that these people know how to make money and we do not know the way and manner of getting about this business. We do not want Ibos to be allocated with plots; I do not want them to be given plots."-Mallam Muhammadu Mustapha Maude Gyari

"I would like you, as the Minister of land and Survey, to revoke forthwith all certificates of occupancy from the hands of the Ibos resident in the Region [Applause from the assembly floor]."-Mallam Bashari Umaru

"It is my most earnest desire that every post in the region, however small it is, be filled by a Northerner [Applause]."-The Premier, Sir Ahmadu Bello, Sarduana of Sokoto

There is reason to believe that many Northern political leaders (including Senators and House Members) are influenced by the poisonous utterances of  Sir Alhaji Ahmadu Bello, Sardauna of Sokoto, and the misguided behavior of ignorant, uneducated and narrow-minded politicians who are still mouthing discriminatory sentiments privately and publicly against Igbo people.

The Arewa Boys and the Northern Elders have not only slandered Nigerians with impunity, they have added insult to injury by theirsenseless proclamations ordering the Igbos out of Northern Nigeria. There has been no word that boko  haran leaders responsible to heinous murderers of Igbos have been apprehended or punished or that the Arewas who issued the Quit order have been rounded up and brought to trial. Nothing has been done to curtail activities of Fulani herders who go around destroying people's farms and killing persons who dare to protest.

This writer would like to be on record for telling this truth: "If you cannot govern our people in peace and develop programs that would benefit all of our people, and if you cannot treat members of each of the of the 400 Nigerian tribes with equity without resorting to tribalism, abrogating human rights, and without killing people you don't like, you have no to right to shepherd our people and we invite you to quit your role in the government and never run for any other election. You are a fascist butcher".We are saying this to Buhari and to all those clamoring to lead Nigeria's 180 million citizens.

Dr. James C. Agazie;  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; jamesagazies.blogspot.com


I want the best life has to offer me. You want the best you can get from this life. All of us are entitled to be selfish in that we want the best for us and our families. Who doesn't? Nigeria is no different. Nobody wants the worst house, the worst wife, the worst job, or the worst President.  Everyone does what is best for that person, to want to do better than one did previously, doesn't one?

If you want the worst, you can have it, but in my book, you're a nincompoop, a damned fool to want the worst for yourself and for your country. Nigerians know better. The Nigeria I know and would like to be a citizen of, does not want a fool for a president, and that's the long and short of it.

If I have to choose the President for Nigeria, I would choose a man who is educated and intelligent, and can think deeply and willing to grab the bull by the horns, that is, to show resolve and solve myriads of problems facing the nation. Does the President have an analytical mind, meaning the president must process information quickly to arrive at a suitable solution?

Or does he run away to hide until the public complaints die down and he emerges and pretends nothing has gone amiss? Does he possess a logical, investigative, and diagnostic mechanism that springs into action like a juggernaut when danger calls?  Or does he rely on inefficient, soporific network that behaves like a chicken whose head is suddenly chopped off?

While citizens are up on their feet, crying, moaning, grinding their teeth in pain, soporific presidency's response is  sleep-inducing, hypnotic, tranquilizing, narcotic, tedious, calming, boring, or do-nothingness.

We have agreed that only the best is good for you and for me. Therefore Nigerians demand to have the best, and only the best is good for my country. Let me ask you: what qualifications do we want to see  in our presidents?

Whether you like it not, Africa has 10 best educated  Presidents and 10 least educated  Presidents according to Google. The best Africa's Presidents are very educated, most have the PhD's and Master's and all have successful professional work experiences. The world has eyes and ears and can judge.

Best educated African Presidents, according to Google,  include Hage Geingolo of Namibia (MSc), George Weah of Liberia (MSc), Favre Essozimna of Togo (MSc), Ibrahim Boubaccar Keita of Mali (MSc), Ameenah Gurib of Mauritius (PhD organic chemistry), Malatu Teshome of Ethiopia (PhD Inter Law), Alassame of  Ivory Coast (PhD economics), Peter Mutharika of Malawi (PhD chemistry), King Mohammed VI of Morocco (PhD law), John Magafulu of Tanzania (PhD chemistry).

The least educated Africa Presidents, according to Google,  did not go beyond the primary schools, some barely completed high school, some are  dropouts, and rest are those whose only qualification for governance is training in the liberation struggle, or school of infantry. Idi Amin of Uganda was a sorry excuse of a president who left a horror story behind.

Least educated presidents include Rep of Congo's Denis  Sassou-Nguesso, Dem. Repub. Of Congo's Joseph Kabila; Eritrea's Isaias Afewerki; Algeria's  Abdelazin Bouteffika, , Rwanda's Paul Kagama;  Nigeria's Muhammadu Buhari; Sudan's Omar Hassan Ahmed al Bushar, Djibouti"s Ismail Omar Guelleh , Mauritqnia's Mohammed Ould Abdel Aziz;  and South Sudan's Salva Kirr Magazdit

Nigerians have been choosing wrong Presidents for long based on wrong reasons which include wrong reliance on religion, wrong confidence in a tribe, wrong philosophical base , wrong trust in manipulative tactics, wrong belief in false promises, wrong impression by those interested in flashing of money, faulty affiliation with a political party, and erroneous influence exerted to gain votes.

The Nigerians as a whole are beset, overcome, besieged, tormented, plagued, or surrounded by inexorable political ignorance. Have they seen a copy of their Constitution? Do they know their safeguards and liabilities? Or are the Nigerians just concerned with eating, drinking, procreating, and dying with no regards given to democratic ideals, archetypes, or standards?

Let's say arguendo, for the sake of argument, we made a terrible mistake and chose XYZ as our president. It was reported that President XYZ went to play gold as the bodies of 17 children killed by a deranged gunman were being carried to the cemetery for burials. Would you be happy with President XYZ? No, you wouldn't. I wouldn't either.

To compound the mistakes, President XYZ gave his father's niece the only monopoly to import stock fish, wheat, and rice into the country; he used a substantial amount of government funds to build a gigantic house of worship (church or mosque) for people of his faith; and ignores reports of children dying of scurvy or polio in a section of the country.

Would you have voted for President XYZ? No. Why? President XYZ is stupid, unintelligent, and lacks commonsense. He puts religion over care for his people, and he surrounds himself with ass-kissers who tell him: "Oga, forget these people because no man, not even God, can solve all their problems." That's right. God is just and he loves just rulers, not buggers who lack sympathy, compassion, or understanding!

The purpose of this essay is to state that at this stage of our development and experiment in democracy, we Nigerians ought to be wary of the type of presidency we need to guide the country through the rest of this century. We must be wary and not act haphazardly, arbitrarily, indiscriminately, messily. T

Let's take time, and look before leaping. Let's choose a very educated and intelligent Presidency for once in a lifetime. Let's not be fools forever or be a dog that chases his shadow. Let's be wary.

By being wary, we mean we should be cautious, suspicious cagey, cagy, distrustful, mistrustful, chary, and guarded against the temptation to regard all that glitters as gold.  We must learn to choose carefully. We must chose with our intellect rather than on the basis of prejudice, bigotry, preconceptions, or predispositions, or partiality.

