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Naiwu Nsahon

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Theory On Human Origin

Since the Illuminati has confirmed this month, January 2013, that Russia has threatened President Barack Obama's administration to reveal extraterrestrial activities, I have decided to publish the number eighteen of the nineteen secrets of the world never before revealed to mankind.  The nineteen theories are contained in my book:

THE END OF KNOWLEDGE and would be revealed one at a time from now on.

You have now become one of the first humans in the world to know this.


The four principal forces of nature, gravity, electromagnetism, strong and weak nuclear, have embedded mathematical logic that makes each behave in a fixed and peculiar way, just like the computer does, no matter the circumstance. The origin of things is not by a reasoning 'God,' but by the 'Standard Models's freak algebraic fiat. The fact that everything in creation has a life span is the strongest evidence that a rational 'God' is not the origin of things. No 'Being' or 'God,' with even a modicum of feelings, would create such stupendious celestial masterpiece as the universe, including us humans, and allow everything to slowly self-destruct or burn out of existence piecemeal?

Spirits burn out, Extraterrestrial beings pass on and stars expire.

The sun would die in five billion years time.  Like other main sequence stars, it is already getting brighter.  When temperatures reach 60o (140oF) in a billion years time, oceans would evaporate, become a major constituent of our atmosphere, drift into the stratosphere, and leak out of the earth's grasp, and all life on earth, including humans, would die.

Some might argue that one, five or so billion years hence, is a long way off.  The remnants of the human race that would finally perish in a billion years time, (along with the colossal and sophisticated civilization built-up over the period with so much hard labour, resources and ideas), would not be clapping for God at the time. Nor were the Minoans (who built beautiful cities, magnificent palaces, luxurious air-conditioned homes and reached the zenith of their civilization in 1450 BCE), excited when a gigantic volcanic eruption buried them and their cities under a hundred feet of burning ash. The eruption is estimated to equal several hundreds of hydrogen bombs.

Their civilization died with them. The pieces of the mountains remaining after the eruption are known as the Santorini Islands. Even now, we are not exactly celebrating our relatively minor climate change irritation (with its threat to flood several Islands and their people out of existence in the not too distant future), because we are humans, we have feelings, we are largely sane. Therefore, our idea of 'God' is wrong. He did not create the universe; humans were cloned.

The Tiskoff DNA, released in early 2009, suggested that modern humans actually evolved first in Southern Africa, particularly in the Afar region of Ethiopia, because more ancient humans and hominid ancestors have been found there than in any other part of Africa.  Humans'

evolution has gone on for some 13 million years, if we accept the

evolution theory.   The Nature Magazine of Britain, (August 28, 1995

edition), claims that: "On the basis of molecular engineering, scientists say that the human and ape lines diverged between 6 and 7 million years ago."  This was the period of human evolution associated with Zinjanthropus, Australopithecus gracile and Robustus.  They were too human-like to be apes, and too ape-like to be humans.

Our 'Millennium Ancestor,' the bipedal hominid, was discovered in Kenya in the year 2000.  He died 6 million years ago. He weighed 40 kg and was 150 cm in height. Anthropologists announced in the September,

2009 Journal of Science, the discovery of 'Ardi,' the skeletal remains of a hominid ancestor of humankind, who lived in the Afar region of the present day Ethiopia, 4.4 million years ago.  Assembled from 125 pieces first discovered in 1994, Ardi, a female, had both apelike and human features, but is not considered to be the common ancestor of humans and apes. 'Ardi' is a million years older than 'Lucy,' who was also discovered in the Afar region of Ethiopia in 1974.

The khoisanoid period produced Hottentots about 3 million years ago.

These evolved into the Negroid primary standard race specimen, some

2.8 million years ago, followed by Homo habalis, about 2.5 million years ago.  Neanderthal man was about 2 million years ago, Homo ergaster between 1.9 and 1.4 million years ago, and Homo erectus, the bipedal khoisanoid, about a million years ago.  Each species of human evolution is characterized by evidence of change in brain size, with later species, having bigger brains. The Homo chain, led to Homo sapiens, which is the modern humans, less than 100,000 years ago.

Human evolution was relatively rapid and unique, (compared to other mammals). Humans are the only animals on earth, to have achieved the feat of changing from one specie to another.  Not even insects or birds have achieved the phenomena.  Evidence of our relatively speedy evolution genetically abound. Darwin called it, survival of the fittest. It has been more extraordinary and pronounced with humans.

Animals physically closest to humans: monkeys, chimpanzees, gorillas, have essentially not improved, or changed in shape, or brain sizes, since first appearance. Yet they appeared in creation millions of years before humans.  The earliest ape fossils, (30 million years old), were dug up in Fayum, Egypt; and (20 million years old), were found in East Africa.  Humans are very much the late-comers on earth, and yet have continued to evolve for 13 million years, acquiring bigger and bigger brains, and more attractive mien, with the various species, leading to  Homo sapiens, some 50 - 100 thousand years ago.

Obviously, something or someone was tinkering with our evolution.

Our scientists are already able to splice together genetic materials of any two organisms to create DNA chimera similar to the Biblical chimera with the lion head, goat body, and serpent tail.  In fact, man can now splice together, organisms of man and mouse, to create a monster man-mouse.  Research is on already, to produce viruses that eat oil spill.  Some recent successes in molecular engineering, involve splicing bacteria, with appropriate instructions to turn out quantities of enzymes, hormones, antibodies, and other chemicals, necessary for the treatment of diseases. They are already trying to create insulin-producing bacteria to inject into individuals deficient in insulin.  .

Har Gobin Khoran, of the University of Wisconsin, announced in May 1970, that he had successfully developed a gene. His colleague, Salvador E. Luria, predicted that made-to-measure-man would soon be a reality. Professor Marshall W. Nirenberg, of the genetic code fame, was more emphatic when he suggested a twenty-year time span, a while back, for the production of programmed cells with synthetic genetic information, due to the computer advantage of modern research.  About

20 years later, news of cloning of sheep in Scotland was released on February 24, 1997, followed six days later, by that of a monkey.  Then in early March, 1997, there came news of the successful transplantation of the brain cells responsible for singing, from the quail to the chicken, causing the chicken to sing like a quail.

On March 6, 1997, we heard about the genetically altered tobacco plant to produce hemoglobin, an important component of human blood. On Monday June 25th 2000, scientists at the Human Genome Project and the Celera Genomics Inc., both in the USA, and the Sanger Centre in London, jointly announced that they had decoded the human genes.  With this, scientists can now map out the human DNA, read the human instruction book, all the 3.2 billion letters of the genetic code, determine the biology of the genes, and relate each gene to the other, to establish peculiar life properties of the person.

Man can now assemble and disassemble cells, isolate and synthesize genes, override natural instructions of a cell nucleus, and man is on the verge of remaking himself, to fulfill his hopes and dreams, in other words, to play God.  If, as 100,000 years old Homo sapiens, we are ready to start cloning ourselves already, it is not difficult to imagine what Beings on the older planets of the universe can do.

Extraterrestrial intelligence, with millions of years of technical superiority, would be no less proficient in molecular genetics.  They could easily have produced humans through genetic engineering, thousands or even millions of years ago, and to have continued to come back at intervals of interstellar travel time, to boost our intellectual capacity through increase in our brain size, and our bearing through genetic manipulation, selection, and elimination, processes and sexual intercourse. Man is not the only intelligence even in our Milky Way, let alone in the universe. There are trillions of planets in the universe, which are anything from one to eight billion years older than the earth that is relatively only 4.6 billion years old.

Evidence that extraterrestrial beings cloned humans from themselves and chimps is overwhelming, and dominates our sub-conscious.

Hinduism, for instance, claims that the germ of mind is a gift from extraterrestrial beings.  Ancient Egyptians (Nubians), called the race that created humans, the Anu, and the leader of the race, God Anu.

