Ozodi Osuji Ph.D

Ozodi Osuji Ph.D

Ozodi Thomas Osuji is from Imo State, Nigeria. He obtained his PhD from UCLA. He taught at a couple of Universities and decided to go back to school and study psychology. Thereafter, he worked in the mental health field and was the Executive Director of two mental health agencies. He subsequently left the mental health environment with the goal of being less influenced by others perspectives, so as to be able to think for himself and synthesize Western, Asian and African perspectives on phenomena. Dr Osuji’s goal is to provide us with a unique perspective, one that is not strictly Western or African but a synthesis of both. Dr Osuji teaches, writes and consults on leadership, management, politics, psychology and religions. Dr Osuji is married and has three children; he lives at Anchorage, Alaska, USA.

He can be reached at: ozodiosuji@gmail.com (907) 310-8176



Ozodi Osuji


      Many Americans have nothing meaningful to do with their lives and instead engage in racism and discrimination against minority people; this evil behavior gives their meaningless lives pseudo meaning. Moreover, it gives them a sense of false worth; by looking down on other people they derive a sense of worth thus masking their existential sense of worthlessness.

    If they did not discriminate against some persons they would recognize the utter meaninglessness and worthlessness of their existence and perhaps become depressed and commit suicide.

      They avoid depression and suicide by engaging in racism and efforts to keep other people away from the country. They assume that the country belongs to them; they are wrong, the entire world belongs to all human beings.  

     If birds have a right to fly to any part of the world and live there, at least for a while, there is no reason why a human being should not be able to live at any part of the world. Keeping people out of your so-called country, an animal territorial behavior, is exercise of ego power; there is nothing natural in it. In nature all lands belong to all animals; it is accidental that powerful animals keep weaker ones out of their territories but that is not evidence that they own the land they keep others out; they are just exercising raw ego based power; their behavior is not moral.

      The entire American conservative echo chamber and liberal talking points are efforts to avert knowledge of their underlying existential meaningless and worthless existence; these are ways of giving their meaningless lives pseudo meaning and worthless lives pseudo worth.

     One must therefore understand what these folks are doing and why they are doing it; one may choose to overlook their childish attempts to give their lives false meaning and worth or one gives them the means to obtain real meaning and worth, if one has found such means in one’s own life.




      In the above few paragraphs I pointed out that Americans proclivity to racism and racial discrimination is probably due to their efforts to mask their underlying sense of worthlessness and meaninglessness. Now, let me cite an African group that has taken stupidity to a whole new level, Igbos.

      Igbos are always claiming to be rich hence important. They are always comparing themselves to other people and telling us how they are better than other people (within Igbo land how one Igbo is better than other Igbos and as members of a group how their group is superior to other groups). 

     If an Igbo makes some chomp change it goes to his empty head and he boasts about his wealth. Just about everything these folks do is geared to making them seem superior to other persons and other ethnic groups.

     I believe that they engage in these infantile behaviors to mask their existential depression, depression from their awareness of the utter worthlessness and meaninglessness of living in bodies that would die.  Their obsessive compulsive and narcissistic boasting are efforts to avert awareness of their meaningless existence hence avert suicide; their childish boastfulness is a means of giving their meaningless and worthless lives some sort of pseudo meaning and worth.

      Claiming superiority to other people gives their worthless feeling egos a sense of worth and meaning. If they did not do so they would be depressed and possibly commit group suicide. Igbo fools like Chukwuma and their infantile boastfulness are trying to mask the awareness of their underlying depression and urge to kill themselves.

      If one wants them to stay alive in ego and body, in meaninglessness and worthlessness one must allow them to keep on pretending worth and meaning from their silly boastfulness, their incessant reminding you of their phantom accomplishments.

     The alternative is for them to find out if life has meaning and worth (their current childish minds are probably too lazy to do the serious thinking needed to find out if life has meaning; philosophy is not the cup of tea of childish minds).




     The reason why people’s lives have no intrinsic meaning and worth is because they will die and their bodies rot. As long as people are born to die their lives have no existential worth and meaning.

      People’s bodies are not different from animals and trees bodies; they exist and die; their bodies decay to the 64 elements that compose them and those decay to protons, neutrons and electrons and those decay to quarks and photons and photons return to the nothingness from whence it came during the big bang, 13.8 billion years ago.

      Perceiving death as the source of their sense of worthlessness and meaninglessness (all their activities and creations return to sand, even the great pyramids will, sooner or later, return to the sand it really is) people posit religions. Their religions tell them that there is life after they die. Belief in life after death gives their worthless lives false worth and meaningless lives false meaning.

      Mouthing silly religion is one way folks think that they give their lives meaning but that behavior does not give them meaning; regardless of their religiosity, as long as people must die and rot they are meaningless animals. It is only if they can transcend death that their lives have real meaning.

     If, in fact, it is true, as religion teaches, that people came from a place of eternity, a place where they do not die, and eventually return to it, the question is why did they leave that world and come to our physical universe, a place they must die? In our experience people do not consciously choose to go from a good place to a bad place, unless, of course, they are insane!




      It does not make sense that people would leave a place of timelessness and go to a place of time; and leave a place of immortality to go live in a place of mortality. So, why would people do such a thing?

     There is a hypothesis that says that people deliberately chose to go experience the opposite of their natural state in heaven; this hypothesis says that our physical universe is an opportunity that people gave to themselves because it enables them to experience death, the opposite of their eternity in heaven. This is the hypothesis of willful separation in search of the opposite of heaven.

      Another motivating force in separating from eternity is the opportunity it offers the children of God to play God, to go create their own universe and be the boss of their lives, and not always obey their creator, God.

      The children of God are said to be intrinsically part of God and cannot separate from him; however, they can dream that they are separated from him.

       To believe that they can separate from God, their real selves, is to be deluded. Since to be in our world is to believe that we are separated from God, eternity and timelessness and those are our reality and we cannot separate from them then we are deluded. To be in our world is to be insane! 

      To regain sanity people are said to be required to jettison separation and return to their eternal union with God and one another; in other words, they are required to awaken from the dream of separation.

      To return to God in other to have meaning and worth in their lives, however, requires people to negate this world; it requires people to escape from this world and return to unified spirit.

      If pure spirit is real and not just a hypothesis I suppose that it makes sense to return to it but if it is a mere psychological solace then people must be left to seek their false meaning and worth from their  ceaseless earthly activities, activities that enable them to forget their existential depression.




       I confronted existential meaninglessness early in life. First, I tried to overcome it by giving me meaning by having ambitions to accomplish this or that but that was empty for all the accomplishments of this world cannot wash away meaninglessness if one must age and die. Thus, I could not settle for any profession for no official profession offered me meaning in it.

       I threw myself into searching for meaning in the study of spirituality; that effort became an end in itself, something to kill time with; it was not yielding the experience that would give my life meaning.  

       Like Gautama Buddha I decided to stop formal search for a religion that would give my life meaning and answer a few simple questions.

       Since to pursue the ego and its goals of greatness gives one anxiety it follows that to let go of that pursuit is to give one peace of mind. Thus, I decided to let go of the ego and its quest for glory.  In the cessation of the ego quest for glory I attained peace.

      Extrapolating from my journey, I see teenagers who do not find meaning in the vocations of this world and become depressed and contemplate suicide. They need to be given pursuits that would give their lives meaning.

     Success in western professions and or the pursuit of wealth and sex will not give people who are aware of the meaninglessness of existence in body that would die meaning and worth.




     It is not for animals in human forms to change before I changed; it is for me to accept that they are too low in spiritual evolution to change and leave them alone and instead do what I have to do to change.

      For me change means tolerating Americans ceaseless activities meant to fill up their empty lives and give them pseudo meaning and worth; it means tolerating the childish boastfulness of Igbos.

      These people do what they do to give them false meaning and worth; they will sell and buy each other to seem to obtain worth and importance and give their meaningless lives pseudo meaning.

      My function is to seek real meaning and live accordingly and not worry about other people. For now, real meaning is obtained from the awareness that we feel meaningless from our awareness of death and that we try to mask that awareness with our ego behaviors. Engaging in non-egoistic behaviors is one way to live peacefully.

      Ultimately, if there is life after death, if that reality can be demonstrated as a fact and not merely believed in, then there is meaning in our lives.

      Religion, philosophy and doing science and technology are necessary activities in our search for meaning.




      People engage in ceaseless activities to enable them seem busy and to forget their existential reality, the reality of their meaningless, purposeless and worthless existence on planet earth.

      What is the alternatives to what they are doing; would thinking about their meaninglessness and worthlessness help?  That probably would only depress them and make them commit suicide? 

     Forgetting their miserable fate seem correlated with living fairly well.

       Religion offers answers that are not demonstrated as the truth; religion asks people to believe in its speculations that there is life after death.

        Rational persons do not want to believe anything on faith. Is it a fact that there is life after people die, true or false? 

      The clinical psychologist, Dr. Helen Schucman (A course in miracles) was an existentialist; as such, she recognized that most of the activities of this world is an exercise in futility. Nevertheless, she said that if people overlooked this world that they would see another world, one remade from this world.

       She said that the Holy Spirit has remade our world for us. The reinvented world, she said, is in light form hence not subject to death and decay as are the things in our world.  The remade world, she said, is still illusory, albeit a better illusion than our death bound world.

      The world of light forms is an illusion because although it approximates reality it is not reality. Reality is not in forms and is not perceptual.

      She said that reality is the union of all things as one thing and that they are formless and eternal.  She said that the world of light forms will last for as long as it takes people in the world of gross matter, our world to change their minds about their truth and come to it.

      When all people have entered the world of light forms, instead of dying that world would be gently translated to the formless world of God; people would awaken in the formless world where they know that all of them share oneself with God.

      But is what the lady professor saying true or false? We do not know. If you have not verified what she claims are alternatives to our world it is probably the case that you would remain an existentialist thinker. In which case you accept that our world is meaningless and pointless but nevertheless offers some joy.

       There is joy in investigating the nature of the physical universe, our bodies included. One can find joy in doing science and technology. One can find joy in being an artist. One can draw beautiful buildings, as architects do, and find joy from doing so. Never mind that the buildings one builds will eventually decay and return to sand, as is everything in the universe. 

     The existentialist grinds his teeth and makes the most of this world by doing what he likes doing, while tolerating the world’s meaninglessness.  I am an existentialist.




       People are born and must die; death makes their lives not special. As long as people are born to die they must feel like they are worthless and see their lives as meaningless.

       Ideally, if they can establish that there is life after death their lives would have meaning but at present all that is said about life after death is conjectural, not demonstrated truth.

      In the meantime, people want to live in bodies. They do everything they could to prolong their lives in bodies. Science and technology offers them the means to do what prolongs their lives in bodies.

      However, just as they are prolonging their lives other forces shorten their lives. Diseases caused by bacteria, virus and natural forces such as earthquakes, volcanos, floods, hurricanes, tsunamis etc. destroy their lives.

       Other human beings who have the wish to do so can destroy people’s lives. People establish governments and give them police and military powers to protect them.

       As we speak, Arab Muslim terrorists kill people at will thus showing that life can be snuffed out by anyone who so desires it. 

      Since people desire to live they are afraid of death; many of them are paranoid of whoever can snuff out their lives.

       As a result, these days just about every government office in the Western world have security guards searching people before they enter them. The West is becoming an armored truck. It costs money to do so; this business of perpetual protectiveness could bankrupt the West! Islamists probably desire that out come? Whatever weakens the West makes it easier for them to accomplish their goal of imposing Islam on the world!

     To fight Islamic jihadism the West is bombing the Muslim world to rubbles, to seventh century level of development.  

       The individual can extricate his self from the fear and anxiety posed by our conflicted world by simply accepting that he is born and must die and resolve to live as fully as he could without fearing death. He could figure out what he has aptitude for doing and go do it and have a ball of existence despite its meaningless nature.


Ozodi Osuji

May 25, 2017







Ozodi Thomas Osuji


       We know that some vested interests benefit from the current social structure and prevent us from having a better society, such as social democracy and mixed economy; we know that to bring about social democracy we have to use violence to destroy those who prevent us from bringing about the expected better world.

      You must destroy the old to give birth to the new. The old and the new cannot peacefully and successfully coexist in the same space and time.

      As Jesus Christ said, you cannot put new wine into old wine bottles; you cannot mix Christianity and Judaism and get something good; Christianity represents love and Judaism represents punishment; the two cannot mix well.

      This means that you must deliberately destroy those people who belong to the past and prevent the gestation and birth of the new; the past and the new cannot coexist.

      The idea of continuity (of old cultures) in present cultures is a crock used to preserve the old, retarding cultures of this world. We must throw away the old to make room for the new.

      We must deliberately destroy old African cultures to bring about a new and better African culture. You cannot have both the old, primitive African cultures and new science based cultures coexisting together.

      You must destroy old Africa to bring about a new Africa. You cannot take refuge in the old cultures of Africa if you want to have a new and modern Africa.     

     You must destroy those Africans who carry the old African cultures in their heads so as to give birth to a new Africa. Killing them is necessary. Their death must take place for something different to be born in Africa.

       The good news is that nobody actually is killed and dies; people’s bodies are mere compositions of elements; those elements are decomposed and become part of new elemental compositions, so they do not disappear from existence; the consciousness in dead people is transmitted to consciousness in living persons.

      The point is that one should not be afraid of destroying people who represent socially retarding ideas to give birth to a new people with more progressive ideas.

    If truth is said, I hate Africans primitive culture; I admire not white skin color but what white folks represent, scientific culture.

      I am ashamed of primitive Africans such as Chukwuma Aguwnobi; everything in this man reeks of primitivism and makes me literally throw up! I want him and his culture to die so that a new science based culture is given birth to in Africa.

      I cannot reconcile myself to primitive African cultures. Afro-centrism is rubbish; it is the refuge of scoundrels. Afro-centrists confronted modern scientific culture and felt inferior and try to compensate with superiority by telling themselves that their primitive African cultures are better than the scientific culture that has taken us to the moon. These people are revanchist retrogrades that need to be done away with.  

     It does not follow that European culture is always good; one must distinguish between Eurocentrism and scientism.  I accept the scientific method and want a universal science based culture.

      My position is the correct one whereas those who talk about their pride in their old African cultures are idiots wallowing in the past; they do so in a world that has moved on.

      African cultures are like a museum where folks come to see how folks in past societies lived; what the world now needs is a universal, scientific culture, not African or Asian or European culture.

      (In modern industrialized society folks dress in practical clothes; they do not wear the feudal robes Nigerian big men wear; those silly robes probably contribute to Nigerians incredible unproductive culture; Nigerians need to attire like people in Europe, America and Asia, the productive cultures of this world. The Chinese and Japanese had to trade their traditional robes for business suites to become productive; Nigerians must do the same.)