You would not go wrong if you decide that the overriding criteria to look for in choosing a president are excellent education and intelligence, you are right. Education is teaching, schooling, learning, training, tutelage, or being able to think coherently. Intelligence is intellect, acumen, aptitude, astuteness, cleverness, brains, brainy, or being able to use the mind to solve problems facing the nation.

An educated man is better than an illiterate, just as having sight is better than blindness, hearing better than deafness, and childbearing better than barrenness. Because Nigerien has a population of 180 million people drawn  from over 350 ethnic groups, a president who lacks education and intelligence would do more harm than good to my country.

I'm not saying that a less educated or less intelligent president would not lead a successful nation. He may, but I would rather take my chances with an educated and intelligent president than with an unlettered, unintelligent, deft, inane man or woman. You have heard it said "Knowledge is power." Let's go with power rather than powerlessness.

The choice is ours  and ours alone. Nigerians must take the choice on the side of an educated and intelligent President, Why? An educated and intelligent President is more likely to be democratic, empathetic, understanding, and to have the milk of human understanding running in his/her veins.

Uneducated presidents tend to be fixated at a particular religion or certain social class; they are autocratic because they have nothing else to hold unto except the products of their low, warped, inundated mentality, which include pride, backwardness, racism/tribalism, and religiosity.

There is a difference between religion and religiosity. A President may be religious and not have religiosity. A religious man may be a devout Christian or Muslim who believes in his God without interfering in others' faiths .

A Christian or Muslim with religiosity must be avoided. Religiosity is the quality of being religious, especially. of being excessively, ostentatiously, or mawkishly religious, meddling into and destroying the nation with utter selfish nonsense.

All religions are right iff (if and only if) the person professing that religion lives up to the terms of that religion and does two things: respect all life,  live at peace with neighbors, and avoid violence.  No true religion sanctions the taking of human life. Any Christian or Muslim who believes in violence is a liar and his god is a false, lifeless idol.

Therefore, bless me with a smart, educated, and intelligent President. Save me from an illiterate president who is Is a curse. I see this happen in my life. I had a 40-year marriage with my late wife who was highly educated and had the PhD and years of work in both in the USA and Nigeria. She got alond with everyone

I have had years or successful professional work with deans and chairmen who were very educated. I get along better with highly educated men and women. I look up to them and I learn a lot from them Education is a life-long training, and Life is a school we learn from.

Lately, I have limited my association mostly to educated relatives. Why? The least educated relatives tend to be jealous, too dependent for material things with too much "give this and give that." They are aggravating, too much pain in the ass, too demanding, and too little appreciation for favors done.

The value of education is not just for income. Education has the most important value in shaping our thinking, making us more humane, and more egalitarian, meaning that we are democratic, free, classless, equal open, promoting equal opportunity. Educated persons are less likely to be prejudiced and narrow minded.

I once thought that Muslims are not very educated. I was wrong. I have come across many Msslims who have PhD and medical degrees. The only problem I have with Muslim leaders is their insistence that only Islam is the right religion and Allah the only God. That's a lie. Many of us would rather die professing our faith than be forced fed undigested, indigestible morsels of I-don't-know-where-it-comes-from eligious conviction.

Readers, next time you Nigerians go to the poll to select a President, you must rise above religiosity and clannishness. You must not forget to choose the best educated man rather than the least educated man. There are reasons for this to happen as shown above. As for me, I have done very well with a highly educated spouse and thrived better with very educated professional colleagues. I want the Presidency who is better than I am and that I can respect and learn from.

Written 2/24.18

Dr. James C. Agazie; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; jamesagazies.blogspot.com


Copyrighted work product and personal property not to be copied in any form or sold for profit


The aim of this essay is to state that my country lies to me.  Many of the Nigerians I have had the opportunity to interact with do not feel they love Nigeria or have a sense of belongingness to that place.  It is a very dangerous thing when a people do not love their country and have no sense of fitting in or loyalty to a country that has failed, failed, and failed them  times without number.

Ask an American man: "Where are you from?" He responds, "I'm American, Sir" The American says so with a broad smile, pride, and quiet dignity of a prize winner. Ask a Nigerians the same question, and he slouches, and says something you have to listen intently hard to discern the words. A Nigerian  is fearful  and intimidated.  It boils down to this: while other nationals, even the Haitians, are proud of their nations, Nigerians are not. Who is to blame for the differences?

The blame lies squarely with the Nigerian leaders who have left very bitter taste of the country in the mouths of generations of Nigerians, It is a great let down, a colossal disappointment to be a Nigerian. My disappointment is with a nation that doesn't want to learn from previous mistakes in the past. Bad mistakes are repeated like a broken gramophone record.  When are we Nigerians going to learn?

Do we have brains at all, or do our brains consist of pounded, lumpy cocoyam? What types of fools are we? An Indian proverb says that "A fool is someone who trips over the same stone twice." Nigeria has tripped several  times and fallen flat on the face. There are many lies hidden in the lyrics of the Nigerian national anthem. This essay insists that Nigeria needs a new national Anthem to replace the one with offending lies. Read  the offensive words of the Nigerian National Anthem and this writer's comments

Arise, O compatriots, Nigeria's call obey:

These are words of violence, not love.  It's a command, not a request made in love. Where are words of endearment to show my country loves me and values me? Why must I obey a nonentity and empty commands? Who? Me? Not me!

To serve our fatherland:

Our? Am I included? Fatherland? What fatherland?  Where were you when I was enslaved in Libya, when I am unemployed with a First Class diploma in electrical engineering? Where was Father when I was being slaughtered by men with machine guns? Why am I not provided with an AK-47 to defend myself against men who came to murder me and my family? Now you're claiming fatherhood and land that has soaked with human blood a-plenty? Ah! You don't mean it!
With love and strength and faith

Love is the most abused word in the English language. Stop that. You don't love. Your public servants love themselves and their nuclear families and the white man they take our money to. Not this man. You lie just to get my vote and continue messing things up. There is not Strength in Militarized Democracy which is weakness because you lack persuasion. You evoke fear in me, apprehension, nervousness, trepidation, a desire to run away. Where do I run off to? To Ghana or South Africa?

The labor of our heroes past

We have past heroes like Ibiam, Tafewa Balewa, Zik, Shehu Shagari, Ernest Shonekan, Umaru Yar' Audua, Goodluck Jonathan and many others. Where are they in history books. Why are there no public holidays for them? No Presidents Day in Nigeria? Haba. America just celebrated President' Day. You suck.
Shall never be in vain

Our public servants live in vanity, pride, and narcissism,  and I in poverty, hopelessness. Go on, my friend! Go! Give me a break.
To serve with heart and might

Serve who? You? Why? You failed to use my service which you did not value as you pursued tribalism and nepotism. Our graduates are unemployed six years after leaving th universities. How do they eat and sleep? So you had a heart and failed to use it? Na wa. I know better, not a fool
One nation bound in freedom, peace and unity.

