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Why Africans must repress and sublimate their sexuality

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It is you, again, Chinasor Onianwah.

I just read on Facebook where you are saying that I am against sex. I am not against sex. Let me explain my attitude to this sex business.

As you probably have heard, Sigmund Freud saw the individual as driven by natural forces that he called Id. The id is the instinct for sex and aggression. To Freud, we all inherited a proclivity to desire sex with every member of the opposite gender in our world, even with our parents and siblings.  The man said that if one were to give in to this polymorphous desire to gratify one's sexual desires one would not only have conflict with other people (people have a tendency to jealousy and can kill you if you mess with their partners) but would have no time for other things.

If sex is unchecked, the old Jewish boy said that there will be anarchy and chaos in society. Therefore, the first order of society is to figure out a way to control sex and channel it.

It is not that sex is bad but that it causes too much social problems so it had to be repressed and suppressed and sublimated.

The first suppression is the taboo not to have sex with ones parents and siblings (Freud said that children do have desire to have sex with their parents and siblings...the famous concept of oedipal complex says that a girl wants to have sex with her father, knows that the mother does not like it and would kill her so she suppresses that desire and  instead identifies with her mother hence introject social mores and become normal; a boy wants to have sex with his mother and thinks that his father would kill him, so to stay alive he suppresses the desire and identifies with his father and internalizes his father's values and becomes normal...people's desire for incest is also tabooed).

By the time a child is six years old, if he is properly socialized he has internalized his society's norms, including taboos (he cannot even think of having sex with his mother even though at age four he wanted to). He has accepted to repress his sexuality and aggression (if you take what does not belong to you society would arrest and punish you; if you kill other people society would kill you, so to stay out of jails and be alive you respect other people's rights and properties).

The normal child develops what Freud called Superego, society's rules, norms in his head. Thus, in the child's head is now the Id (nature) and the superego (learned social rules).

A third part comes into being that Freud called the ego. The ego is sort of like a referee balancing the desires of the Id and the demands (suppressions) of the superego.

For example, the ego tells the young man to leave his mother alone and desire sex with girls his age; and further tells him that his society expects sex only in marriage hence to avoid having sex with nice girls until he marries one of them, but since he still has desire for sex that perhaps he could visit prostitutes.

According to Freud, in our heads are id, ego and superego; the three forces fight each other, they are perpetually at war.  There is no end to this war!

In his famous book, Civilization and its Discontents Freud said that to be a socialized adult one must be neurotic.

By neurotic he meant that one must suppress ones instincts to sex and aggression and doing so makes one feel uncomfortable for our natural desires is to have sex with every person we see in our world or take from other people what they have that we desire.

Since in society we must curtail our natural instincts we must have psyche conflicts.  Please note what I just said: I said that to be normal is to suppress ones natural desires; I did not say that those desires are wrong.

Suppression of the Id is the price we pay for civilization because if we give in to it, to polymorphously perverse sexuality we would have social conflicts and live in what Thomas Hobbes (Leviathan, 1651) called perpetual war with each other.

A normal person is a neurotic person for he has repressed his biological nature to live in organized society; as such, he is an unhappy person.

To be happy, the chains that Jean Jacque Rousseau (Social Contract, 1760) said that society placed on socialized persons must be removed.

Nietzsche said that the tragedy of human beings is that we are born free but in childhood society loads our minds with all kinds of beliefs that burden us for the rest of our lives; in his fanciful terminology, we are like camels who kneel down and our slave masters place loads on our backs and bid us to get up and carry the loads to wherever they want us to go to.

In "Thus Spoke Zarathustra", Nietzsche wishes for us, the superman, to throw off the norms of society and live freely.

Alas, we are unable to do so. Nietzsche did not even have the courage to have a girlfriend, visited prostitutes and contracted syphilis! The man became mad!

To be natural we must return to being what Rousseau called the Noble Savage who does whatever he pleases (Rousseau was a neurotic; he was oversexed but, of course, had to repress it and kicked against having to do so; he imagined that Native Americans, his Noble Savages, had access to untrammeled sexuality and envied them).

Alas, if we do as we sexually please society breaks down. To have civilization we must repress our sexual desires.