     For years I studied Dr. Helen Schucman’s book, a course in miracles.  The book teaches that we should overlook people’s bad behaviors to see the Christ in them.

      If we overlook people’s behavior, albeit dream behaviors it follows that we shall tolerate murderers, terrorists and thieves and ethnic irredentists and conservatives.  It means that we shall allow these negative forces to keep on polluting the world with their outdated and oppressive philosophies; anti-social persons need to be destroyed to bring about a pro-social and positive humanity.

       We should not be afraid of destroying those people who propagate negative ideas. For one thing, nobody dies so one should kill on behalf of a positive world view, such as social democracy with mixed economy.

      I say goodbye to a course in miracles and other poetic ideas on human behavior; they held me back by telling me to do what I know I should not do, overlook evil.

   Evil needs to be removed from the world, not overlooked. However, I accept the course’s idea that we are the dreamers, the inventors of our world and, as such, can have different dreams, remake our world; we are the Holy Spirit that remakes the world our separated egos made; we must go from a separated to a unified world.

    In eternity our true self is God; in time the Holy Spirit is our approximate true self; the Holy Spirit is not outside us; it is in us; it is our higher, better self-whereas the ego is our lower, animal self.

     Science will, sooner or later, transform people and everything to light forms so the idea of light forms, the world remade from our dark matter based world by the Holy Spirit is not just a metaphysical gibberish but a future reality (a reality that actually exists side by side with our current world waiting for us to bring it into being).

       A course in miracles is a poem on the world that will come to be; our ego based special relationships will be replaced by our holy relations.

     In the here and now, present world, a social democratic, mixed economy brings us closer to the improved world of light forms; thus, our present goal should be how to bring about social democracy.

      We must not escape into wooly metaphysics that does not put bread on the table, although man does not live by bread alone hence the need to study metaphysics, and, of course, physics.


Post Script:




      If you overlook our world, forgive it you escape from it to another world, to the world of light forms; this is the same thing as tunneling from this universe to another; another name for it is worm-holing from one state of being to another.

      In quantum entanglement a particle bypasses space and time and behaves instantaneously with those particles it is entangled with; this non-local behavior shows that space, time and matter are illusory concepts.


Ozodi Thomas Osuji

May 22, 2017






Ozodi Thomas Osuji

       The problem with us human beings is that we think that we have the choice to tolerate injustice or not. The fact is that we do not have such choice; our only choice is to tolerate the just; if something is not just to people we must not tolerate it; we must not rationalize injustice with our usual ego defense mechanisms and live with what we should not live with.   

     If society’s practices are not just our function is to fight for what we believe is just and not just live with the unjust society. If we try to live with the unjust society we become like Americans.

      I am sure that you have learned that white Americans are the most contemptible human beings on planet earth; in fact, they ought not to be alive. Why? They have the dreadful habit of tolerating injustice and thinking that they can do so and live well. No, they do not live well; what has happened to them is that they seek ways to salve their uneased conscience by doing drugs, alcohol and homosexuality and flight to other self-destructive life styles.

      Americans tolerate evil and their conscience insists that for them to do so they must escape to alcohol, drugs and weird sex.

       Alternatively, Americans seek escape in weird religions or religions given absurd interpretations; every kind of oriental religions (Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism) and New age religions and combinations thereof, such as Adidaism where an individual’s ego is served…Franklyn Jones called himself the new avatar and urged people to worship his untrammeled ego as a means of attaining what one does do not know, and, increasingly, Islam and its derivatives such as Bahaism, Sufism, Nation of Islam have followers in America.

     By escaping into these preposterous religions Americans are able to tune out their unjust society and seem to live peacefully. Alas, you cannot live peacefully where there is injustice.

      Human beings are structured in such a manner that whereas what is just is not readily ascertainable they must strive after the just; when they stop seeking justice they die; in fact, if they do not seek justice they are mere animals not human beings.

       No one with a clear mind can live in America and not become psychotic; you must do great damage to your mind to avoid going nuts. Thus, in America all sorts of weird religions prevail for folks need them to make sense of their unnatural society, a society that refuses to do the right thing by the people but instead exploit the people.

     In America the people are socialized to vote against their self-interests. Education for all and health insurance for all, by any human standard, is in the peoples self-interests. But in America even poor white folks are socialized to say that the public should not play roles in those activities that otherwise would benefit them. In the meantime they cannot afford education for their children or health insurance for themselves. 

      As we speak, white folks are dropping dead like flies; a serious disease and a white family cannot afford to pay the anticipated exorbitant hospital bills; they accept untimely death instead of work to have a society that gave all people health care as a right.  

      Those poor white Americans who do not drop dead from curable diseases seek refuge in alcohol and drugs and, yes, suicide. These people are on a fast track to kill themselves!

      America is the home of white and black slaves. This is the truth that few persons dare speak about loudly least they get into trouble, get black listed and subsequently not be able to obtain jobs.

      The evil system’s gate keepers only give folks jobs if they are perceived to be system supporters; dare to criticize the political system and you are seen as un-American and the establishment, conservative and liberal, keeps you out; America marginalizes whoever asks it to become a true human society instead of the present predatory society it is.

      Contemporary Americans are essentially what human beings ought to not be. They are living dead persons. 

      If a man must be alive he ought to evaluate the nature of society and decide what constitutes a just society and live it and if it is absent in his world work to bring it about; he must not just tolerate unjust society just so he survives.   

     What is one surviving for, what is one living for; is it to be just an animal? That is not good enough reason to be alive.

      Americans have capitalism; capitalism is a system of economics introduced to the world in 1776 when the Scott, Adam Smith wrote his seminal book, the Wealth of Nations. Capitalism has some merits but it has loads of injustice in it. It allows a few persons to make all the wealth in society and the many to live in poverty.

      Whereas the free enterprise political economy gives people the incentive to pursue their interests and work hard to attain them, it works in such a manner that there will always be winners and losers.

     As school boys we all took parts in sports. We all know that if you get a dozen boys and have them be on their marks,  get set and go that a few will win and the many lose. There will be first, second and third and the rest are runner ups. This practice is fine for it gives all  people the incentives to train to be the best that they can be and do their best but the fact is that regardless of their training  a few must win and the many lose.

      Therefore, in a capitalist society a few will win and the many will lose.  If this is the case then society must seek ways to help the losers in its midst. Society must tax the winners (each person must pay, at least, 20% of his annual income in taxes) and use the money to give all people education from kindergarten to university and provide all people with publicly paid health insurance and provide a few other publicly paid services for all people (such as subsidized public transportation etc.).

     For an understanding of socialism see Karl Marx and Frederick Engels, The Communist Manifesto, also see Karl Marx’s theoretical book, Der Capital.

      Having provided the basic necessities for the people they are thereafter left to fend for themselves.  If you want to be a millionaire or billionaire that is fine; just go work for it but if you want to be a poet and write beautiful songs that, too, is fine. Each person must be left alone to do what he has interest in doing and has aptitude in doing. In the final analysis all vocations enrich society; the artist certainly makes life beautiful and, as such, is probably as useful to society as the physicist (who studies nature to understand it objectively) and the engineer (who applies the findings of pure science to construct what improves our lives).

     In a rational society, you cannot just allow a few to win and the many to be losers and live in penury. If you allow for a few to be winners and the many to be losers you create the cursed society such as the USA where illiterate rich white folks, such as Donald Trump, run around looking for poor people to stick it to (or do drugs to make their useless existence tolerable).

      The USA in its present configuration is a society that ought to not exist; it is totally unnatural; it is an inhumane society. But the gatekeepers of this weird contraption call it the best society on earth. They market themselves to the rest of the world as God’s best country on planet earth.

      Indeed, they call themselves democratic and preach the virtues of democracy. But are they democratic? Let us see; they rig the system so that minority persons (black folks) are largely prevented from voting (knowing that many black folks do not have government issued ID cards they require government issued ID cards before you vote; in the past they shut black folks out of voting by requiring them to pay poll taxes, and pass literacy tests and through other shenanigans used to prevent African Americans from voting).

      At present Republicans, who are actually the minority party, have so gerrymandered the states that they are in control of, that their members are elected to Congress with fewer votes than those who voted for the Democratic Party.

      The members of the Democratic Party in Congress collectively had more people vote for them than those who voted for the Republicans yet Republicans have so-called majority positions in both houses of Congress. In effect, in the USA the minority party rules the majority party and yet the people are told that they have democracy! A democracy where the minority rules the majority is a contradiction in terms!

     One had thought that democracy is the rule of the majority not the minority. The USA is an apartheid country where the minority rules the majority and expect the majority to accept their absurd rule.

    The people are prevailed upon to accept this upside down presentation of reality because the founding fathers who are deemed all-knowing set it up. 

      Many of the founding fathers were slave owners hence garbage in human forms but their fallible deeds are presented as ordained by God, the racist god of America, that is.

      The USA is a country in search of violent revolution. There is no doubt that, sooner or later, there will be a violent revolution in the USA; it will be the French and Russian type revolution where the rich are massacred in great numbers.

      A revolution needs to happen in the USA to purge the land of the absurdity it has become; a revolution will heal Americans of their slave mentality. 

      Americans, white and blacks, are actually slaves; the whites tolerated slavery and perverted the religion of love called Christianity to justify slavery and racial discrimination; of course, black folks tolerated slavery and racial discrimination; thus, Americans, black and white, are slaves, for only slaves tolerate social injustice.

      Americans toleration of social injustice must be purged from their psyches; the people must be taught that the only type of life worth living is a just life in a just society. 

      However, given the number that the ruling circles have done on the American psyche so that the people tolerate injustice and seek escape in alcohol and drugs there must be political violence to jolt the people out of their slumber.

      Look, I am not saying that other societies are heaven. Nigeria, for example, is hell on earth. In Nigeria and most Africans countries criminals rule the land; the thieves of Abuja cart Nigeria’s revenue from oil to their personal pockets whereas the people live in abject poverty. Clearly, Nigerians must rise up and fight for social justice. Until they do so they can hardly be called human beings; Nigerians are animals, not people; they so want to live at all costs and so fear harm and death that they fear taking up arms to fight the criminals that steal their monies and give them poverty.

      As John Stuart Mill pointed out in his seminal book, On Liberty, until a people overcome the fear of harm and death that keep them in bondage to their criminal rulers they are not worthy of liberty. Liberty, Thomas Paine, in Common Sense, tells us is watered with the blood of patriots.   

      Let us not detain ourselves here talking about Africans, for they are really not relevant in serious social discourse. At any rate, in this essay, I am talking about America’s society, not Africa’s shiftless and thieving countries.

     In sum, I can only respect a just society; I know that we can get into unending debate as to what constitutes a just society (in his book, the Republic, Plato had the leading lights of Athenian society, among other things, debate what constitutes justice and they did not come up with a definition that satisfies all people) but for now I define a just society as a social democratic society with a mixed economy (mixture of capitalism and socialism).

     My ideal countries are the Scandinavian countries of Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Those are the only countries in the extant world whose leaders I respect. I respect them because they serve social interest; they put public good ahead of individual good.

       The leaders of the USA are worse than garbage and I have no respect for them; just look at the clown who is operating at third grade levels in knowledge that Americans just elected their president, Donald Trump.  

     Does Trump deserve any adult person’s respect? What does he stand for that makes him respectable, re-arrange wealth, from the middle class to the rich? And that is good, right? The USA is the planet of apes, not loving and rational human beings!

      African leaders are mostly egomaniacal criminals and as such are not worthy of my respect; Asian leaders are doing their best to develop their countries and as such are worthy of my respect but ultimately they must embrace social democracy to earn my lasting respect.   

     I am an unabashed social democrat (like Bernie Sanders) and make no apologies for it. I am a political ideologue, if by that you mean a person who works for all people’s welfare, not just welfare for the few at the expense of the many.


Ozodi Thomas Osuji

May 21, 2017



Dr. Osuji is on vacation; he wrote this piece in phoenix, Arizona; from there he goes to the US East Coast and thereafter to Britain and continental Europe. If you would like to chat with him in the various cities he is visiting please feel free to call and arrange for a meeting with him. He is also available to do workshops on leadership and management. In addition to reading his several books on management and leadership, you can read his latest article on the transformation of Nigerian leaders from negative to positive leaders, published in an international journal of management. He can be reached at (907) 310-8176


The Eight Levels Of The Self In The Temporal And Permanent Universes

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

Each human being has eight levels of the self. In eternity, aka heaven there is one self, the unified self, the self the sons of God share with their creator and each other; in that formless, unified self-there is no separation between the members; there is no self and non self; all selves share oneself; where one self ends and others begin is nowhere; each self is in other selves; there is no space hence no perception;  there is  no seer and seen, no subject and object; all share one self and one mind.

The desire to experience their opposite state, to go from union to separation, entered the minds of the sons of God and they pursued that desire. They could not separate from each other and from their father. So, to seem to achieve their goal of separation they cast a magical spell on themselves and went to sleep and in their sleep dream that they are now separated.

They are still in union, in eternity but are now sleeping and dreaming (in their sleeping they closed their eyes hence see darkness; our physical universe is a place of darkness for we shut out the eternal light of our natural state of union in God).

In their new illusory abode the sons of God invented space, time and matter; they used matter to form bodies for themselves and now seem to live in bodies.

When we went to sleep, we initially forgot our self-consciousness and appear to be totally unconscious; it is during this seeming unconscious state that we constructed the physical universe and our bodies.

On earth, each of them finds himself in a body (of his choice although it is made to seem like what happened to him against his wishes). In body they experience limitations and pains and form new selves, human personalities.

The human personality is heavily influenced by body and society. It can be said that the human body is the primary factor that leads to the formation of personality.

The human body is the means of dreaming separation and its state of health or lack of determines the personality the individual forms.

In our world the individual, with the aid of all other individuals, forms a separated ego self, the dream figure and uses it to try to adapt to his separated world, the temporal universe.

His mind, which is God's mind in him, appraises the reality of his body and world and he forms what we might call the realistic self or the normal self. This self tries to adjust to the exigencies of the physical world as objectively as is possible.

Problems in the real-self dispose the individual to use pure mentation, cognition to wish for an idealized self, a self that uses magical powers to cope with the exigencies of the world.

In a different part of the sleeping-dreaming mind is the Holy Spirit; the whole mind as opposed to the separated ego mind; the Holy Spirit is the representative of God (the father and his self) in the sleeping individual.

The Holy Spirit, the God in us as we sleep and dream separation, does nothing to help the son of God to adapt to his world but just sees him struggle to adapt to his illusory world. He knows that he is trying to adapt to a false world and is not about to make that illusory world real by helping him adapt to it. Thus, you can pray to God all you want and he will not help you adapt to our world; only you can do what enables you to adapt to our illusory world.