Do you mean to say servitude, violence. and disunity? Nigerians have wisened up.  Don't you think a broom is made up of several broomsticks?

O God of creation, direct our noble cause

What god do you serve? God in heaven or god of your imagination. Doesn't Allah say that if you kill one human being you've killed the entire humanity? What? Do you believe in God? God tells you to murder pregnant women and gut the fetuses out?
Guide our leaders right

We have no leaders. We have racists, Muslim fanatics, tribalists, people who worship churches rather than God who established churches in the first place. We have trumps of Nigeria. I beg!
Help our youth the truth to know

Unemployed youth who are dying from no job, from drugs and gangs? Please!
In love and honesty to grow

I have said  you don't love me. Honesty is a word that does not exist in your vocabulary. Stop that! Where is honesty when your politicians steal all the money and the children go to school hungry without breakfast. How do you learn the ABC and 1,2,3 with hungry stomachs growling like lions? Do I hit my stomach or fill it with sand?
And living just and true

Again, justice and truth are foreign to you. You lie through clenched teeth
Great lofty heights attain

Start your imaginary lofty hills by building roads in the lowly valleys Did a well to get fresh water. Whom are you fooling? No be me, Sir!
To build a nation where peace

Do you mean where pieces of human flesh are?  The pogroms, Biafra, boko, and herdsmen all make you a peace-less society. Please look up the definition of peace in Oxford Dictionary.
And justice shall reign.

Your definition of justice differs from mine. To you unjust means just, bad is good, to rule is to ruin, freedom means force by muzzle of gun or the whip on back of the camel

Created Friday, 2/9/18

Dr. James C. Agazie


I have seen many Nigerian soldiers parading around and brandishing their uniforms and trying to look important. I have seen these soldiers pick up girls who are enamored by the military. I see the Nigerian soldiers at check points, in the markets, and just loitering aimlessly around town. If you ask me what exactly the soldier does in Nigeria, I  wouldn't know.

That is all I know about ndi uwe ojii (Igbo for people in dark uniforms). I try talking with some of my classmates who joined the Nigerian Army soon after secondary school and rose to the ranks of General, Brigadier, and Brigadier General.

These classmates did not, could not, and were not in the positions to explain why they joined and what they did. All that these men did was to invite me to their homes  so their wives or girlfriends would feed me with jollof rice and beef.

The classmates sought to convince me that joining the military and rising through the ranks was better than spending years to acquire as much higher education as I did.   What motivated my classmates to make a career out of the armed forces still eludes me.

Some of the people I know joined the Nigerian Army because they failed the West African School Certificate Examinations  (WASC) and could not qualify for any other job.  They made a career of either the police of army because they had no other options. No brain for bookuru (education), and no money for mkpere (trading).

I know an Igumale  boy who rose  to the rank as Captain Omonya (fictitious name). Villagers drank local wine and danced wildly when Captain Omonya tore down his father's dilapidated hut and erected a magnificent 2-story house with zinc roof. The Igbos call zinc roof gbamgbamm=, and it was a sign of wealth.

Omonya came to the scene when the Army wanted to convey the impression that being a soldier was  the best thing to do for Nigerians from poor families. Being a soldier had prestige and a good paycheck, they say. I got it that all a  soldier wanted were some prestige and a paycheck so they see the job as being enticing, alluring, tantalizing. I give the Nigerian Army credit for assisting to reduce the rate of unemployment in a country where the majority of citizens are said to manage to survive, to subsist on a   U S dollar a day.

Since I did not understand soldiers too well  and have not had too many interactions with them on professional  level, I have come to view these men as dumb asses who  have strong bodies but weak intellect.  Is the use of force the only thing the Nigerian soldier is good at in safeguarding Nigerian existence as a nation?. The essay argues that the role the Nigerian soldier plays in Nigeria  can and should be expanded to include both the physical and intellectual aspects of development..

Googles says: "The roles of a country's armed forces are entrenched in her Constitution. The defence of the territorial integrity and other core interests of the nation form the major substance of such roles." A group of 22 Civil Society Organizations under the aegis of Coalition of Civil Society for Transparency and Good Governance has acknowledged the role of the Nigerian military in protecting and defending the sovereignty of Nigeria. Read more at: https://www.vanguardngr.com/2017/10/nigeria-57-coalition-lauds-nigerian-militarys-efforts-nation-building/

Have the Nigerian Army and the soldiers under its command been able to defend the sovereignty of Nigeria? What is meant by the Nigerian sovereignty? It is the authority of the nation of Nigerian to exist as a nation, to abide by  the rule of law, to have the power to execute functions befitting of  a nation as an autonomous or independent self-existing, and dominant entity. Has the Nigerian soldier been able to discharge his role as maintainer of sovereignty?

The Nigerian Army has played many unhelpful roles that can be described as being contrary, awkward, unaccommodating, obstructive, nonsupporting, disobliging, or simply negative.  One of the most unhelpful roles the Nigerian soldier has played is meddling in politics. Meddling in politics is not the proper role a soldier should play. Neutrality and being above petty business of politics should be where the soldier ought to be.

The first coup by the Igbo boys was a ploy engineered by young soldiers who sought to change government by force. The subsequent coups and counter-coups ware carried out by soldiers who had no experience in governance. Government by the military is a junta, dictatorship. Nigerians want democracy, not totalitarianism.

Nigeria's first military junta began following the 1966 Nigerian coup d'état which overthrew Prime Minister Alhaji Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa. Major General Johnson Aguiyi-Ironsi, who was made the Head of the Federal Military Government of Nigeria, was soon overthrown and murdered in a coup in July of the same year.

What followed was a series of ineffective money grabs by uneducated, strong thugs who didn't care about democracy, rule of law, or human rights, and whose rule was marked with egregious human rights abuses, resentment, revengefulness, and tendentious mismanagement. The level of barbarity perpetrated by the Nigerian Army will make future historians cry in anguish.

Has the Nigerian soldier been successful in defending the nation against various onslaughts? An onslaught is defined as an attack, assault, ambush, offensive, blitz, blitzkrieg. Did the soldier defend the nation against the boko haram insurgence?

No, the soldier did not defeat anyone. After the nation has spent billions on military hardware and ammunition, the Nigerian military tells various conflicting stories most of which seem to be outright lies. The Presidency says: "We have finally defeated boko haram" in one breath, and "give us more money to defeat the boko haram"  in another breath.

Nigerians are tired of being lied to and made damned fools. You either defeat an enemy or the enemy defeats you. Some Nigerians are believing one of three scenarios. One, the hoko haram does not exist. Two, boko haram is a phantasy created by the Presidency to rob the country of cash needed for national development. Three, the boko is a unit of the Nigerian military whose purpose is to render the country chaotic, ungovernable  in order to keep government in the hands of the born-to-rule Muslim jihadhists. Truth must be spoken, and only the truth will set Nigerians free.

If the Nigerian military cannot root out the boko haram, it follows that it cannot dislodge the cattle herders who are terrorizing the Nigerian farmers. If the military is failing in its duty to defend the territorial integrity of Nigerian, what other core interests of the nation form the major substance of such roles?


