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God is our collective real self

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Ozodi Thomas Osuji

To Eze Paschal:

Today is the last day of spring semester. I was on campus entering students' grades into the computer. I got done around 11 AM and headed on home. I got home and read some of your posts on quantum physics, an area of interest. I realized that you are at the gate of knowledge. Quantum mechanics brings the physical sciences to the door of spirituality; that is what it did for me, anyway. I went to my computer and typed the below ideas that entered my mind. I typed it in less than fifteen minutes. It came from my stream of consciousness (subconscious mind; that is, I did not consciously think about what I was typing). Beginning next week I will be out of town. I will return to Anchorage, Alaska in August, when the Fall Semester begins (if I find a better gig I may not return for I really want to be a consultant and workshop presenter rather than do the grinding work of teaching students about old stuff, empirical science that my mind has long ago transcended...and you cannot bring spirituality into the class for that is a no, no). I do not expect your fellow Africans to understand what I wrote below; they seem to be at a much, much lower state of spiritual evolution; they see God as a person they have to pray to for help. I do not write for them; I write for advanced students of spirituality.

God is our collective real self; he is unified spirit self; he is one self that is simultaneously infinite selves; each of us is a part of the God self.

The God self is not apart from each of us and all of us. You cannot ever see God for he is your real self. Even in the experience of union (what Catholics call mystical union, Hindus call Samadhi, Buddhists call  Nirvana, and Zen calls Satori) you do not see God;  you simply know that he is all of us and that you are a part of him and does everything you do with his intelligence and power.

You cannot do anything without God for God is your source.  In God we do not have forms; we do not exist in bodies, dense or light bodies.

If you like, you can use the analogy of light (analogy is not what it analogizes) and see God as a wave of spiritual light and each of us is a particle of it.

The problem with this analogy is that you are more likely to see the particle as apart from the wave. Listen, God is both the wave and the particle; you are both the wave and the particle.

When you act as if you are all existence you are the wave, you are God but when you act as if you are separated from other people and from the totality of being you are a particle of that light.

As you learned from your quantum physics (review Max Plank, Albert Einstein, Ernest Rutherford, Neils Bohr, Louis Broglie, Pauli, Max Born, Paul Dirac, Werner Heisenberg, Emil Schrodinger, James Chadwick, J. J Thompson, James Clark Maxwell, Ludwig Boltzmann,  Marie and Pierre Curie, Lise Meitner, Strassman , Otto Hahn, Enrico Fermi, James Wheeler, Hugh Everett, John Bell, Stephen Weinberg, Alan Aspect, Alan Gott.)Wave and particle are one, literally not figuratively.

We, the particles of God's light seem to be separated from him. In our seeming separated states we used God's infinite intelligence to invent physical light and used physical light to invent quarks, and used quarks to invent protons and neutrons and used light to invent electrons and then combined them into nuclei and circle them with electrons hence formed elements and used the elements to invent galaxies, stars, planets, pants, animals, people etc.

Each of us now seems housed in a separated body made of 64 elements, primarily carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen, and walks in space and time. His body, made of matter, and the space and time he walks in are illusions, they do not exist; but for now they seem to exist, by his wish and choice.

In their seeming separated state they have a choice, to hate each other or to love each other. If they love each other they enjoy the illusion of separation but if they hate each other they experience their separation as a nightmare, all by their own doing; there is no external other to blame for what they experience for they set it all up.


In our seeming state of separation we deny that we are God; having denied God and separated from him we then invented fear and now fear God.

The fear of God is really the fear of our collective real self. The fear of God, the belief that God will destroy us (our egos) and send us to hell prevents us from realizing that we are the God we fear.

Fear is used to keep us separated from God, from our real self; fear is not what happens to us against our wish but what we choose to enable us separate from God, our real self.

Fear maintains the illusory world of ego separated selves, space and time.

In the state of separation we feel like we attacked and destroyed our unified self; those who attacked their selves feel guilty. Thus, in ego states we feel guilty.

The Catholic Church said that we are born in sin and traces that sin to what it calls the original sin that supposedly occurred in the Garden of Eden when we disobeyed God and ate the apple he told us not to eat. In a way the church's metaphor is correct for we do feel guilty and, as it were, we are born in sin.

That sin, however, did not emanate from eating a forbidden apple but from separation from our real self, from God.

When we separated from God, from our real self we feel guilty. To live as a human being is to feel guilty, to feel sinful. Add to that existential guilt the bad things we do to each other and our sense of sin is compounded.