The Holy Spirit would like the son of God, you and me, to return to his true self in unified self, aka heaven. Since the son of God wants to seem separated and live in the world of separation the Holy Spirit recreates the self and world the son of God made, transforms them into the world of light forms.

The light self and light world is not our dense world but is real; you can see it in meditative state; it is the world folks who have had near death experiences or even out of body experiences see. To see it you must tune out our world of dense forms.

The world of light forms is at the gate of heaven (close to unified state). From there folks give up the desire for forms and start living in formless but still separated selves.

Clearly, there are different levels of being in our temporal universe. From the Big Bang to only recently, less than 100, 000 years ago, we were not aware of having selves. Thus, we can say that the first two levels of being are unconscious; we were sleeping and in our dreams constructing the physical universe, building galaxies, stars, planets, trees, animals and our bodies. Nobody is aware of the first two levels of self and we might as well ignore them.

In the third level of being, our present status, people are self-conscious; they are at different levels of being.

There are those who are closer to unconscious states, closer to animals than to human beings and there are those beginning to awaken from the sleep of self-forgetfulness. Thus, we might say that our world includes levels three and levels four of being; level three encompasses normal folks and level four encompasses those beginning to realize that their true self is unified self hence they love all selves to love themselves.

Many persons at level four tend to initially construct ideal ego selves and try to become them hence may be called neurotic; if they believe in their imaginary ideal selves they may be called psychotic.

As R.D. Laing and any one with eyes to see observes insane people are closer to God than so-called normal persons.

Upon death, loving persons go to level five, the world of light forms; unloving persons are reborn on earth, at level three to keep learning love.

After that is level six; here folks have given up the wish to see themselves in forms and are now pure ideas.  These folks are formless but still have separated selves; it is they that can enter our minds on earth and act as our guides; it is they that so-called mediums tune into.

From level six folks go to level seven where they are truly at the gate of heaven; they have lost the desire to be in forms and desire for separation.

From level seven they enter level eight; level eight is formless eternity, aka heaven.

For our present purpose , the issue at hand is how to adapt to the world of separation, how to make one's self here on earth, levels three and four, as functional as is possible; it is accomplished through self-knowledge (study of physics, chemistry, biology and scientific and spiritual psychologies) and by desire to  forgive and love all selves.

I will emphasize only of four levels of being and ignore the first two when we were unconscious and the levels where we are pure ideas and or at the gate of heaven or in heaven.









So far, I have talked in general terms; let us individualize the discourse.  In the world of separation each of us has levels of the self.

The first level of the self is his self in God; that self in God is now sleeping; that sleeping-dreaming son of God sees itself in body (he chose his body) and experiences that body and his world in a certain manner.

It develops two approaches to the body it finds itself in; the ego real self that takes into cognizance the reality of the body self and society; this is called the normal self.  All of us have normal selves.

If the body is too problematic and the sleeping son of God finds it difficult to adapt to its exigencies he tries to adapt with an ego ideal self; he conceptualizes an ideal self that is able to cope with the world it finds itself in and tries to become that ideal self. He cannot become the ideal self for it is imaginary.

If he persists in seeking to become the imaginary ideal self he may develop neurosis; some persons actually believe that they are their imaginary ideal selves and become psychotic; the insane person thinks that he is his imaginary ideal, powerful self.

The sleeping son of God at all times can consult the representative of his father, the whole self, the Holy Spirit in him while he is in the temporal universe.

The Holy Spirit takes his ego real self and his ego ideal self and uses both to show him what to do to survive in this world while telling him that the ego self and its world has already been remade in a light form of them, a world that is not part of the world of dense forms we live in.

The ideal self is an imaginary attempt to adapt to the problems of this world; it essentially escapes from this world and flees into an imaginary ideal body and self that is not of this world.

Even the Holy Spirit's light self and light world is not of this world.


The fear of death and anxiety felt by the ego is real for the ego and its body can be destroyed; that fear of death made it reject itself and seek the ego ideal self, a self it believes would enable it adapt to the impersonal tough world we live in.

Identification with the ideal self leads to ignoring the problems that led one to conceptualize the ideal self; thus, the neurotic and or psychotic actually does nothing to adapt to the real world on its terms; he is lost in mere wishful thinking. Yet, he must initially do his wishful thinking; the trick is to realize that wishes are not earthly reality.

If, for example, I try to do physical work I will die; I can only do intellectual work that does not task my fragile body. I cannot stand on my feet for over two hours doing, say, cashiering job or factory work; if I try to do so I would experience excruciating and unbearable pain; if I do not listen to the feedback to desist from doing physical work I will simply collapse and die.

To survive I had to, in childhood, be idealistic and later, in adulthood, modify that idealism with a realistic-idealistic self. I am still idealistic but have now balanced it with realism.

If the individual is mostly loving and forgiving he will occasionally experience his union with God while he is still in the separated, temporal self; the experience of the unified self cannot be sustained for long while one still lives on earth, for that self is not in body and has no form; it is part of unified spirit.

What is more feasible is to meditate and forget the ego self in dense matter form and see one's self in the light form, in the light world; that self and world is our world but our world purified with forgiveness and love.  That self and its world are, as it were, at the gate of heaven but is not heaven; the light world still has forms; heaven has no forms.

Heaven is formless self; it is eternal, permanent and changeless; it has the power to produce physical light and use that light to invent dense matter and dense bodies; eventually, the sons of heaven, guided by their father, the Holy Spirit, use light to produce light bodies and light everything that exists in our world of dense forms.

When they are tired of playing in forms, dense or light they awaken in formless self, heaven, their true self and home. The prodigal son returns to his father; eternity resumes being one self, the union of father and sons as one self with one mind.

I have explored these ideas in detail elsewhere and do not intend to rehash them here. My existential task is accomplished; I have done what I came to do, present reality in secular and spiritual terms.

God cannot be described in words; therefore, whatever any one says about God and his son in their true state is metaphoric. You just have to experience your real self, the union of God and his sons as one self, to know that God is real and is the only reality there is; all else is noise.

To experience God, since God is love, you must completely love; to love you must forgive those you believe wronged you in the temporal universe.

Forgive and love all and know that God is real; alternatively, you may exercise your ego right and argue that God is imaginary; atheism is welcome until you decide to grow up and return to the awareness of your true self.


Tomorrow, May 17, 2017, I am off to a working vacation that will take me to many parts of the USA and thereafter to many parts of Europe; I am done sharing free ideas with folks. I hope that folks have gleaned some useful information from my write ups. Folks can buy some of my sixty books from Amazon or Barnes and Nobles.



Ozodi Thomas Osuji

May 16, 2017



Ozodi Thomas Osuji

Yesterday, finally, I grasped the implication of the double slit experiment. In case you do not know about it, if you have a hole, a slit on a board and shoot light at it the light would go through it as a particle and leave a mark at a paper placed behind the hole; on the other hand, if you have two holes, slits and shoot light at them the light splits into two and goes through both holes and leave interference marks on the paper behind them thus indicating that it behaved as a wave.

Thomas Young first performed this experiment in 1803 and used it to prove the wave function of light; in his mind, Young believed that he disproved Isaac Newton's contention that light is particles (corpuscles') and proved Christian Huygens' (1629-1695) contention that light is wave.

Quantum physicists revisited the experiment in the 1920s and used it to prove the wave-particle function of light.

The implication is that light can behave as wave or particle depending on the intention of the experimenter and his tools. If you, the experimenter, have two holes, two tools, light splits into two and behaves as wave for you; if your tool is one hole light behaves as a particle. Therefore, light is "a priori" neither wave nor particle.

What light is we do not know; what we do know is that it does what we ask it to do for us. Light, photons have no objective nature that we can verify experimentally; Neil's Bohr and his Copenhagen school of quantum physics held to this position; they posit that light is in superposition before us, the observers have an intention and ask it to do what we want it to do for us.

In 1958 Hugh Everett took the idea of superposition to a whole new level; he posited what he called the many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics; he said that there are many worlds, many universes and that light, whatever that is, is in those universes when we do not look for it and come out to perform the wave or particle function we want it to perform for us.

In other experiments it seems that light actually anticipate our intentions before we engage in the experiment; for example, if we want to do the double slit or one slit experiment light seems to already anticipate our intention and immediately perform as we ask it to perform for us.

The many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics implies that light exists elsewhere and come out to do as we ask it to do for us, act as wave or particle.

In Werner Heisenberg's uncertainty principle it is said that we cannot at the same time ascertain the position and momentum of the electron inside the atom. If we ascertain its momentum, velocity we do not know where it is at. Where then is it at when we do not see it? In superposition; is it in a different universe or does not even exist until we want it to exist in a particular place?

Light is the stuff with which quarks, protons, neutrons and electrons are made; light is what elements and matter are made of.

If light does not exist before we want it to exist it follows that light becomes matter (elements) only when we want those to exist for us.

Since the universe of galaxies, stars, planets, plants and animals are made from light it follows that the universe does not exist either as wave or particle until we, the observers, want it to exist for us. In effect, the universe does not exist independent of us but only seems to exist independent of us.

Empiricism then is an illusion? What we observe as out there was placed out there by our minds? Mind or consciousness, in effect, brought the universe into existence and have it behave as wave or particles for it.

In the final analysis the implication is that the universe (light) is neither wave nor particles; it does not exist apart from us. (See George Berkeley's solipsism that claims that the universe is in our minds.)

You could ask the following question(s). The Big Bang hypothesis of the origin of the universe says that the universe has existed for 13.8 billion years.   Human beings, as we now know them, have existed for about 100, 000 years. That is, consciousness in human form has existed for less than a million years whereas the universe has existed for billions of years. If it is human consciousness that brought the universe into being how come the universe existed for billions of years before human consciousness? This seems a good question, is it not?

But is consciousness only found in present form of human beings?  The earth came into being 4.5 billion years ago; apparently, it and its star, the sun and eight other planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus and Pluto), Asteroids and Comets came into being from supernova of other stars.

We know that as soon as the initial hot earth cooled down (apparently, comets brought water to earth), about 3.8 billion years ago, animal life began evolving on it almost immediately, from around 3.7 billion years ago.

Single celled biological organisms, such as bacteria have been on planet earth for, at least, 3.7 billion years. Does consciousness exist in bacteria, yes or no?  How do you know for sure?

We can assume that in one form or another consciousness has been around on planet earth for almost four billion years.

One assumes that there are biological life forms on the other planets in our Milky Way galaxy or in the trillions of exoplanets in the billions and billions of galaxies in the universe. In some of those planets biological life forms probably have consciousness that has existed, may be, for over 10 billion years?

And there is nothing to say that it is not consciousness itself that asked the Big Bang to occur hence consciousness probably precedes the existence of the physical universe.

Some reductionist neuroscientists tell us that consciousness is the product of the human brain; that is, is epiphenomenal. They study the brain and show us how information is transmitted at neurons' synapses and claim that that is the origin of consciousness. Really?

The dance of electrons, electrical ions (of calcium, magnesium, potassium, sulfur, and phosphor), and neurotransmitters made me to go write this essay or wrote this essay?

Electrons made William Shakespeare write his immortal tragedies and comedies? Electrons wrote those tragedies and comedies?

Neuroscientists are too silly to be taken seriously. Consciousness, perhaps, in a manner we do not understand, probably exists apart from matter, energy, space and time.

Obviously, we have not quite understood how it all works out, how consciousness and matter interact.  The purpose of science is to ask questions and answer them, not to close doors to answering questions.

Atheism is the stuff of shabby minds.  Yes, we do not know if there is God or not but that does not preclude consciousness, albeit in unknown form from existing.

God is the product of human definition; the way our ancestors defined God in Christianity and Islam and other religions is obviously unacceptable to modern scientifically trained minds.

There may well be a form of consciousness the nature of which we have not understood. We just have to deconstruct our old God and reconstruct him, for we constructed him in the first place.

God is not outside us; God is us playing with the manifest universe we made (we want to understand what we made through science and play with it through technology).


My hypothesis is that consciousness is outside and inside matter, energy, space and time. It is consciousness that produced light, atoms, elements and matter and the physical universe. Mind produced our universe; how it did so I do not know.


I am aware that I merely asserted my opinion without proving its validity. If you want to understand this debate before you form your own opinion you may want to read books by and on the following giants of twentieth century science:

Max Plank (discovered quanta of light), Albert Einstein (posited theory of General Relativity, renamed quanta of light photons), Neils Bohr (posited Complementarity principle), Ernest Rutherford (discovered protons), James Chadwick (discovered neutrons), Louis Broglie (showed that electrons and other particles behaved as light in double slit experiments), Werner Heisenberg (wrote about uncertainty principle), Erwin Schrodinger ( provided us with the wave equations undergirding quantum mechanics), Paul Dirac (posited the idea of anti-matter), David Bolm (posited the idea of implicate and explicate orders of reality), Fred Hoyle (he is largely responsible for understanding nucleosynthesis inside stars, how hydrogen fuses into helium; I accept his steady state universe, his idea of many big bangs producing many island universes; his idea that space and time have existed for ever and ever and his idea that life forms were brought to planet earth from space, that as planet earth speeds through space that it sometimes encounters  areas with viruses that then affect us on earth; and that AIDs and other viruses, such as Ebola were cooked in Western laboratories and used to kill Africans and homosexual men, the two groups hated by the fundamentalist Christian white man), Hugh Everett (many worlds view of quantum mechanics), John Bell (propagated the entangled particles nonlocal behavior, although Albert Einstein in his 1935, EPR thought experiment anticipated it),  Alan Aspect (experimentally proved  nonlocality of entangled particles) and Alan Guth and Linde (invented inflation theory to explain why the incipient universe was not forced by gravity to collapse back to itself and end evolution) and other quantum physicists and cosmologists.

In sum, the physical universe was produced by our minds and is in our minds! In Hinduism's categories, the universe is a dream in our minds. Disprove this assertion if you can.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

May 15, 2017


Sunday, 14 May 2017 21:31

The world is our fantasy

From Ozodi Osuji's Daily Journal:

Let me say this up front; individuals have different levels of intelligence. If you do not have superior IQ, anything above 132, please do not bother reading my notes, for all you are going to do is confuse yourself. Only the brainy can follow my cogitations. I write for brilliant, not for average and above average folks.


Build a mansion, say, the Versailles or the pyramid. It is built of rocks, sand and cement. Over time those would be worn down by nature and return to sand.  Sand is composed of elements (silicon, mostly) and those would decay to protons, neutrons and electrons and those particles would decay to quarks and photons. Photons would decay to the nothingness from whence it came.