The Nigerian Army and its soldiers can play roles in the country by spearheading educational development. We need military schools set up in each state where boys and girls can complete secondary schools wearing military uniforms and living in barracks.

Subjects studied in the military academy will include, but are not limited to,  military science, mathematics, science, technology, English language, Nigerian history and geography, and Nigerian languages  The teachers in the military education system are  university graduates who are actively serving in Nigerian army, air force, navy, and police.


The Nigerian soldiers can be trained to be a useful, contributing workforce. Nigeria is in need of technicians, such as builders, carpenters, plumbers, painters, heavy equipment operators, welders, aircraft mechanics, drivers, and so forth.


The Nigerian soldiers can play significant role in rehabilitating the country's decaying or decayed infrastructures, including the roads, buildings, bridges, schools, and so forth.

Dr. James C. Agazie; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ;  jamesagazies. blogspot,com

Friday, 23 February 2018 10:25

Why Are Some Husbands So Deceitful?

This essay is about the Marriage Coach sessions this writer has had with women concerning  the problems they were facing with bad husbands, Three women have called this writer to complain about their husbands' misbehavior. These are real cases, but the names of women were left out and names of countries changed in order to preserve anonymity .

The Zimbabwean woman 's husbands had been running around having  babies here and there until wife left for  America to go to college. Husband begged  and made false promises he would change for better until wife brought him to America along with the children . Zimbabwean man did worse in America with other women and alcoholism until wife finally divorced him.

Haitian woman had similar problems with her husband at home, plus he was not financially supporting the family, forcing the wife to leave for America with her two sons and two daughters.

Nigerian nurse  is a  New York nurse in a battle with her husband who frequents New York bars with a bevy of girls, leaving wife at home to cater for the high school son and college-bound daughter  while the man goes to Nigerian whenever the spirit hits him,. His life is all about beer, girls,  and village widows at home.

That some Nigerian men are deceitful is not an exaggeration.  These men  are dishonest, deceiving, fraudulent, thieving, untrustworthy, running around, cunning, lying, devious, and downright falsehearted.

This indictment applies to men of all Nigerian tribes: Igbos, Yorubas, Efiks, Ibibios, Edos, Hausa, Fulanis, and all those tongues-twisting languages spoken in my country Nigeria. The deceitful mind takes a lot of chances. This writer has been a marriage coach, assisting couple wade through marital issues involving, sex, money, and how to deal with in-laws.

The purpose of this essay is argue against the notion that deceit can exist in a successful marriage or that marriage is an impossible undertaking without lying. There is nothing wrong with truth spoken  in the institution of marriage for God is Truth and marriage is God's only chosen method of perpetuating mankind and human race.

Next to lack of communication,  dishonesty is the most frequent cause of marital discord. Dishonesty has many synonyms, including,  deceit, deceitfulness, fraudulence,  untruthfulness, corruption,  treachery, duplicity, or lying. Deceitfulness is not limited to only one sex or race. Women can be as deceitful as their husbands.

A deceitful heart disburses huge quantities of cash and energy that could be properly channeled to something more untainted like preaching, paving a road in the village, or going to school. Ever wonder why your deceitful husband's mind is the seat of the devil incarnate?  How could he do what he does to you and feels no remorse? Women, I pity you for being the victims. Women ,  take the heat from these falsehearted men and women end up being blamed as victims always  have been in the business of blaming the victims .

William Ryan's 1970 groundbreaking expose of middle class ideology of Blaming the Victim must be noted. We can no longer blame the Nigerian women for their Nigerian-ness or  womanhood and pardon their egocentric  men for their self-centeredness  or chauvinism. . We are demanding that the Nigerian men either shape up or ship out.

To shape up is to change evil ways, and to ship out is to get out of hurting wives and children.. These are true accounts of men's archness and mischievousness.  And if you want me to reveal my sources or names of people involved before you accept the truth, you may have to wait forever or till hell freezes over.

A lady friend of my relative is a New York, a  BSN/RN nurse, who  has five children, some in college. My relative directed the nurse to call me in 2011 to relay a story I refused to accept at first as a truth. Her husband had left New York for Nigeria and was reluctant to return to help take care of his children.

The man stayed in the village for two years and would have stayed forever had his daughter not cried out loud for her father's presence at her upcoming graduation in May, 2012. Nurse flew home to find her husband screwing a widow in the house she had built with her paychecks. What did she do? Nothing! Absolutely nothing. She flew back to New York with shame plastered all over her body.

Nurse was so distraught the only things she could do was fly back to New York with the next available airline. To be distraught means that she was distressed, beside herself, out of her mind, hysterical, upset, troubled,  worried, and extremely flustered.  "How could he do this to me, knowing I am his wife, and we have five children?"

She had asked that question for the umpteenth time. To add insult to injury, the nurse discovered  that her husband had been paying college fees for the son of the widow he had been fucking with money our nurse was sending  "dim  onye ara" (my crazy husband) for his feeding and house expenses.

Nigerian women make their husbands lazy and over-dependent on wives. Why do you support Mr. Stupidity just so people would say "she is married, and she is Mrs. Stupidity?"

In the United States some women would shoot both husbands and girlfriends upon catching them in bed and be acquitted  on the grounds of temporary insanity, excessive abuse, or heat of passion. I am opposed to violence perpetrated by either wife or husband, and I would recommend serious marital counseling in place of homicide. But to catch your husband with a public toilet in a bed you've bought with your sweat and tears, is more than any human can be called upon to endure.

NIGERIAN WOMEN HAVE BEEN SUFFERING SO MUCH ABUSE FOR SO LONG AT THE HANDS OF THEIR  MEN IT IS NOW BELIEVED THEY COULD ENDURE ANYTHING FOREVER, INCLUDING MEN BRINGING  PROSTITUTES TO THEIR MARITAL HOMES. Tell me something: Why do some Yoruba and Igbo women consult with juju doctors more often than they pray with church pastors? To buy some charms to hold onto husbands who aren't  worth  more than the clump of pubic hair around their penises.

Some women collect husbands' sperms  in a plastic sack to take to dibia (native doctor) for use in making the charms strong enough to tame the zany screwball. A man is zany if he is shown to be crazy, madclap, wacky, or screwy son of a bitch who fucks anything with pussy. He is a screwball if he is eccentric, or an oddball, meaning he is a nonconformist who doesn't discriminate  among women he likes to fuck. He does not do what most men his age do in his community . Essentially a screwball does not acquire the training necessary for  employment; he does not hold  stable job to enable him to marry and raise  a family ; and he does not contribute to the  maintenance  of the society he belongs to.

Everywhere I turn, men are screwing up, not working, neglecting  responsibilities to their families,  drinking excessive Heinekens,  and being as frisky as he goats. A man said: "My immediate younger sister complaints her old husband retires to the village with a younger "wife" after my sister has sired 8 children for the bastard. I am afraid to visit the village for fear I might commit murder or manslaughter if I came across the old bastard."