The Egyptians claim that God Anu is the father of mankind because God Anu told them that his race created humans. As a result of this, ancient Egyptians called themselves Sons of Anu, and it is a well known fact that Sons of Anu were also the first to inhabit Arabia Petraea in antiquity.  Even in the (Persian's) Gilgamesh Epic, Anu was the father of Ishtar.

Herodotus in his, Histories Apodexis, said that the priests of Thebes in Egypt told him that the gods, (God Anu's race, coming as spacemen), have been living among them. The priests, showed Herodotus, (484–425 BCE), 341 statues that represented each generation of their high priests, and said that the gods had lived among them but that for some time then, no god had appeared in human form.  The priests of Thebes told Herodotus that the pyramids had been handed down from father to son high priests, for 11,340 years at the time of his (Herodotus') visit.  They told him that their race is the most ancient of mankind.

They also told him that the sun had twice risen where it now sets, and twice set where it now rises. This means that the poles of the earth had completely changed over from their former positions involving immense shifts of land and water.  It also means that the climate at the poles had formerly been tropical, instead of arctic.

Evidence that the priests are right is the fossilized remains of swampy tropical forests found in such places as Alaska and Antarctica.

It is difficult to imagine that the zodiac and the Temple of Dendera in Karnak Egypt show a cosmic movement of 90,000 years ago.  Three and a half Great Years more on the cosmic dial.  Two thousand, eight hundred solar years, make one "Great Year." Science is yet to collect sufficient data with which to sketch out an accurate picture of prehistoric ages and of the life of man during those ages.  It is only in early 2012 that the journal 'Nature' published Miaki Ishii and her colleagues at Havard University finding that the magnetic field Earth's core generates, has been around for well over 3 billion of the Earth's 4.5 billion years.  That every 100,000 to a million years or more, the field flips to reverse the north-south orientation of the magnetosphere, an event often preceded by an overall weakening of the field and that our current north-pointing field, in place for nearly

800,000 years, has dropped by about 10% in the past century, suggesting we are heading for a polarity switch.

NASA's Mariner Mission's early 1970 photographic mapping of Mars, from close range, showed a series of huge pyramid shaped features, which NASA's scientists nicknamed "Inca City." Dr. Richard C. Hoagland, a scientist with NASA, claimed that a place on Mars, named Cydonia, has ruins of an entire Martian city, full of pyramids and man made monuments.  The pyramids are geometrically aligned with the face of the largest five-sided pyramid.  Further studies have confirmed that the pyramids on Mars are shaped exactly like the Giza and that Giza's measurements tally with Mars pyramids' measurements. Water and Earth like soil, have been found on Mars, so, it is possible that the Red planet is still or was inhabited or used as a laboratory or base station, by extraterrestrial beings to explore the Earth, clone, and moralize, humans. A plate of iron, made thousands of years before the Iron Age was found in the Giza pyramid. The following notation:

195,955,200,000,000, was found on the Kuyunjik hill, formerly Nineveh, a calculation with fifteen digits.  Greek's calculation, at their most brilliant epoch, stopped at the 10,000 figure; anything above that was described as infinite.

God Anu's race, put an artificial Satellite with computer programmed comprehensive information for mankind, in our solar system in 12,600 BCE.  The date tallies with one early period, which the Egyptian priests told Herodotus, had witnessed gods living with them in human form. The period also coincides with the beginning of the sudden explosion of civilization in African Egypt, (the first such explosion in the world). The gods obviously launched their satellite around our moon from the earth, because from the technical knowledge available to us at the moment, the satellite could not have been put around our moon easily, any other way.

Laser contact continues to be investigated to access the satellite's loaded information on different fields of science, genetics, medicine, physics, enlightenment, astronomical charts for astronomers, and help for paleontologists. Information already accessed include that their planet is the sixth from the Moon and that: "Our home sun is Epsilon Bootes.  It is a double star. We live on the sixth of seven planets counted from the sun which is the larger of the two.  Our sixth planet has one moon, our fourth planet has three and our first and third

planets one each. Our Satellite is in orbit around your moon."   It is

not impossible that a lot more information may have been accessed from the Satellite but not disclosed to the public so as not to cause panic or alarm on earth.  Our scientists discovered the two Epsilon Bootes'

suns and some gaseous planets, in August, 2011, so our scientists are already knocking close to the gate of 'Heaven.'

Isaac Asimov, in his introduction to the book: The Fire Came By, about a 1907 devastating explosion in the Tundra desert region of Russia that dwarfs in intensity and magnitude, human's first atomic bomb explosion in Hiroshima, Japan, during World War II. There was no way of determining the source and content of the 1907 experience and it was consigned to the mysteries until Hiroshima exposed our scientists for the first time to the characteristics of nuclear explosions.  The

1907 global scare was apparently caused by a crashed spaceship from another planet, and it spread a load of unfamiliar nuclear debris and radioactivity over an area of a hundred kilometres in radius, and thick environmentally damaging clouds of dust around the world for a considerable while.

The Sumerian cuneiform, describes the Bermuda Triangle incidence, as a great star that exploded within a triangle formed by Zeta Puppis, Gamma Velorum, and Lambda Velorum, located in the Southern sky in space, in tangent with the Bermuda Triangle.  Africans built special pyramids in Egypt, perhaps with the help of the Anu race, (our virtuous ancestors), when the star exploded, to commemorate and observe the explosion, and track its radio pulses.  The pyramids align with the North Pole, and are all on thirty degrees parallel line to the north of the equator, a line that is within a few nautical miles of the Bermuda triangle, and passes between the triangle and Cuba.

The Bermuda Triangle, for instance, is a part of the Atlantic Ocean,

(70 degrees West, 27 degrees North), notorious for centuries, for the mysterious disappearances of planes, ships, and entire occupants, without leaving debris and wreckage behind.

Adi-Kent Thomas, in his book: They Dared the Devil's Triangle, says, "One of the strongest and more inexplicable phenomena of the Bermuda Triangle is what witnesses have variously called a 'cloud,' a 'fog,'

or a 'yellow haze,' unrelated to the normal clouds and hazes of the atmosphere, materializing mysteriously, and by the time it clears, the victim planes and ships it envelops, disappear completely into the thin air."  Witnesses also report sudden electromagnetic disturbances, like the malfunctioning of compasses and other electrical gadgets,

throughout the duration of the strange "fog" or "Mist."   The triangle

could be the route to the Falling Angels home.  Of course, not being able to return to their natural habitat, (Heaven), the new habital soon began to take its toll on the Falling Angels metabolism and population, forcing them to seek human and animal parts for hormonal and glandular secretion, blood plasma and enzymes, for their survival.

The Mexican government on the 31st July, 2012, released some of their previously classified Mayan tablets information for the benefit of humanity. Raul Julia-Levy, a scientist, speaking on behalf of the Mexican government and his colleagues before the release of the information said: "I believe this is very important for humanity, not just for Mexico. And considering that this information has been protected since discovery 80 years ago, and how important it really is for people to understand the series of events that are coming, and the consequences for all of us."  When asked if the release will involve aliens, mystical elements or doomsday scenarios that have fueled the popular imagination, he said, "I'm not allowed to speak about that, everything is going to come out in time, but I can't comment on aliens or on 2012.  I can just say that the Mexican government is preparing to tell humanity and the world things that are critical for us, for the way we live, for the way we've been handling the planet."

The tablet reveals the Mayan beliefs in future catastrophes and wisdom characterized as “shocking,” in connection with December 21, 2012.

The tablet also confirms Mayan contact with extraterrestrials. It shows clearly a planet with some type of habitable atmosphere, several ships, an extraterrestrial being.  In the tablet, one can make out a ship headed toward the planet (Earth), following a comet or massive object, as another UFO or ship tries to deflect the object. The UFO is emerging from the sun; this could signify a future change in the sun.

