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God and the self-concept

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Many smart persons appraise the Christian and or Muslim conceptions of God and deem them too infantile to be bothered with and declare themselves atheists or agnostics.   What these people do not realize is that it is us, human beings who define what God means to us. If how the Semitic race, Jews and Arabs, define their gods do not make sense to you  then try to define God as you think that he is. Your definition of God is your definition of your real self. If you deny the existence of God you deny the existence of your real self.  The below is my understanding of God; see if it makes sense to you; if it does not make sense to you then ignore it and stick to your own definition of you.


Ozodi Thomas Osuji

In eternity, heaven there is literally oneself; that one self has infinite parts, units, all of whom share the one self.

Heaven is a wave of spiritual light with infinite particles in it. The wave-particle function of light, however, cannot operate concurrently; it is either one or the other. If it functions as wave you do not see the particles function; if it functions as particles you do not see the wave function; it is either one or the other; when it functions as one you do not know where the other is for it is in what it is functioning as.

In heaven spiritual light is wave and does not function as particles. When that spiritual light functions as particles it is us on earth.

Each of us is a unit of spiritual light. We are now functioning as units of God. Functioning as units of God we cannot know about unified God for God is now in us as particles of his self.

If we let go of our particles function we revert to God and do not know about our function as units of God. It is either we are unified God or we are units of God but we cannot be aware of both at the same time.

One God has infinite units; in human terms, God has infinite sons. In God, heaven only the awareness of God is present. God is undifferentiated intelligence with potential for infinite units of intelligence.

In us, one God's infinite units, particles, seem to have lost the awareness of their collective unity and are now operating as units. Their operation as units is us in the world.

On earth each of us has the awareness that he is separated from other persons; his sense of separation is made possible by the presence of space, time and matter (the three illusions that seem to exist but in God do not exist).


On earth, in separated states each of us develops a separated self-concept. Each of us building on his inherited body and social experience constructs a self-concept and self-image.  To him his self-concept and self-image is real. He defends his self-concept and self-image.

As long as he defends his ego, his compendium of ideas as to whom he thinks that he is; he is in the world of matter, space and time.

If one lets go of ones separated self-concept and self-image and stops defending it one is no longer aware that one is in our world.

If you completely let go of your defense of your self-concept, self-image and your body you would not see you exist and would not see our world exist; you revert to no separated self, to heaven.


There are several levels of the separated self. The book, "The law of one" by Ra, of all books on metaphysics best captures the various levels of the self.

When we left heaven, God, union, we first manifest as matter, space and time (the Big Bang produced the physical universe that seems lacking in consciousness but it is mind that produced it). From that level one of being we go to level two.

At level two plants and animals evolve on earth.  At level three human beings, a species of animals develop self-consciousness and human civilization is born. Here, we affirm our separated self-concepts and each person does what serves his self-interests, often at the expense of other persons.  Gradually we begin to realize that we are all oneself with one mind.

Those who are more advanced accept our human unity and begin doing what serves our social and collective interests. This is level four of our evolution. It takes place on earth.  You do not have to be religious to know all these things. Alfred Adler, one of the original psychoanalysts realized that the best lived life is one dedicated to serving social interests, to loving the self and other selves; he was at level four of existence.

Those who have completely accepted their unity with all mankind are no longer in physical bodies but are now in light bodies (they are still in our world but you cannot see them with your physical eyes). They are in light forms.  They are at level five. They operate more like what folks call the gods; that is, they have supernatural powers.

From level five they attain level six. At level six folks are no longer in physical forms, not in our dense bodies and not in light bodies. They are now pure ideas; they still have sense of separated selves but know that they are in spirit unified. They act as guides that enter our minds and help us understand our world and love one another. They are in your and in my mind.

Jesus Christ and other ascended masters are in level six. They have the power to return to lower levels so that you can see them in forms (you can see Jesus Christ in his light form; he still looks like a human being but now in pure light form).

From level six folks go to level seven. At level seven they are almost like God; in that level they do not strive to maintain their separated, individuated states; they are operating as undifferentiated God (they are what Christians call the Holy Spirit).