I just visited the Abuja home of Cousin Sylvanus who thinks he is God's gift to womankind. He's not home  He is in the village, abandoning his construction work around Gwagwadala. Abuja. Grapevine "tory" has it that Sylvanus is entertaining a widow in his village home, while his legal wife and kids are at Abuja in dangerous  Awusa land.

Sylvanus' first son went to Papa's house in the village before Sylvanus could drive there, saw the widow and asked "Who are you?" Widow asked  her boyfriend's  son. "Who be you?", and son pushed widow out of his way, perhaps in defense of his mother. Widow called Sylvanus on son. Sylvanus drove home at a ferocious speed to kick his son out with a warning: "Don't ever let me catch you here again."  His family is devastated.

Then Cousin  Sylvanus has the audacity to invite me to his wife's vegetable soup and wheat foofoo dinner when he gets back to FTC the following week. I will go just to have the joy of rejecting his bloody entertainment, then telling  him why.  Isn't my rejection more painful  than giving him a kick in his hairy A**? Better than breaking my leg on A** stiffened by construction work under hot, sweaty weather?

Women ought to stop the circle of men's abuses, not through violence, but by use of calm communication and reasoning skills .Stupid men pick up habits, believing that "boys will always be boys" Nigerian men often demonstrate their maleness through forbidden promiscuous  sex at forbidden places. NIGERIAN WOMEN SPOIL THEIR HUSBANDS WHEN THEY TAKE EVERY ABUSE IN THE INTEREST OF REMAINING MARRIED AND BEING MRS. SOMEBODY. Here are a few suggestions:

Refuse to tolerate your husband's abusive behaviors which may include bringing a woman into your home when you are in or out. Tell him: "You wouldn't like for me to bring another man in here, so I do not like for you to insult me by bringing another woman into our bedroom".

Refuse to encourage him to chase other women by buying and giving him condoms so he wouldn't infect you.  Who monitors how he uses the condom and whether the rubber or latex breaks?

Make time to satisfy his sexual urges and demand he exercise and engage in activities to curb his libidinal energy.

Encourage him to stop drinking alcohol that loosens his morals and gives him excuses to screw your cousin or even your sister ( a fool will screw your Mom in a twinkle of an eye).

If you are gainfully employed, encourage him to take the Strong Vocational Interest Blank (SVIB)  to discover his career interest  and support his undergoing training at community colleges to prepare for work.

Get to know the "birds of the same feather he flocks together with" and advise him against birds that are alcoholics, home wreckers or screwballs, chronically unemployables, and indolent rodents.

Recommend he goes for anger management  if he is used to beating you and children.

Demand he shares in paying house bills, including mortgage, rents, utilities,  insurance.

Ask for his help in chauffeuring kids to and fro schools, help with homework assignment, attending the PTA, and checking to see your vehicle is in good repair, and preparing meals.

Be in good terms with his mother and siblings and report any abuse but demand his family members  respect you and recognize you as First Lady of the household.

Spend time and money to make yourself look as dazzling and gorgeous as you can  so his friends will ooh and aah; Realize that  a wise monkey  is a monkey that doesn't monkey with another monkey's monkey.  Let him experience jealousy thinking you're being  monkeyed with,

Make time to be out with him to movies, shopping, weddings, and churches; in your outings be romantic with him and let the world know he's your husband and you cannot share him with every Comfort and Monica.

Any inappropriate moves he makes with females (long hugging or picture taking)  should be noted and discussed with him in privacy at home,

After you've had a desired number of children (4or 5), stop being a fool having 12-15. See a doctor and stop being a baby factory through tuber ligation or other procedures.


Friday, 23 February 2018 04:16

Please Don't Let Alcohol Destroy My Home

Why should a drink destroy my people? Alcohol must not be allowed to have power over Nigerians. We're too smart to be victims. Everywhere we go, we see pieces of evidence to confirm our fear that indeed a large number of Nigerians are drinking their lives away.

The Nigerians are drinking heavier and heavier as unemployment and hard economic times persist. Beers and liquors are desecrating what we've worked so hard to build. The purpose of this essay is to decry and denounce the probability that alcohol has the power to destroy my country and we are pretending to be unaware of it.

Our lawmakers, security personnel, soldiers, church people, and even students are virtual alcoholics. Nigerians take bribes and call the money "dash" or "drink money." Some say that one who offers alcohol as a gift to a neighbor has offered the gift of life. There is nothing life when one takes to the bottle of alcohol.

There are beer parlors everywhere you go in Nigeria: in the markets, at airports, near churches and government offices. This writer once visited a man at a Federal Ministry at Abuja where he was entertained with bottles of Guinness Stout Beer and Heinekens, though he had made it clear to the civil servant that the writer was not  a drinker.

A large percentage of the killings, divorces and dysfunctional families we witness today in Nigeria can be directly attributable to the use and abuse of alcoholic beverages. I am hearing that the Nigerian legislature is full of people addicted to alcohol, drugs and illicit sex.  Nigerians' addiction to drugs is reaching an epidemic proportion that demands immediate attention. Our legislators are lost, don't know themselves, and come to work as drunk as a sailor. They often head to the bar immediately after work.

A drunk legislator is lethargic, meaning that he or she is sluggish, tired, lackluster, lazy, indolent, languid, exhausted, or out-of-it. A drunk legislator or politician doesn't know where he/she is, makes many stupid mistakes, talks rubbish, forgets a lot, and the mind is fixated  on only one thing- more alcohol.

Ever wonder why our law makers are squabbling, babbling, wrangling, strafing, quarreling, or prognosticating  about nothing while boko and herdsmen are machine-gunning our people. This essay says  that nothing good comes  out of intoxicants. To be intoxicated is to be irresponsible.   As a nation, Nigerians are now in a serious trouble as alcohol is threatening our young people who learn from adults that drinking  alcoholic beverages is okay. It is not okay,

A March, 2009 descriptive cross-sectional survey conducted among Undergraduate students from four tertiary institutions in Owerri. (including  Federal University of Technology (FUTO), Imo State University (IMSU), Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education (AIFCE) and Federal Polytechnic Nekede (FPN), all in Owerri South-east, Nigeria) conducted by two FUTO professors, says that alcoholism  " is a picture in consternation, apprehension, or dismay".

The purpose of this essay is to say to Nigerians and the Nigerian organizations: " It.s time we banned consumption of alcoholic beverages at all functions to which our people are invited, including, church and traditional weddings, funerals, and most celebrations at which we spray money."

The ban should be observed in all organizations in any Nigerians State, Federal,  and Diaspora.. Several American churches allow consumption of alcohol beverages in the premises they rent out to customers. They call it business. To say that God sanctions the consumption of alcoholic beverages in His building is a lie. Some churches sanction drinking  because, they say, Jesus turned water to wine. No one knows whether the wine was alcoholic or not.

We  know people drink to relax, have fun, and wind down, but let's not encourage this pernicious habit. If the trends continues, it will be fair to blame any alcohol-related death or divorce  on us and other Nigerian leaders who build breweries all over the State and Nigeria for our people to drink themselves to death.