Our bodies will similarly decay to sixty four elements (mostly carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen) that they are made of and those would decay to particles and those to nothingness.

In effect, everything in this world came from nothingness and returns to nothingness. But what is nothingness?


Fear alerts one to danger, to threat to one's body, to whatever could harm or destroy one's body; fear urges one to take measures to protect one's body so as to survive in body.  Fear protects body and the sense of separated self it houses.

Fear can protect the human body for, give or take, a hundred years; thereafter, the body dies and decays to the sixty four elements that compose it and those decay to particles and those decay to quarks and eventually to the nothingness from whence it came.

In effect, fear is really protecting nothingness pretending to be something (body). But what is nothingness?

Nothingness is spirit; spirit is beyond matter, energy, space and time. We cannot understand spirit with the categories of science so let us then just say that it is nothingness.

Nothingness literally means that which is not this or that but is everything; this is Buddhism's definition of God, nothingness.  God is nothing means that God is everything but not one particular thing!


Fear defends body and thus defends against the awareness of spirit; fear defends against your awareness of your real self which is spirit; fear defends against God, our collective real self. In fear you know yourself as body and ego and forget that you are part of unified spirit, aka God.

It follows that to know your real self, God, you must not be in a state of fear; to not be in a state of fear you must forget that you are a separated self in body.


There is a difference between men and women. Women love their bodies whereas men don't necessarily value their bodies.

If you do not understand this distinction you cannot relate well to women. If you want a woman to like you, you must value her body whereas a man does not care what you think of his body but wants you to value his sense of importance (grandiose ego).

A man will attack, even kill you if you denigrate his ego's importance; a woman will hate you if you denigrate her body's beauty; you must tell a man that he is a very important person; you must tell a woman that her body is gorgeous, tell her that she is Cleopatra or whoever is deemed the most beautiful woman in her world.

There is a bunch of primitive Africans called Igbos; they are aware that men want to be seen as important and they deliberately go out of their way to tell people that they are not important; those they insult occasionally smack them down, kill them; yet, the primitives do not learn from their sorry history and start respecting people; apparently, putting people down makes them feel neurotically, that is, falsely important and that is good enough for them.

You must respect men's sense of importance, albeit false importance, if you want them to keep you alive; you must value women's bodies if you want them to like you.

Women's vanity is body based whereas men's vanity is ego based. Both are vain, nevertheless.

To women love means seeing their bodies as valuable and worthwhile. In fact, they want you to value their vagina and in sex to tell them how great the sexual intercourse is for you; if you don't they feel like they are not good enough for you and will not like you. To most men sex is somatic tension release (a prostitute would do) and not much emotional value is attached to it but women attach much value to sex.

In effect, since body is nothingness and women value it they value nothingness. Nothingness or not that is what women value and you had better understand that: you must value and appreciate their bodies if you want to get along with them.  You must value their bodies to the point of giving those bodies good clothes, jewelry and house them in mansions and drive them around in expensive cars. If you do not give women these things you are bye- bye (this is a generalization; there are exceptions to every rule).


The normal person accepts his body. The neurotic, a person closer to God than normal persons (normal persons are still pure animals; they have not yet begun the awakening process, the return journey to their real self, to God), denies that he is body and seeks ideal body; the neurotic wants a body made of light that would not die.

Physical light, say, photons lasts billions of years and do not die; they are merely absorbed by matter; matter itself is made from light; matter is condensed light; eventually matter decays back to light so light essentially lives forever and ever.

The problem is that by mere wishes the neurotic ego cannot transform his body to light form even though his body was originally made of light.

The Holy Spirit, the right part of our minds, our real self that has the power of God in us, has already transformed our dense bodies to light bodies; each of us already has a light body; you can see that light body but to do so you must tune out seeing your matter based body.

The salient point is that the ego mind cannot transform the body to light forms; only the God in the temporal universe, the Holy Spirit can do that and has already done it.


Science studies the natural world as it is, no emotions entertained. Thus, scientists are said to be very realistic folks.

But the question of consciousness is not subject to scientific realism. You may say that physiological processes determine consciousness but that is an unproved statement, an assumption. We simply do not know what consciousness is talk more what determines it; many folks say that it is apart from matter and energy but that is an assumption.

Whereas realism is applicable to matter and energy it is not applicable to consciousness and spiritual matters.

Mind remains a mystery to me. Consider. My mind produces dreams while I sleep. How does it do it, some say by the dance of electrons, photons, neurotransmitters, electrical ions etc.  This is not a satisfactory explanation. The truth is that I do not know how my mind or my brain produces my dreams.  It is a mystery to me that in my dream I see a world that looks like the day world.

I suspect that mind is outside brain and produces the nightly dream as well as our day world (our day world is produced by our collective minds, whereas our nightly dreams are produced by each of us individually). I am inclined to say that an intelligent force produced my dreams.

As an existentialist thinker, however, I know that my nightly dreams and day world remains pointless and meaningless; so even if an intelligent force, aka son of God, produced them it produced a meaningless world.

The son of God, my supposed real self, might as well not have produced a meaningless world, a world we shall, sooner or later, blow up, with our nuclear capability.

I still say that the force that produced our world is an intelligent force but an intelligent fool; otherwise, why bother to produce a meaningless world?  No wonder scientists say that our universe is a product of accidents.

The problem is that there is determinism and plan in the universe, the mathematical precision undergirding the working of subatomic particles inside the atom cannot be the product of accidents but by design.

In my opinion, the universe was designed by an intelligent mad man. The son of God went insane and in his insanity designed our meaningless world.

Sanity lies in understanding the world we designed and, ultimately, through science unravelling it and awakening to the awareness of our minds before we went to sleep and dream this complex but idiotic world.

I want to wake up from this nightmare called our universe, don't you?

PS: If you have not read:

Horgan, John (1996). The End of Science. New York: Broadway Books.

Penrose, Roger (1989). The Emperor's New Mind.  New York: Penguin Books.

Morris, Richard (1997). Achilles in the Quantum Universe. New York: John Holt and company.

Read them, now, and talk to me about them; thanks.


Ozodi Thomas Osuji

May 14, 2017



Ozodi Thomas Osuji

Earlier this week, out of the blues, a thirty nine year old man called me from Nigeria. He introduced his self by telling me that he read, at the Internet, an article I did on his dead nephew, Mike.

I had tried calling Mike and his phone was not picked up. After several tries I called a friend in the Los Angeles area and asked him to go check on him.  He did and learned from the apartments' manager that Mike is dead. She told him that Mike had died in his apartment.

I asked the friend to notify Mike's Aba people living in the Los Angeles area about what transpired. He did. Apparently, they sent his body back to Nigeria.

That was the last I heard about the matter.   So, a couple of days ago when a man called from Nigeria telling me that Mike was the senior brother of his mother and that Mike had promised to take care of him and his mother but now that he is dead that they have no one to take care of them, I was perplexed by that information. I wondered why he is telling me about his family affairs.

He said that he and his mother are suffering greatly and that he would like me to send to them money and help them out as Mike would have done for them.

I listened to him and could not believe what I am hearing. He is a stranger and does not know who I am and I do not know who he is and he is asking me to take care of him and his mother?

He told me that he attended a university at Calaba and that he is a pastor. So, here we have a thirty nine years old man, a pastor at a church calling a total stranger and asking him to take financial care of him and his mother!

Assuming that I have the money to do so, I do not have it, why should I take care of them? To him, apparently, it is because his nephew and I went to college together.

I did not say anything in reply to what this man was telling me. He called several times and I chose to not pick up the phone whenever he called, usually around 3 AM (my local time).

It occurred to me that at no time during his monologue (I did not talk, he was the one doing all the talking) did he ask me a question about his nephew, such as how he died, was he sick and the circumstances of a man dying in his apartment. He did not want to know about Mike's life but was distressed that the source of help for him and his mother is gone and he is looking for another source of help.

If he did not bother to find out how his relative died would he bother to know about my welfare? He is invested in getting help. How about caring for other people's welfare? That is not his calling; getting is his primary concern not giving. Clearly, he is self-centered! He is not socio-centric at all.

His nephew, Mike, was not a traditional college student when I ran into him.  He was way too old to be at college. He must have been in his late forties, if not fifties, when I saw him.  I was a typical graduate student, in my early twenties. I wrote for the college newspaper. Mike had read one of my pieces and called me up. That was how I met him. Before that I did not know who he was.

He told me that he attended government college, Umuahia, had HSC and secured a teaching job at a secondary school in Aba, Nigeria. He said that he taught for several years trying to take care of his younger siblings and save up money with which to go to university.

The Nigerian Civil war interfered with his educational plans. After the war he returned to teaching and eventually saved up enough money to come to the USA. Thus, we met at a US college campus.

Because of the age difference between us we had very little in common and could not really become friends.

At one other time I ran into him on campus and he asked me if I know of a typist who could type a term paper for him. I told him to give it to me to type for him. I type very fast, may be, 100 words a minute. So I went to my campus office (I was a teaching assistant) and typed the paper for him.

Thereafter, he would call me and ask me to type a paper for him. I was kind of becoming his unpaid typist so I asked him to go learn how to type. He never did learn to type so occasionally I typed for him.

After graduate school I left the Los Angeles area but we kept in touch with each other.  Years later he told me that he obtained a PhD in education administration.

He was unable to secure a job with what he studied and was unemployed; I called folks that I know in my field, mental health and asked them to give him a job in a psychiatric hospital.  He obtained a job in a hospital. As far as I know that was the only real job he did.  He did that job until age sixty five and retired. His life was devoted to taking care of his folks back in Nigeria.  He never did marry.

Mike was a humorist; he was full of jokes. Thus, occasionally I called him to listen to his sense of humor. It was during one such call and him not picking up his phone that I suspected that something was wrong hence I called a friend to go do welfare check on him and we found out that he is dead.

That was where things stood until my unusual phone calls from the fellow in Nigeria soliciting financial help from me.  I thought about his request from me and came to the conclusion that for him to have done so he must be in extreme penury. He must be unusually poor and needs financial help and asked for it from any one he could, including from strangers.

He called several times, sometimes leaving messages in my voice mail, in some exhibiting anger at me for not realizing the urgency of his need hence helping him.

He obviously needs help and somehow believed that I am in a position to help him and felt angry that I was not doing so with alacrity.

His nephew, Mike was supporting him, his mother and several folks in their extended family. Nigerians depend on any relative that has a job to support them.

Given the poor wages of a typical working Nigerian, he would have to seek other sources of income to be able to support members of his extended family. He may have to take bribes and engage in other forms of corruption to get the money to support his folks.

If the relative is in America he may have to do several menial jobs (America gives black folks menial jobs) to be able to support his folks back in Nigeria. Mike probably did not marry because of the burden of supporting several relatives?

Pondering this issue, what became crystal clear to me is that Nigerians are in desperate straight and need folks' help. They expect any relative who has a job to support them and in the process enhance those folks tendency to corruption. The absurd high level of corruption in Nigeria is largely attributable to folks need to support their unemployed relatives.

Why did a thirty nine year old man in Nigeria feel that a total stranger ought to support him?  It is probably because of poverty and dependent personality structure.

My personal psychology is absolute independence (actually, it is impossible to be totally independent; at best one achieves interdependent relationship with others where they exchange goods and services in an objective manner). I support me. I do not see it as my obligation to support other adults.

Other than training ones children to university level I do not believe that it is the individual's job to support other adults.

We must all work to create a society where all people have equal opportunity to fend for themselves but such behavior does not mean carrying other people on ones back. Each person must take care of his needs and not depend on others to do for him what he needs to survive with.

As far as I am concerned if you are an adult (if you are above college age, 22 years) and cannot support yourself you ought to die. I totally accept Herbert Spencer and Charles Darwin's idea that life is a struggle for survival where the fittest survive and the unfit die off. If you can compete you survive, if not you die off. This is social Darwinism.

If I cannot support me I would prefer to die.  I do not see any need to live to have other persons support me or for me to support other people.

In my view, the 39 years old man who asked me for money ought to go get a job; if he cannot get a job he ought to start a business; failing those he ought to die. He should have preferred death to expecting other adults to support him.   What is he living for, anyway?

He is a Nigerian; a Nigerian is a coward who wants to survive at all costs; he is afraid of fighting and if needs be dying to bring about good governance in Nigeria. If he fights for good governance in Nigeria the criminals ruling Nigeria may see him as an obstacle to their thievery and get rid of him by killing him. To live he does not fight for justice in his country. He is a slave tolerating others abuse just so he lives. He lives for nothing; so, why should anyone help him survive, what is he surviving for?

A coward is contemptible; no one should help him to survive. If you want to survive you go struggle for it; it is not for other persons to enable you survive.

The more I think about this issue the more I understand that many Nigerians and Africans have dependent personality disorder. Such persons feel powerless to help themselves and expect other people to help them survive (they please those they want to help them to survive).

We, therefore, have to figure out a way to transform Africans from dependent personalities to independent, self-relying personalities.

If we are going to mitigate the extreme level of corruption in Nigeria we must heal Nigerians of their dependent personality structures; we must train them, from childhood to adulthood, to be on their own and not expect other people to support them.

Moreover, we must insist that Nigerians stop producing many children, children that they cannot support. No human being (a family) has a right to have more than two children, three is tops. The population of the world is already too much; and this is more so in Africa!

How are Nigerians figuring on feeding their ever growing population? Is it with oil money? Oil is an exhaustible resource and will not be there in the future to feed Nigerians.

The land mass of Nigeria, almost half of Alaska, a state in the USA, cannot support more than fifty million people yet Nigeria is about 150 million people. It is about time that this runaway population growth is stopped.  We must embark on family planning in Africa, now!

Nigerians and Africans should just stop having many children and let many of the people already alive to die off; Nigeria's population needs to be reduced to 50 million, which is about the level that can be adequately supported by Nigeria's resources.

Below, appended, is a vignette on dependent personality disorder, culled from Psych-central.


Ozodi Thomas Osuji

May 13, 2017


Dependent Personality Disorder Symptoms

By Steve Bressert, Ph.D.
~ 3 min read

 Dependent personality disorder is characterized by a long-standing need for the person to be taken care of and a fear of being abandoned or separated from important individuals in his or her life. This leads the person to engage in dependent and submissive behaviors that are designed to elicit care-giving behaviors in others. The dependent behavior may be seen as being “clingy” or “clinging on” to others, because the person fears they can’t live their lives without the help of others.

Individuals with Dependent Personality Disorder are often characterized by pessimism and self-doubt, tend to belittle their abilities and assets, and may constantly refer to themselves as “stupid.” They take criticism and disapproval as proof of their worthlessness and lose faith in themselves. They may seek overprotection and dominance from others. Occupational functioning may be impaired if independent initiative is required. They may avoid positions of responsibility and become anxious when faced with decisions. Social relations tend to be limited to those few people on whom the individual is dependent.

