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The law of karma and racists and Africans

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Jesus Christ said it all: do unto others as you want them to do to you. Generally, a human being wants to be loved (some sick folks, masochists, apparently, want to be given pain) and therefore should love other people. In loving other people one has invited them to love one in return.   One has done to people as one wants them to do to one.

If you love people they, in turn, would love you. If you give pleasure to people they will give you pleasure.

Conversely, if you give pain to other people you have done to them as you want them to do to you and they will give you pain. If you hate people you will be hated by other people.

The white racist knowing that people want to be loved and do not want to experience pain goes out of his way to inflict pain on black folks; he does not love them.  In the temporal universe where all behaviors are permitted he can do what he wants to do and seem to get away with it. Thus, a white racist discriminates against black folks, that is, inflicts pain to them.  In the short run he appears to get away with it; he prospers, as American racist conservatives do.

These folks believe that slavery and discrimination is okay; they enslaved and or discriminate against black folks.

Nothing can happen to one without one wishing to experience it. Those who are enslaved and discriminated against want to experience slavery and discrimination. They attract to their lives those who want to enslave and discriminate against them and experience what they want to experience.

It seems fair isn't it, I mean one wants to experience slavery and discrimination and one attracts those who want to enslave and discriminate against one and one gets what one wants to experience. The racist is thus not a sinner and nothing is going to happen to him since he merely did to other persons what they want to experience, right?

But what did Jesus say? Do unto other people as you want them to do to you. He also said love God and love your neighbor.  Does the racist want to be enslaved and discriminated against?  Clearly he does not want to be enslaved and discriminated against so he has done to others not as he wants them to do to him. He has violated the spiritual law of love (God recognizes only love).

We do not need to attribute the truth to a religious authority, such as Jesus Christ to make it true; truth must be self-evident. The truth is that we all want to be loved and therefore should love other people and as we do to others we have invited them to do to us.

As we do to other people is done to us. The racist believes that human beings should be enslaved and discriminated against and does so. As he does to people is done to him.  He attracts to his life those who would inflict severe pain to him.

Look at the lives of racists, what do you see, peace and joy?  No, what you see are people whose lives are maintained by drugs, perverted sex, and violence. One day you hear that they have been shot dead.  Yet these folks persist in doing what they do and not see the correlation of their suffering and their evil behavior.

Their persistence in doing evil led their country to degenerate to the American civil war where thousands were slain.  Their southern states were completely destroyed and what they considered wealth was gone.  Yet they would not accept the truth that their evil behavior had brought them devastation.

In today's America we still have Conservative whites, such as those who talk evil at FOX News, behaving as if their evil has no consequences for them; these folks would not even acknowledge that slavery was wrong and refuse to apologize for it; in their warped minds their ancestors were angelic and did Africans good by enslaving them.

In their delusion the fact that Africans say that they were enslaved and discriminated against does not count; only their perverted views matter! Hubris goes before a fall.

Yet, they themselves do not want to be enslaved or discriminated against.

In nineteenth century Europe they preached racial superiority. That led them to colonize Africa and Asia. Since they believed in superiority and inferiority, Adolf Hitler came along and extended what they projected to other races to their fellow white folks. Thus, Hitler preached that his German group is superior to other white folks.  He embarked on proving his delusion of superiority by launching a furious war on the French and eventually the Russians (he saw them as subhuman beings).

Those Hitler declared war on naturally fought back. The Supposed inferior Russians fought like devil possessed and chased Hitler's Nazi troops into Germany and by the time they were done had destroyed Germany. From the West the English and French and their American allies fought Hitler and chased him to his Germany and along the way destroyed much of Western Europe.

When the dust settled Europe had destroyed itself; its delusion of superiority had given it utter devastation. Europe is now humbled; Russia and America emerged as the superpowers of the world. European countries no longer had the military might to project power to their colonies and thus Africa and Asia became independent after the Second World War.

The USA and Russia are pretty much still the two dominant military powers in the extant world; they have enough nuclear weapons to destroy half their populations. Their people have delusions of superiority.

I am a political realist and believe that war serves the useful purpose of cleansing human evil, as it did in Europe and the American civil war. In that light, I must confess that all my life I have waited for Russia and the USA to go to war and destroy each other so that other supposed superior people would emerge. I hope that the problems going on in the Ukraine would get to a point where the USA and Russia go to war.

By and by, Russia and the USA will fight a devastating war. Perhaps after that war both of them would destroy each other and Asians would emerge as the world's new superpowers.  In time the Asians would fight each other and destroy each other and finally Africa would get into the world's power equation (say, in three hundred years?).

That is how these things always work out. The evil destroy their selves and other evil folks emerge; we would keep doing so until we learn the lesson taught by Jesus: love your neighbor as you love yourself for that is the sum of the teachings of the teachers of God.

I have carefully observed the American racist. He is a sociopath. Like his fellow psychopaths (anti-social personality disordered persons) his body is like the body of animals; it has no human feelings; he is not capable of thinking of behavior being right or wrong.  He is a human being who has just emerged from animal status but is not quite human, yet; he occupies a state between being human and animals.  His body is not that much different from the body of cows. He therefore needs caffeine, nicotine, cocaine, amphetamine and other drugs to stimulate his almost nonexistent life to seem to be alive (spiritually evolved human beings find it difficult to kill a mosquito that sucks their blood  but the  animals called sociopaths believe that it is fun to harm other people).