What is most interesting is that, these images depict contact with another race of space travellers. 

For thousands of years, we revered extraterrestrial beings.  Even now that we have achieved the rudiments of their technology, we do not see them yet as con artists, usurping the role of the ‘Spirit Force Field’

(Tu-SoS).  They still visit us. We now call them UFOs, and their activities are still shrouded in secrecy as in the past, because our spiritual elite with access to them, hides the secret from the rest of mankind.  In fact, they are with us right now, transferring technology, and collaborating in our space programme and computer technology explosion. They have admitted that they created, (cloned), us and also that they control us with religion, Satanism, witchcraft, magic, and occult powers. 

(Unidentified Flying Objects), some like saucers or rockets in shape, apparently under the control of some alien intelligence, perform outlandish feats far beyond the capacity of our most advanced and sophisticated planes. UFOs can materialize and dematerialize in phantom like fashion.  They cause mist or fog, and can appear like minor bright clouds.  Several eyewitnesses confirm that UFOs demonstrate anti-gravity facilities, which not only enable them to vanish through the “mist” or “fog,” into the thin air, but to also physically “lift” heavy objects, (including live human beings), or cause an object to dematerialize at a point and re-materialize at another point. 

Brad Steiger in his book: Flying Saucers are Hostile, relates how a fog-like UFO abducted a British regiment of 250 soldiers.  “According to two witnesses, a brilliant cloud or fog, unaffected by a rather bristle breeze, settled down on Hill 60 and the troops who were entrenched there. The cloud appeared almost like a solid-looking structure, absolutely dense, measuring about 800 feet in length, 200 feet in height, and 300 feet in width.” The New Zealander eyewitnesses then noticed a “British regiment, The First Norfolk, marching towards Hill 60.  Ostensibly, the British had come to reinforce the troops on the Hill.  But when they arrived, they marched straight into it with no hesitation.  About an hour later, the “fog” lifted, and so (apparently did 250 men of the regiment). Not a single soldier remained. The official record of the above, simply states: “They were swallowed up by an unseasonable fog.” 

Every indigenous community or group has reports of space visitors in their traditions. Books detailing human interactions with extraterrestrial beings were deliberately excluded from the Bible by the censors.  The books include: Apocrypha, (Greek: hidden scriptures), made up of Jewish and Christian supplementary writing; the Pseudopigrapha, which is the Jewish scriptures from the century before and after Christ.  These books properly belong in the Old Testament but were not put in the Bible or the canon of apocryphal scriptures of the Catholic Church. 

Enoch, known as Hebrew the initiate, was one of the original fathers of the faith.  Moses described him as a pre-flood patriarch.  Enoch was the son of Jared and father of Methusalem (Hebrew man of the missle), reputed to have lived for 969 years.  Enoch, before rising in a fiery chariot into heaven after his service on earth, left his records behind. The records are contained in The Book of Enoch, and give details of the origins of the gods, insight into the Fall, and the earliest mysteries of astronomy. Enoch’s book provides detailed figures on genetic manipulation by the spacemen. The first five chapters talk about God, (the alien visitors’ leader), leaving his heavenly abode to come to earth to administer the ‘Last Judgment.’

Chapters 72-82, give technically detailed and accurate information about the orbits of the sun and moon, stars, intercalary days, and the functioning of the heavens, which Enoch, (without help), had no way of knowing or understanding at the time. 

The Book of Ezra – Only ten short chapters were allowed by the editors of the Bible from this book.  Ezra, (Hebrew: the help), was the Jewish priest and scribe who led the Jews from captivity in Babylon back to Jerusalem in 458 BCE. This date agrees with Ezekiel’s account of his extraterrestrial encounter. Other books by Ezra, rejected by the Bible censors, are two apocryphal and an apocalypse dated from the first century CE. In the apocalypse, Ezra talks extensively about the problems of the Jews before passing on the secret knowledge to a select circle.  In the last chapter of the book, Ezra reveals that he is talking about real events.  That, he had had meetings with the most High in the company of his angels, and that the most High dedicated the book to him.  In this wise, ninety-four books were written down in forty days.  But when the forty days were over, the most High spoke to

me: “the twenty-four books that thou hast written first, shalt thou make public for the worthy and the unworthy to read; but the last seventy books shalt thou retain and only hand over to the wise men of the people.” 

The secret knowledge Ezra was not to pass on except to a select few, was that the most High, whose race created us in their image and likeness through genetic engineering, spanning a long period of manipulation, is not omnipotent or omniscient.  From what the most High told Ezra, the most High knew that the secrets could not be concealed from a generation like ours. To another question from Ezra, the most High admits that he does not know everything himself.  “He answered me and said: the signs about which thou inquires, I can tell thee in part; but about thy life I cannot tell thee, I do not know about it myself.” 

Ezekiel’s account of visits by spacemen provides the only detailed record of spaceship visitors (Gods), in the Old Testament.  The editors of the Bible allowed it to slip through because they were convinced that readers would not understand its reality. Ezekiel, the prophet, was reporting an intimidating experience that took place in

592 BCE.  He said:  “Now it came to pass in the thirteen year, in the fourth month, in the fifth day of the month, as I was among the captives by the river of Chebar, that the heavens were opened….And I looked, and behold, a whirlwind came out of the north, a great cloud, and a fire enfolding itself, and a brightness was about it, and out of the midst thereof as the colour of amber.  Also out of the midst of the fire there came the likeness of four living creatures.  And this was their appearance; they had the likeness of a man.  And everyone had four faces, and everyone had four wings.  And their feet were straight feet; and the sole of their feet was like the sole of a calf’s foot: and they sparkled like the colour of burnished brass.”

Ezekiel apparently saw men in space gear, coming out of a spaceship and the Bible censors assumed that humans would conclude that Ezekiel was hallucinating.  Now that our spacemen dress as Ezekiel saw, we are not deceived anymore. 

In William Cooper’s book entitled:  “Behold a pale horse,” first published in 1991, modern evidence is amassed in support of the experiences and observations of Ezekiel, Enoch, Moses and Ezra, and all the people who have in the last fifty years, at least, reported seeing UFOs around the world.  The American government has so far not refuted the overwhelming and frightening evidence meticulously assembled in the book.  Rather, the USA government finally succeeded in hounding Cooper to death in the late 2001.  The U.S government allowed Mike Kaplan, a senior scientist with NASA, to announce in March 1996, that, “It would be confirmed 25 years from that time, that we are not alone in the universe, neither are we the smartest guys.”

Well, why 25 years, unless they already know something and need that length of time to prepare us for the shock revelation? 

Shortly after Eisenhower became President of the USA in 1953, Astronomers discovered large objects in space descending towards the earth.  The objects turned out to be spaceships and they settled in very high geosynchronous orbit around the equator.  Project SIGMA and a new Project PLATO, through radio communication, using computer binary language, arranged a desert landing place where the first recorded face to face meeting between humans and a team of aliens took place in our recent history. The movie, “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” is a fictional representation of the actual events.  Project PLATO had the task of establishing diplomatic relations with the aliens who left a hostage behind as a measure of their good faith before returning to orbit.  They pledged to be back to formalize a treaty. 

During their second visit, they landed at Muroc, now Edward’s Air Force base, in 1954.  The base was closed and no one was allowed to enter or leave it during the three days of the historical encounter.