Are beer breweries the only industries that would  provide employment for the young in Nigeria? We are asking all  friends to stop serving alcohol at events they sponsor, including  the church, secondary schools, the universities, and  yahoogroups forums. There job-creating concerns other than breweries such as electronics, automobile assembling, and manufacturing?

Are there ways to have fun other than quaffing, meaning alcohol swigging, swilling, guzzling,  imbibing,  drinking, or gulping down large quantities of manya (Igbo for wine)? We can no longer shut our eyes and mouths and kneel down to say empty prayer when alcohol is destroying our people.

This Owerri study concluded as expected: "the prevalence of alcohol consumption (78.4%) is quite high among undergraduates in Owerri and 26.7% of them are at risk of health complications of alcohol consumption. A lot of factors such as peer group pressure, influence of family members, role model, and wrong perception portrayed in advertisement contribute immensely to its use. These factors if checked on time will reduce the prevalence of alcohol consumption among undergraduates and the country at large."

This is not an indictment of Imo State and the Imoans. It is a problem all over Igboland as well as in all States of Nigeria, particularly among young Nigerians who drink heavily to deal with unemployment and  hard life in the country. It could be worse in Anambra, Abia, and Delta where employment opportunities are scarce.

Where alcoholism is rampant there may be an increase in frequency of armed robberies and kidnappings as the only available thing to do. Why do governors run amok filling every available space with beer breweries? Why do politicians sit back to congratulate themselves for saturating the place with poisonous substances to kill their people?

A governor who builds beer breweries and sees his people drunk and families breaking up due to alcoholism would be foolish to make the statement, such as "This is our massive improvement campaign to show our love for our people."  Idiots, alcohol is a curse rather than a blessing. Alcohol causes several diseases, such as miscarriages, liver and lung problems. Money gotten from sale of alcohol is

The writer's first experience with the effects of alcoholism was during the year he taught primary school at a village in Benue State. A local teacher at the school would come home drunk each day to fight with his wife all night after spending all his paycheck at beer parlor. He would hit his wife as she was complaining that the family  was hungry because the teacher had spent  money meant for food at the beer place.

This writer has  lost count of many dear colleagues he has lost to alcoholism, including  Dr. T the first PhD microbiologist  my college had whose wife would call for help  at night to pull her husband off the wall and rush him to the hospitals for treatment of alcohol delirium in which Dr. T would be counting lizards on the walls all night  long , There was  Dr. B who was shot and killed by a student after boozing and  quarrelling  over a female friend they shared.

A few years ago, a biology professor shot his foot with a hand gun and explained  to us he mistook his foot for his argumentative wife. What of the friend who brought millions of research dollars to university I was with  in North Carolina and who died, a victim of drunk driver who hit professor's Mercedes Benz headlong?

But don't stop here!  Let's go to Nigeria. What makes you think our nation's massive corruption is unrelated to psychiatric problems caused by my people's  use of alcohol to medicate?  I hear  many Nigerian traders retire and move to villages to pick up the bottles as permanent bosom friends.

They abandon wives and children in cities and move to be near  gourds of palm wine, kaikai, or bottles of Heinekens. Now they are sick and dying like chickens. All this occurs because of drinking too manya na aba n'nya (Igbo for wine that intoxicates the brain  or enters the eye).

The source of the study cited in this essay comes from: Prevalence and perceived health effect of alcohol use among male undergraduate students in Owerri, South-East Nigeria: a descriptive cross-sectional study" Ebirim IC Chikere#1 and Morakinyo O Mayowa#  BMC Public Health. 2011; 11: 118. Published online 2011 February 18. doi:  10.1186/1471-2458-11-118


Dr. James C. Agazie; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; jamesagazies.blogspot,com

After several years at the helm of the government of South Africa, President Zuma finally agreed to resign. While we applaud Zuma for getting out of the picture so that his nation would move forward, we am appalled, horror-struck that it took  this much  argument and prodding for the president to see the light and agree to step aside.

What was Zuma thinking about all along? Did he think South Africans are fools to let him run the nation aground like a pirate's boat? Was he thinking he was accountable to no man but himself?  Was he aware  that South Africa is a democratic republic  rather than an autocratic regime? Did he know that thousands of South Africans  had struggled and bled to death for the nation to materialize?

Has Zuma heard of Steve Biko?  Did he think he was above the laws governing  his nation and did he expect his citizens to obey the laws while he chose to flaunt them? Has he read Achebe's Things Fall Apart or CryThe Beloved Country written by Alan Paton? We wonder.

First of all, Zuma is not South Africa, and South Africa does not belong to Zuma. So long as Zuma recognizes that Zuma and South Africa are two entirely separate entities, the better for all around . I find it unacceptable to imagine that an African president or governor of any country should feel that the nation he is elected or appointed to lead belongs to him and his family, or  that the country cannot exist without the president or governor.

A nation outlives its citizens. A citizen or a leader may belong to a nation, but the nation cannot belong to a citizen or leader. The needs of a nation must supersede those of a leader, and not the other way around. Isn't this the thinking of law-abiding citizenry?

The notion that a leader owns or wants to own is as wrong as wrongness becomes.  It is incorrect, mistaken, and erroneous,  A leader who feels he owns the nation is at a disadvantage in that he does not see the mistakes that are being made, he doesn't have the opportunity or will to make serious efforts necessary to correct his mistakes, and he does not have honest and loyal advisers to steer him right.

All such a leader has is a bevy of ass kissers, ignoble sycophants, bribe takers who want to be in his graces for wrong reasons. African leaders ought to learn from  the mistakes made by Mugabe of Zimbabwe and South Africa's Zuma. They ought to be modest, transparent and blame-free.


As a leader, you ought to realize that Africa is changing from a jungle ruled by lions to enlightened community inhabited by thinking men and women. As such, you the leader  are nobody but a public servant; you have oga (master) over you, and your oga  are the people whose government you are leading.

The people you are leading are all citizens and stakeholders of the nation, not just those you voted for you, not just members of your political party but all of the people. Your citizens include persons you like as well as those you don't like. A leader leads all of his or her people. You are first of all and servant of all.

The nation is your oga (master) that allows you to head the government, you did not come there by force or by any special talent you may think you have, and there are many citizens who have similar talents as you may have  or better skills than you have. To serve your people is a privilege, not a right.

Conduct yourself humbly and circumspectly, meaning cautiously, vigilantly, warily, and suspiciously, knowing that one day you may be called upon to give an account.

Publish your doings in a timely fashion so others may notice and judge for themselves;  be open and transparent, and invite others to verify and correct. Avoid doing things in secrecy. Include private citizens in your administration and committees to provide transparency.

Develop a thick skin to listen to criticisms to gauge your progress ; however, do not allow reactions to criticisms, censures, disapprovals and reprimands from the press or individual citizen to cloud your head or to lead you to seek revenge and strike  out in anger. Encourage criticisms of your work, and invite criticizers to submit alternative plans.

Discourage those who wish to hero worship you and make you into a god. Remind yourself and others that you are but a public servant who does what everyone else can do for the nation.  Treat all and sundry with equal measure of love and care. Your motto shall be: "Ask not what Nigeria can do for you, but ask what you can do for Nigeria."

