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Ebola and fear based thinking

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We are currently in the grip of fear engendered by the outbreak of Ebola in some West African countries (Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leon). Americans are afraid of contracting the virus and dying from it.  The country is in a state of hysteria.

Since Ebola is associated with Africa just about all Africans are now deemed careers of the virus. An Ethiopian guy who works as a garage (parking) attendant said that when white folks come to park their cars some of them ask him when he is going to be quarantined!

The report that one of the nurses that got Ebola from Dallas (Texas) Presbyterian Hospital flew in a plane to go to her home in Ohio has led to fear of flying; those who flew in the same plane with the woman, it is said, might be affected with Ebola; the CDC (center for disease control) is asking for those people to monitor their temperature and if it rises to 100F for them to go to hospital for Ebola check.

Americans are now afraid to fly because they do not know if the passenger next to their seat has Ebola (I bet you that they would be particularly afraid of sitting next to black folks, especially if they look African).

In America, so far only one person has died from Ebola, an African called Thomas Eric Duncan, who brought it here.  Americans are in a state of panic; many of them are asking their government to cut off travel to West Africa.

Yesterday (October 16, 2014), a Congressional committee met and grilled the heads of CDC and NIH infectious diseases section and other government agencies.  Republican members of the committee are urging president Obama to use executive order to prevent West Africans from coming to America, for they allegedly would spread the disease here and kill Americans.

Two nurses who treated Mr. Duncan have contracted the disease; they have been flown to Emory University hospital and NIH hospital for better treatment.

The government is in fear and wants to do something to protect the people who are also in fear. This whole brouhaha shows that governments exist to protect the people and that the people are in fear and need to be protected hence set up governments to protect them.

If you think about it, fear, of course, makes sense. People came to earth to live in bodies and fear was designed to alert them to threats to their physical existence; fear is a built-in signal that tells people that something could snuff them out of existence. Fear is what makes people take protective measures so as to survive. In effect, fear keeps people alive.

What this Ebola hysteria teaches us is that people are primarily motivated by fear; their thinking and behaviors are shaped by fear of harm to their bodies and ultimately by fear of death. Just about all the things people do on earth is motivated by fear of injury to their bodies and death of their bodies.

I hear that when Ebola was reported in Nigeria, Nigerians being the world’s most cowardly people, they are so afraid of dying to the point that they would not lift a finger to fight the criminals ruling them least those send in their military goon squad to kill them, well, when there was Ebola in Nigeria the government immediately banned travels from the affected three West African countries. Now, suppose the USA was to do the same black folks would be yelling racism!

We, Americans, should not learn anything from Nigerians, for Nigerians are a contemptible and despicable breed of human beings; until they become courageous and fight, die and remove their criminal leaders and institute a non-corrupt government Nigerians are no role model for human beings.

The primary function of government is to protect fearful people. Governments make their selves needed by generating more fears in people so that people come to them for protection.

The Republican Party are masters at ginning up fear in the people hence making them ask for a strong government, for spending on the military, law enforcement and jails and now disease control.


That which exists out of fear is negative; governments and human beings in general exist in fear and must be negative. To be a human being in body is to live in fear and out of fear struggle to survive; thus, to be a human being is to live a negative life.

Only life outside body (love) is positive; but if there is no life outside body, if there is no spirit then our existence is totally negative and pointless.


There are several ways to give people a feeling of protection: by government, military, law, police, jails, and by the things that protect the body such as food, medicine, clothes, and shelter; and by giving people hope in metaphysics that promises them life after death.

Religion is necessary in society for it helps reduce the peoples fear of death; therefore, purveyors of religions will always have jobs and make decent living, just as medical doctors will always make a living (medical doctors protect the body and religionists give people a sense of life after their physical death hence reduce their fears).

If you believe in life after death then market that message to people and they would buy it (some atheists would not buy it but the majority of mankind will buy it) and you would make a living from doing so. But you must believe in it to market it with conviction.

We are not talking about pursuit of ego desire to seem powerful for that is madness. If you feel angry when people do not acknowledge your ego (ego is your effort to adapt to the world on your own terms as a powerful person) you are on an ego trip and not talking about spirituality.

Spiritual people are calm, peaceful and love the spirit in people; they overlook people’s egos and what they do with their bodies.

Gautama Buddha is correct in saying that there are two ways to rule people: by entering government and ruling them at the ego body level as politicians do or by becoming spiritually enlightened and ruling people by showing them the way to God. Politicians and clerics rule the masses of mankind.

Politicians are pure egotists and do what is in them to do; enlightened persons have transcended their egos and know that there is a spiritual world and from that perspective calm down human beings who living as egos live in fear of death.

Clearly, it is better to be an enlightened person who helps people reduce their fears. Nevertheless, people living in bodies live in fears and need governments, politicians to protect them, so we are not talking about doing away with politicians, leaders and governments; those must exist for they protect human egos in bodies; they protect the animal side of people.

Spiritually enlightened people perform a higher function than politicians for they lead people back home, to their real selves, to God.

Each person performs his assigned function; some are meant to be politicians and perform the lower order function of protecting their fearful brothers and sisters; others who are operating at a higher level are meant to lead people back to their true selves. Each person must perform his self-assigned task and cannot not do what he came to do.

I did not come to be a politician; I came to be a teacher of our real self, a teacher of love and a teacher of God. I cannot not perform my task, for it is what I came to do and I am doing it.

It is not ego arrogance to say that no other human being alive or prior to my existence has given people the type of knowledge I have given them. See, I used the spooky sounds in my new apartment to understand fear and help people understand fear. Who else can do this sort of thing but me? I experienced fear, thought about it, realized that spooky stimuli aroused fear in me and my thinking and dreams became suffused with fear and through ratiocination I overcame that fear and shared how I did it with people...I give away knowledge for free. Who does that but a spiritualized son of God?

Fear based thinking, that is, ego based thinking can help you adapt to the exigencies of this world but cannot lead to the truth; only love based thinking can lead you to the truth.

What is the truth? The truth is that we are the children of love and should love one another. The truth is that God is love and his children should love each other as their father loves them. In love we live in peace and joy. Outside love we live in conflict.


Fear based thinking is thinking done in body, in awareness that the body can be harmed, destroyed and die; such thinking is motivated by desire to do what protects one’s body.

The self-concept is reached through fear based thinking, fear of harm to body and death of the sense of me surviving in body.

If one is not in body and does not fear the death of one’s body one would not have fear based thinking (although one can still do so if one has the illusion that one is still in body; dead persons can believe that they are not dead hence still have fear based thinking and instead of moving on from this world they stay in the world as confused spirits who cannot have effect on matter, people except that those people who fear death can fear them).


I began thinking about how fear influences my thinking because of the recent episode of hearing spooky noises in my apartment. At night, I hear eerie sound in my bedroom; it feels like someone is walking around the room.  My girlfriend, Jewells, also hears the mysterious sound. (If the sound is hallucination it is a shared one; that is what normalcy is: our shared hallucination; our existence on earth is mutual hallucination and delusion because the earth does not exist, yet we believe that it exists and see it; what exists in truth is the formless world of God.)

Naturally, I felt a need to understand its source. I ruled out all possible physical origin of the sound. My girlfriend suggests that it could belong to a dead person, a ghost. We inquired and the manager of the building told us that the person who lived here prior our moving in died two months before we moved in.  Upon hearing this piece of information, even though hitherto I had no belief in ghosts my mind began suspecting that a ghost was in the apartment.  From that interpretation my mind jumped to the conclusion that the ghost could harm me.

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