Details of the treaty had been worked out with the hostage that was left behind after the first encounter with the group.  One of the high points of the treaty was the approval of the exchange of ambassadors between the two nations.  The aliens’ first ambassador to the USA was the hostage from the first meeting with the group.  His name and title was His Omnipotent Highness Crill or Krill.  Initially, the aliens’

and the Americans were to exchange 16 personnel each for the purpose of learning the ways of each other.  The American personnel would travel with the aliens to their nation while 16 aliens would be left here.  Periodically, such personnel would return and new ones would replace them.  Underground cities were to be built for use by the two nations.  The bases were constructed in the Four Corner areas of Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona.  Another base was constructed in the Majove desert near Yucca valley. This base in California, is called Dreamland, and is the visual headquarters of alien activities, with UFO landings and take-offs so regular, the Americans resident in the area, ignorant of what is really going on, take the phenomenon for granted. 

Exchange of technology with the aliens took place at the Dreamland; with the area above ground code-named Dreamland, while the underground base is nicknamed The Dark side of the Moon.  At one time, over 600 aliens resided at the site along-side hundreds of American scientists and CIA personnel.  Today, there are over 75 such secret underground sites all over the USA.  A Super-Top-Secret facility was built at Groom Lake in Nevada, right in the heart of the weapons’ test range, code-named Area 51.  It is used for test flying the joint technological experiments under the project called REDLIGHT.  By 1955, aspects of the treaty were already being violated by the aliens, so, President Eisenhower set up Project Quantico to examine the evidence.

When the aliens were confronted with Project Quantico’s findings, the aliens said, they created us humans through genetic engineering and manipulations in a laboratory, and that they had been controlling us through religion, Satanism, witchcraft, magic and the occult. 

Perhaps, the fictional universe of the Stargate franchise was not so fictional after all.  In the film series, Earth people encountered numerous extraterrestrial races on their travels through the Stargate.

In addition to a diversity of alien life, there was an abundance of other humans, scattered across the cosmos by advanced aliens in the distant past. The human populations of the Pegasus galaxy were the product of Ancient seeding.  Very few human races in Pegasus were technologically advanced.  Stargate Atlantis set upon them by introducing the Wraith and the Asurans amongst them.  The most advanced of these human beings, the Tollan, were destroyed by the Wraith who abhorred any civilization that could pose potentially threat to theirs.  There were also large numbers of humans in the Ori galaxy, who where empowered through worship.  Some of the most significant species in Stargate were the Goa'uld, the Asgard, and the Replicators. Stargate demonstrated that human populations in the Milky Way galaxy were transplanted by alien Goa'uld from Earth to other planets for slave labor. Many of these populations were subsequently abandoned, often when deposits of the precious fictional mineral naqahdah were exhausted, and the aliens had developed into their own unique societies, much more technologically advanced than Earth.  One of the most influential species in Stargate, the Ancients, had moved on to a higher plane of existence. 

On April 8, 2003, I dreamt I had discovered the tortuous land route to ‘heaven’ on my property.  A research group in the USA had known about the sea route but was not sure and had kept quiet until I went there to open the secret gates. President Clinton, several Americans, my friend Bayo Martins who I did not know had died a few months earlier in Germany, and some Rastas making a scene at the gate, used the sea route and said they saw paradise.  Although they all walked through water, none returned wet.  The paradise was a flower garden in Africa so; I announced to the world that Africa was mankind’s spiritual ‘heaven.’  My spiritual leadership was obvious, I did not have to use the sea route because I knew what to expect. I stood at the gate sending and receiving participants. What this means is that US leaders know about Heaven and our cloners, but I was destined to reveal it to the world. 

Extraterrestrial beings, like a chain re-action, may have been creating other beings across the universe. Each celestial race may have cloned others across planetary worlds, and tinkered with the mien and brain sizes of their clones, perhaps in the hope of creating lower-specimens.  That is the only satisfactory scientific way to explain the human brain size that kept increasing from one evolution to the other.  Our brains were obviously being manipulated in the laboratory of the race we call Extraterrestrial Beings that separated us from our chimpanzee family through cloning, and taught us to walk on two legs rather than four.  As Homo-sapiens, we appear to be the most recent and physically the most attractive beings in the cosmos so far, but not the most intelligent. We are like cultured dolphins, compared to our super-intelligent, God-like cloners, but we are learning and growing, albeit slowly.  In time, we too would begin to clone a new race on another planet.  We are looking for evidence of life to adapt on Mars and the Moon already, (for  instance, a US probe mission to find life on Mars was announced on 26 November, 2011), and would do the same on other celestial bodies within range of our orbital flight of fancy, ambition, and technical competence. 

NAIWU OSAHON Hon. Khu Mkuu (Leader) World Pan-African Movement); The Spiritual Prince of the African race; MSc. (Salford); Dip.M.S; G.I.P.M; Dip.I.A (Liv.); D. Inst. M; G. Inst. M; G.I.W.M; A.M.N.I.M.

Poet, Author of the magnum opus: ‘The end of knowledge’. One of the world’s leading authors of children’s books; Awarded; key to the city of Memphis, Tennessee, USA; Honourary Councilmanship, Memphis City Council; Honourary Citizenship, County of Shelby; Honourary Commissionership, County of Shelby, Tennessee; and a silver shield trophy by Morehouse College, USA, for activities to unite and uplift the African race.

Naiwu Osahon, Sage: New World Order, renowned author, philosopher of science, mystique, leader of the world Pan-African Movement. 

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Homosexual British Prime Minister

This is in response to those comparing themselves with lizards and other base animals.

Lesbianism or homosexuality is a serious crime in African traditions. It is anti-human, anti-nature, and worse than bestial, because it is not the norm in the rest of the animal kingdom, and if it happens, it
is only by default or in abnormal circumstances such as the freak of nature, mental or phychological ailment, human interference, warp sense of self or a self-destructive streak, as is likely in humans
equating self with lizards. The most popular animals that humans are screwing at the moment, (humans initiated the move by the way), include horses, donkeys, dogs, goats... Of all these, only the male
dog so induced by their female owners, have cued into the idea of screwing their female owners. The other animals would generally not consider humans sexy enough and would not make the first move. While human females carry tell-tale buttocks' scratch marks from their excited male dogs, female dogs bit their human male sexual abusers for being so base, and even docile animals like she goats bleat alarmingly through the experience to alert the world to the abnormality. This confirms that apart from the freak of nature or insanity in wild animals, if animals anywhere are buying into the deviant behaviour,
humans taught, drugged or induced them into doing so. Just as the generation of male dogs trained or cadjoled into enjoying their human mistresses at the moment, would pass the genie on to their next generation.

The derainged behaviour represents the highest form of societal rot and decadence. It has no merit what so ever, unless to punish the human race with new and devastating diseases. Therefore, what gave the
British Prime Minister, Empress David Cameron – a racist, heartless dodger of reparations for colossal damage he already caused Africa – the temerity to tell Africa: "go gay or loose my aids." He can use his
measly aids to nurse his sore and bleeding cissy-bum.

Sexual deviance, spells self-enfranchisement from the human family, and Africa should treat it as such. Now that they are marrying same sex, dogs and donkeys, they have obviously reached the dead end of
moral depravity, and there is nothing hip about self-imposed racial annihilation through homosexuality and deviant sexual degeneracy. Nothing in it to imitate since the Black race must survive to restore
virtuous civilization to the New World of the new millennium –'The end of knowledge,' and Ma'at truth and justice."

--Naiwu Osahon
Sage: New World Order

Saturday, 15 October 2011 01:27

The Nature Of Self-Hate

African women are loosing sense of self-worth.  Their idea of feminine elegance is to wear white female hair styles.  Flip through any issue of our week-end newspapers and picture magazines to see how far this disturbing trend of self-hate by our females has gone.  No class of black women is exempt: film and sports stars, musicians, students, models, literary gurus, politicians, academics, business executives, civil servants, religious leaders and followers, unemployed or working class spinsters and housewives, are trying desperately to pass for white.  They are all pampered as teenage daughters, with charming African hair styles, which they promptly abandon for white female hair styles as soon as they become of age to choose hair styles for themselves.

