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Mind, consciousness and intelligence are the only reality there is

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Ozodi Thomas Osuji

The terms mind, consciousness and intelligence are the same thing; I cannot define any or all of them.  What, however, is evident to me is that something in human beings, which I call mind or consciousness or intelligence, invented our physical universe.

Mind or consciousness or intelligence is one but has infinite parts and thinks from each of its parts, us. Each of us is a unit of mind, a unit of consciousness and a unit of intelligence.

The universal mind or universal consciousness or universal intelligence collectively invented the physical universe of space, time and matter. How it did it is probably as scientists are beginning to understand through astrophysics' conjecture on the Big Bang and through evolutionary biology conjectures on how we evolved to be where we are today.

Mind invented our world of dense forms, invented the world of light forms (our physical world has a version of it where everything is in light forms).  Mind, in its pure state, is what folks call heaven. Mind dreams through its units, us; it produces our day world.

Our day world can be described as mind's collective dream (each of us is a unit of mind, consciousness and contributes to the nature of our day world).

Each of us, a part of mind dreams at night with its mind quality but its dream is not shared by other units of minds hence only lasts for as long as one is sleeping and dreaming.

On the other hand, the dream of all of us, our day world, is shared and, as such, lasts for trillions of years or however long our universe lasts.

On a personal level, I use my mind to dream my nightly dreams; regardless of the dream figures in it, such as pictures of Jesus and other human beings, it is my mind that produced them. It is also my mind that produced what folks call the visions that I have had.

My mind is joined with all other minds; the totality of our minds equal the collective mind of all of us and that mind is the only thing that exists as a reality; it is permanent, eternal and changeless.

Mind is consciousness and is formless; it is not in human form; you cannot see it or know how it works from where we currently are, in the world of space, time and matter.

For our present purpose, my point is that mind is real and that it does whatever happens in our collective world and in our individual worlds.

In our collective and shared dream mind produces the physical universe we see with our individual eyes. That world is our collective dream.

Each of us sees the collective world differently; each person sees the world as his mind enables him to see it; each person has a history of learning and whatever is in his mind, his thoughts, are projected to the external world; that is, the individual uses his myopic lenses for seeing to see the external world and color it; no person sees the external world objectively, as it is, but sees it as his mind colors the things in it.

At night each of us uses his understanding of the world and things, not objective reality, to dream his individual dreams.


In their true state, God and his infinite creations (aka sons) are formless; they do not have bodies and do not live in space, time and matter; they are ideas inside each other; where one ends and the others begin is nowhere; there is no space between them.

The sons of God, for a whole number of reasons, wanted to separate from God and from each other. Many writers have elaborated on those reasons, including the desire for specialness, pride, and power. Let me add that one of the reasons for separation is the desire to see ourselves in forms, in bodies.

We separated from God and from each other and gradually evolved matter, from photons of light to the human body and now seem to live in bodies. We now see ourselves in bodies and admire our bodily selves.

Alas, the bodies we made would, give or take, 120 years, die. So a different part of our minds, the right mind, the Holy Spirit remade our bodies in light forms.

Each of us has a self in light form. That is the self-folks who have had near death experience see. That light self is an improvement on our present body of matter; it lasts for as long as the physical universe lasts, trillions of years.

Nevertheless, that light form is not our true self; it too, will disappear when we return to the awareness of our formless selves as part of the consciousness called God.  In our true state we are formless consciousness, mind and creative intelligence.

Post Script

How is what I said here different from what A course in miracles said? It is not different but rephrases A course in miracles in my language. The book said that only mind exists and is real; it said that God is mind and that each of us is a unit in God's mind. It said that we are ideas in God's mind and ideas do not leave their source, so we do not leave God even when we think that we are separated from him and dream this world. We are in God and while there dream our world of separated things. I agree with the book except to say that it said what it said in poetic form and I am saying what I say in prose. We are saying the same thing but in slightly different formats; some will understand it from the way I present it.

Ozodi Thomas Osuji

August 9, 2017

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Ozodi Osuji Ph.D

Ozodi Thomas Osuji is from Imo State, Nigeria. He obtained his PhD from UCLA. He taught at a couple of Universities and decided to go back to school and study psychology. Thereafter, he worked in the mental health field and was the Executive Director of two mental health agencies. He subsequently left the mental health environment with the goal of being less influenced by others perspectives, so as to be able to think for himself and synthesize Western, Asian and African perspectives on phenomena. Dr Osuji’s goal is to provide us with a unique perspective, one that is not strictly Western or African but a synthesis of both. Dr Osuji teaches, writes and consults on leadership, management, politics, psychology and religions. Dr Osuji is married and has three children; he lives at Anchorage, Alaska, USA.

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