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5 Ways Slow Internet Connection Can Help You

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For a guy, whose life depends on internet (being a freelance writer and all), last few days of the month can be really frustrating. My unlimited internet plan, which sheds the speed dramatically crossing the 10 GB mark,  is usually that way for the last two or three days. The pack renews on 1 st of every month leaving me to deal with the creepy connection. Although I vow every end of the month to download lesser software, songs and games, it’s the same story every time. This time though I discovered how slow internet connection can be fun in some ways.

1.     Rationing on Surfing
My surfing craving is more of an addiction. While researching for articles and write-ups, I wander offshore clicking on almost everything that looks cool. 7 Greatest Movie MistakesHow to Get Washboard Abs in 10 Days,Curiosity Found Water on Mars and god knows what. It’s like a chain reaction leading to so many tabs that I have to pull myself back into researching. However with a slow internet connection, pages load for eternity especially with media files. So what do I do? I stick to studying content while waiting for other page to load.


2.     Chores and Other Stuff

Fast internet connections are like salesmen. They’ll sell you things you might never need and by selling here, I mean downloading. Stupid Animal Who Imitates His Parent, One Finger Pushups and other videos of the sort. I even have 15 themes for my browser. But, but, but a slow connection gives me hours to complete a download. I can clean my room, make something to eat or even take doggie for a walk with chances that it’ll still be downloading.

3.     Increases Productivity

With lesser things in mind, you actually concentrate on the task in hand. No need to view latest gadgets, price of a new motorbike and good looking girls (that is frustrating still) for some days. Slow internet connections allow you to prioritize what’s importance and you actually end up doing more of work.  Well it looks exaggerated on the paper but I counted the number of files completed each day which were at least 25% better than a usual day.
4.     Inner Peace
No more getting jealous of a friend’s holiday in London or get together of your colleagues. You can’t load albums no matter how desperately you want to. Just sit back relax, read a book, spend some time with the family and analyze where life is going and what your plans are. It even allows you to meet some Real TIME friends in the city, which is far better than chatting in a room.
5.     Saving
Every end of month I complain about slow connection and my mother wants me to change the plan with free data limit. It’s actually a good idea but I am lazy enough to go and apply for it. So what do I do? I rather deal with it and stay happy with my bills (compared to my friends). I realize that I use just 50 or may be 60% of the data limit for work and the other large chunk goes in entertainment. Although THAT is necessary too, I would rather be entertained in first 25 days and be this way for the last 5.
P.S. (Why? It’s cool to have one)
Internet packs are like food. Order just a bit lesser than what would be sufficient, else you would end up bloating in some day (only mentally in this case).  
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