Advertisers of cosmetic products are the architects of the assault on our sense of self-worth, telling our women that light skin and long, shinny, bodiless, straight, white female hair styles, are the ideal for our women.  The advertisers hide the truth that light skin colour age faster than dark skin, and that every race has natural hair styles that suit and compliment her.  Africans have the greatest variety of elegant, feminine, beautiful, sexy, creative, ennobling, envied, open to further innovations, female hair styles, than all the other tribes of the world put together.  Our women have hundreds of matchless teasers from the ancient Nubian, Kanuri, Calabar, Edo queenly varieties, to the modern exquisite resourceful African tribal traffic stoppers.

The proper African female hair styles fall in the range of  low/full cut, to thick, rich, woolly, curly, alluring, lively, dramatic, healthy, luscious, moist, sheer, knotted, kinky, plaited, jumbled, tangled, crown of part-collected, massed or cascading hair, confirming (like the peacock’s crown for  the birds’ kingdom, or the lion’s for the animals’ dominion), our females’ ordained status as the human queens: brave, proud, confident, real,  important, dignified, feminine, irresistible. 

African women, wearing hot combed, straight, stretched, compacted or other white female hair styles, look inferior, like cheap substitutes and slaves, standing besides their true to nature white female peers; and like grandmas besides their proudly African peers with African female hair styles.  They invariably look like white headed black dolls, doubly empty inside, or like cats emerging from a forced bath of hot oil: ugly, slimy and abnormal.  So, one is tempted to ask, do our women wear white female hair styles out of a feeling of self-hate or because they are angry and want to shock and terrorize with their, I don’t care how I look pose, blacks they are ashamed of and whites that reject them?

Most modern African and Black women from around the world are ashamed to be African because African continental women are copying their African American peers.  There was this actress looking like a precious jewel in her African hair style at the Pan-African Night of Tributes in Los Angeles and a few hours later, was looking like grandma in her white female hair style, at a Pre-Oscar Gala.  Every April, Ebony magazine features black College Queens.  All of them wear white female hair styles that make them look like jokers and pretenders to the throne of beauty queens of any tribe, black or white.  Obviously, a great deal of confusion is going on in our women’s heads at the moment.  A kind of a split personality crisis.  If they cannot change their ‘black skin blemish’ fast enough, they can at least, jump start this with white female hair styles.

Of course, 400 years of slavery dealt a devastating blow to our feeling of self-worth. While Hiroshima bombing happened over a few days and the Jewish holocaust lasted a couple of years, without causing either of them the loss of cultural focus and identity, our dehumanization went on for 400 years and it was brutal and total.  It obliterated our languages, culture, traditional mores, religions, history, individual names and identity.  It was 400 years of no industry, learning, or progress, because we were running and hiding, not knowing who they would kidnap or murder next. 

Over two hundred million of our relatives died on the run or during the Middle Passage.  It was 400 years of unbridled rape of our women and the inhuman and ungodly castration of our men; 400 years of slaving like beasts of burden without pay on the plantations of Bible totting slavers; 400 years of not knowing what we did wrong to be visited with so much hate, violence and destruction; 400 years of not knowing if and when it would end, and it has not ended 600 years after.

The Jews and the Japanese received compensation for the terrible wrong done to them but our tormentors do not consider us human enough to deserve their apology and reparations.  We do not count in their records of human history, not even as a footnote and we are powerless to exert restitution because we are not united.  When men are powerless, their female folks tend to ride with the winners as booties, or in the hope of some of the master’s spoils robbing off on them.

In a recent Ebony magazine feature on black female senior executives, directors, and vice presidents of some leading US corporations, all of them wore white female hair styles that did severe damage to their look and age.  They obviously believed they reached their merited heights by being dowdy and loyal servants.  White leaders and bosses are not likely to be telling themselves, “I trust her absolutely because she is not true to her nature?”  There is courage and strength in not living a lie, which all sane leaders and bosses, whites inclusive, recognize and quietly respect.  Our girls cannot hide their basic nature under alien and unbecoming hair styles and assume that all is well. 

Senior black female holders of political offices in the US and African governments, including Michelle Obama, our first, first lady, think, passing for white with white female hair styles, encouraged their ascendance or appointment, and that foreign white leaders would resent them if they looked their natural African selves from head to toe.  For a start, it makes them look older than their real age, unattractive and undignified. It definitely offends the trust implied in the truism that: “real is more likely to be honest and reliable to deal with.” That is a conflict we all face right now, we are not real but we think we are, or do not care.

The currentUSAmbassador toNigeria, Robin Rene Sanders, is an exception.    She proudly wears dreadlocks and proud Africans love her madly for her courage.  We trust her; see her as our own; as a sister and a friend who wants the best for us.  It is an instinctive feeling because she identifies famously with us.  Another great Diaspora African mommy and beauty is Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick of the US Congress.  I wish all our women, at what ever age, would emulate her and Robin Rene Sanders.  They look ageless, regal, strong, trustworthy, dependable and beautiful.  They inspire our confidence by being proudly African. That is what African women not contaminated by Western decadence look like.  It confirms that the Queen of Sheba’s extended family has not been completely wiped out by European’s plastic culture.

We have great female poets who, despite their age, could still win the Miss World title if they would be true to their African nature.  We have others in public eye, people others look up to, such as artistes, authors, film stars, who ought to know better, in terms of the correct public image to project, who do not feel there is anything wrong with their unnatural hair styles. 

We have daughters with long straight hair, of course, who look becoming because they are natural, but we also have black female TV hosts who wear pathetic, short or long, weightless, graceless, revolting, fake styles, thinking they look cute.  Such hosts would not get me out of bed in the morning to watch a ‘Good Morning’ TV show? 

When African American men were wearing pressed or hot combed hair styles not too long ago, many of us pined and prayed for the phase to pass.   Our urgent critical worry now is that we may not find proudly African sisters to marry by the morning.  May be we should buy our African American females, mirrors to look at themselves with the African eye every morning, before stepping out into the world?  Better still, we could send them the mirrors left behind inAfricain payment for slaves by slavers?  That way we might find some value for the mirrors, by using them to see what the slavers are still doing to our daughters’ mentality because, Diaspora Africans are continental Africans’ mirrors in modernity.

Female newscasters and talk show hosts on African television stations habitually wear white female hair styles. Typical cultural African programmes on TV stations are routinely hosted by females unsure of their correct racial image.  The confused message they pass on with their unsightly non-African look, as against what they say on the programmes, apart from irritating their proudly African captive audience, discomforts the non-African viewer, eager to be treated to genuine and honest African scenes and entertainment.    

There was this presenter the other day on television with long, straight, artificial hair, drooping all over her face to below her shoulders.  She was shaking her head every few seconds to re-arrange the hair, and using her hands to transfer hair falling over her eyes to the back of her ears in typical white female manner.  It was a lot of trouble for her, but that is not the issue here.  On the programme, she was admonishing her listeners for not being true to their nature.  “We should be proud of our culture, stick with it, and show it off to the world,” she said, stoned face.  I had to touch my television set to assure myself, I was not dreaming.   

When a Nigerian won the Miss World title in 2001, she was looking a delectable African queen.  A year later, after her European sponsors had taken her around the world as their queen, she visitedNigerialooking like a masquerade.  No one could recognize her.  She had added 30 years to her age in twelve months, with her European hair style. 

If you ask our females why they take so much trouble to disfigure themselves, they say it makes them look beautiful.  It is all so very sad for our race because they (as our mothers) pass their feelings on to the average African child who prefers a white baby doll to a black one because the white one is more beautiful.   Then when you ask the child to point to the doll that looks more like him or her, he or she helplessly and slowly points to the black one.