Freud and his daughter, Anna Freud, posited what they called ego defense mechanisms, mechanism we employ in defending our egos in our artificial society; they include repression, suppression, denial, projection, displacement, reaction-formation, sublimation, fantasy, shame, guilt, fear, anger, avoidance, minimizing and so on; read up on the ego defense mechanisms for all of us employ them with different degrees of flexibility and rigidity.

Freud is a Jew and lived in Vienna, Austria. What he said may be considered hypothetical. One, must, therefore, subject his thesis to evaluation. One must use one's own life to see if what the man said operates in one.

This is what takes place in psychoanalytic psychotherapy; the psychoanalyst puts one through an evaluation of one's life to see how ones ego is operating, how it is dealing with the id and superego; the process requires one to lie on a couch and say whatever comes into one's mind, unchecked by rational and social considerations of what is appropriate sayings; this is called free association; in analysis one  engages in transference relationship with the analyst, that is, one sees him as ones  father and project all the anger one has for ones father for forcing one to repress ones nature to him; the goal of analysis is to bring what is hidden in one's unconscious mind, what one is ashamed to say in polite, civilized society, such as say that one wanted to have sex with one's sister etc. out; bringing the unconscious to the conscious gives one catharsis, release from the tension of repression; the analyst helps one to  make rational accommodations with the requirements of living in civilized society.

The goal of analysis is for you to become a contented, not happy, neurotic. As it were, no one can really return to the happiness of unregulated society; that desire is infantile and unrealistic. One must accept restrictions in one's life if one is to live in society even if those restrictions make one unhappy, that is the idea.

A teenager wants to have sex and tries it with another boy's friend and that boy slaps him around so that he learns why society is regulated:  regulation is for our individual survival and good.

In light of psychoanalysis, I looked at myself with Freud's parameters, his analytic tools. I, like most boys of my generation, was socialized into Catholic-Christian ethics. I was told that to have sex is bad. Thus, I avoided sex. Even though as a teenager I desired sex I suppressed it. Instead of running around looking for girls, I stayed in my secondary school's dormitory or my room at home and read books. I did not have sex until I came to the university (my undergraduate was at the University Of Oregon).  Well, eventually and awkwardly, I ventured into the sexual territory.

The relevant point here is that I repressed my sexuality and put that energy to reading. I am not from a rich family but I was able to obtain the PhD (from UCLA) while still a kid.

As I look at it and wonder what made it possible, the only explanation that I can see is that  it was because I repressed my natural instincts; it was not only because of smarts, for some boys in my secondary school were probably smarter than I was?

Those smart kids in my school were running around chasing everything in skirts; the difference between us is how they used their energies.

I am forced to conclude that old Freud is correct in saying that those who suppress their sexuality tend to make it in our modern world than those who give free rein to their sexuality. As the old boy also observed, those who over repress their sexuality tend to become neurotic.

Neurosis is a fancy term applied to normal persons with too much suppression of their instincts. My MMPI (Minnesota Multi-Phasic Personality Inventory) profile says that I have the version of neurosis found in Freud, obsessive compulsive personality.

The obsessive compulsive person rejects his real self (read, his biological self-including his sexuality); he uses his mind to construct an ideal self, a perfect self, sort of like what Christians call Jesus Christ that he wants to become (George Kelly, 1955 said that each child uses his experiences with his inherited biological constitution and social experience to construct a self-concept and personality).

The OCPD wants to become perfect and is perfectionistic; he pursues perfection obsessively. He does things compulsively(as a child, when walking to and from school, he may have an inner compulsion to touch electric poles and or grasses; as an adult he may have a compulsion to recheck and make sure that his stove is tuned off, his door is locked, his car is locked even though he already did it; he may fear driving over bridges for he fears that while on them the bridge could collapse and he drowns; I had a lady psychiatrist friend who was so afraid of driving over a bridge that she would drive many miles to avoid driving over a bridge!).

As a student, the OCPD fears submitting his papers to his teachers least they give him less than perfect grade. He is the shy, quiet child that does very well at school yet has poor self-esteem and lacks positive self-confidence. OCPDs generally admire those in power and obey them and are afraid to do anything remotely anti-social. They are over socialized folks. Freud would say that their personality issues are the price they have to pay for repressing their sexual and aggressive instincts. Obsessive compulsives constitute a large chunk of the university community.