The white racist attracts to his life what he wants to experience and experiences it. He believes that evil is right and dishes it out to other people and in the long run evil is dished to him. In our present century we shall see the fall of racist America and Russia. Arabs who enslaved Africans are done; they will not rise up for they are totally evil. They are no longer relevant to human civilization and we do not need to bother ourselves with them.

Let us revisit Africans. Why did they want to experience slavery and discrimination hence attracted to their lives racist sadists?  It is because in their past lives they did something that hurt other people. In their Africa they were totally self-centered and did not care for each other. Actually that trait of Africans remains the same to the present.

In Nigeria, for example, the people are practically all thieves. The politicians go to politics to steal from their country's oil resources and are not motivated to serve their people. In effect, they are an evil people. They give other people evil and therefore attract evil to their lives.

Having given their people evil they attracted evil from Arabs and white men to enslave them and discriminate against them. Thus, they wanted to experience racism and discrimination because they had done the same to their fellow Africans.

As we do to others is done to us. Africans were socially uncaring and attracted those who did not care for them, white and Arab racists. The law of karma dictated that uncaring Africans attract those who would punish them.

Generally, Africans live to chase after ego of importance. They posit wish to be important and powerful separated selves and seek to become them. In seeking ego importance they do not care for their fellow Africans or for anyone else. More importantly, they can kidnap and sell their people to whoever wants to buy them so as to obtain the money with which they pretend importance (see, the leader of Boko Haram Kidnapped 300 school children and wants to sell them...the idea of selling people is in his mind and he is not ashamed to even contemplate a scenario where he could sell his sisters...these people are depraved through and through).

Look, all human beings, as I pointed out in my various writings, separated from God and are on earth to seem special and powerful. However, while on earth some realize that our truth is eternal union and that love is what returns us to union and thus love all people and give up their pursuit of ego of impotence.

The Africans that I know seek ego of importance, to mask their underlying sense of unimportance (we feel unimportant when we are separated from God, and since God is love, from love).  In so far that they seek ego of importance and do not accept our existential equality, love all and work for the good of all they will be punished and are punished.

The massive corruption in Africa and the peoples suffering is a result of the people's refusal to love one another, their refusal to obey the will of God.

The will of God is that we love one another and work for one another's good, it is the will of the ego, who is the opposite of God, that we try to seem better than other people and not serve other peoples interests but merely pretend to be powerful, as Africans do.

What is a Nigerian but a clown who thinks that he is a very important person even though he acquired his wealth through stealing and does not care for those Nigerians he wants to see him as a VIP?

For our present purposes, the law of karma dictates that racists attract punishment and they are punished; just look at their lives, do they live admirable lives? Lives maintained with drugs, perversion of sex and bestiality is not exactly admirable life styles, are they?

In conclusion, each of us attracts to his life what he did to other people in the past (including past lives) and experiences it.  There is no randomness in one's life.

What you have to experience you will experience because you asked for it through your past actions.

What you experience is what you attracted to your life; what you attracted to your life is due to what you did to other people in the past.

Of course you may dismiss all these as metaphysical mumbo jumbo. Suit yourself.  I could care less what you say; truth is not dependent on your opinion and rationalization.

However, regardless of what you did in the past you can change your karma beginning from this very moment. From this moment change your mind and decide to love you and love all people; decide not to exploit other people; decide not to enslave and or discriminate against any one; decide to serve social interest. Do so and you would attract those who would do to you what you do to people, those who would love you and serve your interests.

Love all people and all people will love you; this is the law of God; you did not make it; your only choice in the matter is for you to disobey it and give yourself pain or to obey it and give yourself peace and joy.

America's racists have sown the seeds for the fall of their evil empire; thus, I do not know whether anyone can prevent the fall of America; the country has done too much evil to be allowed to continue on that path much longer.

For America to survive it would have to fight racism and discrimination; it has no choice in that matter for no one discriminates against some of God's children and not get slapped.

If America continues on the trajectory it is on, sooner or later, it would have to fight with another superpower and the two of them would destroy each other so that more benign empires rise to replace them.

Ultimately, the people of the world must learn the teaching that they are love and should only love one another. Until then the march of evil empires continues. One evil empire rises, imagines itself invincible but eventually falls and is relegated to the dustbin of history. Suma, Egypt, Persian, Greece, Rome, France, Britain, the Soviet Union were once proud empires. Today's proud empires such as the USA are not exception to historical realism, especially if they continue their racist behaviors.

PS: How do I know that the thesis presented in this essay is true?  Good question. It is because I was a total egotist and sought importance and power and did not love my real self and other people. In pursuit of ego power I did some unloving things to other people and was immediately slapped down by the law of karma. This teacher of God cannot be allowed to be evil. I learned that love is who we are and that we must love all people at all times. Accept it or reject it that is your problem, not mine; my role is to tell you the truth, what you do with it is your business.

Ozodi Osuji

May 10, 2014

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