Chronic physical illness or Separation Anxiety Disorder in childhood or adolescence may predispose an individual to the development of dependent personality disorder.

A personality disorder is an enduring pattern of inner experience and behavior that deviates from the norm of the individual’s culture. The pattern is seen in two or more of the following areas: cognition; affect; interpersonal functioning; or impulse control. The enduring pattern is inflexible and pervasive across a broad range of personal and social situations. It typically leads to significant distress or impairment in social, work or other areas of functioning. The pattern is stable and of long duration, and its onset can be traced back to early adulthood or adolescence.

Symptoms of Dependent Personality Disorder

Dependent personality disorder is characterized by a pervasive fear that leads to “clinging behavior” and usually manifests itself by early adulthood. It includes a majority of the following symptoms:

  • Has difficulty making everyday decisions without an excessive amount of advice and reassurance from others
  • Needs others to assume responsibility for most major areas of his or her life
  • Has difficulty expressing disagreement with others because of fear of loss of support or approval
  • Has difficulty initiating projects or doing things on his or her own (because of a lack of self-confidence in judgment or abilities rather than a lack of motivation or energy)
  • Goes to excessive lengths to obtain nurturance and support from others, to the point of volunteering to do things that are unpleasant
  • Feels uncomfortable or helpless when alone because of exaggerated fears of being unable to care for himself or herself
  • Urgently seeks another relationship as a source of care and support when a close relationship ends
  • Is unrealistically preoccupied with fears of being left to take care of himself or herself

Because personality disorders describe long-standing and enduring patterns of behavior, they are most often diagnosed in adulthood. It is uncommon for them to be diagnosed in childhood or adolescence, because a child or teen is under constant development, personality changes and maturation. However, if it is diagnosed in a child or teen, the features must have been present for at least 1 year.

Dependent personality disorder is diagnosed in between 0.5 and 0.6 percent of the general population.

Like most personality disorders, dependent personality disorder typically will decrease in intensity with age, with many people experiencing few of the most extreme symptoms by the time they are in the 40s or 50s.

How is Dependent Personality Disorder Diagnosed?

Personality disorders such as dependent personality disorder are typically diagnosed by a trained mental health professional, such as a psychologist or psychiatrist. Family physicians and general practitioners are generally not trained or well-equipped to make this type of psychological diagnosis. So while you can initially consult a family physician about this problem, they should refer you to a mental health professional for diagnosis and treatment. There are no laboratory, blood or genetic tests that are used to diagnose dependent personality disorder.

Many people with dependent personality disorder don’t seek out treatment. People with personality disorders, in general, do not often seek out treatment until the disorder starts to significantly interfere or otherwise impact a person’s life. This most often happens when a person’s coping resources are stretched too thin to deal with stress or other life events.

A diagnosis for dependent personality disorder is made by a mental health professional comparing your symptoms and life history with those listed here. They will make a determination whether your symptoms meet the criteria necessary for a personality disorder diagnosis.

Causes of Dependent Personality Disorder

Researchers today don’t know what causes dependent personality disorder. There are many theories, however, about the possible causes of dependent personality disorder. Most professionals subscribe to a biopsychosocial model of causation — that is, the causes of are likely due to biological and genetic factors, social factors (such as how a person interacts in their early development with their family and friends and other children), and psychological factors (the individual’s personality and temperament, shaped by their environment and learned coping skills to deal with stress). This suggests that no single factor is responsible — rather, it is the complex and likely intertwined nature of all three factors that are important. If a person has this personality disorder, research suggests that there is a slightly increased risk for this disorder to be “passed down” to their children.

Treatment of Dependent Personality Disorder

Treatment of dependent personality disorder typically involves long-term psychotherapy with a therapist that has experience in treating this kind of personality disorder. Medications may also be prescribed to help with specific troubling and debilitating symptoms. For more information about treatment, please see dependent personality disorder treatment. 

Wednesday, 10 May 2017 23:05

God is our collective real self


Ozodi Thomas Osuji

To Eze Paschal:

Today is the last day of spring semester. I was on campus entering students' grades into the computer. I got done around 11 AM and headed on home. I got home and read some of your posts on quantum physics, an area of interest. I realized that you are at the gate of knowledge. Quantum mechanics brings the physical sciences to the door of spirituality; that is what it did for me, anyway. I went to my computer and typed the below ideas that entered my mind. I typed it in less than fifteen minutes. It came from my stream of consciousness (subconscious mind; that is, I did not consciously think about what I was typing). Beginning next week I will be out of town. I will return to Anchorage, Alaska in August, when the Fall Semester begins (if I find a better gig I may not return for I really want to be a consultant and workshop presenter rather than do the grinding work of teaching students about old stuff, empirical science that my mind has long ago transcended...and you cannot bring spirituality into the class for that is a no, no). I do not expect your fellow Africans to understand what I wrote below; they seem to be at a much, much lower state of spiritual evolution; they see God as a person they have to pray to for help. I do not write for them; I write for advanced students of spirituality.

God is our collective real self; he is unified spirit self; he is one self that is simultaneously infinite selves; each of us is a part of the God self.

The God self is not apart from each of us and all of us. You cannot ever see God for he is your real self. Even in the experience of union (what Catholics call mystical union, Hindus call Samadhi, Buddhists call  Nirvana, and Zen calls Satori) you do not see God;  you simply know that he is all of us and that you are a part of him and does everything you do with his intelligence and power.

You cannot do anything without God for God is your source.  In God we do not have forms; we do not exist in bodies, dense or light bodies.

If you like, you can use the analogy of light (analogy is not what it analogizes) and see God as a wave of spiritual light and each of us is a particle of it.

The problem with this analogy is that you are more likely to see the particle as apart from the wave. Listen, God is both the wave and the particle; you are both the wave and the particle.

When you act as if you are all existence you are the wave, you are God but when you act as if you are separated from other people and from the totality of being you are a particle of that light.

As you learned from your quantum physics (review Max Plank, Albert Einstein, Ernest Rutherford, Neils Bohr, Louis Broglie, Pauli, Max Born, Paul Dirac, Werner Heisenberg, Emil Schrodinger, James Chadwick, J. J Thompson, James Clark Maxwell, Ludwig Boltzmann,  Marie and Pierre Curie, Lise Meitner, Strassman , Otto Hahn, Enrico Fermi, James Wheeler, Hugh Everett, John Bell, Stephen Weinberg, Alan Aspect, Alan Gott.)Wave and particle are one, literally not figuratively.

We, the particles of God's light seem to be separated from him. In our seeming separated states we used God's infinite intelligence to invent physical light and used physical light to invent quarks, and used quarks to invent protons and neutrons and used light to invent electrons and then combined them into nuclei and circle them with electrons hence formed elements and used the elements to invent galaxies, stars, planets, pants, animals, people etc.

Each of us now seems housed in a separated body made of 64 elements, primarily carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen, and walks in space and time. His body, made of matter, and the space and time he walks in are illusions, they do not exist; but for now they seem to exist, by his wish and choice.

In their seeming separated state they have a choice, to hate each other or to love each other. If they love each other they enjoy the illusion of separation but if they hate each other they experience their separation as a nightmare, all by their own doing; there is no external other to blame for what they experience for they set it all up.


In our seeming state of separation we deny that we are God; having denied God and separated from him we then invented fear and now fear God.

The fear of God is really the fear of our collective real self. The fear of God, the belief that God will destroy us (our egos) and send us to hell prevents us from realizing that we are the God we fear.

Fear is used to keep us separated from God, from our real self; fear is not what happens to us against our wish but what we choose to enable us separate from God, our real self.

Fear maintains the illusory world of ego separated selves, space and time.

In the state of separation we feel like we attacked and destroyed our unified self; those who attacked their selves feel guilty. Thus, in ego states we feel guilty.

The Catholic Church said that we are born in sin and traces that sin to what it calls the original sin that supposedly occurred in the Garden of Eden when we disobeyed God and ate the apple he told us not to eat. In a way the church's metaphor is correct for we do feel guilty and, as it were, we are born in sin.

That sin, however, did not emanate from eating a forbidden apple but from separation from our real self, from God.

When we separated from God, from our real self we feel guilty. To live as a human being is to feel guilty, to feel sinful. Add to that existential guilt the bad things we do to each other and our sense of sin is compounded.


Sin calls for punishment. We think that God and other people we separated from feel angry at us for separating from them and will attack us (to end separation that causes them psychological pain).

Without waiting for them to attack us, they will not attack us for we have not separated from God, separation is an illusion, not real, we attack and punish ourselves.

We punish us for our existential sin of separating from God and from each other's real selves. We can literally punish other people or redirect that punishment to us.

We punish us by making us fail in life, giving us poverty and giving us physical disorders. Africans, for example, punish themselves for separating from God by giving themselves poverty and suffering (when they learn to love one another they would give themselves wealth and good life).


People who realize that it is impossible to separate from God, from our real selves, for no power on earth can separate from God; people who accept that separation is an illusion and love one another are saved. They see the world of matter, space and time as illusions.

Since, apparently, they are still in the world of illusions they play with it without attachment to it. They are in the world but are not of the world; they do not value anything in the world.

For example, I do not value my body for I know that it is an illusion that does not exist; I do not have a sense of attachment to any material thing or the world itself.

Because I have transcended the snares of the world, occasionally, I see me in literal light body;  every once in a while I do not see me in form, dense or light but know me as part of our unified self.

The formless self is eternal, permanent and changeless; in it one feels a kind of peace that no ego can understand.


In the world of space, time and matter I play with my body and my ego (you must have an ego separated self to be in our world but you can use that ego and body to love other egos and bodies).  I play with people and the world but know that they are at root formless spirit.

We have two states in form; the first state in form is as we now are, in dense matter; when we love and forgive all we see ourselves in light forms; in light forms our egos and bodies are purified and are now closer to God; they are at the gate of heaven but not in heaven, for heaven itself is formless, literal unified self with unified mind; in heaven where God ends and his sons begin is nowhere; there is  no space between them; they are in each other as one self.

I know that God is not outside me or you; he is inside us; he is our real self; but because he is in me and you and you seem outside me I am tempted to see God as outside me. No, he is inside me and you.

God is one point of spiritual light from which all of us, particles of that spiritual light, emanate and are parts of; separation is impossible; union is eternal.

I really cannot explain the nature of unified reality; it seems a conundrum yet it is very simple to understand it, but you must first experience it to understand it; mere intellectual gymnastics cannot enable one to understand or explain it.

I recommend that you just forgive and love all people; if you truly mean it you will occasionally see your present self in light form; that self has no solidity. Eventually, you will experience yourself as one with God and at that point you are enlightened and illuminated to your real self; after that experience you become a teacher of God/love/union, as I am.

We must live from our real self means that we must live from God, live from love and live from the state of our unified real self.

Finally, as I noted elsewhere, most Africans are at a lower stage of spiritual development; they are not yet too far evolved from mere animal status. Actually, normal folks, including whites and Asians, are closer to animal state than to human state. At any point in time only a few people are awakening from the animal state and returning to our unified consciousness. I sense that you are one of us who are on the return journey to our real self, God.  If so go find yourself a spiritual advisor, a person who has experienced God and can therefore guide you as you try to regain the awareness of God. This is necessary for when you begin meditating and at a point lose awareness of your self-concept and self-image and body and experience yourself as non-existent you may panic and try to re-compensate with psychosis. You, therefore, need a person, guru, to guide you to the world of God.  I do not believe that an African in Africa has experienced God. Hindu Swamis (priests) and Buddhist/Zen Roshis can help you.  If there is a Hindu or Buddhist temple around you please go to them. You must see Africans as one sees animals or, at best, as children and smile at their underdeveloped emotional and mental behaviors, their lack of understanding that to love is to live and to hate is to be a living dead person.


Ozodi Thomas Osuji

May 10, 2017


Please see if this essay makes sense to you; if not forget it and move on to what makes sense to you; each of us is in a different place in our evolution in space, time and matter.



This essay combines scientific and spiritual psychology to give a fuller account of human behavior. The West emphasizes only scientific psychology and since human beings have a spiritual dimension thus gives only a partial account of human behavior and cannot heal any one through its psychotherapy; it is only when we combine scientific and spiritual psychotherapies that we can heal people and return their minds to peace. By spiritual psychology I do not mean the stuff out there written by those who claim to channel unseen spirits. Those are materials from people's subconscious minds; some of them are useful but most of them are mere poetry; they are stuff from folk's stream of consciousness. My spiritual psychology is derived from conscious thinking. Since there is more to us than our conscious self; the subconscious is real; my spiritual psychology is not complete; like science it is always evolving and getting improved with further experiences.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

I have always known that I am a very fearful person. However, at the conscious level I am very defiant of that fear; I generally do what I want to do in defiance of the fear I feel over it. In this essay I am going to try to understand how fear works in my life for I believe that my fear of harm and death makes me do everything that I do.  I approach everything that I do with fear.

If I did not have fear of harm and death in my unconscious or subconscious or conscious mind my behavior would be the opposite of what I know it to be.

I am writing this essay to help the reader do what I do: pause and examine how fear drives his behavior; I believe that until we understand the role of fear in our lives we cannot improve our personal behaviors; as long as human beings are slaves of fear they cannot change their world; but if they understand the nature of fear and overcome it they would start behaving like the gods they imagine exist apart from them (gods are people's real; selves, denied and projected out).

This new focus on fear began when I returned from California to Anchorage, Alaska (I have lived in Anchorage for many years but left and spent some time at other places but decided to return to Alaska, for  of all places in the USA I like Alaska best).

I moved into an apartment on the third floor of an apartment building.  I moved in with my girlfriend. Right from the first night in the apartment we began hearing noises in the walls in the bedroom. It seemed like someone was running inside the walls. It was freaky.  We speculated about what could cause it.

I am extremely rational so I conjectured that it probably has something to do with the heating system of the building. The building is heated with hot water that runs through pipes embedded in the walls. That was my conjecture as to the causal factor of the sound.

The sound persisted. Like clockwork, it came on around 5 P M and 5 A M in the morning. We noted the timing and it seemed like it is deliberate, otherwise why five in the evening and five in the morning? Weird.

I had hoped that perhaps the sound would go away.  I asked those living in the same apartment building close to me whether they hear the same sound and they said no.  I talked to the maintenance manager and he said that no one had complained about such sounds. I invited him to come listen to them. He came and as expected at precisely 5PM the sound came. It felt like some children were running from wall to wall, from the wall in the bedroom to the bathroom and then into the kitchen; it seemed like they were opening the kitchen cabinets. The man examined the place to figure out what is possibly going on. He tried his best and could not come up with an explanation as to the cause of the sound.