There are many types of neurosis, including dependent, passive aggressive, and avoidant personality (the shy boy who feels that he is no good, that if other people see him as he is that they would think that he is no good and reject him; to avoid social rejection he withdrawals from relating to people and keeps to his self; avoidant personalities constitute the bulk of our writers, artists and creative persons in general...think about it, have you really seen those that Carl Jung called extraverts who are creative persons or are they mostly introverted, introspective persons? There are, of course, exceptions to every general rule).

I am not here trying to review the various personality disorders, aka neurosis; you can see my relevant writings on them (I have written voluminously on paranoid personality disorder because I see it in many of our people...the paranoid personality feels inadequate and compensates with false sense of importance and power; he wants all people to see him as powerful and important and if he suspects that you see him as not powerful he feels that you demeaned him, belittled him, degraded and humiliated him, he reacts with anger at you; he is suspicious and guarded and does not trust other people to do what serves his interests...and who is a paranoid personality...he could be your head of state, doctor, police man, teacher or husband or wife!).

The point that old Freud was making is that the repression of the individual's natural instincts creates psyche problems for him, makes him a neurotic and that it is neurotics who are responsible for our civilization, and that neurosis is the price we must pay for being civilized; the alternative is to express all our desires and return to being savages.

If in doubt, see Donald Trump. The Donald, as everybody has noted, is a narcissistic personality, neurotic. This means that deep down he feels like he is shit, literally! The man feels like he has no worth but compensates with what Alfred Adler called desire to seem superior and admirable. He compulsively seeks people's admiration; he wants to seem special; he tends to use people to get what he wants and when they are no longer useful to him he discards them like rag dolls (watch as he discards his white working class folks, after having used them to become the president of these Unites States of America...the man is totally self-centered and does not give a damn about other people's needs!; he even  marries wives for their beauty; he collects beautiful damsels as his parlor trophies, and with which he boasts; he likes to say that his wife is the most beautiful woman on earth hence gratify his narcissism. And it is such men as he that are found at the top echelons of our political, military and business world!

The point is that the man had to repress his natural instincts and develop an aspect of neurosis called narcissism, self-admiration and belief that one is special and as such other people ought to admire him and justification for his using those he considers inferior persons.

Calling the Donald a narcissistic bastard, as many liberals are now doing, is kind of like those living in glass houses throwing stones.

As the other Jewish boy, Jesus Christ, said, before you see the grain of sand in other people's eyes, first remove the mountain blocking your perception.

As St. Paul, another Jew (boy, are Jews smart or what) said, we all look with glass darkly. Nobody has true perception; we do not see things as they are but as our myopic lenses make us see them. In that light we really do not know what is mental health in people.

Do you know what the truth is? What is the truth, Pontius Pilate, the old cynical Roman bureaucrat asked the Jews proclaiming knowledge of the truth that Jesus is not their messiah?

You, if you have college education, probably have some neurosis; so, go ascertain your type of neurosis and work on improving your self-structure and don't just point two fingers at other people's psychological issues while three fingers point right back at you.

A little observation ought to show you that the world is a lunatic asylum; the difference between people is that some know that they are neurotic whereas the insane person does not know it!

The typical Nigerian, for example, is an anti-social personality, a sociopath, a psychopath who is so corrupt, who so steals from his people that some people doubt that he is even a human being!  Seriously, some people believe that Nigerians must be pure animals who have no conscience, and do not feel remorse and guilt from stealing, otherwise how could their leaders steal billions of their petro-dollars while the average Nigeria hardly can afford one good meal a day! Yet, these criminal Nigerians call white Americans crazy!

(In this piece I am talking about neuroses, aka personality disorders; I am not talking about serious mental disorders, the psychoses, such as schizophrenia, mania, depression, delusion disorder; Psychoses handicap folks so that folks with them are seldom found in the work world. Psychoses are characterized by the presence of hallucinations in one or more of the five senses and bizarre delusions; folks with those seldom can hold down jobs. At present, I am interested in so-called working normal neurotic persons, which is all of us!)