From level seven folks thereafter proceed to level eight. In level eight they forget that they ever had separated and individuated self-concepts and return to the awareness of undifferentiated self, God.   They rest in that level, heaven for a while and then the urge to begin another universe takes hold of them and they invent another big bang and shatter themselves into parts and begin another evolution of space, time and matter. They repeat the various levels, from no consciousness to Consciousness, to knowledge of oneness, to love and acting as guides for those still on earth and finally return to undifferentiated state and thereafter invent another universe. Hinduism has names for each of the above eight levels of being; level eight is called Brahmaloca, the abode of God.

These ways universes come and go; there is no end to it. Hinduism calls each universe Yuga or Kalpa. Call it what you like, the point is that we exist eternally, from the undifferentiated state to differentiated states.


In meditation one negates one's self- concept and self-image; if one succeeds one would not be aware that this world and the selves in it exist; one realizes that our world and egos are mere dreams and dream figures that seem to exist to those in a dream but outside the dream do not exist.

If you are in meditation and negate your ego self-concept and self-image the world does not exist for you; and other people do not exist for you. In that state you do not have attachment to your ego and its body and, as such, do not do what defends your ego and body (fear and anger is the chief means of defending ego and its body).In meditation, no self-state, you do not have fear, anger, depression, paranoia (paranoia is when you take the ego too seriously and see it as your real self), mania and schizophrenia. Now you are healed of all the mental and physical issues that afflict the human mind and body.


When you stop identifying with the ego and body, give up your self-concept and self-image, you stop thinking, for you need the separated self to think with. We think through our separated self-concepts and self- images; without our separated selves we do not think; in egoless state we revert to Knowledge of our oneness.


God does not have a separated self-concept. God knows; he knows only one thing: he knows that he is one self with one mind and yet is his infinite selves and infinite minds.

God is in perpetual peace for he is not trying to think and act as this or that separated self but quietly knows that he is all the seeming separated selves in the universe and universes.

God is the awareness of one's self as the wave of light; as wave function of light God does not know about the particles function of light (us on earth); we, as God in his particles function, do not know about God's wave function (state of union).

By the way, I am actually explaining to you quantum physics! In quantum physics we say that physical light has both wave and particles function and that if light operates as one it does not operate as the other and where the other is we do not know!

In God where we do not have separated self-concepts we are part of undifferentiated, universal intelligence, intelligence from which infinite universes emerge.

In God we do not know about the infinite universes.  In God there are no separated self-concepts and self-images; God is not conceptual and is not in images.

God does not speak; there is no speech in heaven for who is not God for him to talk to him? Speech and language only exists in our differentiated world; in the world of separation speech enables us to communicate with one another; in unified state we commune with one another but do not speak to one another.

In God you do not think or see; you simply know that you are all people and things. There is no self and other selves that are not part of one; there are no you and I, no seer and seen, no subject and object in God; in God all are one.

Thereafter, we leave God and exist on earth and invent separated self-concepts and self-images and use those to seem to exist in the illusions of space, time and matter.

Why call space, time and matter illusions? It is because they do not exist. You as an ego are probably feeling like arguing with me. Instead of arguing why don't you perform this experiment?

Sit or lie on your back. Do so in a quiet place. Close your eyes but do not go to sleep. Tell yourself that you are not the ego self-concept that you currently believe that you are, deny identification with the ego; deny the existence of the ego and its body, deny the reality of the world you live in, deny our earth, deny our sun, deny our Milky Way galaxy, deny all galaxies, and deny the existence of the physical universe.

If you really mean it you will panic from the sudden awareness that the physical universe does not exist, is not real but if you persist you would see it disappear.

First, you will see yourself in a world that looks like our world but is now in light forms; you will see you in a body made of light; if you persist in your meditation you transcend the world of light forms (fifth level of being) and become aware that you are a disembodied intelligence (sixth level) and then become aware that you are close to unified intelligence (seventh level) and thereafter you disappear and lose sense of separated self and know yourself as part of all selves (eight level, heaven).

Try meditation and see what happens and stop deluding yourself that your ego and body and this world of separated selves are real. Don't argue, experiment (meditation is called Raja Yoga by Hinduism).