Resist efforts by outsiders, agents of former colonial masters included, who might want to thwart gains made or to sell your nation's soul or your country out on a platter of questionable and elusive promises. Be true to yourself.

Be careful how you handle public monies. State money does not belong to you. To dip hands into public bag is theft, pure and simple. It could lead to impeachment and earn you a vote of no confidence in you.

Do not be forced to resign. Call it quits when you've done all you can and conditions continue to deteriorate and you've held several consultative councils.  Explain the nation is bigger than an individual. Resign gracefully, and remain an elderly statesman helping younger leaders.

Hand over all books and records at the end of your tenure. Be ready to be called upon to explain discrepancies. Be candid.

Your life and work should be a testimony after you,  a testament, evidence, witness, proof, demonstration, verification, authentication, or proof that modern Africa is advancing to take its rightful place in the committee of civilized nations. Good luck!

Written Saturday and posted  2/17/18

Dr. James C. Agazie; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; jamesagazies.blodpot.com

ABOUT THE WRITER: Writer is a Nigerian residing in the USA, a retired college professor. He is not a politician, does not support any political party, and does not aspire for any advantage other than to serve as unpaid volunteer to advise and speak the truth. May be reached by text at 678-886-1613.


Friday, 16 February 2018 02:22

The First Nigerian Queen of England

This essay talks about a Nigerian woman who sits on throne as Queen of England, and how faith and change can work together to effect the manifestation of what was thought to be an impossibility. You can never say never to certain people. You can never say never to Nigerians. The British tried it and fell flat on their long noses   As the population of Nigerians in England swelled and England grew darker with children born of Nigerians, there was a hue and cry from America.

"Nigerians must be stopped or the world would be ruined", the crowd roared. President Donald Trump went on rampage, in a wild offensive to save England . His backers, the World Anglo Saxon Nationalists, wanted Nigerians out of anything white. They say the Africans must be stopped by any means necessary, even if it means tricking President Mohammed Buhari to vacate, leave  Aso Rock for giant rodents and rule from an office nestled  in Newberry Castle outside Glasgow, UK.

The Congressional Black Caucus in America fought tooth and nail to defeat Bill 1942 before the House which would reverse the gains Blacks have made and perhaps derail Nigerians' emigration to Great Britain. The Bill 1942 in essence provides for a repudiation of Loving v. Virginia.

In America, things changed at the speed of lightning with Supreme Court 1967 decision in Loving v. Virginia which told Nigerians and other Black men: "You have a legal right to intermarry with white women of your choice."  Spurred by the court's decision, the number of interracial marriages in America exploded and, with it, the population of multiracial people has bombed out. The population of Nigerians in UK followed similar trends.

According to the 2000 Census,  6.8 million Americans identified as multiracial. By 2010, that number grew to 9 million people. Trump feared.  Determined to reverse everything President Obama did, including healthcare, Trump swore on his mother's gravestone: "never in England at least not with shithole Nigerians in England".

Trump ordered the English and  Norwegian governments to pass a law banning all emigration from shithole nations. England's Nigerians fought back with enyi mba (elephant) dance. Some brave Nigerians,  including Harvard-educated historians and anthropologists, demanded that the position of the Queen of England be open for grabs by any commoner rather the exclusive property of the so-called blue blood Tudor.

To add to the Englishman's confusion, Nigerian Theologian Professor Onovo  preached a sermon: "Is God not a Nigerian?" Things got out of hand nippily, very quickly. In the meantime, Nigerians poured into Britain, Some Nigerian women replaced pills with fertility capsules to fill England's maternity wards with the newborn Nigerians.

In 2017, the pressure to replace octogenarian Queen mounted on the British Isle like a tidal tsunami as more Nigerians invaded Britain in the manner of a swarm of bees. The Nigerians claimed that, as members of the British Commonwealth nations, they were entitled to partake of all that Britain has to offer, including the Oxon (Oxford University degree in classics) and the Brew (British white women eager to marry Africans) .

The British teetered at first on the verge of collapse then settled on quiet acquiescence, submission to pressure from Nigerians. A few stubborn, proud dyed-in-the-wool  Britons refused to capitulate. The majority, with the aid of Donald Trump's frequent tweaks, demanded that Queen Elizabeth abdicate the throne of England because she was weak on immigration. Insulted and humiliated, Elizabeth ordered the Parliament to erect a replica of the Buckingham palace in Norway to which she would retire. That suited  President Trump right as Norway is his Garden of Eden  and  Norwegians his incorruptible people.

A child was born in England of Nigerian parentage. Her name is Latifa Uche Moraso. No one paid attention when at age six, Latifa said in Kindergarten class , "I want one day to be the Queen of the Great Britain." The child grew up in London and overheard the buzz of the abdication of Queen Elizabeth as the rumor overtook the universe as the Black Death, Hitler's advancing armies.

Latifa Ucheako (that was her maiden name) married a Scottish gentleman who suggested she attend Oxford and Harvard to prepare for public service. After a series of minor mayoral stints, Lady Latifa at 33 served as Home Secretary under the Conservative Party chairman Ian Smith an open homosexual whose father left South Africa when apartheid succumbed. Queen Elizabeth prepared to leave for Norway under Trump's onslaught and impending loss of confidence in Parliament. Trump won.

At the beginning of the abdication of Queen Elizabeth, Parliament considered and passed Bill No. 1984, granting any British citizen the right to serve in any capacity, including that of Queen of Great Britain and Wales. The Queen Elizabeth met with Queen Omarosa  briefly to sign documents transferring  residence of the massive Buckingham palace to the new monarch.  The event rubbed Trump the wrong way and he swore to never attend.

The coronation of Queen Latifa  cameas fell on a Monday South African  Archbishop Desmond Tutu and prelates of the Ecumenical Church Movement met in London. Trump's absence was not only inconspicuous, it was cheered by obstinate Nigerians . Trump was becoming unpopular among Nigerians. It's payback.

The Nigerian strongman Mohammad Buhari  grew weary and weaker and retired to a castle outside Glasgow which he had acquired during active military service, a move that was necessary, Aisha agreed, so he could be near the doctors caring for his chronic middle ear infection and forgetfulness.

Today, Queen Latifa Moraso  reigns, sitting on the throne of Kings of England, and she is Nigerian. The influx of Nigerians became an epidemic; they poured into Britain by the millions. When the Nigerians say "go", no one can say stop ; they are like a juggernaut with nuts loose, a foot wedged between the gas and brake  pedals of unstoppable Mercedes 704 travelling erratically at 100mph. No group is as stubborn , unstoppable as Nigerians. They take no No for an answer. Everything is Yes.

When one says Nigerians are unstoppable, one means these people's actions are irresistible, overwhelming, overpowering, persistent, unrelenting, persisting, persevering, inexorable, or ife a adighi agwu agwu (Igbo for "this thing does not have an end").

Aisha Buhari called it quits amidst intolerable confusion. Aisha  Buhari divorced her husband and married  a younger Igbo army general  to whom she wanted to hand over what is left of Nigeria. No one knew what became of Nigeria, except  for a few  phone calls from Hassan, Fulani educated at Oxford.