A few days later, I went to the apartment manager's office and asked her if she knew what could be causing the sound and she had no idea. I asked if any event took place in the apartment, lately. She checked her books and said that the fellow who lived in it died about a month before I moved in. He had gotten sick and went to a local hospital called Providence Hospital and apparently died there; his folks came to clear his things out of the apartment.  That was all she knew.

Upon hearing that the fellow who lived in the apartment before we moved in had died my girlfriend said that the sound was probably from ghosts. Prior to her statement that idea had not entered my mind.

She talked about how ghosts revisit their old stomping grounds.  She also talked about Alaska been a native Indian land and how some areas are considered by the natives as sacred land, such as where they buried their people. The white man does not respect Native feelings on these things and simply build houses everywhere. She said that the alternative explanation is that the building is built on native sacred land and the ghosts of the dead were visiting the apartment.

I really do not know much about ghosts but what she said, that the place is a vortex of sorts attracting ghosts seemed heuristic and I thought about it and reached no conclusion. I do not know that ghosts exist or do not exist. I am agnostic and do not have definite stand on the existence of ghosts.

After listening to her ghost stories I began having nightmares. In my dreams I would feel attacked by unseen forces and I would fight with them and in the process of the struggle I would wake up.

I do not give in to attack, to ghost or man without fighting back, so whenever the unseen dark forces appeared in my dreams I hit the force with either my hands or legs but I did something to fight back. In fighting back I would wake up from sleep, with my arms and legs flailing all over the place. My girlfriend would notice my hands and legs flailing and kind of feel amused by it.

In fact, the weird sound in the apartment did not scare her one bit. She looked forward to them and said that she was playing with the ghosts. What scares one person apparently may not scare another person!

I must have had over ten episodes of fighting with unseen ghosts in my dreams.  Eventually, the sounds in the apartment stopped. A few months later they returned.

I contemplated moving away from the apartment but decided that I am supposed to be a tiger (the name I was called as a child) and no person or thing scared me.  I have an unconquerable will so I decided that I am not going to allow the sound to scare me away from the apartment.

The sounds would come and last for a few weeks and then disappear.  Around March of this year the sounds reappeared and lasted for a few weeks and then in mid-April disappeared. I have not heard them since mid-April.

Here is an example of my nightmarish dreams.  "In this dream I was lying on the bed and felt an evil presence around me; I tried to tell my father, who, apparently, was in the same room with me, about the evil presence. I tried to say to father that one of those ghosts in the apartment is bothering me, again.  The sound that came out of my mouth was mumbled, as is the case when one is in a state of fear; I tried to get up from the bed and woke up."

The relevant point here is that I attributed the sound in my apartment to ghosts and my unconscious mind constructed dreams where ghosts seem to be attacking me.

Are the sounds from ghosts? I do not, at the conscious level, think so. My conscious mind is the mind of a scientist. I accept as true only what I can see with my eyes, verify as there and, hopefully, can replicate in experimental situations.  Yet, despite my conscious empiricism and objectivism my unconscious mind apparently accepts the existence of unseen forces, ghosts, and use that superstitious belief to construct dreams  in which I feel persecuted and I fight back.

I come from the Osuji family; we are our folk's Osuaghas, war leaders; we are a warrior family; we do not kowtow to fear. But in my unconscious mind is obviously tremendous fear that makes me have nightmarish dreams even if I fight the so-called ghosts causing the nightmares. I do not chicken, turn tail and run from danger yet I feel attacked by what my conscious mind calls irrational beliefs, ghosts.

The relevant point is that in my subconscious mind is belief in ghosts and that belief is used by my mind to construct elaborate dreams in which I am attacked by ghosts and I fight back.  In my subconscious mind I feel persecuted by ghosts and I fight back.

But am I persecuted? Of course not! It is my fear that made me feel persecuted in my dreams.  It is my mind that attributes to ghosts the unexplained sound in my apartment.

The sound is probably due to the building's reactions to changes in ambient temperature; this is Alaska where we go from extreme cold to mildly hot temperature so I can see the wood with which the house is built adjusting, such as expanding and contracting in response, to changing ambient temperature. That is, my conscious rational mind sees the sound as due to mechanical forces but my unconscious mind attributes it to ghosts.

If fear of harm and death in my unconscious mind constructs dreams where I see me attacked by ghosts and I struggle with these ghosts even though I do not know that ghosts exist or not exist, could it not also be the case that my day, wake life is a situation where fear of harm and death in my unconscious mind constructs a world in which I see things trying to harm and kill me and I fight back?

Could my day world be shaped by the fear of harm and death in my unconscious mind?   That is not only a possibility but is probably the case.

My day life is defensive; I am always feeling a need to assert myself and to prove my independence; I do not allow any human being born of woman to tell me what to do, so if I sense been imposed on I immediately assert myself.

To be so reactive, I must apriori feel like people are trying to tell me what to do? That is, I must feel attacked by people and the environment and defend against that perceived attack with desire to be strong and assertive.  In effect, in my subconscious mind is a feeling of being persecuted by the world and I am fighting back, trying to survive.


Did the external world attack me to make me defensive? It did. In childhood I was in perpetual pain. I inherited serious genetic disorders (cytochrome c oxidase deficiency, spondylolysis and mitral valve prolapse). My body was always feeling burning sensation, like pins and needles all over it; I felt tingling in my legs and arms; sometimes, my legs felt numb. My childhood was not pretty.

Please do not even go there telling me that the symptoms that I described came from anxiety disorder; yes, anxiety produces similar symptoms but such anxiety is almost always secondary to medical disorders. I had serious medical disorders that made me feel like I am at the gate of death so I can understand feeling fearful but that fearfulness is secondary to my underlying medical issues. Anti-anxiety medications, such as Valium, Librium and Xanax may give one a sense of temporary somatic calmness but will not heal the underlying medical issues that cause the anxiety. I am an expert on mental disorders; let us not attribute to mind what is caused by body. Let us move on.

In childhood, I must have felt persecuted by my physical world, not by people. I did not believe that people in my childhood world did anything to harm me. If my problems were caused by people I would kill them. No one has a right to cause any child the type of pain I felt in childhood.

No, my problems were biological and medical in origin. I was persecuted by my body interacting with the physical environment (food, alone, gave my stomach so much pain that after eating I had to go lay down for  a couple of hours to recoup some well feeling).

In adulthood I have to be extremely careful what I eat for what most people eat and derive enjoyment from it causes me stomach pain. For example, I cannot smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol and do drugs; both stimulants and depressants make my heart palpitate and I feel dizzy.

My body was literally traumatized by its physical world and I felt traumatized. My body causes me on-going traumatic stress disorder, not post-traumatic stress disorder, PTSD but ongoing traumatic disorder OTSD (Ongoing Traumatic Stress Disorder).

All my life I have felt attacked by my physical environment; I feel that at any moment the environment could harm and destroy me. Thus, in my unconscious mind is fear of harm and death. That fear of harm and death shapes my nightly dreams and also shapes my daily behaviors.

Let me reiterate what I have so far said. I have said that deep in my subconscious mind is fear of harm and fear of death; I have said that this fear is due to how my body and mind reacted to my medical disorders and that it began in childhood.

The fear means that my ego wants to live in body and perceives threat to its existence in body and is fighting back, trying to do what it has to do to survive. My ego and body realistically felt threatened by medical issues and how those issues made my body react to the physical environment.

In racist America, racism threatens all black people's lives so there is also a social component to my fear; at the conscious level I do not fear white folks; however, I know that they do kill black people and therefore  am on alert in their presence; I expect white folks to harm me and other black folks.

Most black folks in racist America have what is called functional paranoia; they feel that white folks are out to get them so their antenna is up when they are around white folks; they do not relax and trust white folks to look after their interests. This suspiciousness and guardedness is rooted in their historical experience with white folks who enslaved and lynched them.

Nevertheless, it is paranoid for folks to be constantly guarded; it takes emotional and mental energy, energy that could be devoted to product ends, to guard against expected others attack on one.

One of the reasons why black folks do poorly at America schools is because they spend a lot of their energies defending themselves from perceived, real or imaginary, attacks from white folks. They feel attacked and are defensive.

Students who learn optimally tend to trust their teachers and environment and learn from them. I am saying that the deficits in black folk's intellectual performance in America are due to racism and defensive reaction to it. If racism is removed the supposed 15 points gap in the average scores by black white scores on IQ tests  (such as WAIS, WISC and Stanford Binet)would be eliminated. There are no differences in the so-called races of humanity; all people are the same and coequal.

There is deep rooted fear of harm and death in my unconscious mind. That fear of harm and death shapes my dream life and my day life.

In personality structure I have avoidant personality. The avoidant person believes that if other people come close to him that they would see that he is not good enough and hence reject him. He feels anxious in society. To avoid social rejection he avoids other people and keeps to his self. In social isolation he strives to maintain a good self-esteem (often he has an unrealistically grandiose self-concept).

My medical disorders, in childhood, made me feel not good enough, especially at sports; I tend to expect other people to see me as not good enough and resent been seen as not good enough and react to seem good enough.

In Alfred Adler's psychological categories, as a child I felt somatically inferior and compensated with drive for psychological sense of superiority.  I do not consciously see any human being as better than I am; indeed, I often feel superior to most people!

In day life, generally, I avoid the presence of white folks. I used to tell myself that white folks are not different from the devil itself, that they are Satan in human uniform, and are contemptible. As such, I avoided them; I really did not interact with them that much; I interacted with them from a guarded perspective and from a distance. This was pretty much like what paranoid persons do. I scanned white folk's behaviors, expecting them to do something nasty to me; I am guarded around them.

In fear I construct elaborate dreams, at night or day time, where things are trying to harm or destroy me and I defend myself by fighting back or avoiding the perceived source of threat.

My life is driven by both unconscious and conscious fears.  The fears seem very realistic yet fear holds one back. Fear makes one live a guarded and stifled life.

Clearly, whereas fear enables us to take defensive measures to survive, especially when we are actually attacked, but excessive fear, as in anxiety where one building from past realistic harms anticipate future harms and feel fear, handicaps one's life.

So, how does one overcome this unconscious fear? Flippantly, we can say that it is in seeing one's self as safe, as not threatened by external objects and people. But how does one get to a point where one sees one's self as safe?


As long as one identifies with a separated self, the ego in body, one would anticipate harm to one's body, for the human body is fragile and vulnerable and can be easily harmed or destroyed.

But if one can see ones true self as not the ego, as not a separated self in body, one would not anticipate harm to one's body or the death of one's body.


If one feels that one has a different self, a self that is eternal one would not fear harm and the death of one's body. To overcome fear one must not see one's self as a separated ego housed in body. To obtain a sense of security and safety human beings have found it necessary to imagine that they are not their egos and bodies and that their real selves is spirit, spirit that is eternal.  Therein lays the utility of religion and spirituality. Religion gives people a feeling of security by telling them that they have a self that is separate from their perishable bodies.

Pure secularity cannot eradicate people's sense of danger hence secular people tend to live in fear; some of them paralyzed and immobilized by fear. A paranoid person rationally sees all the things tht could snuff out his puny life and defends against them hence lives in fear; it takes faith in an unseen life after physical death for some people to act courageously, do what they feel is right and do not mind if you destroyed their egos and bodies.

Martin Luther King, perhaps, the most courageous twentieth century American, was aware that white racists could kill him but he trusted in life after death hence was not deterred by fear of death; he simply did what he believed is right, call for racial equality; and he was killed by racists who do not like racial equality.

I know that it is me who sees me as a separated self-housed in body, a body that is vulnerable and can be harmed, and destroyed and die.  It is me that wants my ego and body to survive. It is me that construct elaborate dreams, day and night dreams, in which I see things threatening my ego and body and I defend against them.

Other people, by and large, are not trying to harm me; it is me who believes that they are trying to harm me and respond to them as if what I expect is true when in fact it is not true.

The world I react to is largely of my making. I misinterpret stimuli coming from the external world as harmful to me and react as such (such as attributing what probably is mere physical sound to ghosts and feeling that ghosts are out to kill me and fighting them).

If I change my mind about whom I am, and stop seeing the external world as out to harm me I would change how I react to it.

Nobody is actually out to harm me, even white folks are not out to harm me; it is me that says that they ae out to harm me and react defensively towards them.

One's mind can enslave one with fears or liberate one if one overcomes ones fears.  The external world is mostly neutral; we project to it fear or love and act accordingly.  Consider this dream I had this morning.


May 7, 2017

3:30 AM

In this dream, I was with a lady friend at Venice Beach, California. We were waiting for a bus to take us to Santa Monica, California and from there catch another bus going to Westwood, California (where I lived). A bus came and we entered it. I put my hand into my back pocket to get out my wallet so as to pay the bus driver and my wallet was gone. I told the lady about it and asked her if I could borrow the bus fare of two dollars from her and pay her back when we get to Westwood. She began yelling at me, telling me how men rip off women and that I want to rip her off and wouldn't pay her back. In a few minutes she said such nasty things that I felt that she must be insane. The bus driver intervened and asked her why she is so verbally abusive. I said to the driver: she is crazy; she is suffering from schizoaffective disorder (a combination of schizophrenia, mania and depression). The bus driver told me not to worry about the fare. We got to Santa Monica and got off the bus. The lady entered a bus to go to Westwood and I decided that since I do not have the money for a bus fare that I would walk to Westwood. So I began the long trek to Westwood (I used to run that distance during my college days at UCLA, so it was not a big deal for me to walk it).  As I walked on I got into what seemed like the ghetto part of Los Angeles. I was now in the black neighborhood. When in the ghetto even middle class black folks feel fear from expectation that the gang members that infest ghettos could mug them. As I expected, a young black man came to me and demanded money from me. I was not afraid of him; I am usually not afraid of actual danger but show fear of imaginary danger. I told him that I have no money on me. Instead of mugging me he gave me enough money to pay for my bus fare to where I was going to and told me to pay him ten percent interest on his money; he laughed and left me. I knew that he was kidding for he just gave me my bus fare and had no way of reconnecting with me for me to pay him back. I began walking to a bus stop to catch a bus going to Westwood. Again, I was at what seemed like the ghetto part of Los Angeles (South Central, Watts and Compton etc.) and a teenage black boy confronted me with a sharp knife asking me for money. I ignored him and walked on. He kept walking with me asking for money. We got to a place where there were shopping carts and he was behind a cart so I pushed him with the cart to the wall of a building. He struggled to get out of it and his knife fell down and both of us struggled to pick up the knife. One of my childhood peers, Sunday Akagha, was now standing there watching us but not trying to help me. We struggled, each trying to reach the knife and I was cut on one of my fingers, felt pain and woke up from the dream.