If a young person is not repressed there is simply no way he can make it to the top of the social totem pole. If in doubt go to our inner city ghettos, such as South Chicago, South Central Los Angeles, Harlem, New York, and North-East, Washington DC, the dark ghettos of America and see people who are not repressed.  There, you see people who give in to sex whenever they want to and talk without social and moral restraints. They are usually either poor, or drug addicted or into crimes. They are as they are because they were not repressed enough to have energy to devote to studies so as to make it in the competitive society called America.

You may wish all you want but the fact is that to go to Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Caltech, Berkeley, UCLA, MIT and our other top schools you must be repressed.  Of course, you must also have above average IQ (normal IQ is 85-115; above average IQ is 118-130 and superior IQ is anything above 132-140; IQ of over 140 is genius...see the list of physicists cited below for the geniuses of mankind). There is just no way a kid who does not have above average IQ and did not study hard can go to our top schools; at best he attends middling state colleges.

Let us now focus on Nigerians and Africans. Africans were recently exposed to Western civilization. Before the nineteenth century they lived, let us dispense with political correctness, in primitive societies. (Anthropologists humor them by calling their obvious primitive societies preliterate societies).

In their primitive societies one did not have to repress one's self to have the energy to devote to seeking long terms goals. Primitive folk have immediate gratification tendencies; they have difficult time differing gratification for the future.

In traditional African societies, a man turned eighteen and got married and produced children; if you are over sexed you married many wives. You spent your nights having sex with different women (one of my older Igbo friends told me that his father had seven wives, thus, probably having sex with a different woman each night!).

If one has sex with women just about every night, during the day one would not have surplus psyche and somatic energy left to think about abstract subjects such as stars, galaxies, the universe; or think about biology, physics, chemistry and the other interesting stuff we do in our contemporary world.

Africans, before the white man came to them, were essentially like animals; they lived to procreate but did little else. If you say that this was not so please show me Black Africans contributions in physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, geology, mathematics, in technology, even in politics. Don't just make wild claims, show me.

I am up to date in physics, so I know who has made contributions to it. I know about Galileo, Newton, Huygens, Tycho Brahe, Kepler, Dalton, Boyle, Thomas Young, Michael Faraday, James Clark Maxwell, Ludwig Bozeman, Rontgen, J.J Thompson, Henri Becquerel, Pierre and Marie Curie, Max Plank, Albert Einstein, Ernest Rutherford, Neils Bohr, Louis Broglie, Werner Heisenberg, Emil Schrodinger, Max Born, Paul Dirac, James Chadwick, Lise Meitner, Alexander Friedman, Georges Lemaitre, Edwin Hubble, George Gamow, Fred Hoyle, John Wheeler, Hugh Everett, John Bell, Alan Aspect, Alan Goth and other physicists and applied scientists such as James Watt, Alexander Graham  Bell, John Rockefeller, Henry Ford, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg etc.

Did I miss an African's name? If so please tell me who he is so that I add him. Don't just make wild claims about Africans phantom contributions to science tell us about them and what it is they, in fact, did (I know some black Americans contributions to science, but right now I am focusing on Africans in the continent of Africa).

I am a college professor. From many years of teaching white, black and Asian students I know that all of them are equal and the same.  If so, I asked myself what accounts for the differences in the different performance of the races (biologically all people belong to one human race but for now let us use the social concept of race as if it is true).

In other writings I posited putative causal factors in the obvious lack of contribution by Africans to science and technology. I particularly like Jared Diamond's explanation of why folks in the tropics are backward. Please read his seminal book: Guns, Germs and Steel.

For our present purposes, one of the factors accounting for Africans lack of contribution to civilization is Africans lack of repression of their instincts.

The white man came to Africa and gave Africans a different civilization; this new civilization requires Africans to repress their instincts. They are now kicking at that requirement. They know that their grandfathers used to have many wives hence gratified their sexual desires but now Western civilization requires a man to have only one wife.

Having sex with the same woman, over and over, again, we must admit, is kind of boring! It seems that folks need variety in their sexual lives. Thus, Africans would like to remove the strictures of Western civilization and return to the way life was before the dreaded white man came to their world.

Africans, of course, have the right to remove the restrictions of civilization. But they will pay a price. There are no ways you are going to be productive in the western sense of it if you spend too much time having sex. For example, since I was divorced I have gone for years without sex. During that time I devoted myself to reading and writing.  I have produced many books.