The typical African right now, would tell you he or she is proudly African, wearing a suit in our noon day heat, and answering names like John, Jane, Stella or Stephen.  The young men are wearing hair styles the females should be wearing, with earrings and all to boot; the women are looking like scarecrows or extraterrestrial beings, repulsive, masculine and strange to our environment, in compacted, stretched, alien, unbecoming hair styles.  They look neither black nor white from bleaching to sore point, with accentuated stretch marks all over the covered body. 

Non-African tribes that would not try to change their nature as a race, by switching wholesale to African hair styles, religion, fashion, or answering African names, or burning black (in counterpoise to us bleaching), with injurious health consequences, that include kidney ruin, aggravated or heightened diabetes and hypertension, are difficult to fault for thinking that black IQ might be lower than that of the Chimpanzee.    

Sunday, 16 October 2011 01:18

The Truth About The Holy Grail

According to testimonies, the Talmudic tradition, and A.C Celsius, an encyclopaedist, there was a Jesus ben Panthera between (100 – 50 BCE.)  He was the son of a Roman soldier and a Jewish prostitute.  He claimed to have been a miracle worker and briefly plied his trade in Judea.  He may have been stoned to death for impersonating Horus, the ‘Divine One,’ and claiming to be his reincarnation, when everyone knew his family background.

The Talmudic tradition’s vague memory is not identifiable with the Gospel figure. It emphasizes that “the Christian religion partially modeled their Jesus of Nazareth (that ought to be mythic) on distorted knowledge about historical ben Panthera.” 

Panthera died in 50 BCE, well before the Roman control of Judea. The Romans claim that the crucifixion of Jesus Christ took place between 26 CE and 36 CE, during which time, Pontius Pilate, the Roman Procurator (Prosecutor) and his boss Lucius Aelius Sejanus, the Prefect of the Praetorian Guard, were the Roman Imperial officials in Judea. No crucifixion of any body could have taken place in Judea at the time of Roman control, without the sanction of these officials of the Praetorian Guard.  So, if they didn’t do it or sanction it, as the Romans are claiming, then Rome was lying against the Jews to fuel their hatred.  

Panthera was totally an inconsequential person. In fact, he was considered a nuisance and treated as a common criminal and street beggar, that is why proper records were not kept of him. He was only mentioned in passing, in the Talmudic oral traditions.  Therefore, the shroud wrapped around his corpse (if there was one) could not have meant anything to anyone, not least the Catholic Church that did not come into existence until 375 years after his death. 

Definitely, it would have meant nothing to “Joseph and his family,” apart from the fact that they would have lacked the sense and technology to preserve it for 375 years for the Catholic Church. Did they give shreds to the Catholic Church?  The shroud of Torino or Turin, in carbon 30/33, shows a recent dating, confirming that the Roman Catholic Church did not do a good job of producing a hoax to convince the world. 

Also, the birthday of Jesus was often put at between 4 – 1 BCE.  Octavian Gaius Augustus Caesar (63 BCE - 14 CE) issued his ‘Census edit’ in 8 BCE.  If Jesus was born in 4 BCE or 3 BCE or 2 BCE or 1 BCE, he could not have been a new born baby at the time the ‘Census edit’ was issued some four, five, six, seven years earlier. 

Mary Magdalene’s story was, therefore, cooked up.  There is no iota of truth in the claim that she was pregnant for Christ at the time of the supposed crucifixion or that to protect the unborn child, she was smuggled out to Gaul through the help of Christ’s trusted uncle, Joseph of Arimathaea, because there was no Jesus Christ.

In Gaul (France) with the protection and support of the Jewish people that were supposed to have killed her husband (the Church must think all humans are nincompoops), Mary survived and gave birth to Sarah whose bloodline thrived quietly in France, and in the fifth century intermarried with the French royal blood that produced the Merovingian kings in Paris.  Some story. Could the ‘impeccably divine Jesus’ bloodline have thrived any less in the Church fathers’ fertile imagination?

With the assassination of Dagobert, a Merovingian, stabbed in the eyes while asleep, in the late seventh century by the Vatican, with assistance from Pepin d’ Heristal, the son, Sigisbert, who escaped the attack, continued the family lineage, which led to King Godefroi de Bouillon.  King Godefroi de Bouillon founded the Priory of Sion in Jerusalem immediately after conquering the city in 1099 CE and charged the Priory with protecting his secret, which obviously must have been the rumours fanned by the Catholic Church about his bloodline (link) with Jesus. 

The Priory secretly heard about a treasure trove of hidden documents buried beneath the ruins of Herod’s temple, which was built on top of the earlier ruins of King Solomon’s temple. The documents, of course, were of considerable interest and concern to the Church, ready to do anything to reach and destroy them, if they knew where they were hidden. The Priory de Sion believed that the documents could provide corroborative evidence for Godefroi’s family secrets and so vowed to recover them from beneath the temple at whatever cost in time and expense. 

The Priory created a military wing of nine Knights called the Order of the Poor Knights of Christ and the Temple of Solomon (i.e. the Knights Templar) and disguised as protectors of pilgrims in the Holy Land.  During the reign of Baldwin II, the Templars were in the Holy Land protecting Christians on the roadways and because they were sworn to poverty, they were not being paid for their services. Their request of King Baldwin II, to be allowed to shelter under the ruins of the temple was granted so they took up residence there. 

The documents they were after were supposed to be buried in the Holy of Holies, a sacred chamber where God Himself resides.  In other words, the documents were in the heart of the Jewish faith.  Why would the Jews bury documents concerning inconsequential Panthera, or of Jesus Christ that to them did not exist, in their most sacred place? 

The Knights lived in the ruins for nine years, excavating secretly through solid rock. Their treasure trove is speculated to include, apart from documents, precious items in gold, silver and diamond from the abode of God.  They took their treasure trove to Europe where their influence, power and wealth soared overnight, helped by Pope Innocent II, who issued a papal bull granting them autonomy as an independent army over and above the influence of the state and the Church. Some historians believe the Knights must have blackmailed the Pope or that the Pope was trying to silence them from revealing their findings.  

The Knights soon amassed colossal wealth and posh estates located in a dozen countries. They began giving credit lines to bankrupt royals and charging interest, which is the nucleus of the modern day banking system.  By the 1300s, the Knights had become so powerful and rich, Pope Clement V felt he had to do something.  With the collaboration of King Philippe IV of France, the Pope set off an operation to destroy the Knights. He sent his priests/military commandants across Europe, sealed letters to be opened simultaneously on Friday 13 October, 1307.

The order when opened on the appointed day and time, lied that the Pope had been visited by God in a vision and that God had told him that the Knights were heretics, devil worshippers, homosexuals and sodomists, blasphemous in character and defiling the cross.  Thousands of Knights were rounded up, tortured and burnt at the stake on that day, which makes the day rankle even in modern times as the unlucky Friday the 13. Despite Clements’s best efforts, some Knights escaped into exile with the help of powerful allies.

The Knights’ parents, the Priory of Sion, who were only targeted later, had been entrusted earlier with, not the gold, silver and diamond urns etc., but the documents and artifacts; were able to smuggle these out at night from a Paris preceptory into Templars ships in La Rochelle.  The last time the secret treasure trove was sighted was in 1447 when a fire outbreak almost consumed it and was seen by several eye witnesses being moved to safety in four huge chests each carried by six men.  Current speculations about what the treasure trove contains include some ancient Egyptian Mystery System materials; documents and artifacts about early stages of kabbalism and the Jewish religion, remains linked with some of their earliest religious icons, and information about their persecution by the Romans and others.  The treasure trove’s last suspected abode was the United Kingdom, the land of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

There were strong speculations about the possible release of the secrets at the end of the astrological Age of Pisces the fish. Two thousand years of spiritual fervent; of nurturing and spoon-feeding by higher forces because man is incapable of thinking for himself. The treasure trove was not released because there was nothing to release but how the Roman Catholic Church was blackmailed.  Now that we have entered the Age of Aquarius, the water bearer, a period when we should be able to think for ourselves, I believe the treasure trove is back home now at its final resting place in Paris, buried under (Francois Mitterrand) the Sphinx’s brand new La Pyramid.