Upon waking up I wrote down the dream and pondered what it meant. What came to my mind is that the lady I was with at Venice beach is a girlfriend and that I had asked her for money to pay my bus fare and she yelled at me and her odd behavior made me feel that she is insane.

Lately, the lady had been associating with many black men. I feel that the two black gang wannabes that I ran into in my dream, who tried to rob me, were my projections.

I had felt that my girlfriend is hobnobbing with too many black men and since I tend to associate black folks with danger I felt that they could attack me so as to have her to themselves. In the dream, I had two black men confront me.

In this dream, my unconscious mind projected out two young black men and made them confront me and I fought back.  They are symbolic of my fear that my girlfriend is associating with too many black folks who could attack me.

In real life I tend to be careful around young black men for I tend to see them as prone to unnecessary violence.

The meaning of this dream is that I projected harm and attack to (1) the lady friend (2) to the two young black men who confronted me. It is my mind that projected out the danger. In real life, neither the lady nor black folks did anything to harm me.

The point is that it is my subconscious mind that perceived the world as harmful and reacted accordingly. The world, be it in my dreams or in day time, is colored by my projection.

One's perception is colored by ones projection. The world one sees is colored by what is in one's unconscious mind; one does not see and respond to the world in an objective manner but as what is in one's unconscious mind disposes one to see it and respond to it.

Since the danger one sees in the external world is largely a result of ones interpretation of a neutral world as dangerous, one can decide not to see danger in other people's behaviors.

One can decide to not interpret the world as dangerous and respond to it differently. If one sees people as loving one tends to respond to them in a loving manner but if one sees the people as dangerous one tends to react to them defensively.

If I see the lady friend as kind and loving I would respond to her in a kind and loving manner but if I see her as not kind I would respond to her in kind. It is me who makes her out as loving or not loving. I project to her what is in my mind.

I do not know who she is or what is in her mind; what I see in her is my projection. Therefore, the right thing to do is not to respond to her as if she attacked me for she did not attack me.

I should say or do nothing around her and just let her be. Better still, I should forgive whatever little irritating things she does, overlook them and simply choose to love her true self.

Her true self loves but her ego self can be irritating. Her associating with too many black folks obviously is a cause for caution for me. Given my preconception of what black men can do I fear that she may attract danger to me by one of her black male friends?

But I can choose to overlook her behavior and not pay attention to it. She has a need to be with black folks and is doing what she can to help them and means well.  I do not need to attribute ill motive to her behavior.

The dream tells me that I do not see her, other people and things as they are; it tells me that I misinterpret people's behaviors and attribute violence to them and react accordingly.

Just as I attributed to the innocuous sounds in my apartment unkind ghostly intentions, and feel threatened and reacted with dreams of attack, I also attribute to the lady a danger that is not there in her and constructed an elaborate dream where she humiliated me in a bus and her black friends attacked me.

Our lives offer us opportunity to see what other folks are doing and attribute danger to them or not; if we attribute danger to other people's behaviors we respond to them as if they are a threat to us, defensively, but if we overlook their overt behaviors and focus on the love in them we react to them lovingly and do not see them as dangerous.

Consider racists. There are racist white folks alright. Racist white folks just elected the brain dead clown called Donald Trump. They hope to use him to put black folks in their place. The election of Barack Obama, a black man, as the president of America, unsettled racist white Americans. They did not see him as their president; the whole birther movement was designed to delegitimize Obama and make him, in their minds, not the president of America.

Apparently, the clown in the white house is motivated to undo whatever Barack Obama, a black man, did. He never did accept Obama as the legitimate president of the USA. His birther nonsense was a result of his racist resentment of a black president.

Is dumb Trump going to succeed?  In the short run, he may appear to do so but in the long run he is going to fail.  Moreover, by his dumb policies he is showing us how dumb most racists are; after him I doubt that America will elect another dumb racist its president.

The man is so immature that one wonders whether he is even emotionally ten years old. His language is that of third grader (age eight); his emotions are that of a narcissistic boy who stopped growing at age eight.

We now see a white fool in the white house and those black folks who in the past exalted white folks will no longer place them on a pedestal; black folks will henceforth see white folks as human beings, some smart but the many idiotic. The era of electing idiot white folks as America's leaders is over; that is the lesson of dumb Trump.

Black folks can learn from dumb Trump what a human being ought to not be instead of being angry at him.


Let me briefly summarize what science tells us about fear. Fear is found in most animals, human beings included.  Fear seems built into animals.

When danger confronts an animal, human beings included, apparently, their bodies feel threatened; they imagine harm or death and their bodies pour out excitatory neurochemicals such as adrenalin. Those neuro-chemicals quicken all their bodily processes. Their hearts pound  faster, their lungs work rapidly to drag in air into itself; their nervous system work rapidly sending messages to their brains, asking how they should respond; they are told to run away or stay and fight back (this is the flight or fight response to fear arousing stimuli).

In fear an animal perceives danger to his physical survival and his body reacts to enable him survive. His entire body quickens its processes. He feels his muscles tense up (sugar is poured into the muscles to prepare them to fight or run from the danger) his nervous system works fast, sending and receiving messages from the brain.

These quickened physiological responses enable the animal organism to quickly assess the danger it finds around it and decide whether it can fight it or whether it needs to run away. If it feels that it can fight it, it stays and fights back; it kills the lion trying to eat it or get eaten by the lion. If it feels unable to deal with the danger it runs away. It runs faster than it ordinarily does. The goal of fight or flight response to perceived danger is the animal's survival.

All of us have experienced fear. From past fear episodes we anticipate future fears. If other people in the past threatened your life you anticipate that they could do so in the future and around them you feel fear.

In America white racists do kill black people so black people anticipate harm from white people and around white folks feel anxious. They want to fight white folks or run away from them. It is the rare black man who feels completely relaxed in the company of racist white folks.

Biology teaches us that all animals are prone to fear. Try this experiment. If there are cockroaches in your kitchen, go out and turn off the light. Come back a few hours later and turn on the light. You will see the roaches scurry to dark nooks and crannies to avoid you killing them. If they are on the wall they would let go of their grip on the wall and fall to the floor and run; they do so to avoid you swatting them to death.

The point is that all animals are afraid of been killed and run from those who can kill them. Fear is the mechanism that makes them run away from harm and death or stay and fight back if they feel that they can fight and defeat the source of aggression.

From about the mid-1400s to the present, white folks have been a source of threat to black folks; they enslaved and discriminated against black folks. They have placed black folks in constant state of fear and paranoia. Black folks naturally do not want to live in fear and paranoia.

To get out of their stressful situation black folks either run from white folks or fight them. So far they run from white folks (or please them) to stay alive.

Sooner or later, black folks will fight back. In a few hundred years white folks, the present hunters of black folks, will become the prey, the hunted, as black folks hunt them down and kill them.

White folks have no right to threaten black folk's lives. As they say, what goes around comes around; empires come and go; where is Rome, France, Britain, the USSR? Those empires have bitten the dust. The USA is not exception to the fate of world empires. In fact, the USA is internally rotten and a little push by a determined aggressor and it would collapse in a few years (the USSR, the other so-called superpower, fell in three years, 1989-1991).


Clearly, animals have fear; it is fear that enables them to do what they have to do to survive as individuated selves in bodies. Think about it.

If you did not have desire to live as a separated, and individuated self in body would you be prone to fearfulness? The answer is no.

To make my point real let me personalize this discourse. If I do not want to live as a separated self in body I would care less what happens to my ego and body. If I do not care to live as a separated self if you pointed a gun at me and threatened to shoot and kill me I would not bother defending myself and would not be afraid of you.

It is my desire to live as a separated self in body that makes me feel fear of harm and death of my ego separated self.

As long as I fear harm and death of my ego and body I will experience fear. And as long as I experience fear sociopaths like racist white Americans will hold me hostage.


Racist white Americans are sociopaths, psychopaths and terrorists; they use fear to intimidate black folks into going along with their preposterous rule of them (white folks are actually underdeveloped creatures; if they are developed they would love rather than oppress folks).

Terrorists use guns and threat of harm to arouse fear in people; as long as people are prone to fear they will be intimidated by terrorists; terrorists will get the people to do as told to do because the people live in fear of harm and death.

Racist white Americans use terrorism to intimidate black Americans to obeying their sick society. Muslim terrorists use fear and intimidation to get people to embrace the most primitive religion on earth, Islam.

People are afraid of harm and death therefore can be intimidated and controlled. It is people's desire to live as separated ego selves housed in bodies that dispose them to live in fear.

Fear is the means of protecting the separated ego self and its house, the human body. If people did not desire to live as separated ego selves in bodies they would not be prone to fear. In fact, if people did not desire to live as separated egos in bodies they would not know what fear is.

If people still have consciousness and didn't decide to live as separated selves they wouldn't know fear.

If people desired to live as unified consciousness outside body they wouldn't feel fear. It is when consciousness separates into parts and each part is housed in a body (in animals, rats and people live in bodies) that fear comes into the picture.

Fear is what makes each unit of consciousness in body to protect itself. Fear enables each unit of separated consciousness in body to anticipate harm and destruction and do what protect it in body.

If, perchance, one experiences one's self as outside body one would not feel vulnerable to danger; one would feel eternal, immortal, permanent and changeless and would no longer feel fear.

In the instance in which I felt outside my body, and felt a part of unified consciousness (unified self, unified intelligence) I did not know fear. In that instance fear was not part of my consciousness. But the moment I returned to the awareness that I am in my body fear Re-entered my consciousness; fear enables me to survive as a unit of consciousness in body.

The point is that fear is necessary for the separated ego to survive in body but is not necessary if one is not in separated consciousness and is outside body.

If this is true, and it is true, for I have experienced myself outside my body, it follows that the only way to overcome fear is to know from direct experience  that one is not one's body and that one is not a  separated ego self.

If you know from direct experience, not mere intellection, that you have a self that is not in body, is not separated from other selves; if you know yourself as part of unified self (what folks call God) one would not feel fear.


God is all of us acting in tandem; he is not apart from us; he is the wave of spiritual light and each of us is a particle of that spiritual light; wave and particles are the same. If one knows that one is part of eternal spirit one would no longer feel fear.

To overcome ones fear one must decide that one is not ones ego and is not one's body; this requires that one see what happens to ones ego and body as not happening to one's real self.

If you can overlook what other people did to harm or even destroy your ego and body, that is, forgive them, you would not feel fear around them.

You see, white Americans, like foolish children run around thinking that they have effect on black folks. I see them as clowns and do not respect them. I do not see them as capable of destroying my real self, which I believe is part of unified spirit.  They cannot control me through their various intimidatory activities.

Terrorists, and that is what racists are, cannot intimidate you if you know yourself as eternal and not body; you would laugh at their efforts to intimidate a part of eternal life, you. You stand your ground, state the truth (our unified state in spirit).

If they persist in acting out, threatening people you are justified in killing them. You kill terrorists as one kills mosquitos that suck ones blood. They die and are reborn in other bodies and the process continues until they learn to love rather than hate and kill people.


The ego sees attack and defends itself; love sees attack by other people as call for forgiveness and forgives and in forgiving experiences love with the forgiven.

Love knows that the lady in my dream is not what my ego made her out to be. It is my mind that made her out as insulting to my pride by her yelling at me in the bus. It is my pride that feels humiliatable but my real self cannot be humiliated. And as long as I identify with a prideful ego I will be humiliated until I learn that no one can humiliate me.

In truth, in real life, I feel that she is self-centered and does not care for other people even though she talks about caring for people.  I reached this conclusion from an experience I had with her.

She visited me. My car broke down and I did not have the money to repair it. Ordinarily, I would just leave the car and take the bus until I have the money to repair it. She said that I ought to repair the car and I told her that I do not have the money. She asked how much it would cost and I said that I do not know. She asked me to repair the car and that she would pay for it. I called a tow truck and they towed the car to a mechanic. He repaired it and charged me three hundred dollars. She paid it.

At the end of the month I paid her back her money. I forgot about that incidence. But not long ago when she was angry at me she told me that she lent money to me to repair my car. I was surprised by her statement since I had promptly paid her back her money.

I told me that apparently she is one of those people who do not forget the little favor they did for other persons. I pay for her plane fare to visit me and she did me a little favor and is already feeling that that is a big deal.

Thereafter, I thought about her character and realized that she is not a giving and forgiving woman. She tells me about all the wrong that other people did to her.  She added the wrong I am supposed to have done to her in her list of all the men that in the past wronged her. It is always the men who did wrong and she is always the one who did god. She is always right and other people are always wrong. More importantly, she does not forgive any wrong done to her.

I know that unforgiving minds are miserable minds. If you bear grudges, bear grievances and seek vengeance for wrongs done to you, seek revenge for every hurt you experienced you tend not to be a happy person.

Unforgiving persons are not only psychologically unhappy persons but tend to have numerous medical issues.

If you forgive folks the wrongs they do to you, you tend to be happy, peaceful and biologically healthy.

Thus, my conscious mind sees the lady as unforgiving hence as not a spiritual person, even though she talks too much about spirituality. To me spiritual people ought to be forgiving persons, for, after all, the entire gospel taught by Jesus can be summarized as follows:  forgive those who wronged you; love all people and care for all people.

She is always talking about how everybody around her says that she does nice things to them; in my judgement she has need to be admired by people and seem to have aspects of narcissistic or histrionic personality disorder.

Having reached these negative conclusions about her, I began to see her as trouble and started withdrawing from her. I told me that she is no good for me. I wanted to leave her and move on with my life. In fact, I concluded that she is a crazy woman (hence calling her schizoaffective in the bus).

Seeing her as a disaster for me and wanting to move on seems like the rational thing for my ego to do. Thus, I wrote a couple of letters to her telling her that I am moving on.

But upon reflection I asked me: why did she come into my life in the first place? It occurred to me that she came into my life for a reason. She came into my life to show me her behavior patterns, her personality. As noted, she does not forgive those who wronged her; additionally, my ego believes that she is exposing me to danger by associating with too many black men, folks I tend to I associate with danger and as much as is possible avoid them.

My perception of her is exactly that, my perception of her. Perception is projection. Whereas what I see in her is probably in her but they are also in me.

Her unforgivingness shows me that at a deep level I, too, do not forgive those who wronged me. For example, I have not forgiven white folks for enslaving black folks and for discriminating against black folks.  I look forward to the day that black folks would become strong and enslave white folks so that they experience their own medicine.  That is to say that her unforgiving mind reflects my own unforgiving mind.

My ego sees her issues and asks me to leave her and move on or try to correct her (which I have no interest in doing; I had long ago given up my idealism and now accept people as I see them, imperfect).

But what is going on here is that she is me projected out; what is in me is in her for me to see it clearly and see how it is handicapping her life and my life.