You cannot contribute to physics, chemistry and biology, astronomy and geology unless you practically live in the laboratory. I pass by my university's laboratories and see young professors (usually in their late twenties and early thirties) literally sleeping on cots in their laboratories; these kids want to discover something that would give them the Nobel Prize (many wish but a few achieve it) and have little or no time for sex.

My dear talented friend, Chinasor, obviously with a little discipline you would accomplish a lot. At present you are kicking at the restrictions you believe that the white man has placed on your sexuality; you feel nostalgic about your ancestors' apparent ready access to sex.

Well, you have the choice: limit yourself to your beautiful wife and then devote your energy to doing your creative work or give yourself the permission to run around chasing every good looking broad in town. The decision is yours to make.

If you choose unlimited sexuality you will be another African who lived and did not use his considerable intelligence that nature gave to him to contribute to human civilization.

There is absolutely no difference between the so-called three races: whites, Africans and Asians. However, there are cultural differences between them.

Asians from Confucian and Buddhist culture (China, Japan, Korea etc.) are the most repressed persons in the world. Their repression, I believe, leaves them with more energy to do things. This accounts for their higher average IQ s and better performance at examinations and in life in general.

On the WAIS and WISC and Stanford Binet IQ tests the average IQs are as follows:  Asians, 115; Jews, 110; whites 100 and blacks 85; IQ level tends to be reflected on Scores on the SAT; Asians average score on the SAT is 1250; whites average score is 1150, blacks average score is 850; the total score is 1600; you need, at least, 1450 to be considered by good universities (very few black students score at that level to be able to enter our top universities without affirmative action programs that admit them with criteria other than shown performance at examinations).

IQ and scores on examinations do not reflect biological differences in the races but show cultural differences; if you are black from families where you were repressed and encouraged to study you would do as well as Asians. (Have you gone to our top universities, especially the science and technology departments? You would swear that you are in Asia! Over 50% of the PhDs of these schools are to Asians! Occasionally, you find a black student in these top graduate schools.)


Africans and black Americans are like people all over the world; there are no differences in peoples biological make up.

Contemporary civilization requires people to repress their biological instincts, especially those of sex and aggression.

Repression gives people psyche and somatic conflicts. Africans are now experiencing the neuroses found in middle class Euro-Americans.

Whereas middle class white Americans go to therapists to deal with their neurotic issues Africans seek refuge in frequent sex, alcohol and drugs. Sex is a means of reducing somatic and psyche tension; like all means of reducing stress, sex is addictive! Urban Nigerians, the so-called big men with many mistresses are really sex addicts but don't know it.

Addicted persons are psychologically sick persons, impaired persons; thus, many sexually addicted Nigerians are psychologically sick; they need therapy not admiration and emulation!

Africans are kicking against the strictures of modern living. They use the bugaboo of multiculturalism to rationalize the strong call of the wild in them.

What we all need is scientific culture, not African culture or European or Asian culture; we need that culture that is predicated on reason and the scientific method.

The sciences have given us a universal way of understanding phenomena; I believe that science can also give us a universal way of living our individual and social lives; that way of living based on science I call scientific culture.

An older brother shares what he knows with his younger brothers. I have done so here.  It is up to you, my dear talented one, Chinasor, what you make of my insights.

Are they even insights? Some would dismiss them as buying into the man's philosophy, a philosophy certain third world folks want to throw away, even as they enjoy what the man's science and technology produces!  And their own philosophy has nothing to show for it, certainly not in science and technology!

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

December 22, 2016

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Ozodi Osuji Ph.D

Ozodi Thomas Osuji is from Imo State, Nigeria. He obtained his PhD from UCLA. He taught at a couple of Universities and decided to go back to school and study psychology. Thereafter, he worked in the mental health field and was the Executive Director of two mental health agencies. He subsequently left the mental health environment with the goal of being less influenced by others perspectives, so as to be able to think for himself and synthesize Western, Asian and African perspectives on phenomena. Dr Osuji’s goal is to provide us with a unique perspective, one that is not strictly Western or African but a synthesis of both. Dr Osuji teaches, writes and consults on leadership, management, politics, psychology and religions. Dr Osuji is married and has three children; he lives at Anchorage, Alaska, USA.

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