Humans have no need for religions


Because African faiths and spirituality are being used largely for evil, they are retarding our progress as a people.  We must keep our cultures and traditions but not our faiths in their present forms.  We must refine and modernize our faiths and wean them of their evil practices if they are to survive in any form.  All religions are being used for evil and if we cannot serve our own Gods, why must we surrender our faiths to White and Arab Gods?  We do not need religions anyway.  We have no business being Christians because Christianity is a lie and is exploiting our people to death with tithes.  Have you not seen pastors buying private jets?  And along with Islam, we spend too much time on our butts and knees praying instead of on our feet working.  Our benefactors have us where they want us, which is down here on our knees begging and praying for their hand-outs while they are challenging ‘God’ and partying on the Moon. And what precious little time we struggle to squeeze out of our wretched existence, we devote it to fighting and dying over our masters’ myopic wars.   Forget about Jesus, forget about Muhammad, forget about spirits and if you must worship something, worship intellect, worship bravery, worship brainpower, worship knowledge, worship scholarship, that is what the new African Myk is about.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011 04:02

Several Arab Countries Reject Islamic Banking

Many Arab countries including Kuwait, do not want anything to do with Islamic banking. They consider it archaic, unworkable and counterproductive to the good health of free enterprise.  Islamic banking retards entrepreneurship flair because of interference in too wide a range of businesses that the bank has no expertise or adequately trained or qualified personnel to nurture to success, as joint business partner of the businesses of its loans.   Islamic banking is anti-globalization, which is the current vogue of world commerce.

Two of the most conservative Islamic countries in the world, Iran and Pakistan, dabbled in Islamic banking but soon began to experience the inevitable problems associated with it.  Iran has since withdrawn the interest free content of the product by allowing her Islamic banks to charge between 4 – 8% interests on loans.  Iran calls the interest charged, by an Arab name.  If Iran is charging interest on its Islamic banking loans, why would a non-Islamic or Arab country like Nigeria, be desperate to adopt the system jettisoned by the most radical Islamic country in the world, if not for mischievous purposes?

‘Usury’ as an idea, which Islamic banking is fighting against, did not originate from Islam or the Arab world.  It is as old as the earliest Christian era and is mentioned in the Bible.  It represents the practice of lending money to be paid back at an unfairly high rate of interest.  Yes, the Jews and the Arabs were the earliest ancient principal offenders of the practice, being notorious gold merchants’ money lenders.  But as banking became the vogue, modern commerce progressed along the route of finding ways of reducing interest charges rather than the cumbersome, primordial, uneconomic pursuit of profit-sharing.

It was found that reducing interest rates charged by banks was a better practice long term, than wasting valuable time chasing after profit sharing, which although in the short run, appears to translate to high returns for the banks relatively, was not commensurate with high demand on the labour and time they expend on the businesses, and was seriously damaging to entrepreneurial spirit and profits of the struggling victims of the loan.

Of course, Al-Qaeda, bent on Islamizing the world, promotes Islamic banking as the ‘do good’ interest free bank, an irresistible bait in a poverty stricken, alien mentally and religiously enslaved society like Nigeria.  But deceiving a people by calling a tiger a sheep does not transform the tiger into a sheep.  The truth of the matter is that Islamic banking relies on and makes profits, which it gives Muslim names. The businesses Islamic banks are interested in must be bankable and profitable because Islamic banking places emphasis on profit-sharing rather than interest charges.

What we must ask them is the difference between profit-sharing and Interest charges other than that the bank decides how to run the businesses it invests in; takes the lion share of the profits eventually, and still collects its loan in due time. In other words, Islamic banking charges interest by non-conventional formats and names, to remain in the business of banking.  The bank’s debtors end up paying higher interests by whatever Arab names called, than operates in conventional banks, because the Islamic bank becomes a fortune sharing part-owner of the businesses of its loans, until the loans are liquidated.

And remember, Islamic banks do not have the expertise and man-power to help run all the businesses it gives loans to, so, in the end, the businesses they get involved in, run aground as soon as the Islamic banks are done with extracting their pound of flesh.  In fact, Islamic banking is worst than the “usury” of old that it is supposed to be trying to terminate.  That is why Iran changed the rule to charge between 4 – 8% on loans.  It is cheaper that way, and the businesses involved are left to be run by people who own and know what their businesses are about, and have the interest in keeping the businesses going indefinitely.

Islamic banking means that Islamic banks, attempt to control the small and medium scale industries of the country in which they operate. Arabs, particularly the Lebanese, did just that in the Nigeria of the early sixties.  They monopolized our small and medium scale businesses as wholesalers in all domestic items of commerce; salt, pepper, oils, rice, textile, drugs, drinks, kerosene, petroleum products etc.  They operated from the best business addresses of the time, such as Balogun Street in Lagos.  The battle to dislodge them from our small scale businesses was bitter and long, culminating in the military era indigenization decree.  A campaign (or war cry), in which I played a pivotal role.  Now the Arabs want to come back through the back door facilitation of Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, and take back control of our small and medium scale businesses.

Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, claims that interest free banking is the answer to Nigeria’s economic ills and appears to have been preparing the grounds for its introduction in the last six months particularly, by unusually increasing the Central Bank’s benchmark interest rate known as MPR four times.  His latest increase was last week from 8 to 8.75%.

He claims he is doing it to fight inflation but stakeholders say the frequent increases do not augur well for the country because it discourages manufacturers and businesses from borrowing from banks.

In any case, Islam or Sharia does not have the copyright or monopoly on interest free banking. The function can be performed by any conventional bank that so desires.  It does not have to have religious connotation or to come from a religious bank.  So, if Sanusi is not a Sharia agent and feels strongly enough about interest free banking, all that he needs to do is give licenses or the go ahead to any number of the currently registered Nigerian banks or foreign conventional banks so willing, to add interest free products to their banking portfolio without religious connotations, restrictions or limitations on customers.

Sanusi Lamido Sanusi maintains that Islamic banking would help tackle the problems of tobacco smoking, alcoholism, gambling and prostitution etc in Nigeria.  In the first place, I doubt if these problems are peculiar to or worst in Nigeria.  The power to make laws for and against tobacco and alcohol indulgence and commerce or the prohibition of gambling and prostitution in Nigeria is vested exclusively by the Nigerian Constitution in the National Assembly.  Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, does not agree with this, however.  He believes his power as the CBN Governor supersedes that of the Nigerian National Assembly and allows him to transfer the power to institutions of his choice, including banks, local or foreign, to ban trading in tobacco, alcohol, prostitution, gambling and such other ethical fixations, at least.

Sanusi Lamido Sanusi says Islamic banking focuses on financial intermediation, as opposed to innovation.  Is that a virtue?  Without innovations, where would the world be today?  We would all be answering one common name of Muhammad, wearing white robes and sandals every where and at all time, with women veiling and in permanent pudda.  They cannot drive and must not travel or do business without male guarantors.  Muhammads cannot do business with non-Muhammads or with people who are into innovative businesses.  Muhammads can marry four wives, including teenage brides and still be homosexual.

Islamic banking insists on our products and services being free from speculation, which effectively ends the Naira Exchange Rates’

speculative activities, the Stock Exchange business, and our other liberal commercial and global businesses with the non-Muslim world. Our businesses must be free of interests and monopoly, thus cutting us off from IMF and World Bank facilities what ever they are worth, and restricting us to aids’ trifles from the Islamic Development Bank. Does any one still need any more reason why no Arab country is heading for the Moon?  They abhor science and science is the core of innovations.