Her unforgiving nature makes her have all sorts of psychological and medical issues. The same applies to me.

If I forgive her I would forgive me my own wrongs towards other people; I would overcome my psychological and medical issues.

A mind that forgives people is a healed mind, a mind that is at peace with itself and with other people and with the world. If your mind is at peace you tend to have a healthy body.

She, therefore, is there for me to see me, to forgive her and forgive me and know peace and joy. It is not for me to be angry at her or to try to change her but for me to overlook her behaviors, forgive her to forgive me and in forgiving me know peace and joy.


If I forgive her hence forgive me I have returned my mind to peace and joy, to unity with all beings, and to God.

In effect,  she is my savior for she offers me an opportunity to forgive her hence forgive me, to overlook her ego based behaviors hence overlook my own egoistic behaviors and in doing so experience oneness with her and all people and in it know that all of us are eternal (we are eternal in union not in separated states).

The lady and her complicated life style offer me another chance to choose forgiveness, which is the path to love, to choose love over hate; by overlooking her behavior I know that her real self, which is loving; her real self is forever unified with me and all people (her ego self in body is separated from me, from all people and from God).

Our true self is forever in union with each other and with God. In that state of union we are always in love. We always live in love but close our eyes to love and dream that we are separated room love, hence see ourselves in separated egos housed in bodies and in the world of space and time.

In truth we are always in God and in eternal union hence always in love. This lady offers me the opportunity to return my mind to unified state hence know salvation (which is characterized by love, peace and happiness).

She is not my enemy but my savior. That is how I should see her.  But my subconscious mind sees her as a threat to me hence the dream of her abusiveness behavior  in the bus (that abusiveness is actually her asking me to love her for she senses that I do not love her...after all I was pulling away from her).

She is not the obnoxious ego I saw in the bus; that self is my projection of my obnoxious self to her; her real self is loving (her ego is, of course, not loving for the ego is the opposite of love, the ego is hate concretized). Her unloving ego is a call for me to love her and in loving her love me.


What people call romantic love is actually not love! In romantic situation a man and woman meets. Each asks the other to value him or her. They say to each other: please see my ego and body as attractive to you, value it and cherish and protect it. Each undertakes to value each other's ego and body.

In doing so each is reassured that the other would not harm or destroy it. We all know that every person we encounter can harm or kill us, so if we care for each other we are assured that we would not be harmed or killed.

Please tell me that you care for me, that you value and admire my ego and body so that I know that you would not harm or kill me, is the dance we dance in romantic and erotic love.

If a partner withdraws valuing of our egos and bodies he arouses in us the possibility that he can harm or kill us so we experience fear around him and seek safety by running away from him or her.

We go and form other romantic relationships where our partners value our bodies and egos and make us feel safe.  This is the ego dance of love.

There is no permanent safety in ego love for the other person can always leave us and or stop valuing us and we feel threat from him or her.


Helen Schuman's A course in miracles, a book I studied for several years before deciding to find salvation my own way, puts relationship matters in an interesting manner. It says that we separated from God and from each other and formed special selves (that is, ego separated selves).

We house our special selves in bodies and relate to each other from our ego special selves. Thus, our relationships are special relationships where we affirm and validate each other's false ego selves in bodies.

The course wants people to overlook their egos and bodies and forgive what people in ego states do for they are done in dreams, so as to see the loving self in people (the real self beneath the ego body mask).

The book wants to transform people's special relationships to what it calls Holy relationships. In holy relationships people overlook their egos and bodies and affirm the God spirit in them and in doing so see each other in light forms.

What A course in miracles says is true except that holy relationships are outside our egos and bodies; they are in the world of light forms; on the bridge between heaven and earth; in happy dreams or what the course calls the real world.

Holy relationships are not in our present dense world but in the world folks see when they die; it is still like our world but it is in light forms.

In my categories, holy relationships exist in the forgiven world of light forms. We all exist in our present world of dense matter but also exist in a world of light matter, the purified world of light forms.

To see one of the two worlds one must tune out the other; if you see our world you will not see the world of light forms; if you see the world of light forms you will not see our world. You cannot see both at the same time. You have to die to our world to see the world of light forms.

Both dense and light forms are false, although the world of light forms is closer to the truth. Our true home is the formless world of God, a world where all of us share one self and one mind.


If separation is assumed to be real and we have, in fact, separated from our creator, God, then we have destroyed God's unified reality. If we, indeed, did attack and shatter God's unified state into smithereens we have done something wrong.

If we have done something wrong then we feel guilty. If we believe that  the physical universe is real, that  the earth is real and that we as separated egos housed in bodies are real and that what we do on earth are real then we did something wrong.  We must then feel guilty.

Feeling guilty for the wrong we did, destroy God's unified reality, we fear that he would punish us. Thus, on earth we feel guilty and fear punishment.

Feeling that God is out to punish us we run from him and run deeper and deeper into the illusions of separation, space, time and matter.

On the other hand, if we assume that we cannot separate from God and from each other and know that we have remained as he created us, unified with him and with each and remain in spirit, then how do we explain our world of space, time and matter?

We explain it by calling it what, in fact, it is, a dream. Our physical universe and those in it are in a dream. The sons of God remain in unified spirit and while in it, as it were, closed their spiritual eyes and dream that they are in a different universe; they invented our physical universe, from the Big bang, 13.8 billion years ago, to the present.

Because the universe is a dream what is done in it, what is done in dreams, have not been done and have no effect on God's unified reality.  In effect, despite what we do on earth we have not disobeyed God and invented a separated reality. We remain as he created us, unified with him, in love with him, holy, innocent, guiltless and sinless and do not live in fear (fear is used to maintain separated self in bodies).

What we see happening on earth is happening in dreams and what happens in dreams have not happened. Nothing is happening in the world; people are not doing what you see them do in egos and bodies.

Because the world is a dream place you can awaken from the dream by forgiving the dream activities and overlooking the world. Overlook what you do and what those around you do and you see a different world, the world of light forms, our world purified with forgiveness and, ultimately, you experience the formless world of God.

On the other hand, if you take our physical world as real you must feel guilt and fear punishment by God. But since God knows that the world is not real he would not punish you.

Without waiting for God to punish you, you would punish you; you may project guilt (attribute separation) to other people and see them as guilty and punish them or project guilt to you (see you as the one who separated from God) and see you as sinful and punish you.

Illness, failings and poverty are some of the ways we punish ourselves because we believe that we are guilty from separation (that has not occurred); our punishment of ourselves and each other make separation, our egos and bodies and world, seem real to us.

The separated world of space, time and matter does not exist and, therefore, you have done no wrong; you have not attacked and shattered God's unified reality into separated fragments; you have not committed the original sin (and the ongoing sin of harming people) that you believe that you did; therefore, you should not feel guilty and fearful.

The world is a dream; we are responsible for the dream but our dreams are not real so we are not guilty. Even when folks go to war and kill each other that is their dream and they remain innocent for the wars are not real.

Even when white folks enslaved black folks that were their mutual albeit nightmarish dream and nothing was done and no one is guilty.

The world is not real so one should not feel guilty or fearful of what would happen to one. Just forgive the wrongs you see people do in the dream to forgive your own wrongs in the dream and you feel sinless and guiltless.

If you give up the wish for separation and do not want to live in our separated world you would feel freed and see a world of light forms and eventually experience formless heaven.

In this essay, I am not writing metaphysics; therefore, I will not explore the role of guilt and fear from a metaphysical perspective much further; I have done so in other writings.


I have looked at the phenomenon of fear from every which angle one can look at it. I have studied it from a scientific perspective and written extensively on it. I have also looked at fear from a spiritual perspective.

Clearly, fear can be understood from both secular and spiritual perspectives. At the moment we live in egos in bodies and are in the world of space and time. We must therefore understand fear from the egos scientific perspective. At the same time we must try to understand the role of fear in separating us from spirit.

Fear is what alerts us to danger to our egos and bodies and compels us to take measures to survive in this world. Fear is what protects our egos and bodies.

Fear maintains the egos self and world.   This is useful for after all we came here to live as separated selves in bodies and in space and time.

Since we are at root spiritual beings, it behooves us to look at fear from a spiritual perspective. From a spiritual perspective, since fear maintains the ego and its world, if we want to exit from the ego and its world we must choose not to pay attention to fear and stop defending what fear protects, our ego separated selves in bodies.  We must choose ego defenselessness.

Each person will decide when he is ready to leave the world of egos and bodies; nobody can tell another person when to do so.

The sons of God have eternal freedom; in their freedom they chose to separate from God and from one another and God allowed them to do so; in their freedom, they will decide when to choose to relinquish separation and return to their union with God.

I choose to no longer emphasize my ego and body and to the extent that I do that I do not feel fear, for if I do not desire what fear protects, ego and body, feeling fear is superfluous.

By all means, you, the reader, can go ahead and feel fear and use it to protect your ego and body. If your fear is excessive you may see your neighborhood shrink who would give you some of the various anti-anxiety medications. Those are useful in alleviating anxiety.

But if you choose to know who your true self is then try to stop using fear to defend your ego and body and experience yourself (1) first as a light self in the world of light forms and (2), ultimately, in formless heaven.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

May 7, 2017


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Ebiega Michael Idoko, here is my reasoning for saying that scientific ideas are often used to justify oppressive social theories.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

The capitalist economy embraces competition; the underlying premise is that the fittest competitors survive and the weak die off. This is Charles Darwin (Origin of species, 1859) and Herbert Spencer (1820-1903)'s evolution theory at work. Thus, you see the correlation of so-called objective science and social approaches. Capitalism and evolution theory rationalizes man's oppression of man.

The socialist economy encourages folks to cooperate and leave no one behind.  Karl Marx and Frederick Engels, in the Communist Manifesto (1848), said: "from each according to his abilities and to each according to his needs". This recognizes differences in people's skills and encourages folks to put their different skills to work and use the product of their skills to serve all the people's needs.

Capitalism and socialism are either or propositions. I say: how about if we combine both and take what is good in each and use both of their strengths to construct a better society.

Clearly, capitalism has positive aspects to it; it asks people to pursue their self-interests and, as Adam Smith pointed out in his seminal book, The Wealth of Nations (1776), when people work for their self-interests they tend to work hard and produce maximally.

If a person is doing what he has aptitude for doing, likes doing and believes serves his interests he tends to put out incredible energy to doing it. In effect, capitalism unleashes people's creative energy and probably is the most productive economic system in the world.

Capitalism is probably the best way to allocate resources to where they are most productively used (the blind hand of the market, supply and demand, distributes resources to where they are best productively used).

If in doubt take a look at Americans capitalist economy; clearly it is very productive. Yet, capitalism has its draw backs.

Serving individual interests and not caring for the losers in society breeds social problems. See, America does not care for the masses but when wars come it conscripts the masses it ignored to go fight for the benefit of the rich.  It does not provide health care and education for the children of the poor and when it brings war along the children of the poor are conscripted to go fight to protect the wealth of the powerful. Is this morally right behavior, use the poor but do not care for their material needs?

The poor, although generally of low intelligence hence easily used by the Machiavellian rich, are becoming aware of the fact that the rich use and discard them like scrap iron so that when there is another general war  (world war three) America's poor will not allow themselves to be used as cannon fodder to go die for the rich.

If there is another general war America is kaput, dead in the waters. In fact, I can predict that in twenty years America will become like Greece, debt ridden and China will come in and rescue it and colonize it. And why is China able to do so? It is because it combines capitalism and socialism.

The dumb one, Donald Trump just proposed massive tax cuts for the rich. How is he going to then finance the government, pay for the increases in the military he is figuring on building, if he does not have the rich pay taxes? He hopes to grow the economy and a buoyant economy, an economy growing at 5% rate, he thinks, will pay for the deficit finance he is in the meantime going to generate? Economic trends tell us that if he grows the US economy at 3% he is doing fine; 5% is a pie in the sky.

The US already owes over $19 trillion dollars. Trump's first term in office will probably increase it to $25 trillion dollars; which is the maximum the economy can have and still remain afloat; during his second term, if Americans are so stupid as to reelect him, the deficit will grow larger and the US economy will collapse, as was the case in Spain and Greece. The USA is on a fast track to decline and fall; only a robust mixed economy will stave off the anticipated imminent collapse.

As they say, empires come and empires go, so it would not be unprecedented if another empire bites the dust; a replacement empire, China, is already on the horizon.

If dumb Trump's tax cuts are implemented, at least, five trillion dollars in tax revenue will not be collected over a ten years' period.

If the trajectory of the US budget remains constant, it means that America will have to borrow five trillion dollars to finance its governmental operations (recurrent and capital expenditures).

Who is the US going to borrow money from? From China and Japan, of course!

The dumb Trump, responding to his dumb racist audience, seems a divine plan to collapse this oppressive country (and the dumb racists don't even know what is coming to them!).

In a mixed capitalist, socialist economy what is good in either economic system is taken and combined with the other.

Americans embraced capitalism and ignored the fact that human beings are not only competitive but also cooperative.

Americans embrace the big bang hypothesis and Charles Darwin's theory of the evolution of animals' because those hypotheses justify competition where a few are selected to live well and the many to live badly and then die out.

I believe that nature means for most of us to survive; for us to do so the strong must help the weak to survive.

To Cain's question: am I my brother's keeper, my answer is a resolute yes.

Socialism teaches us to help one another.

I am aware that socialism has loads of problems. Socialism often leads to planned economy where a few persons tell other persons what to do and produce and that stifles creativity and productivity. People must be left alone to do what they want to do, to pursue their self-interests provided that we tax them and use the money to help the poor in our midst.

Soviet socialism killed the incentive to work hard and the result was the collapse of the USSR.

I believe that every person must pay at least 20% of his income to taxes and we use that money to provide certain collective, public goods, such as give all people publicly paid health insurance, pay for all peoples education through university and take care of children and the elderly (those over age 80, no one should retire from work before age 80...those who do physical work can be retrained after age fifty-five to do softer work, but work they must until age 80) and then leave individuals to fend and shift for themselves.


I recognize that what I said here is in the nature of political ideology; it delineates my political and economic beliefs (I believe in a combination of capitalism and socialism), so be it. I do not apologize for believing in what makes sense to me.  Make of it what you like but here I stand.

As Polonius told his son, Horatio, in Shakespeare's Hamlet, one must be truthful to one's self. If one is truthful to one's beliefs one lives well but if one denies ones truth one lives like a living dead person and, perhaps, seeks refuge in alcohol, drugs, over eating and addiction to sex.

Of course, you do not have to agree with my political and economic ideology; if yours is different  and you believe that it is better please show me how so in writing!


Ozodi Thomas Osuji

May 6, 2017


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