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Girl in Red and Guy in Black II

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Guy in black:  What’s your favorite food?

Girl in red: Noodles with a touch of cheese and flavored with mint.

Guy in black:  Just like your emotions.

Girl in red:  How come?

Guy in black:  Don’t know where and when it starts, every noodle spiraled with another one. You put the fork to lift one and end up messing up with something else. You try messing with many at a time and look stupid on the table in a restaurant.

Girl in red:  Stupid?

Guy in black:  Ya both with mouthful of noodles and crying girl on table, nobody asks you why it happened, all you get is an awkward look.


About girl in red and Guy in black: This is a popular online blog series. This series presents conversation between two main characters, Girl in red and Guy in black. Hope they entertain you.


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