Sanusi says, the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) is financing some Fadama II projects in two Northern and one Eastern states. The Eastern state, Anambra, has since denied taking any such IDB facility.  If the other two Northern states took the facilities, Ya’Adua got us into the trap.  What the IDB provided as aid, is on the average N140 million (less than a million dollars), per state.  The nearly half a trillion naira stolen by Mrs Ibru and the other Nigerian banks’ executives could have taken care of that a million fold, instead of exposing us as a country so cheaply to the ridicule of being aided with pittance, all in the effort of deviously imposing Sharia banking on Nigeria?

Sanusi says Nigeria’s SEC and NDIC have had dealings with Islamic banks too. Because a thief gets away with his loot does not mean he is no longer a thief.  If the two institutions secretly breached the secular aspect of our constitution in any way, it does not mean they are right or that our other institutions should be encouraged to do the same secretly or brazenly.

In the few Arab countries were Islamic banking is being practiced, it has not impacted positively on the lives of Arabs’ indigenous poor who are  the derelict Black original owners of all Arab countries, including Sudan, which is why we have South Sudan now, with Darfur in toe.  Sanusi says there is Islamic banking in Britain.  Britain is not a secular country, Nigeria is. Britain has the resources, sufficiently sophisticated intelligence gathering mechanism, intimidating security efficiency and might, to quickly isolate their small Muslim population and nip whatever threats they pose in the bud.

Imposition of ‘Sharia’ laws at our national level of banking to promote separate functions, products, services and queues for Muslim men and Muslim women on the one hand and them and non-Muslims on the other, would lead systematically to separate public places and general elections queues, separate facilities in schools, hospitals,  work places, armed forces, national football teams etc and the forbidding of legitimate activities such as trading in alcohol, tobacco, casino games and other such moral fixations.  This is not only the surest and fasted recipe to disintegration in a secular country like Nigeria, it installs Arabian hegemony and laws over our sovereignty and national laws as if we are an occupied country.

A country which is already a melting pot of bitter non-native religious rivalries and acrimonies, and where the Islamic fundamentalist sect, Boko Haram, with the active support of  Maghreb’s Al’-Qaida sects from neighbouring countries, is now throwing bombs daily, killing dozens of innocent people in public places and sacking churches and police stations to precipitate a jihad. Boko Haram, meaning Western education is sin, a fundamentalist group, was founded in Borno state in 2002 to establish Sharia law and Islamic government in Nigeria. Governor Alli Modu Sherrif of Borno state 2003 - 2010, one of the ‘Sharia’ states, used members of the Boko Haram sect as thugs during his campaigns for governorship. The sect first gained national attention in 2004 when its members set up a base in Kanamma, Yobe state, named ‘Afghanistan,’ from where the sect members attacked nearby police outposts, killing police officers.

There has been a series of attacks in Nigeria from that time, in the guise of the desert Al-Qaedas from Algeria and Mali, the Boko Haram sect, and imported jihadists from the neighbouring countries of Niger and Chad, sacking whole Nigerian villages at night or burning down police stations and killing law enforcement officers in broad day light in Brono, Benue, Plateau and other neighbouring states.  On June 16, 2011, Boko Haram bombed Louis Edet House, headquarters of the Nigeria Police Force, in Abuja, destroying several cars and killing the bomber and a security officer.  Over 700 people have been killed by mid 2011 in Boko Haram attacks in Northern Nigeria.  In June 2011, the sect sent a hit list of prominent Northerners, including the Vice president, to Nigeria security agencies.  The timing to introduce Sharia banking in Nigeria is, therefore, not only extremely troubling; it is an affront to the collective ambition and acumen of a people struggling desperately to evolve a common destiny.

Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, the Governor of the CBN, had been training personnel secretly for some time, to set up a parallel Central Bank (or what he calls a Commission or Committee within the Central Bank) especially for Islamic banking in Nigeria, and has initialled damaging ‘Sharia’ agreements to the secular structure of our democracy.  In other words, he has sold Nigeria’s sovereignty to the OIC and the Islamic world, and is now deceiving the nation that Islamic banking has nothing to do with ‘Sharia’ laws, and that people opposing its berthing in Nigeria were only being sentimental.  To the shock of the nation, the documents he had initialled with the Islamic bank’s agents confirmed his deceit, and came to light at his meeting on July 20, 2011, with the House of Representative members.

Only a person with a carefully crafted and nurtured agenda to destroy his country would so blatantly lie to conceal his efforts to grievously inflict religious tension, division and intolerance on his own country.  Sanusi came prepared for the devious role he is playing now as the Central Bank Governor of Nigeria.  After obtaining his first degree in Nigeria, he moved to the University of Sudan, where he was radicalized in Sharia ideology, rubbing shoulders as class mate and associate of current leaders worldwide of the Al-Quada sect.

Sudan was Al-Qaeda’s International headquarters and Osama bin Laden was living and operating from there at the time.

As soon as Sanusi returned from his studies in Sudan, be began to openly pursue his Sharia take over of Nigeria, particularly through the financial sector of the economy.  Reproduced here word for word is the unmistaken evidence of his carefully laid out plan.  At a conference in 2000 in Kaduna, Sanusi delivered a lecture on Islamic economics called International Framework of Institutional Framework of Zakat: Dimensions and Implications. In the lecture Sanusi argued that although collection of Zakat is the responsibility of the state, it may be the responsibility of the Nigerian government rather than the emirs in Northern Nigeria.

In October 2002 Sanusi published a paper on ‘The Hudhood Punishments in Northern Nigeria: A Muslim Criticism.’  In July 2003, he presented ‘The Shari’a Debate and the Construction of a ‘Muslim’ identity in Northern Nigeria: A Critical Perspective,’ at a seminar at the university of Bayreuth in Germany. In August 2003 he presented ‘Democracy, Rights and Islam: Theory, Epistemology and the Quest for Synthesis’ at an International Conference in Abuja on Shar’ah panel and Family Law in Nigeria and in the Muslim World: A rights-Based Approach.’ These documents confirm Sanusi’s preoccupation and ambition for Nigeria, and to get the opportunity to put his theories into practice in the financial sector of the Nigerian economy, President Yar’Adua appointed him Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria in 2008.

Sanusi Lamido Sanusi took advantage of the seeming weakness in Nigeria presidency to launch his Sharia take over of Nigeria.  Jonathan’s attempt to contest for the presidency of Nigeria in the April 2011 general elections was marked by ugly scheming to scuttle his efforts by a gang led by Babangida and Atiku, pushing for Northern and Islamic agendas in the guise of the zoning of leadership. Jonathan trounced them at the pools and was sworn in to serve his own term in office on May 29, 2011, but the zoning scar seems to have compromised him, and is promoting narrow-minded, sectoral distortions in our body polity as exemplified by the greedy regional hijack of the presidency and speakership positions in the National Assembly.

Northern jihadists did not feel that a Christian Northern president of the Senate represents them so they forced a Northern Muslim Speaker on the House of Representatives to the detriment of the legitimate interests of the West in particular and Southern Nigeria in general. Nigeria’s Constitution does not recognize religious balancing, only geographical, by implication.   When Chief Mushood Abiola, a Southern Muslim, won the presidency, he had a Northern Muslim as his Vice, and that did not rankle Christians in Nigeria.  In any case, over 40% of the North is either Christian or non-Muslim.  Awolowo proved this over and over again by winning significant followership during elections in the North in his time.

President Jonathan is so weak that Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, a former president of Nigeria, who himself acquiesced in the introduction of Sharia into the governance of most of Northern Nigeria states, had to speak for him recently by lashing out against the Northern takeover of the leadership of the National Assembly and warning the Speaker of the House of Representatives to resign his post within two years. President Jonathan might very well go down in history as the leader that introduced Sharia into our national politics and consciousness to prepare Nigeria for eventual disintegration.