Sin calls for punishment. We think that God and other people we separated from feel angry at us for separating from them and will attack us (to end separation that causes them psychological pain).

Without waiting for them to attack us, they will not attack us for we have not separated from God, separation is an illusion, not real, we attack and punish ourselves.

We punish us for our existential sin of separating from God and from each other's real selves. We can literally punish other people or redirect that punishment to us.

We punish us by making us fail in life, giving us poverty and giving us physical disorders. Africans, for example, punish themselves for separating from God by giving themselves poverty and suffering (when they learn to love one another they would give themselves wealth and good life).


People who realize that it is impossible to separate from God, from our real selves, for no power on earth can separate from God; people who accept that separation is an illusion and love one another are saved. They see the world of matter, space and time as illusions.

Since, apparently, they are still in the world of illusions they play with it without attachment to it. They are in the world but are not of the world; they do not value anything in the world.

For example, I do not value my body for I know that it is an illusion that does not exist; I do not have a sense of attachment to any material thing or the world itself.

Because I have transcended the snares of the world, occasionally, I see me in literal light body;  every once in a while I do not see me in form, dense or light but know me as part of our unified self.

The formless self is eternal, permanent and changeless; in it one feels a kind of peace that no ego can understand.


In the world of space, time and matter I play with my body and my ego (you must have an ego separated self to be in our world but you can use that ego and body to love other egos and bodies).  I play with people and the world but know that they are at root formless spirit.

We have two states in form; the first state in form is as we now are, in dense matter; when we love and forgive all we see ourselves in light forms; in light forms our egos and bodies are purified and are now closer to God; they are at the gate of heaven but not in heaven, for heaven itself is formless, literal unified self with unified mind; in heaven where God ends and his sons begin is nowhere; there is  no space between them; they are in each other as one self.

I know that God is not outside me or you; he is inside us; he is our real self; but because he is in me and you and you seem outside me I am tempted to see God as outside me. No, he is inside me and you.

God is one point of spiritual light from which all of us, particles of that spiritual light, emanate and are parts of; separation is impossible; union is eternal.

I really cannot explain the nature of unified reality; it seems a conundrum yet it is very simple to understand it, but you must first experience it to understand it; mere intellectual gymnastics cannot enable one to understand or explain it.

I recommend that you just forgive and love all people; if you truly mean it you will occasionally see your present self in light form; that self has no solidity. Eventually, you will experience yourself as one with God and at that point you are enlightened and illuminated to your real self; after that experience you become a teacher of God/love/union, as I am.

We must live from our real self means that we must live from God, live from love and live from the state of our unified real self.

Finally, as I noted elsewhere, most Africans are at a lower stage of spiritual development; they are not yet too far evolved from mere animal status. Actually, normal folks, including whites and Asians, are closer to animal state than to human state. At any point in time only a few people are awakening from the animal state and returning to our unified consciousness. I sense that you are one of us who are on the return journey to our real self, God.  If so go find yourself a spiritual advisor, a person who has experienced God and can therefore guide you as you try to regain the awareness of God. This is necessary for when you begin meditating and at a point lose awareness of your self-concept and self-image and body and experience yourself as non-existent you may panic and try to re-compensate with psychosis. You, therefore, need a person, guru, to guide you to the world of God.  I do not believe that an African in Africa has experienced God. Hindu Swamis (priests) and Buddhist/Zen Roshis can help you.  If there is a Hindu or Buddhist temple around you please go to them. You must see Africans as one sees animals or, at best, as children and smile at their underdeveloped emotional and mental behaviors, their lack of understanding that to love is to live and to hate is to be a living dead person.


Ozodi Thomas Osuji

May 10, 2017

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Ozodi Osuji Ph.D

Ozodi Thomas Osuji is from Imo State, Nigeria. He obtained his PhD from UCLA. He taught at a couple of Universities and decided to go back to school and study psychology. Thereafter, he worked in the mental health field and was the Executive Director of two mental health agencies. He subsequently left the mental health environment with the goal of being less influenced by others perspectives, so as to be able to think for himself and synthesize Western, Asian and African perspectives on phenomena. Dr Osuji’s goal is to provide us with a unique perspective, one that is not strictly Western or African but a synthesis of both. Dr Osuji teaches, writes and consults on leadership, management, politics, psychology and religions. Dr Osuji is married and has three children; he lives at Anchorage, Alaska, USA.

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