I talk about what I have experienced so you ought to take these things seriously and stop running around as a silly ego; your real self is not ego but part of the formless, eternal spiritual light that folks call God.


If in meditation you experienced oneness and know that your separated ego self-concept and self-image is an illusion and you return to the awareness of you as a separated self, in our world, now you know that the separated self is a replacement self; it is a substitute self; you know that your real self is the particle of light in the universal spiritual light that folks call God.

Now you no longer fear physical death for you know that birth and death occurs in the dream, in the illusion of separation; in the dream they seem real but events in a dream are not real. Thus, you do not fear the death of your ego and body.

Indeed, if you try very hard you can exit our world without death and simply see you in the fifth level as a person in light body.

If you choose to live in our world you will be subjected to doing all that we on earth do, seek food, medications, clothes, shelter for your imaginary body; you seek the means to travel from point A to B; you may still have residual fear of harm to your body (for fear is built into our bodies) hence set up means to protect it: governments, police, military and the other childish mechanisms we employ to protect our dream bodies and selves.

Your stay in the dream is a stay in an asylum; you are insane and do not know it; you are insane because you see a world that does not exist and think that it exists; you see your body and ego that do not exist and believe that they exist hence you are deluded and hallucinate.


On earth people are at different levels of existence; there are those who know that their egos and bodies are nonexistent hence do not take them seriously; there are those who believe that their egos and bodies are existent and take them seriously.

I am sorry to say this but truth must be said: Africans are at the lowest level of human existence; they tend to see their egos and bodies as real.  Nigerians, for example, act as if they are very important persons and want you to praise their swollen infantile egos; they pile useless titles to them and want you to call them by those stupid titles (such as engineer this, doctor that, professor that, chief that etc.); they wear flowery robes calculated to make their egos and bodies seem important; the fools are not even aware that their bodies and egos are dream figures and do not exist in reality; if they recognized that the ego and body are dream figures they wouldn't affirm them as they do.

Generally, women are less spiritually evolved than men. Women tend to take their bodies and egos as real and primp them. A woman is always placing fancy clothes on her body, have expensive jewelry, live in a fancy house and drive a fancy car and look at herself in every mirror she sees to see how beautiful she is. She wants you to see her body and ego as beautiful.

Women are like children emotionally in that they take what does not exist, their bodies and egos as existent. This is where they are in space and time so leave them to be the children they are; do not ask them to stop admiring and appreciating their bodies and egos, for they cannot not admire their bodies.

In religion women tend to gravitate to what Hinduism calls Bhakta Yoga; they set up God as a handsome man and worship him; what they are really doing is admiring their self- images projected to what they call God. Some of them gravitate to Tantra yoga; again, here, they enjoy their bodies for they see their bodies as real.

Generally, men are a bit more spiritually evolved than women. Nevertheless, the run of mill man is identified with his ego and body.

In so far that men pursue religion they tend to do so through Jnana Yoga (the path of the rational intellect trying to understand and explain God, as I am doing here) and Karma yoga (the path of doing social service, love for all).

Only a handful of people at any point in time actually know that the ego and body are dream figures and nonexistent; such persons tend to be humble and turn their gaze towards undifferentiated God. To such people the world as we know it is almost over, they are in the world but are not part of it; one of their feet is on earth and the other is in heaven.


Most human beings have both of their feet grounded on solid earth; they have egos and self-concepts and self-images and take them seriously. They have to do so to live in the illusion of the reality of space and time. Leave them alone and be whatever you believe that you are.

People are at different states in this world. In eternity we are the same and equal but in time we are at different levels of spiritual and material evolution; there is inequality on earth but equality in heaven.

The path to understanding God and the real self that I explicated here can be given different names; the Greeks and Romans would probably call it Gnosticism; Hindus would probably call it Vedanta; Professor Helen Schucman, of Columbia University, New York, wrote about it in her book, A course in miracles. Call it what you like, it is what makes sense to me. If it makes sense to you then embrace it, if not discard it. There are many paths to knowing who we are.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

April 18, 2017


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