Hassan had indicated the herdsmen had taken over , overrunning and crisscrossing the length and breadth of the land of Nigeria in search of luxuriant meadows to feed their long horned cattle. Hassan was later executed in the jackass dance of Sambissa Forest in a mercy purge; Hassan was disowned by his family because he had converted to Christianity and preached the Gospel.

Things got to change and change had been on the way, and the change was dramatic when it finally dawned on the scene that things had fallen apart in London and never to be put back together It is melodramatic,  theatrical, histrionic.  The Nigerian Queen of England is dramatic in many ways. She is a commoner, with no royal blue blood, and a Nigerian blood flows in her veins.

Since a Nigerian woman is calling the shots at Buckingham Palace, the experiment the Britons left in West Africa is now ancient history and must be rewritten in an indelible ink. The Queen of England is a Nigerian, and she would rewrite it with a stroke of the gold ballpoint

When a thing is written indelibly, the information is permanent. It cannot be rubbed off with a pencil eraser. It is ineffaceable, as unalterable as the word of eternal life. A Nigerian lives in Buckingham Palace as the Queen of England and Wales. Her name is Queen Latifa, and she is Nigerian.

Didn't the congregation nod in agreement as the vicar said things are made  anew and all things are possible to those who have the courage to believe, not just believe but have confidence in a thing without substantiation, proof, or evidence.

The purpose of this essay is to describe the evidence of strong belief in the materialization of the reign of the first Nigerian Queen of England who now sits on the throne once occupied by the likes as William the Conqueror, Henry v, henry VI, Henry VII, Richard I, Edward I, Queen Victoria, and Queen Elizabeth. It has taken long in coming, The throne is now occupied by Queen Latifa of Nigeria. Yea Yeaaaaaaa!

The news of the coronation of Her majesty Queen Latifa  Uche Omoraso, broke in England at the time Nigerians were flooding Great Britain. The first thing Queen Omoraso did was reverse the definition of citizenship.  A Nigerian born in any of the British colonies or protectorates is a citizen of England.

As usual, you cannot expect the Nigerians to accept a kindness and stay in their places. They cherish adventure and who doesn't? To a Nigeria, anywhere is home and any job is for grabs, if the job would provide food that keeps body and soul alive and together.

The British imperialists gloried in giving sententious speeches at the Independence Day celebrations of their colonies, extolling the virtues of the Empire which they say would not fall into the hands of a foreign Negro. They boasted: "Never shall the sun set on the British Empire, and never will."

The boast was followed with demands that the colony collect taxes on behalf of the Crown and additionally pay a yearly fee of 150 billion pound sterling into the London branch of the Bank of England. To the British, it didn't mean a thing to ask: "Isn't this  taxation without representation of a Negro who until recently was considered one-quarter human and three-quarters beast?" It meant nothing, and  that explained why Nigerians poured into Britain relentlessly, unremittingly, uncompromisingly.

The Independence Day speech given by outgoing Nigeria's Governor General Douglas McPherson was portentous in that it was threatening and pompous. Nigerians were told what was to take place in order to merit protection by the Royal Air Force and the invincible, indefatigable British Armada in case of a foreign attack. The speech was sententious as it was devoid of deep thought, interest, or content and it was given with excessive demand and pomposity.

The British, by  the very fact that they participated in the scramble for Africa and featured in the Atlantic Slave Trade, made no apologies but went on to secure Nigeria as a source of revenue. They inhumanely arm the boko haram and Fulani herdsmen with automatic weapons  to create havoc when the cost of oil goes up and to cease fighting when oil price is at rock bottom.

The British are brutish, meaning they ruled with cold-heartedness, cold-bloodedness.  They had dug the graves of many Nigerians and stolen from the country. Who would think that one day a former slave would enslave the master?

What happens to Britain is a lesson for those colonialists given to self-indulgence, arrogance, pretentiousness, snobbishness, affectation, or pride. How more can the taste of the pudding of revenge be proved than in its eating? The Queen of England is Latifa Omoraso of Nigeria.

Long Live Her majesty Latifa Uche Omorosa, Queen of England. The kings or queens of former colonial masters run the risk of being replaced by Nigerians. It is predicted that Germany, France, Norway, and the Netherlands shall experience upheavals which will usher in heads of states that are Nigerians.

One should never say never to some people, precisely the Nigerians. Nigerians had learned from Trump of America about the futility of racism and threats of deportations. These don't work against Nigerians. Even steel walls built on top of the Atlantic can scarcely deter a determined  Nigerian who swears to swim from Lagos to London.

Denying Nigerians the conquest of Britain is unfathomable. To Nigerians bent on conquering  England; failure to do so is as impossible as catching with the wind with a trap, particularly as Queen  Latifa, a Nigerian,  sits on the throne of England. The people are overjoyed. What a sweet revenge for Nigerians!

Written Wednesday, January 14, 2018. Posted 2/15/18 @9:18pm

Dr. James C. Agazie; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; jamesagazies.blogspot.com

On January 29, 2018, we posted an essay titled "What Truth Do We Want the Nigerian Community to Know Right Now in 2018?" In this essay we continue to elaborate on the importance of Truth

Without speaking and living the truth, Nigeria is a failed state. How do we define truth? The truth is fact, certainty, actuality, veracity, verity, accuracy, or no falsehood.

I am convinced there are many truthful persons in Nigeria to save my people. I am also convinced that fear , like a disease, is robbing my people of the power to speak the truth.

What is the purpose of living a long life when long life accomplishes nothing we can be remembered for?

When truth is not spoken, when lies are mistaken for truth, and when one who speaks the truth is fearful of consequences, things fall widely apart and my people suffer in silence.

Fearful people are ignoble sycophants, bribe takers, silent witnesses at the scenes of crimes.

I encourage my people to say the truth, live the truth, and suffer the consequence to demonstrate that truth sets one free while falsehood imprisons, castigates and pillories.

We ought to speak the truth even it means loss of income or loss of life; it's not good to die for nothing.

What is the truth people are scared to spell out? The purpose of this essay is to identify several  truths we want my people to hear and to repeat for all to hear.

TRUTH ONE: Nigeria is an autocracy, not democracy; one man rules by order of a foreign power, namely America, Britain and all countries whose economies depend on oil.

TRUTH TWO: Nigerian leadership has sold Nigeria to a foreign power for oil .

TRUTH THREE: Nigeria is owned by a foreign power(s) supplying weapons to boko and herdsmen killers

TRUTH FOUR: Nigeria's violence goes up when oil price goes up and down when oil price goes down

TRUTH FIVE: The ISIS is foreign powers (America and Britain) whose assassins to protect oil prices.

TRUTH SIX What matters to Nigerian politicians is money, money, money, not my people

TRUTH SEVEN: Nigeria's Constitution is ineffectual; no one knows what is in it, it is a decorative piece of paper.

TRUTH EIGHT: Nigeria has no law and order, anything goes which is bad for my people.

Written Sunday, 2/11/18

Dr. James C. Agazie; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; jamesagazies.blogspot.com

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